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Software Consultant Resume

San, JosE


  • Expertise in Software, System and Software Services Design and Development Java/J2EE C/C++ Creative, results driven technology leader with over 18 years of software development experience.
  • Just concluded above 2 years of full - time position in Distributed technology and Virtualization at Confidential Enterprise Server Division.
  • Change agent and problem solver with a passion for technology. Skilled in grasping the big picture, conceptualising, developing, implementing solutions in partnership with business leaders and senior level executives.
  • Excels in developing and motivating highly focused teams. That successfully met and exceeded company objectives. Always met development targets and has multiple success stories with start-ups and large companies.
  • Technologies including: XML, Webservices, Object Oriented technology, JAVA, J2EE, Database Design, API design, Performance Engineering, Security, Extreme Scalability, Rich Media.
  • System Software, large-scale network design and deployment, Web 2.0, Mobile Software, Voice and Video over IP.
  • Databases, Operating Systems, Distributed Computing.
  • An energetic, self-motivated team leader with hands on experience in designing skills .
  • Managing overall operations for executing projects involving scoping, architecture, design and development. Addressing all the important issues and defining best practices for project support and documentation. Mentoring and training project members to enable them to perform their activities effectively.
  • Interacting with the client and system/software engineering team for requirements gathering and scoping. Handled design and architecture of the solution or product. Managing the setting up of quality processes.
  • Troubleshooting problems pertaining to Network related issues like latency, connectivity, network performance and network administration. Addressing queries regarding customer network complaints and extending onsite support to resolve customer network issues.
  • Handling IT operations and other related business units; mapping business processes and studying workflow to design solutions. Ensuring business functionality adherence and enhancing competitive advantage. Worked on business planning, forecasting and analysis. This was done to assess revenue potential in opportunities.


Languages: C, C++, PERL, JAVA, SQL, Scheme, Tcl / Tk, Visual C++, Korn Shell, XMLPython, Web Services, J2EE, Servlet, Spring, EJB, ESB EMB, and XSLT.:

Tools: VtoolsD, SoftIce (kernel debugger and profiler), MFC, DirectX, COM, DCE, Perforce, STAF and SCCS.


Platforms: Apple, Windows, UNIX, SOLARIS, Windows NT, Linux, VxWorks and Ultrix.

Systems: Linux and other Personal Firewells, Hadoop, MapReduce, Virtualization, Cloud based systems, VoIP and Videoconferencing, Wireless and Satellite, Apache and JBoss.

Databases: Oracle10g, MySql, Hibernate, JDBC, and Access.



Software Consultant, San Jose


  • Working on device profiling systems named ISE . Profiling based DHCP, IP, LLDP, CDP, Mac attributes. Worked on reducing number of Unknowns.


Software Engineer, Sunnyvale


  • Designed, developed and lead SuSE Linux patch and service pack deployment system. Java API based integration with existing product. Extensively worked with Java, Python, networking libraries and xml parsers.
  • Fully integrated SuSE Linux deployment tool with existing server patch and service deployment platform.
  • Developed on REST api based system used HTTP request methods.
  • Worked in Scum teams and used Agile methodology.
  • Worked with builds and distribution team for builds and distribution integration issues.
  • Lead SuSE Linux inclusion in Patch Service Pack deployment system. Designed, implemented and integrated into the product line.
  • Analyzed system requirements and created design and specification documents.
  • Researched Zypper open source tool for remediation of rpm’s.
  • Frequently had code review done and also participated in code reviews. Delivered code on schedule. Contributed to documentation efforts.
  • Identified problem areas and showed possible mitigation paths related to patch dependencies.
  • Maintained accounts with Novell rpm repository.
  • Fully unit tested demoed the feature in scrum demo used Adobe captivate for archiving the demos.
  • Responded and fixed customer requests and bugs.
  • Worked with Server Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure VmWare ESX and VSphere. Creation of platform instances with templates.


Hands-On Software Consultant, San Jose


  • Worked on Linux based system software or SDK to automate configuration of Confidential routers and switches.
  • This provides API’s for automatic configuration. Used C, Make, gcc, gdb and iTest.


Hands-On Software Consultant, Mountain View


  • Working on short term software system integration project using JAVA and TeamConnect.
  • Automated Workflow integration effort. Automated integration of VAT and Exchange rate integration.
  • Automated security granularity of key system objects and workflows.
  • TeamConnect automates business operations and provides ability to manage tasks and resources.
  • It also help manage team, clients and other contacts.
  • TeamConnect is Java api based technology on cloud based J2EE and Mysql database server.
  • I used eclipse for Java development.


Consulting Engineer, San Jose


  • Responsible for architecture and design work. Designed Mobile Converged solutions portal and Internet Multimedia System (IMS). Designed vanity dialing solution. Software development using Agile development methodology. Also developed mobile client software using Java and Objective C.
  • Rendering support for Genband’s Session Border Controller a VoIP product. Used Salesforce, PostgresSQL, MySQL, Perl and Linux to manage and resolve customer issues. SBC were failsafe clusters with data replication built in when disk failures happened.
  • Working on Open source Free Radius software Ubuntu and Fedora Linux. Customizing the proxy for high scale carrier grade wireless network. Development with Radius, C, Java, XML, Make, Perforce and MySQL. Used Unlang to proxy request to various realms and radius server.
  • Developed Radius based billing software in Java.
  • Focused on resolution and closure of customer issues. Helped in fixing bugs and also made design decision to help more robust and advanced architectures.
  • Spearheading various continuous improvement initiatives in processes. Implementing management systems in the organization & ensuring compliance with the process requirements. Organizing training for joining engineers. Familiar with RFP and RFI process.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Software Consultant


  • Played a major role in shifting the business process management server from a single box server to a load balanced and clustered production environment.
  • Efficiently customized and developed on Lombardi Teamworks, JBOSS, J2EE, SOA, XML, SOAP, Web Servi ces, Perforce, Oracle 10 G on Linux and Windows 2003 Server environment.
  • Successfully automated all deployment of software releases using the TWEMS package.
  • Worked with Server Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure VSphere and ESX. Also used noMachine client.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA



  • Focused on IT consulting in Voice over IP, SAP, Web Technology.
  • Also mobile development and testing experience.
  • Also worked on Mobile headset embedded software.
  • Worked on Mobile Bluetooth headset embedded software (used Visual C++ ) and USB drivers for syncing.
  • Strong Java and Perl automation experience. Used JUnit and HttpUnit for test automation.
  • Used Perl to create a load balancer and to automatically scan clearcase VOBs for open source software in commercial software.
  • Used XSLT in generated XML to create reports.
  • Used Perl, STAF (Software Test Automation Framework), WinTask, SIPp to test QoS (Quality of Service) parameters of 802.11 wireless controllers.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Overall design and architecture of Confidential ’s VoIP offering.
  • Holds the distinction of resolving bandwidth issues related to high Voice traffic.
  • Efficiently helped scale and design high demand provisioning servers.
  • Played a major role making availability for core features of VoIP service (MyVoice) from Confidential .
  • Actively involved in the evaluation of ATA products and worked with Sonus Softswitch, IPUnity mediaserver and Voicemail server.
  • Tested the High Availability related technologies in Media Server and VoiceMail Server.

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