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Software Engineer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • 10+ years of experience in the IT industry with diversified exposure in Software Engineering, designing & building a Web Application using modern framework & open source technologies. Full stack developer skilled in writing, clean, testable UI code. Experienced with React - Redux, jQuery, Node, JavaScript, and mobile-first responsive development with HTML5 and CSS3. Experienced with modern tooling and excited to pick up the right tools for the job.


Primary: JavaScript, ES6, HTML5, CSS3, Python

Libraries/Frameworks: React-Redux, jQuery, Express, Mocha-Chai, AngularJS, Bootstrap

Other tools/technologies: Node.js, Git, Github, RESTful API, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Mailgun.js, Cloudinary, Google Maps, Responsive mobile-first design, Ruby, Java, TDD, Travis CI. Allcloud, AI, Machine Learning


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Software Engineer

  • Developed and deployed a suite of services that deliver conversational understanding, including consumer sentiment, success recognition and escalation risk/need understanding and also, help build the tools that deliver feedback into those systems.
  • Used conversational commerce solutions to orchestrate humans and AI, at scale, and created a convenient, deeply conversational relationship.
  • Created and deployed AI Bot to many clients which increases their customer satisfaction.
  • Created and deployed many widget for the client which facilitates the human agent to find all related resources in same platform.
  • Designed, developed, build and deployed scalable, cloud-based robust applications.
  • Worked with RESTful/Webhook APIs, messaging APIs such as Facebook or Twilio.
  • Participated in building and deploying services in machine learning and NLP/NLU.
  • Participated in analysis of functional requirements & creation of software design.

Full Stack Web Developer


  • Created templates, using React and Redux, to efficiently develop web pages for early stage product.
  • Developed React components on client facing informational pages.
  • Implemented landing page and UI using Javascript, React, Redux and CSS3.
  • Conducted code refactoring on company web pages to ensure responsive styling on major sections of the pages.
  • Setup redux async actions to handle API call for data and UI rendering.

Full Stack Web Developer


  • Worked on billable revenue generating projects to create backend of application.
  • Optimized existing business systems applications to enhanc e and automate solution from multichannel payment options supporting the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System(EFTPS) within Government Solutions.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Full Stack Developer

  • Participated for requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application developed using AGILE methodology which is based on MVC architecture using spring boot framework in Digital Thread Engineering(DTE) and Non-performance Management System(NMS).
  • Created single page project using Angular framework to achieve MVC pattern with routing pages, custom directives and angular API.
  • Worked for new validations through AngularJS for the form field validation implemented through HTML5.
  • Designed and developed UI using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, AJAX and jQuery.
  • Designed and developed Restful Web Services to interact with Oracle and for transmission of data in JSON format.


IT Engineer

  • Worked on database design and created and modified database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, user-defined functions etc. for handling complex business logic and effective performance in oracle.
  • Wrote numerous complex, optimized SQL and PL/SQL queries, subqueries for the retrieval, modification and troubleshooting of the data.
  • Designed and Developed company web pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax and jQuery.
  • Applied CSS styling for company websites by improving animation and user experience.
  • Conducted quality control on company web pages to ensure responsive styling changes on major sections of the company’s site.

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