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Boomi Developer And Java Developer Resume

Mayfield Heights, OH


  • Sixteen Plus Years’ of Experience in SDLC, IT Project and Integration Development, which includes Requirements gathering, Research, Designing, Technical Design Document (TDD), Development, Infrastructure setup, Unit Test Plans (UTP), Deployment, Testing (Integration, Regression and System testing), Production Deployment and Maintenance.
  • Have Four Years’ of experience in Dell Boomi Integration development, Create APIs (REST and SOAP Webservices), Create MDM Repositories and Boomi Flows.
  • Fourteen Years’ of experience in Integration Development.
  • Experience in creating EDI profiles (EDI Mapping, EDI Identifier Instance) EDI - 834 Benefit Confidential and Maintenance, EDI-850 Purchase Order, XML, JSON, Flat Files and Database Profiles.
  • Java Script and Groovy Script (Split Documents, XML Parsing, JSON Parsing).
  • EDI Profile - XML Profile, XML Profile - EDI Profile, XML Profile - JSON Profile.
  • Experience in Setup Trading Partners Standards (X12, EDIFACT, HL7), X12 Standard Configuration (ISA and GA), Communication (AS2, FTP, SFTP, Disk, HTTP), Registered Document Type for Acknowledgement (997,999 and TA1) .
  • Very Good Experience in Generate Private Key X.509 Certificate Signature Algorithm (SHA2-512, SHA2-256, SHA1), Key Length (2048,1024), Validity (365 Days) and Import and Use Certificates to encrypt and send data to integration systems.
  • Deploy process in Test and Production environments, set up Boomi extensions, Manual Execution, Batch Create Schedule to execute on specific schedule, Event-Driven Real Time Integration Webservice, Listeners, AS2 Shared Servers .
  • Closely working with Administrators to setup Atom, Molecule, Database Instances (Schema, Connections), MQ Instances, MQ Instances Load Balancer (Master and Slave), HTTP Load Balancer for webservices, Webservice Security setup (IBM Datapower).
  • Excellent experience in creating SOAP and REST Webservices, publish and centrally manage APIs on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Very good experience in preparing and follow Boomi Coding Standards based on Integration Coding Standards, Audit, Security, Boomi Standards and Company internal coding standards. Example: Dynamic Document Property name, DPP PROJECTNAME VARIABLENAME, Folder names #Connectors, Z Research, Z Development, Map Names (Salesforce XML to FTP EDI) .
  • Server / Atom Side Increase JVM Heap Size, Temp Size, Modify Configurations at Boomi Admin Side (Low Latency, Disable Information Logs, Data Caching’s etc.,), Development/Process Side Flow Control (Multi-Threading, Multi-Processing), Database Connection Pooling, MQ Connection Pooling, Batch Size, Webservice etc.,
  • Used Boomi and Internal framework to notify, generate service tickets and retry ‘process documents’ if any exception occurs in the Boomi Process.
  • Used Boomi and Internal “Rule Engine and Cross Reference Frameworks” to meet the business requirements in this area.
  • Experience in create Repositories, Model, Setup Sources, Reporting and Stewardship. Access MDM using AtomSphere API in Boomi.
  • Created and Deploy secure scalable mobile-ready apps (Work flows, Services, Email).


JAVA/J2EE: Java, J2EE EJB, MDB, JMS, Servlet, MVC Struts Framework, Java Server Faces (Apache MyFaces), XML Parsing, Production Support HP Quality Center tool, HP Business Availability Center, IBM HeapAnalyzer and IBM ThreadAnalyzer , Spring Framework IOC, AOP, DAO, Transactions, Hibernate HQL, Session, HibernateDaoSupport, HBM, Internationalization (I18N), Localization (L10N) and UTF-8 .

MAINFRAME: CICS, Cobol, DB2, Client Builder, Micro Focus

ERP: SAP (ABAP, SAP Java Connector, SAP MM), PeopleSoft

CRM: Siebel, SalesForce and Microsoft CRM


APPLICATION / WEB / MIDDLEWARE SERVERS: IBM Websphere, IBM MQ Series, IBM Datapower, ActiveMQ, Tomcat, JBOSS

TOOLS: / IDE:: SQL Navigator, MS Visio, Swagger, SOAP UI, IBM 3270 terminals Mainframe, XML Spy, IBM RAD.


