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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Over 15 years of experience in IT Industry. The experience includes diversified fields of Application Software Development, Maintenance and Re - Engineering projects in J2EE and Relational database technologies.
  • Has worked in fortune 500 clients such as Wells Fargo, Confidential, JP Morgan Chase,, Nationwide Insurance etc. Has been associated with some major IT companies in India like Mahindra Satyam IT Services.
  • Strong in developing tools and system applications using J2EE APIs / frameworks such as JAVA, JSP, SPRING, Hibernate, and in AGILE methodology. Has held lead roles in his assignments.
  • Has good exposure in the domains such as Banking
  • Architecture and Design Pattern evaluation, implementation for projects of J2EE standard. Was instrumental in developing PAAS (ESB platform for development teams to seamlessly develop and deploy ESB applications)
  • Have extensive experience in Web Services / Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations, including WS-I security standards and message level security, SOAP, REST based services, application integration with SOA components, have JAX-WS, RPC based implementations. Has got good exposure in enterprise applications development using ESBs, Rules Engines, and Data Grid Solutions using Oracle Coherence.
  • Automated System Testing using Quick Test Pro, unit test using TESTNG, JUNIT also code quality control using PMD, Check Style, and Find Bugs etc.


Programming Languages: JAVA, XML/XSL, HTML, JAVASCRIPT

Databases: ORACLE, SQL Server

Web Related: Server Side Technologies - ANGULAR 4, JSP, SPRING, and HIBERNATE, SPRING, JNDI / LDAP, XML, XSLT, RSS, JAXB, JAXP, SOAP / WEB SERVICES (Apache Axis / Web Sphere), EJB. IDE, WSAD 5.x, RAD 6.x over Eclipse platforms.

Application Server: JBOSS, Tomcat, Web logic, Web Sphere - MQ, Apache - Active MQ (Messaging and Work Flow).


Rules Engine: JBoss Drools

Data Grid: Oracle Coherence

NoSQL: Mongo DB.

Map Reduce: Hadoop

Knowledge Skills: Cloud Foundry (PIVOTAL)

Frameworks: SPRING, ANGULAR JS/4, MAVEN, TEST NG, JUNIT, Mockito, etc.

Development Methodologies: AGILE

SCM: Sub Version, GOOGLE GIT, Rational Clear Case, MKS, CVS.

Current Employer - Confidential N.A...


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Java Developer


  • Was involved in design, development, environment support (application and environment), coordinating with analysts/ users for requirements in Mortgage Consultant - Sales UI / Interface modules, migration of designated applications from angular JS to 4.
  • Most of my contributions were attributed to sales and mortgage consultancy automation systems.
  • SOA Integration of applications
  • Back end development involving core java, spring, hibernate, Database Scripts for certain requirements. Implemented a messaging requirement with a publisher-subscriber model.
  • Was familiarized with Pivotal Cloud platform for the corporate to migrate to cloud infrastructure. Was involved in full stack development, deployment and environment support, also mentored other team members in technical and functional areas. Coordinated with distributed teams, have participated in deployment architecture planning, performance tuning etc.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Lead Developer


  • Coding, integration support, coordinate AGILE activities with vendor and offshore teams.
  • Impact analysis on migration related changes.
  • SOA Integration of external systems. Involved SOAP and REST based integrations based on requirements.
  • UI development using JQUERY

Environment: Java, XML/XSL, Hibernate, SPRING, JBOSS 5.1, SQL-Server, SOAP UI, SOA - REST, JSON, JAXB, Subversion, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, JUNIT,.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Java Developer / Architect


  • Coherence Infrastructure creation, define cache configuration, data model objects design, Define POF Types, POF Serialization, code the client code using Coherence Java Querying API (filters, aggregation etc.).
  • Used various other features such as Event Processors, Cache Store, and implemented Write behind to sync. Hot cache to data store asynchronously.
  • Introduce automation in test cases, build, deployment etc.
  • Re-architect the deployment architecture / integration to optimize system performance that leads to a highly available and guaranteed response system.
  • Development in java, hibernate, SQL, Coherence APIs etc.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Java Developer / lead


  • Implemented Notification Framework that is used as a component in ESB Life Cycle. Also developed Web Service End Point
  • Worked on a proof of concept to implement Mutual Authentication and Hard Rock, SSL Patterns and helping other teams to secure their web services and other APIs
  • Support development team on MQ Integration (design, deployment issues)
  • Participate in design, implementation reviews, support Cluster / Deployment (Active - Active) architecture planning for all environments. Developed a Router that coordinates trade messages between a FIX Server and a .NET client for an electronic trading solution (POC to real-time solution conversion).
  • Coherence Infrastructure creation, define cache configuration, data model objects design, Define POF Types, POF Serialization, setup extend proxies, cache nodes setup, work with different cache users / developers
  • Also worked on coherence cache access security(authentication using Transformers and Asserters and Role Based Authorization)

