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Technical Specialist Resume

Holyoke, MA


  • Pursuing a Financial Analyst position, where I can apply my competent financial education, experience, leadership traits, and technological expertise to contribute to the success of the establishment.
  • Financial Reporting Critical Thinker Resourceful Problem Solver Exceptional Communicator
  • Goal Oriented Team Leader Perusing CFA Certification & MBA Self - Motivated


Confidential, Holyoke, MA

Technical Specialist

  • Increased business leads and business sales so far by 10% by motivating and increasing participation from the team
  • Prepare and organize product leases for more than 100 local business customers and larger corporations
  • Sort through numerous business leads to engage with clients about their visits, to find the proper leasing/purchase solutions
  • Organize a weekly sales report for the team to gauge how we can improve overall sales, and identify areas of opportunity
  • Inform and assist clienteles with their business needs for accounting, inventory, POS systems, etc.
  • Use critical thinking to examine situations to find the best solutions for technical issues and offer personal expertise

Confidential, Springfield, MA

Finance Associate

  • Fulfilled & controlled budgeting processes and lowered COGS by 5% by identifying inefficiencies, and utilizing cost accounting skills. All decisions were made while maintaining a constant enhancement of services and customer satisfaction
  • Performed financial calculations such as amounts due, interest charges, and balances & adjusted budgets using forecasting
  • Performed bank reconciliations and credit card statements and closing entries for monthly financial close
  • Insured and audited product deliveries to compliance from the manufacturer. Corrected distribution errors if necessary

Confidential, Holyoke, MA


  • Supervised a team of 30 employees to support an efficient work environment held to high ethical and safety standards
  • Helped increase sales by over 13% by identifying customer needs and offering a full solution by upselling
  • Operated, audited, closed cash registers, and ensured bank deposits through “Brink’s” were done in a timely manner
  • Was responsible for opening and closing store (Key Holder), and was an authorized employee for security alarm issues
  • Trained new employees in selling techniques and customer service skills by creating comprehensive presentations


  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) for accounting, finance and portfolio uses
  • Proficient financial analytical skills and ability to use software such as Bloomberg, Morningstar, and SAP/ERP
  • Talented in utilizing stock indicators such as MACD and Weighted Moving Average in order to make informed executions
  • Risk management, stock analysis, technical analysis skills, and experience on platforms such as E-Trade & Robinhood
  • Expert understanding of GAAP, financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows) and able to make timely and informed decisions, while maintaining accuracy within all processes
  • Multilingual skills: Excellent communication skills in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. Ability to read Arabic fluently
  • Ability to utilize time management skills to work around tight deadlines, and prioritize tasks based on their significance

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