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Java Ee Consultant Resume

Philadelphia, PA


A highly - motivated and innovative developer looking to work with an inspiring team, as a Scala/Java Engineer with emphasis on Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, or Digital Marketing.


Operating Systems: Linux(Centos/RHEL/Oracle Linux(OEL))

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSql, DynamoDB, RedShift, Sybase

Languages/Technologies/Skills (approx. yrs): SQL(3) JAVA/J2EE (8), JavaScript(5), CSS(3), HTML(3), Linux(4)Web Services(Jax-RS, Jax-WS, JAXB, WSDL, etc.) (5), Spring (4), Hibernate(4), XML/XSLT(4), Ant(4),Maven(6), JUnit(8), Scala/Spark(3), Multi-Threading/Concurrency(5), JQuery(5)

Other Tools: ESB (Datapower, OSB, Mule), Oracle ADF, Oracle SOA Suite, svn(8), Oracle WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, TopLink/EclipseLink, EhCache & Oracle Coherence, Apache Spark & Hadoop


Java EE Consultant

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Developed services to adapt XML documents in an industry format to a client-friendly format.
  • Utilized Apache Camel to implement Enterprise integration Patterns.
  • Agile SDLC.
  • Utilized Apache Camel and Spring Boot to connect to JMS queues.
  • Developed health indicators to send health data to Splunk and AppDynamics.

Technologies: core Java, Spring Boot, Apache Camel, RESTful Web services, Splunk, AppDynamics, Fixml, Amazon Web Services,IBM MQ, Solace, AWS.

Scala/Java EE Consultant

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Developed services optimizing visibility into IT Operations
  • Utilized open source tools such as ElasticSearch and Kibana.
  • Agile SDLC.
  • Utilized tools from the Big Data ecosystem such as Apache Nifi.
  • Developed APIs primarily in Scala using Twitter libraries such as Finagle and Finch.

Technologies: core Java/Scala, multi-threading, DynamoDB Database, RESTful Web services, Kibana, ElasticSearch, Apache Nifi, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Splunk.

Scala/Java EE Consultant

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Developed services that utilized clients for AWS Services (ie S3).
  • Was a member of Analytics/Recommender Team.
  • Agile SDLC.
  • Worked on Spark Batch Jobs. Also utilized Machine Learning library.
  • Developed algorithms for Recommendation evaluation (User-based).

Technologies: core Java/Scala, multi-threading, PostgreSql Database, Web services, Tomcat, XML Schema,Hibernate, JDBC, ElasticSearch, Amazon Web Services, OpenShift

Java EE Consultant

Confidential, Wayne, PA


  • Refactored SOAP-Based Web Service solutions (i.e. Spring Web Services).
  • Adhered to Oracle’s(JSR-352) batch specification while Re-Designing and Re-Coding batch applications
  • Del Lage Landen is a Financial Services provider valued at over 40 billion.
  • Created business user portal using REST and SOAP(Legacy business services).
  • Caried out first phase of migration towards Big Data (Hadoop & Spark(Java/Scala))

Technologies: core Java, multi-threading, Oracle Database, Web services, JBoss EAP, XML Schema, PL/SQL,Hibernate, JDBC

Java EE Consultant

Confidential, Philadelphia


  • Worked on a variety of assignments implementing RESTful, Service Bus, UI, Caching, Transaction Management, Web Server clustering/load balancing, and Messaging solutions.
  • Implemented RESTful Web services that produce and consume JSON data.
  • Have worked to migrate Spring MVC components to RESTful ones where appropriate.
  • Persistence/Data Access implementations have included Hibernate, EclipseLink/TopLink, MyBatis/Ibatis, and JDBC with Rx-Java.
  • All persistence solutions have involved the tuning of the connection pool in accordance with the clients needs. Connection pool implementations have included Oracle UCP and HikariCP.
  • UI implementations have utilized technologies such as AJAX, AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS, JQuery, as well as a number of related plug-ins.
  • Have developed/administered primarily in a Linux environment (Ubuntu/Orale Linux) while have worked with or integrated BI applications running in a Windows environment.
  • Used Maven for builds and related tasks. Also, setup and used Jenkins for CI.
  • Gained value experience with Oracle’s Enterprise Manager and other Oracle middleware.
  • Utilized Git and Subversion dependent technologies(Assembla, etc) as a source code repository - depending on the project.
  • Have migrated legacy batch applications to Spring Batch.
  • Have worked on some Python and Scala implementations (i.e. Spark).
  • Have worked to migrate enterprise architectures to a more cloud-ready architecture.

