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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Over 6years of progressive professional IT experience in system Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Support of mission critical applications which include web based and n - tier client/server applications from Legacy Systems to Java.
  • Extensive experience in various Java/J2EE technologies including Core Java, J2EE (EJB, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Jasper Reports), Spring (IOC, MVC, AOP,DAO, spring batchand security), Hibernate and Java Web Framework along with Web Service/Database related technologies.
  • Hands on knowledge of JavaScript MVC frameworks such as BackboneJs, ReactJs, NodeJs, Require JS. Worked on Agile methodology and having experience working in a fast-paced Scrum environment
  • Robust experience in open source frameworks Spring, Hibernate and Struts
  • Strong day to day experience with ReactJs in last two engagements - could chat easily through components of Redux and React - passed technical screen.
  • Expertise in React JS framework to develop the SPA.
  • Expertise in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.
  • Expertise developing Responsive web design (RWD) application with client scripting language and serve scripting languages like Node.js, Express.js, React.js.
  • Developed event-driven application using form-based authentication using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX request, JSON, and XML.
  • Expertise in UI designing like wireframe concepts, Mockup designs using Adobe Fireworks, Azure, Photoshop.
  • Experienced in all phases of usability testing including user profiles and personals, task analysis, contextual research, test moderation, and reporting using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Worked extensively with React JS and developed real time applications using React JS architecture- Redux for building UI and designed reusable components using React JS.
  • Integrated Redux Framework with React to handle large chunks of data for the improved performance.
  • Experience in integrating RESTFUL APIs and web services with applications.
  • Developed event-driven application using form-based authentication JQuery, AJAX request, JSON, using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, and XML
  • Experienced in designing and developing Responsive Web Design using Media Queries, Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery Mobile.
  • Experience in developing and implementing SOAP and Restful Web Services using different Frameworks and connecting to Database.
  • Experience in the use of various relational databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Extensively used build utilities like MAVEN, ANT for building of jar, war and ear files.
  • Excellent experience in using various project management tools like JIRA and Version One mainly for Agile project management.
  • Proficient in developing Multithreaded Applications using Multi-threading. Concepts.
  • Experienced in using the version controls like Bit bucket, GIT and SVN effectively.
  • Developed React Components and used Redux Promise API for making async calls.
  • Experience in all phase of SDLC and Worked extensively in Agile & Waterfall Development process and Knowledge in developing applications using Agile SCRUM Methodology.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, PL/SQL.

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSTL, EJB,JMS,JDBC.

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, JSP, JSTL, JQuery, AJAX, Angular 2/4/5, NodeJS.

Microservices: Spring Boot, Rest API.

Frameworks: Hibernate, JPA, Struts, Spring, JSF.

IDE’s: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.

Database: Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra.

UML Tools: MS Visio, Rational Rose Enterprise.

Version Control: SVN, CVS, GIT.

AWS: EC2, S3, ELB, Auto scaling Groups, Glacier, EBS, RDS, SNS, Lambda

Servers: Oracle Web logic, IBM Web Sphere, JBoss and Apache Tomcat.

Logging Tools: Log4j, SL4J.

Build Tools: Maven, ANT.

Testing: Junit, Selenium, Karma-Jasmine, Cucumber.

Bug Tracking: JIRA, VSTS, Bugzilla.

Web Services: SOAP, REST, JAX-RS, JAX-WS.

Messaging Technologies: JMS, RABBIT MQ, IBM MQ SERIES.

OperatingSystems: Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac.


