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Andriod Developer Resume

Uniondale, NY


  • 8+ years of IT experience in software development which includes 6 years of strong experience on Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of Android Applications for Smartphones, Tablets, & Wearables . Also 3+ years of experience in Java application development.
  • Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle with a hands - on expertise with a wide variety of Android device resolutions (screen sizes) and SDK versions .
  • Experienced working within fast paced environments using Agile (Iterative development) and Scrum development practices.
  • Expertise in using Android specific Design patterns like MVC, MVP, & MVVM .
  • Strong working experience in integrating the application with SOAP, RESTful APIs/Web Services to fetch data from the back-end server and parsing the XML, and JSONresponse .
  • Good experience with implementation of protocols line OAuth in Android applications.
  • Solid knowledge of implementing frameworks like dependency injection Dagger2, and RxJava.
  • Good experience of implementing reactive programming using RxJava to manage asynchronous tasks and events.
  • Sound knowledge of Material Design to create beautiful and intuitive user interface.
  • Efficient in using Android third-party libraries like Retrofit, GoogleGSON, Firebase, Volley, Picasso, Eventbus, Lottie, Butterknife, RxJava, RxAndroid, ActiveAndroid, OkHttp, Proguard, Glide, ZXing etc.
  • Good exposure with Android Application Components like Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, & Content Providers .
  • Experience in publishing the apps to Google Play Store.
  • Good knowledge of using AndroidNative Development Kit (NDK) with C/C++ .
  • In-depth exposure with Android UI components like Buttons, Text Views, Image Views, List Views, Recycler Views, Spinners, Layouts, Containers, Transitions etc.
  • Experience in developing applications using Android framework APIs like Location, Camera, Animations, Maps, SpeechAPI, AndroidTelephony, Bluetooth and integrating applications with Social Networking sites.
  • Familiar with Fragments, Activity workflow, Action Bar Navigation, Menu designs, Custom Views etc.
  • Extensively worked on push notifications (GCM, FCM), memory leaksusing LeakCanary, & offline data storage.
  • Strong experience in implementing Multi-threading concepts to achieve concurrency.
  • Excellent debugging skills using ADT tools like ADB, Logcat, Trace View and Hierarchy Viewer .
  • Involved in troubleshooting production issues, memory optimization and performance tuning.
  • Good knowledge of working with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Familiar with developing test cases besides involving in Integration testing, & Unit testing extensively.
  • Extensive experience in performing Test Driven Development (TDD) using Junit and Automation testing tools such as Espresso, UI Automator, & Appium .
  • Experience in building enterprise applications using technologies such as Core Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Servlets, JSP, JSF, Hibernate, spring and Struts .
  • Excelled in database skills in SQLite, MySQL, and Oracle .
  • Good knowledge in Swift programming for building iOS applications.
  • Worked with version control systems like SVN, Git Hub, Bitbucket & CVS and Continuous Integration (CI) frameworks like Jenkins .
  • Used JIRA, & Bugzilla as a defect reporting and bug tracking tools, reviewed and analysed test results using the result logs and reported defects using the defects module of various tools.
  • A strong willingness to learn new tools & technologies and improve my knowledge.
  • A team player with effective communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.


Android OS: Android (Froyo, Gingerbread, Honey Comb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat).

Programming Languages: Java, C, DataStructures, Android, HTML, CSS.

Technologies: Java JDK,J2EE (JSP, Servlets, EJB), Android SDK, Spring, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, Web Services.

Android App Mobile Development: SDK, Android, API - Activities, ListViews, Adapters, SQLite, Horizontal scrolling, Notification Manager, Contact Content Provider, DDMS, Location, Map, HTTP Client, JSON based Web Services, Camera API, Facebook API.

Third Party Libraries: Picasso, Volley, OpenGL, Dagger, Retrrofit, Jackson.

Frameworks: JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Selenium.

Debugging & Testing Tools: JUnit, DDMS, Logcat.

Web Technologies: XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Methodologies: Agile, SCRUM

Web Service: Frameworks REST, SOAP, JSON and XML.

