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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Albany, NY


  • Over 7+ years of rich indigenous experience in designing, developing and testing of distributed applications, internet/intranet base database, J2EE and SOA compliant applications.
  • Experienced in Java Web - based, Desktop Based Development with Concepts of, Object Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and its implementation.
  • Experienced in implementing client-server business applications using MVC, SOA architecture and Micro Services.
  • Experience in Agile/Scrum, Pair Programming, Test Driven Development (TDD) and Waterfall model.
  • Expertise in Core java concepts like Collections, Generics, Multithreading, Serialization and Exception Handling.
  • As a Java Full stack SME has expertise in developing Enterprise Applications using technologies Such as Java, PHP, JSP, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, Restful Web Services, SOAP Web Services, JDBC, JMS, JAXB, SOA.
  • Experienced in Middleware persistence framework like Hibernate/JPA, JDBC, iBatis for mapping Java POJO classes/Objects with database and using Hibernate Query Language (HQL).
  • Experienced in front End technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, JavaScript, React JS, Node JS, Angular JS, Bootstrap, VBScript, Perl, AJAX, Adobe Flex, Action Script, JSON,XSD, XSTL, Tiles, Tag Libraries.
  • Experienced in developing an enterprise applications by writing server side code with Node JS and Express Framework, a database to store and retrieve data with Mongo DB and front-end web pages designing with React JS.
  • Experienced in creating dashboards, reports using Backbone JS.
  • Experience in developing Mobile web applications using JQuery Mobile and phone gap for Smart phones & Tablets.
  • Experience in working with Service Oriented Architecture, which includes Universal Description and Discovery Integration (UDDI) lookups and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) using SOAP protocol.
  • Expertise in XML technologies such as DTD/Schemas, DOM, SAX and XSLT.
  • Extensively used different Tag Libraries like JSF Tags, Struts Tags, JSTL, Spring Tags, Display Tag, XML/XSD.
  • Experienced in frameworks: Spring MVC, Jakarta struts framework, JSF, spring and Hibernate.
  • Strong experience in Spring Framework including Spring Core/IOC, Spring Security and implement the authentication, authorization and access-control features by using Spring Security.
  • Experienced in Distributed Transaction Management system with Spring JTA Based on Atomikos.
  • Experienced in Working with Spring JDBC Template, JMS Template, EMS, and JavaBeans.
  • Developed applications using latest technologies like EJB3.0, Spring2.x/3.x/4.x, Hibernate3.2/4.x, and REST based Web services (axis2.0, JAX WS 2.0), Rule Engines (Drools4.1, ILOG), XML API and tools.
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE Design patterns including Singleton, Summon, Protest Pool, Session Exterior, MVC, DAO, DTO, and Business Delegate in the improvement of Multi-Tier Circulated Applications.
  • Proficient in taking care of web and application servers in making Domain, configuring connection pool, JMS, Deploying applications on Web Logic, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, Glassfish and Jboss.
  • Experience in Design, Maintain and implementation (in GO Lang) of client’s Review API.
  • Experienced in developing modern applications using MEAN Stack- Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS.
  • Experienced on ELK Stack (Elastic Search, Log stash and Kibana).
  • Worked on Mule soft studio with Sound knowledge on Enterprise Service Bus.
  • Experienced in performing unit testing using JUnit framework with Mockito and Easymock, integration and deployment of applications using tools such as ANT and Maven& debugging through log4j.
  • Experience in creating test suites using Jasmine, Karma and worked on tools NPM, Bower, Gruntand Testem.
  • Involved in BPM (business process management) tools like JBPM and Adobe Live Cycle.
  • Experience in using various AWS components like EC2 for virtual servers, S3 and Glacier for storing objects, EBS, Cloud Front, Elastic cache, IAM, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation and Dynamo DB.
  • Good experience in using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS SNS/SQS for delivering messages.
  • Strong Knowledge in scripting technologies like Python, Scala, Shell, Groovy on Grails and Perl.
  • Experienced in Development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications on Windows& UNIX platforms using IDE's such as Eclipse, Rational Application Developer, Net Beans, Spring Tool Suite (STS),IntelliJ 14.x/15.x.
  • Experience in different version controlling/tracking systems Subversion, CVS, SVN, GIT and Rational Clear Case.
  • Experienced in Splunk Log Management Creating dashboards, monitoring, reporting, Email Notification to Users for threshold limit. Experience working in Kafka and Camel, with in-depth understanding of Scala.
  • Good Knowledge in Apache Active MQ Series with Camel most widely used as service bus.
  • Good knowledge of SAP-MM Module & MDM Principles, Architecture.