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Java Developer


  • Design of the application layers, Persistence, Service, Web-tier, security, worked with infrastructure professional on Server Setup for different environments, worked with the senior architect group of the corporate on the application architecture, DB Design, deployment architecture, integration / build setup etc.
  • Development of various layers of the project, used Spring MVC, spring transaction management, DI, Spring Batch, Hibernate, JUnit for unit testing, UI - Jquery(plugins, grids, themes), HTML. Performed REST integration with an external application.
  • Coordinated with QA testers for defects resolving, assisted management in Sprint planning and reporting.
  • Worked on a solution for highly un-structured health care patient data using map-reduce (Hadoop) against a Cassandra database (cluster).
  • Worked on Single - Sign on Login portal, Implementation end to end that involved development of a custom Identity management project that is centralized for various client web-applications in the departments. Designed the current project as a SAML Client and integrated with the IDP.
  • Also helped other legacy projects to be registered to this IDP.

Environment: Java, XML/XSL, Hibernate, SPRING, JBOSS 5.1, SQL-Server, SOAP UI, SOA - REST, JSON, JAXB, JDK 1.6, Subversion, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, JUNIT, Security - SSO with SPRING SAML Extension.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Design using ESB approach, integrated SOA, Data Transformation, Rule Engine Components with ESB layer.
  • Developed a Rules Engine for Loan modification. Developed Web Services (providers and consumers).
  • Worked on JMS queue messaging model for given requirements.
  • Used JDK concepts, POJOs, Annotations, generics and enums, JPA, collections, JPA, core java - multi threading (parallel execution), collections etc. Cipher for Encryption etc.
  • Worked on groovy scripting for designated tools / components of the project.
  • Have implemented test driven development methodology, with unit test cases using JUNIT.
  • Coded MVC layer with STRUTS framework, using Struts actions, Model Driven, validator, tags,
  • Used Spring Transaction Management using AOP point cuts, Spring Hibernate Integration, Spring Batch, DI, Scheduler, Have used design patterns such as singleton, proxy, state, factory etc. Developed Data Transformation module using “Smooks” Transformation API. Integrated Smooks with JBoss-ESB.
  • Worked on Second Level Cache with Oracle Coherence, have configured Distributed Cache for this requirement.
  • Used Mongo DB for a module that required very large set of un-structured property data to be maintained in independent file systems.
  • Coded a SOAP based web Service and REST services for designated requirements.
  • Have used JBOSS-WS security for web service authentication.
  • Have configured application in JBOSS (cluster), deployments, Used spring batch for server side jobs / utilities, participated in Data model drafting, forward engineer to physical model / schema.
  • Worked on deployment architecture of the to-be application.

Environment: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), JBoss - Drools(rules engine), SOA / web service - SOAP (JBOSS-WS, WS-Security),JAX-RS, SMOOKS, XML/XSL, Eclipse, Hibernate, JBOSS 5.1, JMS, SPRING, STRUTS, SOAP UI, Groovy, JSON, JAXB, JDK 1.6, MKS Repository, Maven, JUNIT, ORACLE, ORACLE-COHERENCE, NOSQL - Mongo DB.


Sr. Developer


  • Coding for requirement & design spec using spring, spring, Struts (actions, interceptors, validation, OGNL), Tiles, XML / XSL, JMS, Eclipse Editor, Web Logic App Server, Oracle 10 DB.
  • Coded UI with JQUERY themes and utilities with JSON Data Store. Used JDK concepts, Annotations, generics and enums, JPA, core java - multi threading (parallel execution), collections etc.
  • Used Spring EJB Integration, Transaction Management using AOP point cuts, Spring Batch, DI, JCS with spring, Scheduler, Struts2 integration.
  • Worked on Entity beans, session and message driven beans. Have used design patterns such as state, visitor, factory, session facade, singleton etc.
  • Used JAX-WS to call Service Oriented Components and for certain requirements (simple / light weight) components have used REST.
  • Multi-threaded complex process flows as concurrent execution to reduce time taken to complete the flows. Coding involves using Session, Entity beans, Spring DI, Struts Actions, validations.
  • Have used ant scripts for build, and code coverage / control tools like JDepend, PMD, and Find Bugs etc.

Environment: Spring, JQUERY, AJAX, STRUTS 2.0, XML/XSL, JSTL, JavaScript, Eclipse, EJB - JPA, Web logic 10, JMS, Oracle 10G, web services (REST), JAX-WS, SOAP UI, Rational Clear Case, JDK 1.5.

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