API's: Google Maps, Baidu Maps, Google Places, Cloud Services.

Version Control: Github, SVN, TFS.

Application Servers: JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere.

IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, MyEclipse, Oracle Microsoft Visio, J Developer

Data bases: SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, Realm.

OS: Android OS, LINUX, UNIX, Windows Family, Ubuntu, Fedora, Macintosh.


Confidential, Uniondale, NY

Andriod Developer


  • Discussed the requirements with the client and documented the requirements.
  • Prepare the prototype based on the client requirement and share to client manager.
  • Involved in designing the interface along with the Design and UX team for better usability and handling across Android and maintain their relative nativity (phones and tablets).
  • Developed user-friendly user-interfaces using widgets like Menus, Dialogs, DifferentLayouts, Buttons, Editboxes.
  • Use frameworks and libraries such as RxJava for event-bussing, and Dagger 2 for dependencyinjection.
  • Created Selection widgets like ListView using ArrayAdapters and ScrollView as per client need.
  • Involved in "sendtext" and numbers to the handset using the PC keyboard using SMS Manager.
  • Versatile to identify the root cause of application issues while working on Android devices.
  • Making the Restful Service Calls using Retrofit Library at the various stages of the app development cycle and parsing the responses back from the web servers according to the application requirement.
  • Used GPS provider to quickly find alocation using Location Manager and navigates the directions to the nearest bank or ATM.
  • Designed the Custom Dialog using the Fragment Activity.
  • Designed the CustomActionbar, CustomProgressbar while making service calls. Consumed restful web services to fetch user profile and daily transaction details report data.
  • Worked closely with another mobile app developer, leading the other platform development.
  • Used Dalvik Debugging Monitoring Service (DDMS) for monitoring log activity, threads, network connectivity, errors, and memory allocation.
  • Identifying Critical/Crash/Hidden defects in applications using mobile apps and Ability to give suggestions for a quick fix by analyzing logs.
  • Tested the app across different versions of Android and different android phones to assure quality and performance.
  • Worked with Android Espresso for unit testing and instrumentation testing.
  • Proficient in creating test data for Business users, Personal users, Commercial users and used to unit test and requirement validation purpose.
  • Working in agile methodology, working as ateam player and participating in daily stand-up meetings and involved with scrum project estimation meeting on bi-weekly.

Environment: Android SDK, Android, SQLite, Android Studio, XML Web service, JDK, Log cat, GIT (version control), DDMS console, Jenkins, JSON Web Services, Trace View, Log cat, Windows 7.

Confidential, Basking Ridge, NJ

Android Developer


  • Understanding the client requirements and collecting information about the project.
  • Developing the MVC and MVP architecture.
  • Integrated Android SDK using EclipseIDE and Android Studio.
  • Worked closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application.
  • Implementing complex custom layout designs for the applications without any memory leaks.
  • Use of open source libraries/tools including RXJava.
  • Integrating lessons from the internal server and made application flexible to update changes at any point of time using SVN.
  • Implementing application to support different screen sizes.
  • Developing screens using XML, 9-patch and integrated them into the application.
  • Handled JSON and Rest Client web services to get and send data.
  • Integrating GCM Notifications and handled app without any memory leaks.
  • Debugging and Root cause analysis of Development issues
  • Responsible for consuming the RESTservices, gettingJSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Implemented unique design for portrait and landscape mode.
  • Implemented SQLite database.
  • Work closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application.
  • Debugging and Rootcauseanalysis of production issues.
  • Involved in ProjectHandoverProcess with ThirdParty.
  • Involved in feature testing and proactively fixed bugs well ahead of the release.
  • Worked on a WINCE based prototype for the hardware using the FreescalePCBboard
  • Developed the programming modules for MenuBrowsing, Categories, Ordering, and Billsummary.
  • Tested the application on various Android devices.
  • Often used project libraries likeAndroid Support Library, Dagger, ButterKnife, EventBus, View Pager, Rx JAVA, ORM-LITE and another common library.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience with the XML layouts.
  • Providing Post Production support in the form of WorkRequests .

