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Android Developer Resume

Boston, MA


  • More than 8 years of experience in Software Development with 4 years as a Java Developer and 4 years of Mobile Development experience in Android TDD using Android SDK, NDK, Eclipse & Java.
  • Experience in Agile and Scrum Methodology.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with experience in designing, debugging, change management, and maintaining the software.
  • Experience in test driven development of android applications with multiple Activities, Fragments, Services, Content Providers, Material Design, implementing the best coding conventions.
  • Experience in developing android applications with unit and functional testing and testing tools Mockito, Espresso.
  • Experience developing native apps with Android NDK and proficiency in C++11 and JNI.
  • Experience working with cloud based services such as Firebase, AWS and Parse.
  • Proficiency in Android application framework: Activities, Intents, Services, Broadcast Receivers and Content Provider.
  • Experience with multi - threaded development using the framework provided by Android as well as external libraries.
  • Experience implementing camera intents and utilizing device’s camera for various purposes.
  • Experience working with YouTube, Google Maps APIs, In-App purchases, In-App advertising, SQLite, Geocoder API, TomTom.
  • Experience working with SOAP, REST web services.
  • Experience with data parsing in JSON and XML formats.
  • Experience working on server-side programming in PHP using XAMPP.
  • Knowledge of using version control systems such as GitHub, SVN.
  • Experience working with libraries such as RxJava, Dagger 2.0, Butter Knife, Gson, Glide, Picasso, Espresso, Mockito and Retrofit.
  • Experience implementing open source UI design and animation libraries like ActionbarSherlock, Draggable Panel etc.
  • Proficiency in Core Java, C#, JNI C++, Opengl Android and Model-View- Controller design pattern.
  • Experience in developing iOS application with TomTom API, reverse Geocoding using core location framework, UI design using multiple views and backend coding using Parse.


Android, JAVA, C++11, C, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, PHP, Objective-C


Languages: JAVA, Objective-C, JavaScript, Node.JS, C++11, C, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, PHP, Gradle.

Operating System: Android, Windows, IOS

Mobile Technologies: Android, IOS

Web Services: XML, ASP.NET

Software Development: Eclipse JEE, Android Studio, Visual Studio, XCode

Database: SQLite, MYSQL

Cloud Based Technology: Firebase, AWS, Parse

Version Control Software: GitHub


Android Developer

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Creating skeleton application UI & implementing fragments using Android SDK.
  • Implemented services to return binder from message rather than Ibinder interface.
  • Implemented Handlers to handle messages for services and activities.
  • Integrated C++11 library using Android NDK for metrics evaluation.
  • Implemented inter process communication using Message class and enabled two way communication between Activity and service process using the same.
  • Client Server Communication using REST API, JSON parsing to retrieve data from database
  • Refactored the app to use MVP pattern.
  • Used Rxjava extensively to implement existing functionality.
  • Implemented Notification, Shared Preferences.
  • Used Dagger 2 to provide dependency injection to the application.
  • Implemented robust and detailed test suit using Mockito and Robolectric and tested the app extensively.
  • Implementing Surface view, Date picker, Time picker.
  • Defining elements like Gallery, Gridview, Listview, Tabwidget, and Webview.
  • Employed Map Activity, Itemized Overlay, Map Controller, Location Manager, Location Listener.
  • Implemented plugin to enable building and packaging Android applications using the Gradle build system.
  • Used Git for version control.
  • Participated in large production environments building enterprise class software development following Agile processes.
  • Performed Code analysis and review, requirements gathering and analysis, and software risk analysis
  • Used AsyncTask, Handler, Threads, Service, and Intent Service to implement multi-threaded applications.
  • Used Extreme programming for release and change management.

Environment: Android SDK, Android NDK, Java 1.8, Mockito, Robolectric.