Programming Languages: Java/J2EE (expert), SQL, PL/SQL, C/C++, MPI

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10, UNIX/Linux, and Mac OS X

JAVA Technologies: Core Java 1.8, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Struts, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java Reflection API, Java Persistence API (JPA), JSON, Web Services (RESTful & SOAP)

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, Typescript, Node JS, Angular JS, AJAX, SOAP, JSON, JSTL

Web/Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, Glass Fish

IDE’s: Eclipse, My Eclipse, Web Storm, IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio

Modeling Tools: IBM Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio

Databases: MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle (version -11g, 10g, 9i, 8i),SQL Server

NoSQL Databases: Cassandra, Mongo DB

ORM: Hibernate 2.0/3.0/3.5 (expert), Eclipse Link, iBATIS

Version Control: SVN, Git, CVS, BitBucket

Other Tools: Log4J, JUnit, TestNG, Maven, ANT, Jenkins, Cucumber, Splunk, Jira, Putty

Cloud Computing: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, AWS Identity and access management, AWS CloudWatch

Frameworks: Struts, Spring MVC, EJB, Tiles, Hibernate, JSF, Play, Grails, Cucumber

XML Technologies: XML, SAX, DOM, XSL, XSLT, XPath, WSDL, SOAP


Full Stack Java Developer

Confidential, Albany, NY


  • Interacted with the business analysts to gather the requirements, FSD for the requirements.
  • Actively involved in Analysis, Design, Development, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Followed agile methodology in the Scrum Cycle model.
  • Developed the multiple enterprise applications, which are developed using Spring MVC framework, Hibernate framework, Prime faces, RESTFul web services.
  • Designed and developed UI using spring view component HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Angular JS and Vue.js.
  • Built custom UI widgets, directives, filters and Application logic using Angular JS MVC Architecture.
  • Used Vuex to work with Vue.js and re-factored the Vue Component structure to gain front-end state management.
  • Vue.js was used to fetch data from server using axios, prepare and transform data to display in the forms, validate user-entered data and then post data.
  • Used Spring and Hibernate for implementing IOC, AOP and ORM for back end tiers.
  • Implemented Hibernate Template to great extent making use of HQL, Named Parameters, Named Queries and interfaces such as Expression, Query and Criteria.
  • Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the database of Mongo DB.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution and technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with SQL-based schema.
  • Used a Microservice architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through REST and Apache Kafka.
  • Developed Microservices using Spring Boot, Netflix OSS, Spring Cloud and deploying to AWS Cloud.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based microservices Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services.
  • Worked on Spring Quartz functionality for scheduling tasks such as generating monthly reports for customers.
  • Implemented Pre Authentication and database security with Site Minder and spring security.
  • Created Stacks using Amazon Cloud Formation templates to launch AWS Infrastructure and resources. Used AWS Lambda to run the code in the AWS.
  • Building search feature based on open source tool Elastic Search. Implemented system logging solution using Elastic Search, Kibana and Log stash.
  • Used Adobe flex framework for building and maintaining applications that deploy on all major device platforms.
  • Used Adobe Live Cycle for capturing and processing information, delivering personalized communications, and protecting and tracking sensitive information.
  • Created Restful web services using Spring Restful API, sending JSON data between Frontend, middle tier Controller.
  • Created proof of concept Data As A Service (DaaS) based Restful (Jersey) web service which is connected to a Mongo DB based data store running on Tomcat 8.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Value Object Pattern, Service locator, Session facade, Singleton, Factory and DAO.
  • Involved in writing Thread Safe blocks for multithread access to make valid transactions.
  • Tested Service and data access tier using JUnit, TestNG and EasyMock. Also, set up the Vue.js unit testing with Karma and Jasmine. Used SOAPUI for testing web services.
  • Process Avro Data to Store in Parquet Files, Stored data to HDFS for analysis, Created HIVE tables on top of them.
  • Performed deployment of applications on Web Sphere Application Server Application Server.
  • Responsible for Configuring Kafka Consumer and Producer metrics to visualize the Kafka System performance.
  • Designed and developed a project that reads messages from Kafka topic and applied conversation from JSON to pipe delimited String data format to be saved in OracleDB and NoSQLDB.
  • Developed database adapter, web services adapter, messaging adapter and custom workflow for non-oracle system using Camel and Implemented Apache Camel routes using Camel-Spring XML and Camel-Spring processor beans.
  • Used Scala for coding the components in Play and Akka.
  • Involved in developing and modifying the credit card, customer loan business rules in ILog JRules.
  • Conducted Performance tuning including JVM tuning, JMS to the maximum throughput form Application server.
  • Used Continuous delivery/ Continuous Integration tools Docker, Jenkins to deploy this application to AWS and used GIT for version control of code for incremental development.
  • Experienced in Splunk development - Splunk search language, Splunk Web Framework, simple xml, alerts configuration, report building, custom dashboard building and data modeling.
  • Worked on Splunk DB Connect APP to load the data into Splunk from Oracle Database.

