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Sr. Java Developer Resume

North Chicago, IllinoiS


  • Over 10+ years of Java/J2EE/J2SE experience specializing in design, development and implementation of the client - server applications for Pharmaceutical, e-learning, Finance and Billing, IT software using Java8, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Oracle and SQL.
  • Profound experience in Java developing, database developing, system integration and administration of web and database servers;
  • Expert level in Hibernate and EJB Transactions;
  • Profound experience in development large-scale and complex systems;
  • Good experience in P2P system development: servers infrastructure creating and extending, architecture issues, optimization;
  • Good experience in internal databases synchronization mechanism and web interface to the billing system development;
  • Good experience in SMS flows control system development and self-learning expert decision-making system;
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns;
  • Good leading skills;
  • Excellent communication skills.


Confidential, North Chicago, Illinois

Sr. Java Developer

  • Developed user specific Highlights (dashboard menu) section, Home page, Admin home page, user module (Modify/search users, create users screens with assigning various roles) using Spring MVC framework, Hibernate ORM Module, TDD,Spring Core Module, XML, JSP and XSLT.
  • Worked on the Spring framework like Mockito, Spring IOC and Spring DAO.
  • Developed stored procedures, Triggers and functions in Oracle 10g to process the trades using PL/SQL and mapped it to Hibernate Configuration File and also established data integrity among all tables
  • Implemented Object-relation mapping in the persistence layer using hibernate frame work in conjunction with Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) functionality.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework that leverages classical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Used JQuery, memcache, JavaScript libraries for providing richer user interface and facilitates asynchronous request invocations using AJAX
  • Developed user interface using JSP, AJAX, JSP Tag libraries and Struts Tag Libraries to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, JSF frame work with AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented custom search solutions using Coveo (an enterprise search engine), Backbone.js, and .NET web services (see Goodwin Procter's site for an example).
  • Implemented the caching mechanism in Hibernate to load data from Oracle database
  • Experience in Hibernate 3.0 which includes integrating legacy databases, writing custom CRUD statements, integrating stored procedures and functions and also performed polymorphic associations.
  • Created SQL queries, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions for the Database layer by studying the required business objects and validating them with Stored Procedures using DB2. Also used JPA with Hibernate provider.
  • Proven expertise in implementing IOC and Dependency Injection features in various aspects of Spring Framework (Core, Web, JDBC, MVC and DAO).
  • Used Apache CXF as the Web Services framework to implement the REST APIs involved
  • Worked on web services SOAP and REST technologies.
  • Developed and designed interfaces using HTML, JSP, Server Side components using Servlets on Eclipse.
  • Implemented functionality using Servlet, JSP, HTML and Struts Framework., Hibernate, Spring, Java Scripts, Hazelcast and Weblogic
  • Design and develop new features in website using Java/J2EE under Santana Framework and enhance existing features.Refactoring code, redesign current design.
  • Mentoring of junior members for agile (Scrum) process & Junit testing.
  • Designed Use Cases using UML and managed the entire functional requirements life cycle using water fall model.
  • Developed user specific Highlights(dashboard menu) section, Home page, Admin home page, user module (Modify/search users, create users screens with assigning various roles) using Spring MVC framework, Hibernate ORM Module, Spring Core Module, XML, JSP and XSLT.
  • Designed and developed new features for application using java, j2ee, JSP, Servlets, ehcache, Struts, Java, EJB, JDBC, HTML, JSTL, JavaScript and XSL.
  • Prepare Java/J2EE development structure for Eclipse, maven, Jetty.
  • Worked on iText bug fixes for document rendition in document compile process.
  • Developed order receipt report with bar code using lowage iText and jasper report.
  • Installed and configured a multi-server, clustered ILOG environment. Documented architecture and trained client administrators.
  • Designed/Developed extensive additions to existing Struts/Java/J2EE Web Application utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) techniques.

Environment: JAVA8, J2EE, Hibernate, Jquery, Spring, MongoDB, Hadoop, Pig, Memcache, SOA, Itext, TDD, Struts, Oracle, Crud, Backbone, Ajax, Apache CXF, PL/SQL, REST, SVN, Eclipse, Agile, MAVEN, Junit, ILOG, JSP, Mockito, SERVLET, Weblogic, JDBD,Node, Angular, React.JS

