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Software Developer Resume

Baltimore, MD


Software Developer with 7 years of experience in implementation, design and maintenance of applications based on Java/J2EE technology stack. Possess good understanding of object - oriented programming and Java / J2EE technologies. Areas of expertise include Java, Relational databases, Spring, Hibernate, micro services with Spring cloud and Apache-Kafka. Proven ability to work efficiently and independently within software development teams and to work on multiple projects with strict deadlines.


  • Web application design and development
  • Descent understanding of Kafka
  • Good understanding of REST and microservices
  • Understanding of OOPS design and principles
  • Knowledge of Software Design Patterns
  • Knowledge of full SDLC.
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Analytical Thinking


Software Developer

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

  • Description: Currently working on development of an existing multi-tier application. (Risk, Analytics, MBS Data and Pricing System) is a suite of calculation application running in a Linux environment processing calculation requests for several loan portfolios. This application reads the calculation requests in the xml format and outputs the calculated values back in the xml format. It also generates an DB proprietary SDOS file which are sent via SFTP to system downstream.
  • Solely Responsible for complete support of the application along with creating change requests and deploying the new features in phases. Was involved in 3 major releases associated with this application till now and working on the upcoming release in December with another one in Pipeline for 2018 Q1.
  • Developed several new features and added support for Processing new types of loans (Term and Overnight Funding) in the C++ RampQ component of this application.
  • Created a REST service using Java and Spring to expose the outputs of risk calculations for other applications to use.
  • Did two pilot projects related to the REST service mentioned above: 1st using Spring cloud to implement synchronous REST calls and other one using KAFKA to develop an asynchronous solution for the same.
  • Refactored the application architecture by removing unwanted components which were present when RMBS was using this application.
  • Wrote a completely new Java based component which replaces Viper/Hydra/Spgfarm and greatly simplifies the entire setup of application and allows for faster processing of loans by creating a process pool and launching several instances of RampQ in parallel.
  • Implemented functionality to generate and send ARM Benchmark report to Business that shows aggregared profit loss and other attributes for loans per day/week/quarter.
  • Created Control-m Jobs to automate the whole process Ramprisk Application


Project Engineer

  • APPLY is an online banking platform for US Bank that is used by customers to apply for one product (Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, Saving Accounts etc.) or bundles of product together. Some of the capabilities include authentication of existing customers, pre-fill of customer, save and retrieve, cross selling, preapproved /promotion offer acceptance, Signature Card acceptance electronically and instant decision. Some of other features include the ATM/Branch locator, product comparison charts etc.
  • Designed and developed two modules one of which was related to customer data gathering and the other one was developed to offer promotional products based on eligibility.
  • Used SPRING 3.0 DI and MVC Controllers along with JSTL, JSP, CSS and HTML to integrate the frontend with the Middle tier.
  • Used JQuery to write front end validation, create dynamic UI and make AJAX calls to populate forms based on user selection.
  • Wrote SQL queries and used Hibernate as persistence API in backend.
  • Developed a REST Web Service to implement branch locator service for the Apply platform.
  • Written test cases for unit testing the code using Junit testing Framework.
  • Used SONAR to detect enforce the standard coding practices and fixed the relevant defects reported by SONAR.
  • Used Omniture tagging to in corporate web analytics and gather application usage data.
  • INTERNET CHANNEL PROGRAM is a web application built for enhancing Insurance customer service capabilities which provided customers the ability to obtain premium changes for online policy changes in real-time and to be able to submit the changes to policy without manual intervention of service center personnel.
  • Since the application was written in legacy version of Java. I was involved in rewriting the existing code according to Java 1.6.
  • Make use of SPRING 3.0 DI and MVC Controllers along with JSTL, JSP, CSS and HTML to create web interactive e-forms.
  • Used deployment and Continuous Integration (CI) tools like, Maven and Jenkins
  • Implemented Data Access Objects (DAO) design pattern, to encapsulate the database logic. Hibernate was used to communicate from Business Layer to database.
  • Used JSTL tag libraries to process model objects in JSP pages.
  • Debug the front-end defects in JavaScript, JSP and other bugs in the application that occur during the migration of Java code.


Software Engineer

  • java application which allows operators to provide controlled access to their mobile network for application to subscriber and subscriber to application messaging between 3rd party content providers and subscribers.
  • Implemented several small enhancements using java and JavaScript and fixed several broken features as and when they were reported by the customers.

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