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring batch, Spring security, Spring Boot, JPA, JavaScript, Angular JS, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Web Sphere Application Server, Eclipse, Oracle 11g, Mongo DB, ILOG, Apache Camel, log4j, Junit, TestNG, Easy Mock, XML, Web Services, SOAP UI, Kafka, Adobe Flex, Scala, DevOps, AWS, Hive, HDFS, Splunk.

Full Stack Java Developer



  • As a Java developer involved in back-end and front-end developing team. Took part in developing, maintaining, reviewing and supporting quality code and services.
  • Involved in Daily SCRUM meetings and weekly SPRINT Meetings.
  • Enhanced and optimized the functionality of Web UI using Rich Faces, JSF, AJAX, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Fetched JSON data within Orchestration Layer with Spring Boot Application and displaying it in UI using ReactJS.
  • Developed various screens for frontend using ReactJS, Used predefined components from NPM and Redux library.
  • Implemented various features of spring framework such as Dependency Injection, IOC, Annotations and Spring integration with Hibernate.
  • Implemented application architecture of the System is based on Spring MVC and J2EE specifications.
  • Experienced in Security-System development for Web Applications. Involved and developed all phases of security implementation using spring security system against modes of authentications: LDAP authentication, Database authentication and Pre-Authentication.
  • Integrated application with Spring Security for form based authentication and authorization by used spring security JSP tags to provide UI level spring security.
  • Worked on Spring Quartz functionality for scheduling tasks such as generating monthly reports for customers and sending those mails about different policies.
  • All the functionality is implemented using Spring IO / Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and Hibernate ORM.
  • Implemented Java EE components using Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring transactions and Spring security modules.
  • Implementing or exposing the Micro services to base on RESTful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Kubernetes were used as the best ecosystem to deploy and manage Micro services.
  • Developed Applications using Rule Engines, Drools 4.x,and ILOG corresponding to validate the business User Roles.
  • Used Hive QL, Map Reduce, Cassandra bulk loads, Java Web Services, UNIX Shell Scripts, Active MQ’s.
  • Implemented the application using design patterns such as Session Facade, Business Delegate, Bean Factory, Singleton, Data Access Object, and Service Locator.
  • Rewrite existing Java application in Python module to deliver certain format of data. Generated Python Django forms to record data of online users.
  • Initially we have used NodeJS/ExpressJS to mock REST services and built the UI app using that mocked backend. Later we integrated with the real backend system and coordinated with server-side development team.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing and log4j for logging. Developed test cases for Front Endusing Jasmine and Karma.
  • Implemented a distributed messaging queue to integrate with Cassandra using Apache Kafka and Zookeeper.
  • Used Azure Cloud services performed various web operations in Azure App Service.
  • Worked with JAXB, SAXP and XML Schema for exporting data into XML format and importing data from XML to database andJAXB in the web service's request response data marshaling as well as un-marshalling process.
  • Used PL/SQL stored procedures for applications that needed to execute as part of a scheduling mechanisms.
  • Handled Java Multi-Threading part in back-end, one thread will be running for each user, which serves that user.
  • Defined strategic initiatives on Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD) model with Test-driven development, Extreme programming (XP), and build automation, in an AGILE development environment to help, respond quickly to business needs and to ship world class Quality products.
  • Utilized Hibernate for Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) purposes for persistence onto the Oracle database.
  • Involved in PL/SQL changes whenever needed in the application and used TOAD as Oracle client to access tables, Packages, Jobs and stored procedures.
  • Integration of automation batch run job with Jenkins. Worked with Jenkins CI tool and Build Tool Ant.
  • Involved in JAD sessions to gather requirements from the end clients.
  • Used GIT as version management, JIRA for defect management system.

