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Ios Developer Resume

Irving, TX


  • Over 7 years of experience as Software development with Swift, Objective - C & Java.
  • Experience in working with Xcode interface builder using storyboard and XIB.
  • Hands on experience with swift and IOS SDK features and newly-released frameworks.
  • Experienced working under Multi-View Applications using UI Navigation Controller, UI Table View Controller and Storyboard.
  • Experienced in java programming and very good knowledge about object oriented programming concepts.
  • Good Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Highly Experience in Photoshop software for editing.
  • Experience with Agile Software Development& Waterfall Model.
  • Experienced in publishing application in App store with working knowledge of apple publishing and App review process.
  • Good Knowledge with Visual Paradigm.
  • Proficient in source control with GIT.
  • Experience in working with different database like MySql & SQLite.
  • Good understanding of memory management including various multi-threading processes.
  • Strict followers of programming style guide by using explicit method with effective commenting.
  • Good Knowledge with Test Driven Development (TDD) Concepts.
  • Excellent communication skills, coupled, with optimistic approach towards the requirements at hand.


Programming Language: C, C++, Java, Swift, Objective - C

Development Tools: Xcode, Eclipse, Cocoa development for IPhone, Android Studio.

Web Technologies: JavaScript, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Rest Web Services.

IOS Frameworks: COCOA/COCOA Touch, GIT/GitHub

Databases: MySQL, SQLite

OS: Mac OS, Windows(XP, 7, 8, 10), Ubuntu


Confidential, Irving, TX

IOS Developer


  • Developed Native IOS application using Swift language and various frameworks.
  • Implemented Touch ID and Face ID as authentication for an application.
  • Developed views with customized navigation Bar and Implemented Swipe back functionalities in the app.
  • Worked with Test-Driven Development approach using XCTest.
  • Implemented Keychain Wrapper/Handler to store the user's credentials.
  • Invoked RESTful web services using AFNetworking.
  • Experienced on Manual app testing & writing unit test cases.
  • Tested the application for UI responsiveness and crashes.

Environment: Xcode (9.x - 10.x), iOS (11.x - 12.x), Swift 4.2, JSON, Clean-Swift Architecture.

Confidential, Oklahoma City, OK

IOS Developer


  • Worked on Account and Payment Tab and following MVC design methodology.
  • Participated in all the closely with UI/UX team to finalize design and features.
  • Implemented Rest based web services for transactions and financial details.
  • Localize app in English and Spanish, all the contents are handled by AEM.
  • Validate the JSON Data in API console tool.
  • Worked extensively on UITableViewController and made custom table view cells according to the app’s need.
  • Used SCRUM Agile methodology. Process include iterative development, 2 week sprints, daily stand-up meetings. Experience with JIRA.

Environment: XCode IDE (8.x to 9.x), iOS (10.x to 11.x), Swift (3.0 - 4.1), JSON, RESTful Web Service, MVC pattern.

Confidential, Oakland, CA

IOS Developer


  • The project was managed with SCRUM agile Framework approach, with daily stand up and demo meetings.
  • Installed third party frameworks using Cocoapods.
  • Successfully migrated from Swift 2.0 to Swift 3.0
  • Created a side-menu using custom classes and animations to enhance the user experience.
  • Made use of core location and Map kit to display nearby healthcare specialists and hospitals.
  • Consumed the healthcare API using URLSession with custom wrapper class that provides less coupling and higher cohesion.
  • Made use of Swift JSON to parse the API response into proper local models.
  • Worked with Test-Driven Development approach using XCTest.
  • Made use of custom charts to display the historical information about the user’s
  • Worked with MVVM software architecture to increase ease the testability of the project and reduce the complexity of the view controllers.
  • Made use of a search bar to filter hospital locations based on the specific city, state or zip inputs.

Environment: IOS 8-11, Mac OS, Xcode6/7/8, IPhone Simulator UIKit, MVVM, Swift Core Graphics, MacOS.

Confidential, Nebraska, Omaha

IOS Developer


  • Involved in all stage of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including analysis, design, development, testing & deployment.
  • Preparing use cases of different functionalities & designed complete MVC flow of application with UI components & controllers to be used for IPhone and IPad.
  • Interacting with UI/UX team to make changed to design and finalize the design.
  • Worked in a strict agile methodology during development phase.
  • Developed views with customized navigation Bar, Page Control, and Touch Authentication & Scroll View.
  • Worked extensively on Table View Control and modification the table view cells according to the requirements.
  • Consuming of REST based web services and used NSURLSession class to implement the same.
  • Implementing various features on the application such as creating new invoiced, managing paid and unpaid invoices.
  • Interacting with QA on deliverables on every iteration & customer feedback.
  • Experience in publishing application in App Store with working knowledge of Apple publication procedures and App review process.
  • Managing work log and ensuring the completion of tasks before deadline.
  • Reported progresses Challenges & bugs to project lead and did necessary changed according to the client’s requirements.

Environment: XCode 5/6, Swift1.0, Objective-C, GitHub, Cocoa Touch,JSON, UIKit, SQLite.


Mobile Developer


  • Designed and developed the application using Xcode, IOS plug-in’s supporting version of IOS SDK.
  • Built iOS Storyboards and established IBOutlet, IBActions, create and perform segues between different scenes in the storyboard.
  • This application was designed and implemented using iPhone SDK, Xcode, interface builder, Objective-C
  • Coded to store sensitive information in IOS keychain using NSUserDefaults.
  • Worked on IPhone SDK and internet connection protocols.
  • Performed the communication between the IPhones and the back end server using NSURL Request and NSURL connection for rating submission.
  • Used Struts Tile Framework in presentation tier.
  • Developed and maintained webs services to allow clients to submits order and receive reports.

Environment: Objective-c, Xcode, iOS5.0 / 7.0, iPhone Simulator, Cocoa Touch, Mac OS X.


Java Developer


  • Involved in analysis, design, and implementation and testing.
  • Developed front-end screens using JSP and JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed UI using Struts view component, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed the application Using Waterfall Methodology, refactoring the existing code and writing the new code.
  • Involved in the detail system design and implementation of the specification.
  • Created Test Plans and developed Test scripts for each class using JUnit and deployed successfully.
  • Involved in the defects resolutions for the better quality and increased performance of product.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets 2.4, HTML, Java Script, Eclipse.

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