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Sr. Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Extensive 8+ years of professional experience in comprehensive analysis, design, coding in Core Java, Web Development, Multi - tier enterprise applications using Java/J2EE
  • Involved in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like analysis, design, development and testing with SOA, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microservices architectures
  • Extensive experience in design, development and implementation of Spring and Hibernate frameworks
  • Developed web tier components of web stores using Spring Web MVC framework/Struts Framework that leverages Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Used Spring dependency injection for middle layer development
  • Developed DAOs (Data Access Object) using Hibernate as ORM to interact with DBMS - Oracle, Mysql and MongoDB
  • Integrated Hibernate in context files and configured Hibernate sessionfactory
  • Developed Internet/Intranet and Client/Server applications using Java and J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans, Javascript, HTML, XML.
  • Designed and developed user-friendly GUI interface and web pages using HTML, CSS, Jquery and Javascript
  • Thorough knowledge of Microservices architecture and experience in implementing several design patterns
  • Designed and implemented RESTful Webservices using Spring Rest and JAX-RS
  • Experienced in deploying Web Application and configuring data source to IBM Websphere and servers like Tomcat
  • Coded Maven build scripts to build and deploy the application
  • Extensive development experience with IDE's like IDEA, Eclipse, RAD, Spring tool suite and NetBeans.
  • Experienced in Application Software Development and Design, Object Oriented Design and Analysis (OOAD), technical documentation, debugging. Designed and developed Servlets to store the details of the users in the database. Utilized JDBC API to access a database of reusable design components
  • Managed the platform over the years through agile, scrum and waterfall practices
  • Self-motivated, good team member with excellent analytical, communication & problem solving skills with ability to work independently as well as in a team. Basic ideas of creating, optimizing and editing web content
  • Experienced in developing standalone applications using Spring Boot.
  • Experience working with Service Oriented Architecture, which includes Universal Description and Discovery Integration (UDDI) lookups and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) using SOAP protocol.
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE Design Patterns including singleton, command, Model View Controller (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO), and Business Delegate.
  • Hands-on experience in IDE Tools: RAD, Eclipse, NetBeans, My Eclipse. Hands on working experience with Production Support Teams.
  • Experienced in writing complex SQL queries, Triggers and Stored Procedures in various databases such as Oracle, DB2 and MySQL
  • Experience in requirement analysis & gathering, and in UML - for developing application specific Object model, Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams & State diagrams.
  • Proven ability to develop, maintain effective client relationship & reach targets before time. Excellent team player with good communication, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience in consuming both XML & JSON data RESTful web services using Angular JS
  • Excellent technical knowledge in back-end RDBMS tools like Oracle 9i/10G and MySQL
  • Strong experience in implementing MVC framework like Struts, Spring, and ORM tools like Hibernate in J2EE architecture.
  • Worked on Web/Application Servers WebSphere, Weblogic, Apache Tomcat and JBoss.
  • Experienced in entire system life cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Programming, Building, Testing, Debugging, Maintenance and Enhancements of multi-tier, database driven J2EE applications.
  • Hands on experience in working with client scripting languages HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and CSS including special handling of various browsers like IE, Netscape and Mozilla.
  • Implemented various Design Patterns such as Model View Controller (MVC), Data Transfer Object (DTO), Data Access Object (DAO), Singleton pattern and Factory


Languages: Java, C, C++, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL.

J2EE Technology: Web Services, JDBC, REST, SOAP Servlets, JSP, JSF, EJB, JMS, JNDI.

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular.js, AJAX, XML, XSLT, Java Beans, JMS.

Design Patterns: Singleton, Factory, Observer, Command, Gang of Four (GOF), Facade; Service Locator, Business Delegate, MVC, DAO, Session Fa ade, Transfer Object.

SOA: WSDL, Apache Axis Web Services, SOAP, WebLogic Web Services, EJB.