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring batch, Azure, Spring quartz, Spring security, Spring Jta, Spring Boot, Python, Kubernetes, JPA, JavaScript's, React JS, Node JS, HTML5.0, CSS3, JMS, ILOG, JAXP (SAX & DOM), JBoss, Eclipse, Oracle 11g, Cassandra, Kafka, RESTful, log4j, JUnit, XML, Web Services, GIT.

Java Developer

Confidential - Kansas City, MO


  • Followed Agile software development practice paired programming, test driven Development and Scrum status meetings.
  • Developed/Implemented code on new requirements as a developer using Spring MVC and Hibernate by using Agile Methodology.
  • Developed Use Case Diagrams, Object Mapping Diagrams & Class Diagrams in UML.
  • Developed Controller and Business layers of the MVC, using spring.
  • Developing APIs to support AngularJS UI migration, and XSDs to build web service data.
  • Worked in front end design development using technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Developed code to consume web services using SOAP and REST.
  • Developed RESTful web services using JAX-RS.
  • Finding Memory Issues by using JVM memory management tools.
  • Re-factored the bad code to best design patterns.
  • Developed Sequential and UML notation documents for the new tasks
  • Wrote SQL queries to analyze the data.
  • Implemented content based message router for outgoing XML web service requests, then process the response messages to insert into an enterprise database.
  • Used Bindy, Stax and JAXB with camel to work with CSV and XML files and Used Groovy to design and develop the web based applications.
  • Configured the xml files for spring security injection to ensure back-end security by discriminating the role of users as well as access authority for the URIs and server side assets.
  • Made the integration of data in several applications in favor JSON documents with dynamic schemas using Mongo-DB (NoSQL) database.
  • Used JIRA to track the progress of the project and wrote test cases and Used JUnit as a testing framework in a Test-Driven Development environment.
  • Used Spring MVC for implementing web tier and developed web based application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Used Hibernate Query Language (HQL) to query the database for complex data.
  • Used Spring MVC Model View Controller to handle/intercept the user requests and used various controllers to delegate the request flow to the Backend tier of the application.
  • Exposed Restful web services using JAX-RS and Implemented Angular promises to handle asynchronous communication with our Restful API for various requirements.
  • Extensively used XML and Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) to map java classes to XML representation.
  • Build Restful API web services using Node JS and Express JS and used a full complement of Express, Angular JS, Node. js, and Mongo DB to store and present assessments.
  • Coordinated with QA team for development of test plan, test cases, test code and responsible for defects allocation and resolution of those defects using Selenium.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration and Go for continuous delivery/deployment of the applications.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon web Services (AWS).
  • Hands-on experience in developing AWS cloud formation templates and setting up Auto scaling for EC2 instances and involved in the automated provisioning of AWS cloud environment using Jenkins and chef.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, JDK, spring MVC, spring security, spring IOC, Hibernate, Angular JS, JSP, JavaScript, Servlet's, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Oracle Database, SQL, JUNIT, Agile, RDBMS, GIT, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Jenkins, SOAP, REST, RESTful, JAX-RS, JVM, UML, XML, Mongo-DB (NoSQL), JSON, HQL, Node JS, Express JS, Amazon web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, Jenkins, chef.

