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Enterprise Architect / Developer Resume


  • Cloud
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Service Oriented Architecture (Web Services)
  • Data Warehouse & Big Data (ETL & Modeling)
  • Java/J2EE
  • Container Development / Management
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Security
  • Business Process Automation & Engineering
  • Business Rules
  • Web & Portal
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Machine Learning


Languages: Java, C, C++, Objective C, COBOL, BASIC, SQL, BPEL, SCALA, Go, MATLAB, R, Python

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, OS X, IOS, I5/OS

Development IDE / Tools: Eclipse, MyEclipse, Oracle JDeveloper, Confidential Rational, NetBeans, Ant Build Scripts, Confidential, Subversion, Maven, Git, Hudson/Jenkins, Sonar.

Data: Oracle, Teradata, DB/2, SQL Server, MySQL, Hadoop (Cassandra and Hive), Mongo DB, In - memory Data Stores (Derby, SqlLite), Informatica, TOAD, SQL Developer, JPA, Hibernate, OpenJPA, JDBC, ODBC, SDO

Cloud: AWS, OpenStack, VMWare, Confidential Smart Cloud, Confidential PureApplication development, Cloud Foundry, IPCenter, Confidential Softlayer, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Blockchain ( Confidential Hyperledger Fabric, Etherium)

SOA & Integration: Apache Wink, Jersey, SOAP, XML, JSON, Oracle SOA Platform, Websphere SOA Platform including Websphere Message Broker, TIBCO, MULE, FUSE, Confidential TDI, Confidential MQ, Rabbit MQApigee, Salesforce

Business Process Automation: Pega, Confidential BPM and jBPM, KIE, Appian

Business Rules: Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC), RedHat BRMS (including DROOLS and Guvnor), Blaze Rules Engine, Oracle Business Rules, JRules, Confidential BRMS (ILOG ODM)

Web: WebSphere, WebLogic, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat/Geronimo, GlassFish, Servlets, EJB, MDB, JSF, Prime Faces, Rich Faces, DOJO Ajax, CSS, JSP, Spring, JavaScript


Enterprise Architect / Developer



  • Blockchain implementation using Confidential HyperLedger Fabric 1.0
  • Integration with AWS, Microsft Azure and Salesforce
  • Integration Architect for Cloud ITSM using VmWare, Confidential Smart Cloud, Softlayer, Tivoli, IPCenter, Service Now & Netcool
  • Integration using HTTP & HTTPS, SOAP and REST using XML/XPATH and JSON schemas
  • Message queues (Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Confidential WMQ) and APIs
  • VmWare Specialist
  • Developed end-to-end solutions for hybrid cloud on VmWare with vRealize
  • Lead Architect using vRealize Automation & Orchestrator (VRA & VRO)
  • Developed Chef Recipes & Roles
  • Developed Business Process Automation for deployment
  • OpenStack Support
  • Kubernetes and Docker micro-services implementations and migrations
  • Development with Linux Shell scripting, Python, CHEF, SCALA and Go
  • Team Lead for multiple accounts
  • Contributed to OpenStack architecture and implementation including
  • Security, Authorization & Authentication with Keystone
  • End-to-End SSL with HA Proxy
  • Performance measurement with Rally and Ceilometer
  • Metering and usage
  • SDN-L using Contrail
  • Capacity Planning with Horizon Dashboard
  • Control Plane Virtualization
  • Overall IaaS performance tuning
  • Establishment of Data plane performance definition
  • Test harness development using Python
  • CI/CD using several tools including Chef & HEAT
  • API Management using Confidential tools, MuleSoft and Apigee
  • Defined solutions for several mobility application migrations to Cloud
  • Implemented CI Frameworks including Jenkin & Concourse with Ansible
  • Lead Enterprise Architect for the implementation of Cloud Foundry on OpenStack
  • Configured Cloud Foundry Router, DEA, Controller & Brokers for applications
  • Architected and built Docker containers
  • Set up BOSH orchestration of deployment process
  • Re-architected legacy applications using containerization for deployment on AWS
  • Architected and developed applications using Confidential BPM, ILOG, Spring Framework including Spring Batch
  • Container development, deployment and management with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Migrated various client workloads to Confidential Cloud including RedHat SOA Platforms with FUSE and DROOLS
  • Architected and developed microservices using Spring Boot
  • Developer for integration between several ticketing systems used for Dynamic Automation of Infrastructure fault remediation.
  • Kubernetes and Docker implementations
  • Oracle SOA Platform Development
  • Websphere SOA Platform development including WAS, WMB and WSRR
  • Confidential BPM integration with Confidential Cloud Orchestrator
  • Confidential PureApplication Development
  • Development on Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.1
  • Integration between NetCool, IPSoft and ISM/SCCD
  • Technologies include, XML, JAX-RS, Java and JDBC

