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Consultant Resume

New York, NY


  • Algorithms engineering collaboration hands - on fast-paced committed programming writing change management release management incident management continuous improvement proactive innovative strategic development creative ETL modeling coding DB tuning competitive passionate reliable vision product knowledge framework passion best practices testing health software engineering distributed systems leadership mentor proven track record encouraging reliability problem solving skills open information systems information technology core java organized learning new technologies investment banking financial services analytics research construction asset management lead by example flexible high quality technical requirements software design architecture patterns end-to-end technical problems protocols object-oriented design enthusiastic software design automation strategy core java passion integrity hands on innovative database technologies English problem-solving technical skills bottom line verbal communication skills interpersonal skills team oriented tight deadlines solutions client testing fir transaction pl/sql
  • A talented programmer experienced in the financial industry as a Data Engineer, Application Developer and DevOps Engineer, with a demonstrated record of delivering value by adapting to new technologies and languages.
  • Experienced with a broad array of technologies utilized to implement new applications, and enhance the efficiency of existing applications and supporting processes. Recognized for strong business acumen and communication skills. Self-motivated, dedicated to excellence and a selfless team player.
  • Worked with Sybase almost entire career. Designed data models, developed stored procedures and triggers, and tuned legacy code for performance. Designed and built processes to maintain data across platforms (UNIX to mainframe) in real time.
  • Used this as a basis for converting Oracle SQL to HiveQL.
  • Vast experience with PERL. Utilized DBI package to read and write data, and CGI package to write Web applications.
  • Wrote Sybase XML package to return Sybase query results in XML.
  • Experienced as a C++ developer, C# developer and Java developer.
  • Converted two applications from JBOSS 5 to JBOSS 6, which necessitated a conversion from Java 6 to Java 8.
  • Experienced as a DevOps engineer. Automated many deployment processes. Trained in Puppet.


Computer Languages: PERL 5, SQL, HiveQL, Korn Shell, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Expect, C#

Databases: Hadoop, Oracle, Sybase 15 (including DB-LIBRARY in C and PERL)

Operating Systems: LINUX, UNIX, DOS, Windows, Macintosh OS

Software Development Tools: Eclipse, Informatica, Pentaho, Visual Studio, most debuggers and Web page builders

Other Software: Puppet, Jenkins, Nolio, MATLAB, most word processors, spread­sheets and graphics packages


Confidential, New York, NY


Skills Used: Pentaho, Oracle, Hadoop/Hive, shell scripting, PERL, Control-M


  • Designed and developed methodologies to build Pentaho Data Integration workflows using only metadata stored in Oracle.
  • These would be used to generate reports and datasets from a Hadoop Data Lake.
  • Converted SQL generating reports sourced from an Oracle dataset copy of a Hadoop dataset to directly source the original Hadoop dataset through Hive.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Software Engineer

Skills Used: Sybase, shell scripting, PERL, Informatica, Pentaho, Java, DevOps, Puppet, Control-M, Jenkins


  • Performed performance and functionality enhancements to various aspects of database and applications.
  • Designed and developed new data feeds (including designing and building new tables and indexes to hold new data and stored procedures to maintain and access data).
  • Designed automated upload systems to allow users to maintain their own data.
  • Designed and developed infrastructure to maintain the execution history of Control-M jobs and utilized that information in recording the last date for which a job ran successfully, in order not to miss any processing dates.
  • Enhanced object extraction shell script to report column-level permissions.
  • Designed and developed several enhancements to SDLC process.
  • Performed DevOps development for Analytic Harmonization and Sharing system.
  • Worked on incorporating Puppet into configuration maintenance.
  • Designed automation of manual processes; utilized the Jenkins CLI.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ


Skills Used: Sybase, shell scripting, PERL


  • Supported the Bridge database which is the underlying database for www.moodys.com .
  • Primary responsibility was supporting the Performance Data Services (PDS) application in www.moodys.com ., which reports on over twenty years of performance data for asset-backed securities. The data was loaded from source databases via Sybase triggers into a staging area and loaded from the staging area to the actual database via a C server process.
  • Incorporated international instruments into the database which included new functionality on the front end, requiring new tables and stored procedures.

Confidential, New York, NY

Skills Used: PERL, Sybase, Java, HTML, JavaScript, C/C++, Expect, A+ language, Electronic trade processing, Syndicate business, Fixed Income products

Vice President - Application Programmer


  • Supported the Trades Completion infrastructure.
  • Supported the in corporation of the Syndicate business into the infrastructure.
  • Implemented various jobs utilizing PERL to access Sybase stored procedures and formatting the data into user-readable reports.
  • Performed production support activities.
  • Supported the Global Capital Markets business unit with various technological needs.
  • Merged separate US and European vendor systems into one, allowing users to view data from both simultaneously. Built system front-to-back, including data loaders from each system into main Sybase database, and Web-based Javascript front-end viewer.
  • Additionally, integrated after market data, industries, and prices from Firm-wide databases into the system. The availability of this data enhanced the information available to the user.
  • Enhanced trade booking infrastructure to process different types of instruments and integrate with the new suite of vendor products. This infrastructure was built in - house, and primarily consisted of server-processes written in C++, PERL, and Java. All servers queried and wrote to Sybase databases via stored procedures and were designed to work with the trade booking functionality of the vendor applications.
  • Developed Trade Booking Debugger in .NET with C#. This allowed users to identify issues with trades that were submitted but not processed yet.
  • Served as main developer and database engineer for all vendor and in-house products supported by the group.

Data Engineer



  • Designed and implemented databases using a variety of database tools to hold a wide variety of data, covering all areas of fixed income trading. Served as sole support for over twenty databases and related procedures and applications, as well as main contact with over fifteen different data vendors.
  • Designed and implemented loaders, access methods, data maintenance GUI applications, report generators and error notification mechanisms for the above-mentioned databases.

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