Java Developer

Confidential - Denver, CO


  • Involved in gathering system requirements for the application and worked with the business team to review the requirements, and went through the Software Requirement Specification document and Architecture document.
  • Developed the application using Spring Framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture with JSP as the view.
  • Developed presentation layer using JSP, HTML and CSS and JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript.
  • Developed JSP custom tags for front end.
  • Written JavaScript code for Input Validation.
  • Developed server-side services using Spring Web Services (SOAP, WSDL).
  • Extensively used Spring IOC for Dependency Injection.
  • Developed J2EE components on Eclipse IDE.
  • Used Restful web services with JSON.
  • Consumed and Developed Web services (REST) through JAX-RS in Apache Axis to interact with other components.
  • Used Oracle10g database tool to build, edit, and format database queries, as well as eliminate performance issues in the code.
  • Used Oracle10g database for tables creation and involved in writing SQL queries using Joins and Stored Procedures.
  • Used DOM for parsing the XML, XSLT Document.
  • Used Apache CXF open source tool to generate java stubs from WSDL.
  • Used Multithreading and Concurrency, and implemented threads while preparing and generating mails.
  • Used Hibernate for Object-Relational Mapping and for database operations in MongoDB database.
  • Used tortoise SVN tool to keep track of all work and all changes in source code.
  • Used JUnit for testing the application and Maven for building Projects
  • Deployed the applications on WebSphere Application Server.

Environment: Java - JDK, JEE, Spring framework, Spring Model View Controller (MVC), Spring IOC, Apache CXF, J2EE, JAX-RS, Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets JDBC, AJAX, Web services (SOAP & Restful,WSDL), JSON, Java Beans, JQuery, JavaScript, Oracle 10g, WebSphere, Agile Methodology, SVN, Maven, JUnit, HTML,CSS, XML, XSLT, HTML/DHTML, Eclipse, Mongo DB.

Jr. Java Developer



  • Gathering the requirements from the users, application analysis and making UML diagrams.
  • Involved in preparation of Detailed Design Documents.
  • Developed Servlet and JSP screens for client view by embedding the Struts framework.
  • Developed Action classes, Action Form and worked on switch Actions and Dispatch Actions.
  • Worked in Struts Validation framework and involved in customizing Rules per business requirements.
  • Developed Custom Tag libraries for the client view.
  • Implemented Multithreading logic using Java Concurrency APIs for parallel processing of service requests.
  • Involved in the development of client view custom components using JavaScripts, HTML and DHTML.
  • Developed Java classes, which generate reports for the transactions.
  • Wrote stored procedures and JDBC routines to update the ORACLE tables depend on the information.
  • Involved in the bug fixing and Change requests in the life cycle of the entire application.
  • Involved in Unit testing, Integration Testing and Maintenance stage.
  • Developed/Modified the SQL, Stored Procedure and Triggers.
  • Code Review and Code Level Performance Tuning to the code.

Environment: Servlets 2.5, JSP 2.1, Struts, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, PL/SQL, SVN, JDBC, WebLogic 7.0, Oracle.

Associate Software Engineer



  • Gathered user requirements followed by analysis and design. Evaluated various technologies for the Client.
  • Developed HTML and JSP to present Client side GUI.
  • Involved in development of JavaScript code for Client Side Validations.
  • Designed the HTML based web pages for displaying the reports.
  • Developed Java classes and JSP files.
  • Extensively used XML documents with XSLT and CSS to translate the content into HTML to present to GUI.
  • Developed dynamic content of presentation layer using JSP.
  • Developed user-defined tags using XML.
  • Developed Java Mail for automatic emailing and JNDI to interact with the Knowledge Server.
  • Used Struts Framework to implement J2EE design patterns (MVC).
  • Developed, Tested and Debugged the Java, JSP and EJB components using Eclipse RCP.
  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans like Entity Beans, Session Beans (both Stateless and State Full Session beans)
  • Developed JSP as the view, Servlets as Controller and EJB as model in the Struts Framework.
  • Worked on Web Logic application server to deploy JSP and EJB applications.
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JavaMail, JDBC, Struts, HTML, XML, CORBA, XSLT, CSS, Java Script, Eclipse RCP, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, Weblogic, Spring MVC Framework, Eclipse RCP, Entity Beans, Session Beans.

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