Confidential, San Francisco, California

, Sr. Java Developer

  • Business analysis at the client's site;
  • Development of applications for data loading;
  • Development of system for call data package processing for multi thread and CPU platforms using Java, PL/SQL
  • Development of system for analyzing and monitoring Oracle and Jupiter processes using Java, JSP, JDBC, Oracle, and TOMCAT.
  • Development of system for search best route when optimizing the call traffic applying PL/SQL procedural extension
  • PL/SQL package and presentation development
  • Deployment of Jupiter Interconnect system at Multicoms service provider, France
  • Workshops and training for client's representatives
  • Jupiter Interconnect performance testing
  • Workshops and training for client representatives;
  • Oracle data base installation and configuring;
  • Trial operation of the system;
  • Workshops and training for clients' representatives;
  • Oracle data base installation and configuring;
  • Trial operation of the system;
  • Developed the spring AOP programming to configure logging for the application.
  • Developed hibernate DAO Accessor Classes using Spring JDBC Template, Worked with Hibernate for object relational mapping and connection management.
  • Implemented the MVC architecture using Apache StrutsFramework.
  • Developed the front end using JSF and Portlet.
  • Designed and modified User Interfaces using JSP, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
  • Client side validation was done using JavaScript and CSS was used to define the view of the pages
  • Developed additional UI Components using JSF and implemented an asynchronous, AJAX (JQuery) based rich client to improve customer experience
  • Developed portions of HTML5-based game for use in an online gambling promotion
  • Develop and Maintain Pilot Air Freight proprietary software in an OpenVMS 3 node DEC/VAX Cluster using VAX COBOL, TDMS, CMS, memcache, FORTRAN and Rdb.
  • Worked on the modernization of a legacy and outsourced UI. Technologies used were Backbone.js, Can.js, and JQuery
  • Involved in developing the UI panels using JSF, XHTML, Hazalcast, CSS, DOJO and JQuery.
  • Developed the Presentation and Controller layers using JSP, HTML, Java Script, Business layer using Spring (IOC, AOP), DTO, JTA, and Persistent layer DAO, Hibernate for all modules
  • Developed stored procedures, Triggers and functions in Oracle 10g to process the trades using PL/SQL and mapped it to Hibernate Configuration File and also established data integrity among all tables
  • Knowledge of building applications for Web Services using different technologies and standards such as REST, Apache CXF
  • Implemented the web services client to consume the third-partyservice API for validating credit cards. Used XMLWeb Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.
  • Installation, configuration and deployment on WAS, Websphere Portal Server, ehcache, IBM directory server, WebSphere Commerce Server
  • Created applications, connection pools, deployment of JSPs, Servlets, and EJBs in WebSphere.
  • Quickly learned iText and implemented to solve Hungarian Special Character Issue.
  • Usage of version control repository SVN (Subversion by apache), JIRA/ Quality Center for ticketing, Wiki for documentation, Jenkins for nightly build.

Environment: Bigdata, AWS, Oracle, Java, JDK 1.1-1.2, JDBC, TOMCAT 3.1.PL/SQL, SQL, PowerBuilder 7.0, PFC, PowerDesigner, SQLNavigator 3.0, SQL*Plus, Windows 95,NT, JavaScript, Angular, Node.JS

Confidential, NEW YORK, NY

Sr. Java Application Developer

  • Written JUNIT test cases for testing UI Framework classes and wrote many Java Scripts to do client side validations.
  • Designed the UML, created class, sequential diagrams using Borland Together Architecture, modified code, configured WebLogic server and project in Oracle.
  • Developed the Presentation and Controller layers using JSP, HTML, Java Script, Business layer using Spring (IOC, AOP), DTO, JTA, and Persistent layer DAO, Hibernate for all modules.
  • Deployed this application which uses J2EE architecture model and Struts Framework first onWeblogic and helped in migrating to JBoss Application server.
  • Review Requirement, develop technical design documents and create a prototype of the critical business application using JAVA/J2EEInitiated use of HttpUnit, Selenium IDE for testing.
  • Executed project using waterfall model and practiced Agile Project Management & performed the Scrum Master role for specific projects/requirements as appropriate.
  • Involved in System Requirement study, conceptual design and designing of Use Cases based on the requirements using UML.
  • Developed Action Script functions for event handling response handling and error handling
  • Worked on development of Error Handling mechanism on the Flex side by catching the error code and message streamed from server and wrapping it in a custom Exception Object.
  • Used Blaze DS to connect flex application with backend J2EE and Web Services layer to pull out the data to Flex UI components
  • Was responsible for deploying and testing webservices components.
  • Extensively used SOAP in webservices to communicate with other applications.
  • Used SAX and DOM for parsing XML.