Environment: Android SDK 2.2, Eclipse IDE 3.5, ADT Plugin, JDK 1.6, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQLite, Web Services, Trace View, Log cat, Windows 7.

Confidential, Johns Creek, GA

Android Developer


  • Developed the User Interface layers and the web modules for the activities including Home Screen, Sign In, Profile, Settings, and Questions.
  • Worked with Broadcast Receivers to receive system notification which was later used to send out reminders.
  • Used Android SDK 2.0 and Eclipse IDE for development.
  • Utilized web-services (HTTP based, XML, SOAP, JSON or other services), in order to tie our applications to critical server-side APIs.
  • Served as a technical lead within the company to develop the technology stack.
  • Dalvik DebugMonitorServer (DDMS) for debugging and testing.
  • Constructed the user interface by using list view, custom view, compound view and various layouts.
  • Used the Fragment capabilities to handle multiport views and different screen size devices.
  • Tested the user interface implementing Espresso.
  • Implemented Material design feature of RecyclerView, toolbar, CardView.
  • Tested the application on various devices and emulators to determine compatibility.
  • Incorporated the communication between the application and the other Android applications backed by the customer.
  • Integrating lessons from the internal server and made application flexible to update changes at any point of time using SVN.
  • Implemented full social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTubeSDKs.
  • Created Widgets to help customers manage the launcher.
  • Creating SharePoint site for the Bid Smart Application.
  • Handled JSON and Rest Client web services to get and send data.
  • Debugged and tested the application using Roblectric.
  • Created Selection widgets like List View using Array Adapters and Scroll View as per client need.
  • Including support for backward animation using Nine Old Androidslibrary.
  • Providing Support and Development on Lotus Notes in the project.
  • Requirement gathering and preparing the detailed system designing document
  • Performing testing and writing test cases.
  • Providing support on Lotus Notes Mailing server.
  • Implemented Dagger to work with a DependencyInjectionenvironment to help with the unit testing.

Environment: Android Studio, Android 4.0 and up versions, Android SDK 4.1, Java 1.6, SQLite 3.0, Junit, DDMS

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Android Developer


  • Worked in different phases of the project cycle like design, development, and testing.
  • Discussed the requirements with the client and documented the requirements
  • Developed the activities and UI layers
  • Regular interaction of RESTFul API design calls to populate the UI on the app using GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.
  • Used Android SDK and Eclipse IDE for development.
  • Implemented optimized performance ListView's in different points of theapp.
  • Implemented Fragments to make the app usable on both Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Worked on Generic Grids and Custom List Views to list the XML feeds.
  • Developed the app to adapt to different orientations (Landscape/Portrait) and various resolutions (dpi/mdpi/hdpi) based on the device.
  • Designed and implemented all the basic UI and screen navigation with Navigation Bar.
  • Implemented the XMLParserclass to parse the XML feed from the URL.
  • Worked on testing the application using theJ-Unit testing framework.
  • Worked on locating nearby the Bank and ATMs with respect to the customer location/zip code entered with the ability to navigate to the branch or ATM or call the branch location directly.
  • Linked it to Googlemaps to provide the address and navigation.
  • Contributed in Database Management.
  • Contributed in code debugging using Logcat and DDMS.
  • Value-added services - Entertainment, media, Infotainment
  • Mobile Prepaid recharge services
  • New product information and demonstration
  • Implementation of UI for Various Confidential Devices.
  • Implementing the custom layouts and custom views.
  • Involved in the implementation of enabling search feature for particular links.
  • Tested the app across different versions of Android and different android phones to assure quality andperformance.

Environment: Android SDK 2.2, Eclipse IDE 3.5, ADT Plug in, JDK 1.6, XML, JSON.