Confidential, Mayfield Heights, OH

Boomi Developer and Java Developer


  • Understand business requirement, Identify data communication channels and data formats.
  • Understand and Follow the Boomi Guidelines and standards for individual process.
  • Created common folder and create & keep all common connections in this folder.
  • Created common process to provide Audit, Security and Re-Try Mechanism.
  • Created HTTP (OAuth2.0) Client and Operation to send Purchase, Replenishment, Part Return information to Choice Logistics.
  • Imported Choice Certificate and Created Certificate Component. Generated X509. Certificate for PPT to send part master information to Choice using AS2 Connection.
  • Created SOAP Based Webservices to receive Purchase, Replenishment, Part Return information from ASTEA.
  • Created REST Based Webservice to receive order status information from Choice.
  • Written Groovy Script to split orders information based on warehouse which receive from Astea and send to Choice using HTTP.
  • Created JMS process to send and receive Active MQ messages.
  • Created MQ and Webservice Listener to receive messages from internal and external clients.
  • Setup and create trading partner to receive and send PO Order information from Uncle Bob’s.
  • Created EDI, JSON, Database and XML profiles.
  • Created Process to collect information QuickBooks (Country: US and Version: QuickBooks Online, Account Query request and Account Query response) and send to SQL Server Database.
  • Involved in Build Mapping components (EDI - XML, XML - JSON, Database - JSON).
  • Created environment extensions, schedule process and created document tracking variables.
  • Involved in infrastructure setup for this total integration process.
  • Created cross reference table in Boomi.


Boomi Developer and Java Developer


  • Understand and Follow the Boomi Guidelines and standards for individual process.
  • Created common connections, enable proper extension attributes and utilized these in all process.
  • Created Trading Partner based EDI reference guide provided by Gateway. Collecting file from Disk.
  • Created Webservices API and JMS Consuming process to collect Confidential applications.
  • Created XML - Database mapping to save all enrollments information different database tables.
  • EDI-XML-Database based EDI reference guidelines.
  • Writing Scripts for adding business logic to manipulate the data before send to Database.
  • Use document and property caching to collecting information from one component to other components.

Environment: JAVA, J2EE, IBM WebSphere application Server, Datapower


Technical Architect


  • Identifies and Recommends the development methodologies, frameworks and open source frameworks.
  • Accountable for producing Technical Design Documents that includes application architecture details.
  • Involving in designing the Database Models.
  • Played key role in setting up design and coding standards/guidelines such as UI standards document, Java coding standards and code review documents.
  • Designed and developed a configurable framework for plugging in a new product into Confidential system without much coding involved.
  • Provide guidelines for logging, exception handling and testing.
  • Used stateless session beans for controlling the transaction in the application and Designing and Developed Message Driven Beans (MDB) for receiving asynchronous MQ messages
  • Develop UI Screens using JSF IBM Implementation and JBoss Implementation.
  • Designed a common controller in determining the appropriate resulting UI page based on the service outcome.
  • Integrating web-tier and ejb-tier using Share IT Controller (spring framework, commands, chain and Share IT Rule Engine).
  • Developing e Caching service using IBM Caching Service and Spring IOP and Catalog Map for drop-downs using IBM JSF implementation.
  • Provide Security service using Spring Security, IOP and Apache Command.
  • Automatically assigning Primary Care Physician (PCP) to HMO members using Open Provider Directory Remote EJB Service. We are processes of using PCP Webservice to avoid EJB Calls.
  • Analyzing memory and thread usage using IBM Heap analyzer and IBM Thread analyzer.
  • Check the application’s performance using HP Business Availability Center tool.
  • Involving in building and deploying the application using BART (Build and Release Tool) tool into multiple environments.
  • Preparing documentation for set up environment (Data Source, Queues, Listener ports and etc.)

Environment: JAVA, J2EE (EJB 2.1, JMS 1.1), XML, Spring, Hibernate, IBM Application Server

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