Client side: Java Script, HTML, DHTML

Databases: My SQL, Oracle, DB2

App Servers: WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat

API & Framework: Spring, Struts, IBatis, Log4J,, Hibernate

Operating System: UNIX, Linux, Windows

Version Control: CVS, VSS, SVN, Clear Case,, TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Scripting: Java Scripts, Ant, Maven

IDE: Eclipse, JBuilder, Rational Rose, IntelliJ, RAD


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Implemented exception handling in Java Spring Boot for REST API, by making use of Exception Handler and Controller Advice annotations. Developed a standalone Restful Web services GuestSevicev using spring boot. API development experience using spring boot.
  • Developed Micro Service to provide Restful API utilizing Spring Boot with various data persistence frameworks such Hibernate and JPA and messaging engines.
  • Developed Hibernate persistence layer modules using EJB Java Persistence API (JPA) annotations and Entity Manager. Developed the spring boot applications using Java using the advanced version of Eclipse IDE.
  • Designed and developed Enterprise Eligibility business objects and domain objects with Object Relational Mapping framework such as Hibernate.
  • Implemented functionality using Servlet, JSP, HTML and Struts Framework., Hibernate, Spring, Java Scripts and Weblogic. Developed complex Web based UI using Struts, Ajax and Java Script.
  • Developed and implemented Swing, spring and J2EE based MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for the application. Architected and implement REST api interfaces using javascript and Node.js.
  • Developed the Web Based Rich Internet Application (RIA) using J2EE (Spring framework) and Macromedia/Adobe Flex. Implemented functionalities using Spring IO / Spring Boot with Thymeleaf and Hibernate ORM.
  • Designed and developed Micro Services business components and RESTful service endpoints using spring boot.
  • Developed dynamic responsive Web Application by integrating Angular JS with Bootstrap and LESS CSS which is further integrated with Web Services.
  • Wrote Angular JS Services to consume RESTful API's, SOAP web services and processing JSON data for rendering in UI.
  • Implemented functionality using Servlet, JSP, HTML and Struts Framework., Hibernate, Spring, Java Scripts and Weblogic.
  • Software is built as a web app on Node.js with Backbone.js. CSS is compiled with LESS and HTML template engine is Jade.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Web Design based on CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap Front-End Framework.
  • Worked on the modernization of a legacy and outsourced UI. Technologies used were Backbone.js and JQuery.
  • Worked on ReactJS for its code reusability and integrated Bootstrap. Used Redux architecture in the whole process to connect Actions.
  • Worked in ReactJS for creating interactive UI's using One-way data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, React Native concepts.
  • Developed Single Page Applications (SPA) using React, ES6, Web Pack, Grunt and Redux.
  • Used Middleware, Redux Promise in application to retrieve data from Back-End and to also perform RESTFUL services.
  • Configured Hibernate, Spring and MyFaces (JSF) to map the business objects to MySQL Database using XML configuration file.
  • Implemented the Connectivity to the Data Base Server Using JDBC.
  • Worked on creation of MongoDB databases, collections and deploying JavaScript's using mongo shell.
  • Wrote services to store and retrieve user data from the MongoDB for the application on devices.
  • Developed the base framework using Java, JSP, Struts, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Log4J, Oracle and SQL Server.Used SOAP Technology for exchanging the XML application using HTTP.
  • Involved in consuming the services using SOAP and WSDL’s.
  • Developed Rest architecture based webservices to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Created all the services to work with the various entities provided and restified the services using REST APIs
  • Used Eclipse IDE for designing, coding and developing applications.
  • Deployed the application on Weblogic Application Server cluster on Solaris environment.
  • Developed ANT scripts to build and deploy the application in the JBOSS Application Server.
  • Deployed the application in JBOSS Application Server.
  • Worked on container based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker-registries and Kubernetes.
  • Used Kubernetes to deploy scale, load balance, scale and manage Docker containers with multiple name spaced versions. Used Jboss Wildfly & Glassfish application to deploy the code.
  • Configured server side J2EE components like JavaBeans, JSP, Servlets, JNDI and XML using IDE- NetBeans and deployments in Jboss Wildfly.Used GitHub and Jenkins for the continuous integration and deployment.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework.Utilized Agile Methodology/Scrum (SDLC) to managed projects and team. Used Confidential Web Services EC2 to deploy our team's projects on to the public cloud.
  • Created hybrid cloud by combining private cloud and public cloud (using Confidential web services) and used it for public scaling.
  • Developed a method of providing proofs of past data possession for cloud forensics and built the prototype in EC2.
  • Setup EC2 instance, integrated Confidential S3 with the Scrumpad, and did the automatic deployment by Capistrano. Designed & Development of the User Interfaces using HTML, CSS and JSP.
  • Designed a data analysis pipeline using Confidential Web Services such as S3, EC2 and Elastic Map Reduce.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, JSTL and Custom Tag Libraries and AJAX to speed the application.
  • Created Maven build file to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Designed and developed SOA based enterprise system using Oracle SOA Suite and WebLogic 10g.
  • Created functions and assigned roles in AWS Lambda to run python scripts, and AWS Lambda using java to perform event driven processing.
  • Deployed and configured Elastic Search, LogStash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and Cloud Watch.
  • Developed Servlets and JSPs based on MVC pattern using Struts framework and Spring Framework.