Java Developer


  • Used agile methodology for developing the application.
  • Deployed the application on the JBoss server using ANT tool using struts architecture with the JSP client
  • Configured Struts Dyna Action Forms, Message Resources, Action Message, Action Errors, Validation.xml,and validator-rules.xml
  • As part of the lifecycle development prepared theclass model, sequence model, and flow diagrams by analyzing Use cases using Rational Tools.
  • Used Multi-Threading concepts in application Management for alternate uses and implemented Exception Handling and Errors.
  • Reviewing and analyzing data model for developing the Presentation layer and Value Objects.
  • Extensive use of Struts Framework for Controller components and view components.
  • Involved in writing the exception and validation classes using Struts validation rules.
  • Used OR mapping tool Hibernate for the interaction with thedatabase.
  • Developed various java objects (POJO) as part of persistence classes for OR mapping.
  • Developed tabs with rollover effect using JavaScript plus other effects
  • Developed web services using SOAP and WSDL with Axis for Integrating.
  • Developed, implemented, and maintained an asynchronous, AJAX based rich client for improved customer experience using XML data and XSLT templates.
  • Involved in writing the parsers for parsing and building the XML documents using SAX and DOMParsers.
  • Developed SQL stored procedures and prepared statements for updating and accessing data from thedatabase.
  • Developed the Dao’s using SQL and Data Source Object.
  • Development carried out under Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Used JBoss for deploying various components of application
  • Used Ant for building Scripts.
  • Used JUnit for testing and check API performance.
  • Used log4j for application & error logging.
  • Used Clear case Version Control for Project Configuration Management.

Environment: Java 1.7, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Struts 2 . 0, Agile-ScrumMethodology, JDBC, Eclipse, Oracle 11g, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Tomcat v7, RESTful Web Service, Angular.js.


Java Developer


  • Participated in theentire life cycle (Software Development Life Cycle) of the project right from the initial requirements gathering to the implementation.
  • Used agile methodology and effectively took part in Scrum gatherings to deliver quality deliverables within time (extensively used Scrum Do for Project Management).
  • Participated in business process analysis and requirement gathering for new customization.
  • Created Use cases, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Designed and developed User Interface, application modules using JSP, spring,Servlets, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Extensively used Twitter Bootstrap to develop thefront end of the application.
  • Used AngularJS JavaScript framework to bind data to HTML using expressions.
  • Integrated Tiles 3 framework with Spring MVC to simplify the development of User Interface.
  • Developed some part of the application using Spring-MVC and IOC/Dependency Injection integratingdifferent layers of the application.
  • Wrote DAO classes to interface with Database using hibernate.
  • Defined Object Relational Mapping for Hibernate and performed spring integration with Hibernate for data access .
  • Expertise in using Named queries to pull all HQL data using annotations .
  • Performed version control using Subversion.
  • Wrote code for consuming a Restful Web service with AngularJS .
  • Created dynamic and interactive Data visualizations with D3 charts and AngularJS .
  • Performed indexing and searching on large documents using Apache Lucene.
  • Generated a complete maven project structure and added dependencies, plugins to pom.xml.
  • Used Apache Tika for text attraction from documents
  • Worked on providing authorization and authentication to applications using spring security and protected the application against attacks like session fixation and clickjacking.
  • Implemented Java Persistence API (JPA) through Hibernate.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.
  • Developed logic and code for the registration and validation
  • Learned and implemented Java design patterns like Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, and Data Access Object, Factory Pattern, Session Fade, etc .
  • Used transaction Management to coordinate transactions among various resources in the application.
  • Used Web Services to exchange information. Used SOAP framework and WSDL.
  • Design and developed caching framework EhCache to cache the site data
  • Used SoapUI to manually connect to the web server and check data.
  • Parsed XML, JSON responses received in Java code through Web Services
  • Used JUnit for test cases
  • Extensively participated in the code and peer review of the project.
  • Participated in meetings weekly status report and also involved in web operations with clients for gathering required information.

Environment: Java 1.7, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, Spring, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat Application Server, REST and SOAP Web services, Servlets, UML, Rational Rose, CVS, Log4J, Unix, Win XP, Eclipse, SoapUI, Scrum Do, WINDOWS,HTML, JavaScript, AJAX,XML,JSON Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS.

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