Enterprise Architect



  • Architecture and Dev-Ops Migrations to AWS and MS Azure
  • Integration and development on Salesforce
  • Oracle SOA Platform Architecture and Development
  • SOA Platform with FUSE, Apache Camel & CXF
  • DROOLS Rules Engine with JBOSS
  • MongoDB
  • Websphere SOA Platform development including WAS, WMB and WSRR
  • Oracle database optimization using TOAD
  • Architecture and Development for Force.com, AWS RDS, Confidential Smart Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Zoho, SutiSoft, Oracle and CloudFoundry
  • Configured Cloud Foundry Router, DEA, Controller & Brokers for applications
  • Set up BOSH orchestration of deployment process
  • Confidential PureApplication Development
  • Multi-tenant and metadata driven application architecture and development
  • Ported applications to AWS
  • HTTP, REST, SOAP, JSON and API development.
  • Implementation of security protocols including OpenSSO, OpenAM, Oauth, SAML and OpenID
  • Architecture and Development on Talend MDM Platform
  • Developed application using Java/J2EE with Spring and Spring Batch, Go and C++
  • Business Rules, Appian Records and Process Management, and Confidential BPM
  • API Management using Apigee
  • Container development, deployment and management with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Salesforce integration
  • Micro-services development and deployment on Docker using Spring Boot

Enterprise Architect / Application Development Manager

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Architecture and Dev-Ops Migrations to AWS & MS Azure
  • Integration and development on Salesforce
  • Architecture and Development lead for transition to Oracle SOA Platform
  • Integration with Mainframe COBOL platform
  • Technology evaluation and selection of Business Rules and BPM
  • POC and implementation of Appian Platform for BPM and Case Management
  • Developed Spring Framework (including Spring Batch and Spring Boot) Java application to accept health care exchange enrollments via RESTful web services in XML format and un-marshal using JAX-B and XML Spy. Transactions were then validated and enriched using JBOSS DROOLS and put on a JMS queue to mainframe.
  • Websphere SOA Platform development including WAS, WMB and WSRR
  • Salesforce integration and migration
  • Oracle database optimization using TOAD
  • Responsible for DROOLS implementation, management, maintenance and support
  • RedHat SOA Platform with FUSE, DROOLS, KIE and Apache Camel
  • MongoDB
  • Architected and developed enterprise integration for “Business Rules as a Service” on Mule ESB and SOA Software
  • Contributed to Enterprise Architecture in the areas of Integration and Web Services
  • Managed a team of 7 onshore developers and architects as well as 10 offshore developers.
  • Implemented Talend MDM
  • API Management using Apigee
  • Migration of applications to RedHat DROOLS and JBPM
  • POC for application migration to AWS
  • Micro-services development

Application Architect & Developer



  • Architecture and Dev-Ops Migrations to AWS
  • Architecture and Dev-Ops Migrations to MS Azure
  • RedHat SOA Platform with FUSE, DROOLS and Apache Camel, MongoDB
  • Appian Business Process architecture and development
  • Websphere SOA Platform development including WAS, WMB and WSRR
  • Set up development and testing infrastructure on AWS
  • Oracle database optimization using TOAD
  • Developed enterprise drug management application using Spring/Hibernate and EHCache.
  • Implemented Talend MDM platform
  • Developed several Web Portals and Applications using Java/Spring/Hibernate on WebLogic with Oracle DB
  • Migrated applications to Maven for build and dependency management and introduced Hudson/Jenkins for continuous integration
  • Engineered and developed Enterprise Authentication & Authorization API using OpenAM
  • Integration of Talend with Business Rules and DROOLS