Technologies: core Java, multi-threading, Oracle Database, Web services, WebLogic, XML Schema, PL/SQL,Hibernate, JDBC

Senior Java Implementation Consultant

Confidential, King of Prussia, PA


  • Provided customers with implementation of product features in collaboration with business and IT stakeholders
  • Acted as implementation lead for customer configuration, setup, and training.
  • Setup customer accounts across multiple products and environments.
  • Consulted with customer for logic pertaining to web services and/or bulk loads.
  • Supported the integration testing of customer logic.
  • Provided production deployment support and transition to our operational tier 1 & tier 2 support teams.
  • Trouble-shooted level 3 production support issues and recommended solutions as required
  • Modified/deleted data across multiple environments
  • Assessed client's internal environment's needs with delivery of formal technical requirements and product assessment
  • Contributed to teams that create application architecture artifacts, design frameworks, standards and best practices
  • Aligned data model to suit specific performance requirements, stored procedure/ query tuning, and large data feed handling.
  • Created ETLs to feed the data warehouse.

Technologies: core Java, multi-threading, Oracle Database, Spring Webflow, Web services, Weblogic, JSF, Ant, XML Schema, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, JDBC

Senior Java EE Developer/Architect

Confidential, Owings Mills, MD


  • Developed highly scalable components in a high traffic transactional data and data warehouse environment following software engineering best practices.
  • Developed data persistence based on commercial and open source relational databases.
  • Provided thorough and automated unit test harnesses for developed solutions.
  • Followed disciplined software development processes.
  • Led development team on various aspects of development, design, and maintenance. defined and maintained SOA centric infrastructure documentation according to defined environments forecasted resource needs for SOA projects
  • Developed and deployed Java EE components within WebLogic server.
  • Developed, designed, and implemented OBIEE objects.
  • Did complex data aggregation of patient and provider records using concurrency.

Technologies: core Java, multi-threading, Oracle Database, Spring MVC, Web services, WebLogic, JQuery, OSB, Hibernate, Apache CXF, Spring MVC Portlet, WebCenter, Jasper Reports

Senior Java Developer

Confidential, DC


  • Provided Java Programming skills and experience in support of the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for Confidential ATO IT software development projects
  • Was responsible for development and maintenance of existing Java based Web service applications using Spring and Hibernate frameworks, and Oracle database systems.
  • Gained knowledge and experience making strategic and tactical considerations concerning distributed application architecture.
  • Worked on web applications composed of JSPs, servlets, JavaScript, etc.
  • Used JSF development tools for UI development.
  • Worked on GOES-R project developing software for lightning mapper(GLM) instrument on satellite.
  • Responsible for designing, coding, and implementing SOAP/REST Web Services.
  • Used TCP/IP monitor to validate WS-I compliance.
  • Assisted project managers in gathering information regarding scope, time, and effort.
  • Designed and developed Web Services using both java-to-wsdl and wsdl-to-java approaches.
  • Utilized Oracle Service Bus(OSB) and other fusion middleware related to SOA implementations.
  • Utilized additional Oracle implementations such as SOA Suite, ADF, etc.
  • Developed distributed high-performance multi-tiered applications using the Oracle Coherence caching scheme.
  • Developed and configured in-memory caching solutions using Oracle Coherence Grid. translated ‘business’ needs into SOA solutions worked with development teams to streamline their software development processes through the appropriate application and utilization of SOA techniques and services while improving performance and quality
  • Developed and deployed Java EE components within WebLogic server
  • Leveraged SSO and SAML in Java-Based software

Technologies: core Java, multi-threading, Oracle Database, Spring, Web services, WebLogic, Linux (RHEL), Oracle Coherence, JPA, java.util.concurrent, TestNG, Rational DOORS, Cassandra

Oracle Developer (Java & PL/SQL)

Confidential, Annapolis, MD


  • Worked on meaningful projects requiring, besides strong analytical abilities, the knowledge and use of, stored procedures and other aspects of SQL query language and Oracle databases holding information on the county's 80,000 students.
  • Utilized HTML, CSS, and Javascript to begin working on a website to keep track of current research projects.
  • Worked with Oracle 10g by using command line, development suites and other means.
  • Possess excellent communication skills, both oral and written. Completed research documents as extensive as 100 pages. Also presented to high-ranking executives on numerous occasions.
  • Worked on difficult and complex problems including but not limited to working with large databases.
  • Wrote solution descriptions, requirements, specifications and other guiding documentation from a technical point of view.
  • Effectively communicated designs to customers and presented design options.
  • Utilized XML, XSLT, SOA, and web services.
  • Designed and coded software modules guided by SOA design principles.
  • Gained hands-on experience with Java and J2EE technologies (EJB, JMS, JDBC, JSP, JMS) provided input to the definition and communication of the organization’s standards and procedures for SOA approaches tracked SOA service assets through the release cycle
  • Developed and deployed Java EE components within WebLogic Server.

Technologies: core Java, multi-threading, Oracle Database, Spring, Web services, Weblogic, JPA, variety of Oracle Middleware implementations, Microsoft Access, Jasper Reports, PL/SQL

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