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Developed Responsive Web Pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJs, Bootstrap, NodeJs and AJAX.
  • The front-end use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJs, JQuery and Bootstrap to build a single page web app that communicate with back-end via Restful API.
  • Constructed powerful and modern Frontend Architecture, involving ReactJs, Redux, and ES6.
  • The front-end use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJs, JQuery and Bootstrap to build a single page web app that communicate with back-end via Restful API.
  • Achieved role control functionality mainly by retrieving JSON data from AJAX and combining the retrieved data with JQuery to manipulate nodes in DOM tree.
  • Wrote various types of Business rules in the. drl (drools file) using Drools rule engine for business decision making.
  • Developed user interface by using the ReactJs, Redux for SPA development and implemented client-side Interface using ReactJs.
  • Experience in Redux architecture and implemented SPA's with React Router.
  • Followed Redux Architecture to achieve the React JS state management. Developed the well-designed store, actions and reducers.
  • Worked with java (Java8), using Spring, Spring MVC, Multi-threading, DBC, Hibernate, Restful Web Services and SOAP Web Services.
  • Used Java 8 features in developing the code like Lambda expressions, creating resource classes, fetching documents from database.
  • Used Spring Core, JBPM & multi-threading as part of enhancing Bundler process with in Content Management System.
  • Involving moving legacy multi-threading to Java 7/8 solution, implement application Level multi-threading framework.
  • Used Multi-threading to overcome the errors in the process of transactions.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experience in developing web applications using latest JavaScript ES6 features and frameworks such as React and Redux to build dynamic web pages. (React -router, JSX, Babel, Webpack, React - bootstrap).
  • Wrote services with Angular 5 to store and retrieve user data from the Mongo DB for the application on devices with the Http service.
  • Developed React Components and used Redux Promise API for making async calls.
  • Used ReactJs for templating for faster compilation and developing reusable components.
  • Developed user interface by using the ReactJs, Redux for SPA development and implemented client side Interface using ReactJs.
  • Created and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying Microservices using Jenkins CI server.
  • Composed and executed MongoDB scripts to insert and update NoSQL database; automating data changes and reporting.
  • Coded in Angular5 MVC framework to build the Web application for the internal use of the organization.
  • Implemented MVVM architecture using React and Redux framework.
  • Created RFP (Request for Proposal) Microservices to provide Restful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Utilized a combination of regular expression and JQuery Validation Plugins to conduct input check.
  • While in the newer sub project, conducted validation in AngularJS way.
  • Designed the data flow for the client-side screens and the object interaction layer for the server-side components using Rational Rose. scripts and developed builds using Maven and continuous integration servers like Jenkins.
  • Used JavaScript for the client-side validation. Used XMLHttp Request Object to provide asynchronous communication as part of AJAX implementation.
  • Designed and implemented Java Classes to use JAXP parser to create Java objects to be able to modify the data received in the response.
  • Worked as Java Front End Developer using Ext JS framework and Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) to develop rich interactive user interface for CRS application a Desktop Application running in browser.
  • Performance Testing experience using JMeter.
  • Involved in complete development of 'Agile Development Methodology/SCRUM', developed and tested the application during various iterations
  • Extensively used various Spring Framework modules like DI (IOC), Bean Wiring, Inheritance, Auto Wiring, JDBC Templates, AOP and Spring Quartz Schedulers for Jobs.

Environment: Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Boot, Hibernate 4.0, JAX-RS Web services, JAX-WS Web services, Angular 5, Apache CXF, J Query 1.08, J Query, AJAX, UML, MS Visio, JSTL, Oracle 11g, Eclipse 4.2, J unit, XMLSPY, Core Java, Drools, JBPM, SOAPUI 5.1, Linux, Log4j, Maven 3.1, Micro services, Mongo DB, PMD, AWS, Node Js, Ext JS, React Js, Bootstrap, PL/SQL, Angular JS 2, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Toad, Maven, Hudson, Groovy, TDD, Sun Jersey, Junit 4.1, JIRA, Rally, Jasmine, Apache POI, Quartz Scheduler, Selenium, GIT, Bamboo CI, Cucumber, Soap UI, Fiddler, J Meter