Technical Lead / Center of Excellence - Business Rules

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Architected and Managed Business Rules for home health services
  • Responsible for DROOLS implementation, management, maintenance and support
  • Architected and developed enterprise integration for “Business Rules as a Service” on JBOSS SOA Platform
  • Managed a team of 5 onshore and 12 offshore resources
  • Migrated to ILOG and Confidential BPM
  • Salesforce migration and integration

AVP Data Warehouse and IT Analytics

Confidential, Northbrook, IL


  • Oracle SOA Platform architecture and development lead
  • Oracle database optimization using TOAD
  • J2EE Developer using EJB 3.0, JSF, AJAX, GWT, JavaScript, Adobe Flex, BlazeDS, Parsley and Cairngorm 3
  • Integrated several Java & .NET based applications across the enterprise system such as Enterprise Opportunity Management System (EOMS), Prior Authorization System (CAS) and Pharmacy Advisor using various technologies including Mainframe COBOL, Websphere Application Server, Weblogic Application Server, AS/400, Unix, Linux, DB/2, Oracle & TeraData, Blaze Rules Engine, Oracle and Websphere SOA Platform, FUSE ESB & SOA Software (Governance)
  • Worked on several Spring & Hibernate based applications
  • Delivered Enterprise Opportunity Management on Blaze Rules Engine within specified budget and timeframe
  • Led the transition of Enterprise Prior Authorization system from in-house development to outsourced project with HP
  • Led architecture team responsible for the strategic initiative of centralizing Adjudication processes such as Formulary as services through the use of SOA architecture
  • Managed six large projects concurrently using a combination of waterfall and agile (including scrum) and responsible for 14 project managers, both internal and vendor; more than 20 architects and over 100 developers with direct reports
  • Devised system architecture, design, and requirements
  • Rendered assistance in the optimization of data warehouse system on Teradata to accomplish business SLAs
  • Complied with Confidential SDLC and HIPAA in implementing all systems and artifacts
  • Performed a vital role in attaining strategic initiative for Condition Management (Pharmacy Advisor) of IT Analytics and Data Warehousing
  • Business/Technical Analyst for developing functional and non-functional requirements for platform
  • Lead SOA Architect for developing technology evaluation and contributing to client SOA strategy
  • Evaluated BPM platforms including Lombardi & Pega and recommended BPM strategy
  • Contributed to Web Security, Authentication & Authorization using OpenSSO
  • API Management using Apigee
  • Developed applications using SCALA and C++

Senior Principal IT Consultant



  • Designed enterprise infrastructure using Confidential Platform consisting of Business Process Modeler, Portal, ESB and Application Servers:
  • Implemented SOAP based enterprise services
  • Developed formal SOA processes for SLAs, Governance and Security using OpenSSO
  • Websphere SOA Platform development including WAS, WMB and WSRR
  • Oracle database optimization using TOAD
  • Administered the overall design, development and execution of the following enterprise and operations systems:
  • Implemented SDLC standards and an Agile development process
  • Accounting and Finance System utilizing EJB 2.0, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, XML, SQL and PL/SQL on Linux with BEA WebLogic and Oracle Database
  • New Oracle and PeopleSoft HR/Payroll systems
  • Supermarket back office applications for the manufacturing, distribution and retail of consumer packaged goods using EJB 3.0, JPA, Java Server Faces, XML, SQL and PL/SQL on Linux with Confidential WebSphere Application Server and DB/2 UDB 9.0/9.5
  • Pharmacy application using Web services, XML and Portlets on Microsoft Windows with WebSphere Portal and Oracle DB
  • Point-of-Sale Application using Core Java, Swing, XML and Web services on Confidential POS terminals with Microsoft Windows
  • Currency Exchange and Money Transfer application using Web 2.0 DOJO/AJAX, XML and Web services on Windows Server with BEA WebLogic and DB/2 UDB 9.5
  • Mobile Web Application Architecture, Design & Development using Apple Xcode for iPhone.
  • Architected and developed B2C E-Commerce Site using Endeca

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