Environment: Java, Spring, Ibatis, Angular, Ext.JS, Ajax, Apache CXF, PL/SQL, REST, SVN, Eclipse, Agile, MAVEN, Junit, ILOG, JSP, Mockito, SERVLET, Weblogic, JDBC, Node.JS

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Software Developer

  • Developed and Implemented WebServices and used Spring Framework.
  • Used iBatis, TDD and MyBatis ORM tools which automate the mapping between SQL databases and objects in Java.
  • Extensive experience using framework APIs like Struts, Spring, iBatis and Hibernate.
  • Implement the presentation layer (GUI), based on open source framework, involving Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JSF, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Beans.
  • Participated in conversion of Piper Jaffray Investments, Inc into RMA System using Java, J2EE, Servlets/ JDBC, HTML, Swing, XML, Struts, JavaScript, and SOAP/WebServices.
  • Developed web presentation layer using jQuery, HTML, and CSS according to internal standards and guidelines.
  • Involved in configuring JNDI properties, data sources for Oracle, UDB, DB2 data bases in websphere
  • Created web services, WSDL and web methods with Annotation in hibernate, Used the spring container for data source and to load the Hibernate specific classes
  • Written Web services using Apache Axis2 and generated the WSDL
  • Design and implementation of desktop, mobile and web applications in Java and HTML5/Javascript using Eclipse, mockito, NetBeans, and Xcode IDE's; Swing, GWT, Vaadin, JPA, memcache, Hibernate, PhoneGap frameworks; and SVN, git, maven source code environments.
  • Involved in preparing the web pages using JSP, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed the different components of application such as JSPs, Servlets, EJB’s using Web sphere Studio Application Developer and used CVS for version control.
  • Working Closely with EMC Documentum to implement Engineering Design Storage Repository and Project Document Management
  • Involved in debugging the product using Eclipse and JIRA Bug Tracking.
  • Defined and constructed layers, server-side objects and client-side interfaces based on J2EE design patterns, Developed and implemented Swing, spring and J2EE based MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for the application
  • Involved in designing the data stage job to implement ILOG JRules Component.
  • Design, Implement and Test Oracle ADF applications using JDeveloper
  • Integrate the ExtJs/Sencha framework with Oracle BPM.
  • Developed and Integrated the Web Based Portal Application using Weblogic Portal,Apache Tomcat SSL is used with Weblogic Server for Security.
  • Set up JBoss Server, Configured MySQL Cluster in Linux OS and installed OpenCall XDMS.
  • Created directory structure flow using UNIX to receive and send data to internal and external systems
  • Using Ruby on Rails for development with backbone.js
  • Led the effort in the setup of the Physical Operating environment where the Order Management System's Java, C, and COBOL applications will run.
  • Handling Mainframes applications Analysis requirements, especially PL/I and Business Objects
  • Currently working on developing web application on a mobile platform using jquery mobile, jquery Google API plugin and ASP.Net MVC.

Environment: Spring, Ibatis, Hazalcast, Struts, JSF, EJB, Jquery, MYSQL, Toad, SQL Server, DB2, APACHE AXIS2, WSDL, Netbeans, Jboss,, Mercurial, Clear Case, Selenium, Water Fall Model, UML, JSP, SERVELET, ANT, Xml, EMC Documentation, GWT, JIRA, Swing, Cognos, ILOG, Oracle ADF, Oracle BPM, ehcache, IBM MQ Series, Apache Tomcat, Linux, Unix, Ruby, Wordpress, Drupal, ASP, C, TDD, C++, Mainframe, PL/I, SQL, SAS VB, ASP.



  • Developed the Login Module and Reimbursement Module.
  • All modules developed with the framework design patterns and DAOs, Hibernate for persistence layer, Spring Framework for Application layer.
  • Used Spring framework in enabling Controller Class access to Hibernate.
  • Designed and developed several Flex UI Screens and Custom Components using MXML and Action script.
  • Designed and developed user interface using Flex Components: ViewStack, Checkboxes, Repeater, Title Window, Text Area and others.
  • Created components that have multiple views using States and also used Effects and Transitions when a State is entered or exited.
  • Extensively used to data models to store the form data.
  • Worked on a proof of concept on Internationalization in flex.
  • The Log4j package is used for the debugging.
  • Used ANT tool for building and deploying the application.
  • The project was implemented in Websphere Application Server for the development and deployment.
  • Participated in regular code reviews and design meetings.

Environment: Java, JSP, J2EE, Hibernate, Log4j, Struts, JSON, Apache Axis 2, Spring, WebServices, Flex API, Blaze DS, Flex, MXML, Action script, Tomcat Web Server, IBM RAD, ClearCase, JQuery, Agile, VSS, Sql Server, Pl/Sql, TOAD, XML, Unix, HTML,XSLT and CSS.

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