Environment: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Spring boot, Thymeleaf, Microservices, Angular.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Bootstrap.js, Backbone.js, React, Redux, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub, Junit, Agile, AWS, EC2, S3, AWS lambdas, JSP, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), SERVLET, MAVEN, SOA, JDBC, MongoDB, SQL server, SOAP, REST, Eclipse, Weblogic, Jboss wildfly.

Confidential, Philadelphia PA

Sr. Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Developed server-side services using JSF, Apache Trinidad components, Java, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services.
  • Designed business applications using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Webpack, JSON and Angular based on the W3C standards.
  • Developed Single Page Applications (SPA) using Angular JS, Node JS and Express JS.
  • Involved in coding for the presentation layer using HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, Node.Js, Angular.Js, Bootstrap.Js, Backbone.Js, JavaScript, AJAX, XML and XSLT.
  • Migrated existing application into micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot, As a Senior Java Developer in this I have worked with Spring boot and developed API for some of their services, Worked with Java multithreaded programming.
  • Extensively used Core Spring Framework for Dependency Injections of components.
  • Configured Struts, Hibernate framework with Spring MVC.
  • Developed Servlets and JSPs based on MVC pattern using Struts framework and Spring Framework.
  • Developed scalable front-end user interfaces using SCSS, Webpack, HTML, CSS, Backbone and JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.JS and Mongo DB.
  • Designed and implemented the web application in Node.js, HTML5 and JQuery from initial concept development to beta launch. Developed the spring AOP programming to configure logging for the application
  • Implemented a Node.js server to manage authentication.
  • Developed web applications using Spring MVC, JQuery, HTML5 and Bootstrap.
  • Created custom javascript libraries using backbone.js and jQuery.
  • Involved in writing complex SQL and MySQL procedures.
  • Used JDBC to connect to the information model tier.
  • Used MongoDB and MySQL databases in Web API development. Developed database migrations using SQL Alchemy Migration.
  • Built a RESTful API to save and retrieve geo locations using a remote server in Java using Spring, MongoDB, Apache CXF, and JAX-RS.
  • Developed Java and EJB in Mainframe DB2 environment.
  • Worked on PL/SQL and SQL queries, Responsible for modifying existing DB2 stored procedures and writing SQL queries as per requirement.
  • Developed Dash-Board to monitor and report Cache Coherence Servers.
  • Used Oracle Coherence in Java Collection API to access and modify data, and the JavaBean event model to receive data change notifications.
  • Implemented JAVA Web Services based on SOA architecture with SOAP and WSDL.
  • Used Apache CXF as the Web Services framework to implement the REST APIs involved.
  • Created web services, WSDL and web methods with Annotation in hibernate.
  • Extensively used Eclipse as the IDE tool for creating the code.
  • Used Websphere Application Server for application deployment in the clustered UNIX environment.
  • Migrated the code base from Subversion/Clearcase to GIT.
  • Configured Git and Bitbucket servers as the software version control tools.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for all the developed modules.
  • Designed and developed the application using agile methodology and followed TDD, Scrum.
  • Responsible for migrating/supporting the application to Confidential Web Services cloud infrastructure.
  • Wrote complex reporting applications with Ext JS and Sencha Touch for Windows Azure and Confidential Web Services, Linux and Windows servers.
  • Involving in Building the modules in Linux environment with ant script.
  • Developed the User Interfaces using Struts, JSP, JSTL, HTML and Ajax, JavaScript.
  • Developed Maven scripts for various tasks to automate the build process and for the deployment of the application in Web Sphere server
  • Configured Hibernate Struts and Tiles related XML files.
  • Involved in debugging the product using Eclipse and JIRA Bug Tracking.
  • Developed automation test cases using Java and selenium on Eclipse for web 2.0 Ajax application
  • Architected mainframe modernization solutions using SOA/web services, middleware integration technologies and ESB based on JAVA/J2EE.
  • Used Confidential Web Services EC2 to deploy our team's projects on to the public cloud.
  • Used glassfish containers in Confidential ec2 cloud servers for deployment.
  • Prepared and finalized multi-cluster test harness on EC2 to exercise the system for performance and fail over.
  • Managed and architected Confidential Web Services integration adapter which uses Confidential S3 and EBS service to persist data and Confidential EC2 service to run an on-demand instance
  • Developed user interface using JSP, AJAX, JSP Tag libraries to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • Worked with J2EE and J2SE technologies including JSP's, Servlets, Java Web Start, EJB's and Web logic.
  • Worked on Asynchronous messaging system using by implementing JMS through Point-Point and Publish-Subscribe MQ-Series architecture.
  • Hosted and configured applications in IIS, IBM Websphere, and Apache Tomcat under Windows and AIX platforms