Confidential, Rossville, California

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Extensively involved in the integration of the Front-End web interface with the controller using Spring MVC.
  • Worked simultaneously in both production and development teams. Designed and developed dynamic web
  • Developed dynamic web pages using ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS and AJAX.
  • Involved in building applications using ReactJS by building re-usable UI Components.
  • Produced content pages with CSS3 layout and style markup presentations and used JavaScript methods and properties.
  • Worked on Bootstrap, LESS to develop User Interface with responsive design.
  • Created responsive layouts for mobile plot forms by created grid model using bootstrap.
  • Used JavaScript and GWT to update a portion of a web page thus reducing bandwidth usage and load time in web pages to get user input and requests and Developed dynamic frontends using ReactJS .
  • Involved in using Core Java concepts - Collections, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading and Serialization.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained our Microservices architecture using cutting edge technologies.
  • Wrote business rules using Drools and business logic processing customs declarations.
  • Developed an AngularJS workflow manager leveraging Angular-UI's state router for flexible configuration and management of multi-step user input flows.
  • Designed Frontend with object oriented JavaScript Framework like AngularJS.
  • Consumed Restful Web Services to implement AJAX calls and updating dynamic functionality of HTML in JavaScript, JQuery and Angular.
  • Worked with Java libraries to access AWS facilities as Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS) and SimpleDB.
  • Developed the UI panels using JSF, XHTML, Linux, RBDMS, CSS and JQuery.
  • Wrote SPA (Single Page Applications) using Restful web services plus AJAX and AngularJS.
  • Used Redux to store data from multiple API endpoints.
  • Generated server side PL/SQL scripts for data manipulation and validation and materialized views for remote instances.
  • Designed and implemented scalable, secure cloud architecture based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Developed a GUI to help to read the logs generated by the scripts, the logs were saved in MongoDB.
  • Involved to implement various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined components from Redux library.
  • Developed application with AngularJS and JavaScript tools for the frontend and Java 8 on the backend.
  • Involved in ReactJs for Data patterns which improves readability and made it easier to maintain larger apps and used ReactJs for declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • In Phase Two, worked closely with the Back-End team to display data using the Custom Components, library Components, and Redux.
  • Worked on Express Framework to set up middleware to respond to the HTTP requests with the help of NodeJs.
  • Used Spring framework for IOC (Inverse of Control) and managed other Java Beans and Spring Boot to build Microservices.
  • Designed and coded application components in an agile environment utilizing a test driven development (TDD) approach.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring MVC,Spring Boot, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Tomcat, Log4j, PL/SQL,Drools, JDBC, JUNIT, Maven, log4j,, JMS, CSS, REST API, Core Java, LDAP, Microservices, Groovy, TDD, Ext JS, JBPM, JSON, JQuery, Linux, AWS, JPA, MongoDB, JavaScript, Angular JS.


Java Developer


  • Designed and developed the application using Agile methodology, Wrote Technical design documents, Implementation plans and testing documents for the requirements.
  • Developed web pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,JSON,and JQuery.
  • Wrote client-side UI Validation and implemented Business logic based on user selection using JQueryand JavaScript.
  • Used JDBC API for invoking stored procedures in the database.
  • Used Spring MVC framework at the front end and configured many beans and wired (dependency injection) them as per the requirement.
  • Integrated Spring and Hibernate, configured logging and developed exception handling for the application.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML, file that contains declarations and business classes are wired-up to the frontend managed beans using Spring IOC pattern.
  • Involved in the implementation of DAO using Spring-Hibernate ORM and Spring Integration.
  • Migrated the existing web application from using DB2 data to calling the REST API services.
  • Used Ajax, JSON with JQuery for request data and response processing.
  • Involved in using JPA (Java Persistence API) frameworks and APIs such as JDO (Java Data Objects) and Hibernate.
  • Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC, creation of Hibernate mapping files and generation of database schema.
  • Created POJO’s and DAOs for the database entities using Hibernate Annotation mapping.
  • Used the light weight container of the Spring Frame work to provide architectural flexibility for inversion of controller (IOC).
  • Created and modified build configuration files including Mavens POM.xml.
  • Used Hibernate asORM tool for object data persistence.
  • Developed various Database interaction objects by implementing the DAO Patterns and used JDBC as Model Component.
  • Implemented Spring and Persistence object Java Persistence API (JPA).
  • Good knowledge of Spring's IOC, AOP, Spring MVC and spring's integration
  • Deployment of Application in the Tomcat Server environment using Struts architecture with the JSP Client.
  • Designed and developed Caching and Logging service using Singleton pattern, Log4j.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, JSTL, Custom Tag libraries, Tiles and Validations provided by struts framework.
  • Implemented caching techniques, wrote POJO classes for storing data and JDBC as middleware to retrieve the data and did database configurations.
  • Developed data select queries on a Relational DB in SQL.
  • Have developed automation test cases to testREST APIs.
  • Wrote Junit test classes for the services and prepared documentation.
  • Created an e-cops web app and tested including all edge cases in each module, deployed it on Tomcat server, and processed over 200 records in each case.
  • Worked on developing restful web services as part of migrating the existing applications to be separate entity and be accessed by REST API.
  • Wrote Junit test cases to test the Spring DAO Managed Hibernate for accessing and persisting data between Java objects/classes and a relational database.

Environment: Core JAVA, JavaScript, Servlets, SQL, JSP, JDBC, REST API, EJB, JPA, Spring MVC Bootstrap, LDAP, Log 4j, RAD9, DB2, Sybase, SOAP web services,

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