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Lead Aem Developer/architect/sme Resume

Davidson, NC


  • 17+ years of experience in design, development, and architecture of enterprise level information systems. My recent experiences have been Implementing data - driven web properties promoting single corporate identity and designing and developing all facets of CMS solutions, solving and improving enterprise needs around Content Management including analytics, targeting and personalization, content sharing, content governance and security.
  • Extensive hands-on development and supervisory experience as a developer, architect and project manager over a wide range of projects covering multiple industries and involving estimating, requirements gathering, taxonomy, information architecture, workflow process models, security model definition, project planning, development, training and testing.
  • Hands on Adobe AEM 6.1/CQ5, Java, TOGAF® 9 Certified Architect with emphasis on CMS, Web Analytics, Personalization, custom OOAD, web and security development
  • Adobe CQ5.X/AEM 6.X, WCM, CRX repository, Apache Sling, Apache Felix, RESTful content application architecture,OSGi bundles, DAM, Scene 7, SVN/GIT, Maven/VLT, Jenkins, Docker, Openshift,JCR, ExtJs/Granite, jQuery, JSON, AJAXand Eclipse.
  • Adobe CQ/AEM Templates, Components, Workflows, Digital Asset Management, Security, Custom Development/Extensions, Social Integration, MSM, Content personalization, Analytics, Taxonomy and Tagging, OSGI Java Code, ad AEM Tools i.e. Package Manager, Replication Agents.
  • Requirements gathering, clarifying and authoring of technical requirements and SRS docs.
  • Attended Basic and Advanced Developer and Admin training in Adobe CQ.
  • Solid Understanding of web application architectures, Object Oriented Programming and Java development patterns including MVC, Web services, open source frameworks such as Lucene, SOA, RESTful API, Struts & Hibernate, CSS/LESS/SCCS, HTML/HTML5, JSON, XML, XSLTand DOM.
  • Extensive expertise in designing, coding and testing of variety of software applications using J2EE Platform (JSP, Swings, Java Beans, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JNDI), Object Oriented Design using Rational Rose, Rational Unified Process, Design Pattern, ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server (6.5/7.0/2000 ), MS Access, PL/SQL.
  • Full Cycle: Concept to delivery: scope, planning, budgeting, requirements, design, construction, testing, and deployment
  • Led development, design, architecture and technical requirements for large legacy migration project (touching 20+ mainframe, Java, DW, Siebel, and Pega systems) for a health insurance client
  • 17+ years of technology leadership at different levels
  • Successfully reduced maintenance cost and complexity by implementing database driven website to frequently introduce new insurance products
  • Improved quality of new revision of a product by adopting enhanced unit testing techniques
  • Aggressively analyzed, clarified from business and implemented a management dashboard system’s backend in record time thus putting the project back on track
  • Significantly improved availability (sometimes same day) to emergency parts for critical client processes while tracking part, cost and replenishments from one central location


  • Adobe AEM 6.1/CQ CMS
  • IAMAuthN, AuthZ Security, SSO
  • Java SE, Java EE 8
  • RESTful and SOAP Web Services
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript, jQuery


Confidential, Davidson, NC

Lead AEM Developer/Architect/SME


  • Lead architecture activities of AEM migration projects.
  • Lead technology innovation initiatives.
  • Identify and provide solution for performance related issues.
  • Define design documentation needed from the vendors.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Lead AEM Developer/Architect/SME


  • Lead architecture activities of AEM and non AEMweb projects that focus on usability and user adoption.
  • Integration architecture so that PHI content can be delivered securely to the members.
  • Server side Java Coding of servlets and bundles to support CQ components functionality.
  • Designed containerized CI/CD architecture that uses Docker, Openshift 3, Maven, VMWare, Ubuntu, Docker Trusted Repo, and Git
  • ATDD based test coding for Java and CQ code.

Environment: CQ5, J2EE, AngularJS, Gherkin, Docker, Openshift, Maven, Ubuntu, GitJSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJS, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse, SVN, Dispatcher, Apache etc.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Lead AEM Developer/Architect/SME


  • I was brought in to provide leadership to the final readiness sprints and architecture.
  • Lead apps team in interaction with other teams like cloud DevOps, natural search, and API teams so that the cut over activities are well planned and executed.
  • Review the architecture, design, and codebase and lead dev teams in fixing the defects.
  • Define ARIA and WCAG 2 accessibility testing specifications.
  • Designed the CQ components that let user store bundle information in CRX so that customer can select predefined bundle into the cart.
  • Server side Java Coding of servlets and bundles to support CQ components functionality.
  • JUnit based test coding for Java and CQ code.
  • Devised the code and content promotion strategy with the objective of zero downtime when promoting new content or code

Environment: AEM 6.1, J2EE, AngularJS, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJS, CSS, Apigee, Elastic Search, Elastic Path, JavaScript, Fonts, Eclipse, SVN, Dispatcher, AWS, Incapsula CDN, 30 dispatcher green/yellow always active configuration, Apache etc.


Senior Solutions Architect


  • Interacting with stakeholders and internal business users to fine tune CMS requirements.
  • Participating and contributing to overall Design of the CMS solution for BCHydro.
  • Technical design documentation outlining the component and template design, organization, overlay and inheritance and technical details. Estimating work effort for CQ development.
  • Hands on coding creating base templates, designs, implementing OOBT components, customizing and extending new components like Header, Footer and UtilityNav as the base components and components i.e. HomePage, Carousel, FAQ, TertiaryNav, several components that use images like Image, textImage, Title, articleTextImage etc. Integrating with the legacy account management applications (retrofit).
  • Worked on creating a global set of API’s for tracking sessions using SSO token. Implemented multiple data-driven web properties promoting single corporate identity.
  • Server side Java Coding of servlets and bundles to support CQ components functionality.
  • Client side ExtJS/jQuery coding for extending Content Author functionality and customizing CQ Widgets. Using EL for CQ JSP coding
  • JUnit based test coding for Java and CQ code.
  • Playing role of CQ5 Administrator too, deployments, trouble shootings, log analysis, performance monitoring, publishing agents, etc. providing support to system admins in administering CQ5

Environment: Adobe CQ5.4, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJS, CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, Eclipse, SVN, Dispatcher, Solaris, iPlanet, SAP, openAM, Solar, IntelliResponse etc.

Confidential, Jackson, MI

Solution Architect


  • As a solution architect, reached architectural agreements with stakeholders in different client and vendor teams,
  • Led the development stream by creating templates, communication vision, setting directions, reviewing the deliverables, and getting client approvals.
  • Arrived at major architecture decisions by forming consensus between different stakeholders
  • Created proof of concepts for the teams to follow and demonstrate to the client
  • Created architecture for integration with the SAP and CRM system

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. Developer


  • Developed core modules of policy documents applications
  • Developed standards by working with teams to integrate different modules using SOA

Confidential, St. Paul, MN

Lead developer


  • Brought extensive development and OOAD experience to the small team
  • Led technical discussions and design of the desktop application
  • Technical design templates finalization

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