Environment: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Angular.js, JavaScript, CSS3, Html5, Node.js, Bootstrap.js, Backbone.js, DB2, PL/ SQL, JDBC, coherence, MongoDB, APACHE CXF, Soap, Web Services, Eclipse, Websphere Portal Subversion (SVN), Git, Junit, Scrum, AWS, EC2, S3, JSP, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), SERVLET, MAVEN, Xml, JIRA, Web 2.0, SOA, JMS, Apache Tomcat, Linux.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Senior Java Developer


  • Developed the application using Struts Framework that leverages classical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Developed additional UI Components using JSF and implemented an asynchronous, AJAX (JQuery) based rich client to improve customer experience.
  • Developed the UI panels using JSF, XHTML, CSS, DOJO and JQuery.
  • Developed AJAX functionalities using frameworks like JSON, DOJO and JQuery.
  • Used JQuery to make the frontend components interact with the Javascript functions to add dynamism to the web pages at the client side.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework which is based on the MVC design pattern.
  • Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC, creation of Hibernate mapping files and generation of database schema.
  • Developed and Implemented WebServices and used Spring Framework.
  • Implemented the Spring dependency injection of the Database helper instance to the action objects.
  • Implemented the caching mechanism in Hibernate to load data from Oracle database.
  • Designed the page flow using struts, server side components, and ibatis for DAO layer.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework which is based on the MVC design pattern.
  • Prepared statements are used for communication with MySql database.
  • Wrote SQL stored procedures and used JDBC API.
  • Wrote complex SQL statements to retrieve data from the DB2 database.
  • Worked on Data Services implementation for the CRUD services.
  • Design and development of many PL/SQL batches using JAVA with connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance and handling.
  • Designed and developed using WebService using Apache Axis 2 on JBOSS.
  • Developed Web Services to communicate to other modules using XML based SOAP and WSDL protocols.
  • Have used the Apache CXF to build web service clients.
  • Used NetBeans IDE for fundamental Java projects.
  • Responsible for generating build script using ANT that compiles the code, builds a war file and deploys the application on JBOSS server.
  • Used Mercurial to keep track of versioning of the source code
  • Supported on the ClearCase host server load balancing and server optimization.
  • Implemented Selenium IDE with java script for Web apps.
  • Involved in Requirement analysis, design and Implementation applying the Water fall model.
  • Developed various UI (User Interface) components using Struts (MVC), JSP, and HTML, JavaScript, AJAX.
  • Designed and developed the web-tier using Html, JSP’s, Servlets, Struts and Tiles framework.
  • Configured Server for Oracle Database and Apache Tomcat.
  • Performed J2EE application deployment using JBoss application server on Windows and Linux.
  • Used Resource Manager to schedule the job in Unix server.
  • Created directory structure flow using UNIX to receive and send data to internal and external systems.
  • Used Ant for developing build scripts and deploying the application onto WebLogic.
  • Interfaced with the Oracle back-end using Hibernate Framework and XML config files.
  • Used Struts Model-View-Controller approach to help design new features and fix Jira bugs and request.
  • Design and development of the exception management workflow using Oracle BPM.
  • Developed code to enable communication between VSE (Smalltalk) based applications and IBM MQ Series.