Android Developer

Confidential, Westborough, MA


  • Designed Card View, Recycler View and Swipe to Refresh Layouts for showing user their recent Timeline History.
  • Used RX-Java and RX-Android to accomplish background service tasks and Restful interactions.
  • Designed custom dialogs, custom notifications for displaying the generated payment code.
  • Responsible to implement logging framework for tracking business and developer needs which will log into Splunk and omniture.
  • Created functionality for storing payment details and billing preferences which will useful for user in future use.
  • Implemented dependency injection which helps in decoupling using Dagger.
  • Used Gerrit for code review as layer over GIT.
  • Integrated the Glimpse API for displaying nearest service centers.
  • Upgraded application layout to support Nougat - 7.0.

Environment: Android SDK, SQLite 3.6, Android API's, JDK 1.8, XML, JSON, GPS service, Log cat, Google-Map kit, Glide, Butteknife, retrofit, Espresso, Mockiato.

Android Developer

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Delivered Functional Requirements document after detailed Requirements gathering sessions with Business.
  • Assisted in designing the User Interface (UI/UX) and overall look and feel of the app.
  • Implemented Fragments to make the app usable on both Smart phone and tablets.
  • Developed the app to adapt to different orientations and various resolutions (Ldpi/Mdpi/Hdpi) based on the device.
  • Regularly followed up with Development Team to discuss discrepancies identified during testing and performance tuning.
  • Supported the design, development, testing and implementation of new business and support applications.
  • Worked with the Android SDK, and implemented Android Bluetooth and Location Connectivity components.
  • Used logcat, DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server) and trace view for debugging and detecting memory leaks.
  • Implemented unique design for portrait and landscape mode.
  • Work closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application.
  • Used GIT for project management and version control.
  • Used JSON to fetch data from the server using RESTful web services.
  • Implemented list views for displaying new releases.
  • Provided subsequent releases which included feature changes, enhancements and bug fixes.

Environment: AndroidSDK, EclipseIDE, AndroidAPIs, JDK, RESTWebservice, GIT, WebLogic, JQuery, Ant, XML, CSS, JSON, SQLite, Log cat.

Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Developed application using Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Hibernate and Oracle WebLogic Server 10.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JavaScript.
  • Created connections to database using Hibernate Session Factory, using Hibernate APIs to retrieve and store data to the database with Hibernate transaction control.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the server to fetch data on the fly.
  • Developed Restful Webservices using Spring MVC Framework. JSON data is returned to JavaScript clients.
  • Designed and Developed the Application using Spring MVC and Hibernate as the ORM.
  • Developed HQL and Criteria queries for CRUD operations using Hibernate as ORM
  • Wrote SQL queries, stored procedures, using Oracle database
  • Configured and customized logs using Log4J.
  • Implemented various design patterns like Singleton, Factory, SessionFaçade and Data Transfer pattern
  • Worked with QA team for testing and resolve defects.
  • Used Agile methodology named SCRUM for all the work performed.
  • Wrote scripts to massage data and feed to Sybase IQ/Oracle databases for alert generation and automated in batch cycle.
  • Developed the front-end using both Core Java as well as Java Swing and involved himself in incorporating business logic in SQL code (stored procedures) using Sybase.
  • Weblogic Application Server 10.0 was used to make the data source configuration to connect the application to the required database to retrieve or update necessary information.
  • Used Maven to build war and ear files to deploy on Web logic App Server.

Environment: Core Java, Servlet, JSP, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Web services, oracle 10g, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JUnit testing, Singleton and Abstract Factory pattern JBOSS, Git version control, Agile.

Java Developer



  • Developed web-based software using Spring MVC Framework and Spring Core.
  • Implemented request xml parameters between target interface and application.
  • Used MS SQL Server to create and use stored procedures.
  • Employed web services such as SOAP, UDDI, WSDL to get credit reports from various external sources.
  • Developed Data transfer objects for accessing data and data management, Java Beans.
  • Involved in implementing of Service layer using Spring Modules.
  • Used Spring AOP to implement transaction management and exception handling.
  • Design database Tables, View, Index's and create triggers for optimized data access.
  • Involved in Database design and development. Involved in SQL scripting. Involved in the system integration and testing.
  • Involved in the elaboration, construction and transition phases of the Rational Unified Process.
  • Extensively used multithreading concepts.

Environment: JDK, J2EE, REST Web Services, Servlets, node.js, JUnit, Java Script, CSS, HTML, PL/SQL.

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