Environment: Spring, Hibernate, IBatis, Struts, JSF, DOJO, AJAX, JQuery, MYSQL, CRUD, Oracle, DB2, APACHE AXIS2, WSDL, APACHE CXF, JSP & SERVLET, ANT, Xml, JIRA, Oracle Business Process Management (Oracle BPM), IBM MQ, Series, Apache Tomcat, Linux, Unix, Netbeans, Jboss, Mercurial, ClearCase, Selenium, Water fall model.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Java Developer


  • Implemented the process using Agile (Scrum) methodology and Test driven Model.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection, security features and integrated with the Hibernate framework.
  • Used Log4J for logging the application exceptions and debugging statements.
  • Written JUnit test cases.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool for data related functionalities and implemented transactions.
  • Developed web services components using XML, SOAP and Axis Developed application using Spring, JSP, JSTL (Tag Libraries) on the presentation layer, the business layer is built using spring and the persistent layer uses Hibernate
  • Tuned OSGI application for deployment to an ARM processor running an Open Source Framework Used Spring Batch to process the CSV files.
  • Used Spring DAO concept in order to interact with database (DB2) using jdbc template.
  • Developed front end screens using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Implemented the DAO and Business Delegate design patterns
  • Used Spring IOC for depending Injection.
  • Used Maven for integration and building of the project.
  • Used SVN for version control.
  • Used IBM WebSphere as an application server and IBM http server as a webserver to serve the http request from multiple customers.
  • Developed and Modified tables, views, Triggers, stored procedures, packages.
  • Created SOAP XML web services to perform validations using third party systems during the sales flow.
  • Built Web pages that are more client interactive utilizing jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, AutoComplete, AJAX, JSON, ReactJS, NodeJS and JavaScript, Bootstrap.
  • Responsible for writing Struts action classes, Hibernate POJO classes and integrating Struts and Hibernate with Spring for processing business needs.
  • Designed, Developed and analyzed the front-end and back-end using JSP, Servlets and Spring.
  • Developed web Components using JSP, Servlet, Struts under J2EE Environment.
  • Developed web application for recovering missing customer orders using JSP, JPA, SQL, JQuery and Ajax.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Ajaxand also developed SOAP based Web Services using JAXB.
  • Wrote SQL statements to store and retrieve data from Oracle and developed web pages using HTML, CSS, JSP and used JDBC for database connectivity.
  • Added Maven support to existing projects.

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Servlets, JSP, Jquery, SQL, JUNIT, XML, Eclipse,ANT, JBOSS, SOAP,WSDL, OpenJPA, Web Services, SDK, Apache Jmeter, Tomcat, Jenkins, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, SOAP.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Software Engineer


  • Developed various backend application programs such as Views, Functions, Triggers, Procedures and Packages using SQL and PL/SQL language for the top management for decision making.
  • Development of basic framework for the project by using spring, Hibernate and other API.
  • Extensive experience with Angular JS, directives, and services to interface with both restful and legacy network services also DOM applications. Extensive experience on modern front-end template frameworks for JavaScript including Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular JS etc.
  • Hands-on experience in Consuming RESTful Web services using AJAX (Angular $http, $resource and jQuery) to exchange (request / responses) information with databases such as MySQL and Oracle.
  • Hands on Experience developing SOAP and REST web services in Java using JERSEY and APACHE CXF.
  • Extensive experience in using various design patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), Singleton, Session Facade, DAO, DTO, and Business Delegate in the development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise Applications.
  • Implemented SOA architecture with web services using REST, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML.
  • Extensive experience in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) and SCRUM.
  • Experience in developing HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and, data validation within the forms.
  • Using check marks for static code analysis for security remediation.

Environment: Hibernate, Log4j, JUnit, SOAP, JSP, OSGI, Spring Batch, Java, J2EE, Spring IOC, Maven, SVN, IBM WebSphere, JDBC, DB2, Agile, SCRUM, Spring Dependency Injection,, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node JS Ajax, DAO.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Jr. Java Developer


  • Developed the application using spring framework that leverages model view layer architecture, also Configured Dependency Injection.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, design, Analysis, Code development base and Testing.
  • Interacting with business analyst on the requirement gathering, Design, Analysis.
  • Resolve Build and Deployment Issues, Creating Build Setup for Flexcube Retail
  • Have implemented and written Utilities in Vbscript as well batch files for automation of various project related activities. Development of Customization module, Build and Deploy application on IT and supports team testing
  • Coded dynamic and browser compatible UI web pages using JavaScript, CSS3, HTML, JQuery, Ajax and responsive design in MVC environment.

Environment: Java, J2EE, WebLogic, RAD, Spring, EJB, JSP, JavaScript, XML, UML, ANT, VSS, Oracle 8i, MS SQL SERVER, SVN, Bootstrap, Node JS jQuery, AngularJS, Apache Webserver.

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