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Senior Software Engineer Resume


  • Java professional with 10+ years’ experience in software analysis, design, development and support for web/enterprise applications.
  • Working as Senior Software Engineer at Confidential Product Security.
  • Experienced in software development life cycle models like Waterfall, Agile, Scrum and Kanban methodologies.
  • Experienced in Windows and Mac OS based development environments.
  • Proficient in Java 8 features like Lambdas, Functional Interfaces and Stream APIs.
  • Experienced in design & implementation of web based application using Struts, Spring. SpringBoot, JSF and Spring MVC frameworks.
  • Experienced in design & implementation of Hibernate/Sprint Data JPA layer entities and repositories.
  • Experienced in designing REST/SOAP based services with authentication and authorization mechanism.
  • Experienced in design and implementation of micro services architecture.
  • Experienced in BFF, gRPC, Protobuf and Kafka
  • Experienced in Mock based testing using JUnit.
  • Experienced in unit testing using Cucumber and Gherkin
  • Experienced in building environments on Dockers.
  • Experienced in Angular, Angular JS and Node
  • Exposure in CI/CD tool like Hudson and Jenkins


Web Server Side Technologies: Spring MVC, Struts, JSF and JSP/Servlets, Tiles templates

Web Client Side Technologies: JQuery, Angular and JavaScript,.

Languages: Java.

Aspect Oriented Programming: Spring AOPSpringBoot and Spring MVC

ORM Framework: JPA, Hibernate/Spring Data JPA.

Middle Tier Technologies: BFF, Design Patterns (Singleton, DAO Pattern, Factory, Strategy, Proxy and Builder) Unit Test Framework (TDD): JUnit, Cucumber

Operating Systems: MacOS, Windows

Databases: MySQL, Oracle and Postgresql.

IDE: Intellij Idea, Eclipse

Version Control tools: GIT, SVN

Build Tools: Maven

Web/Application Server: WebSphere, Weblogic.

Servlet Container: Apache Tomcat (6, 7, 8).

Bug Tracking: JIRA

Messaging System: Kafka.



Senior Software Engineer


  • Analyze/Design/Develop software components based on micro service architecture
  • Develop software as per user requirements and specifications
  • Assist in project definition, requirements gathering and technical analysis
  • Support QA and DevOps team in testing and installation
  • Contribute to project and product documentation
  • Write Unit and automatic Integration tests
  • Identify and solve problems, study existing Confidential to evaluate effectiveness and develop enhancements to the overall application functioning.
  • Contribute in Proof of Concepts to evaluate new technical solution
  • Coordinate with Product owner to deliver the sprints
  • Follow the agile development framework with JIRA

Tools: Micro Services, Docker, Springboot and Kafka, BFF(Backend to Front end), gRPC, Protocol buffers, Keycloak, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Flyway, Postgresql Database, Angular JS, Cucumber and Git/Bitbucket.


Senior Software Developer


  • Analyze, design, evaluate, program and implement custom software applications
  • Write program specifications and prepare technical documentation
  • Develop software as per user specific needs and requirement specifications
  • Write detailed description of user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop and modify programs
  • Identify problems, study existing Confidential to evaluate effectiveness and develop enhancements to the overall application functioning.
  • Review Spider and related Confidential capabilities and limitations to determine whether the program can be changed within the user's business needs and requirements
  • Provide technical support, solve problems, and troubleshoot software applications
  • Coordinate Confidential integration, debugging and troubleshooting
  • Manage enhancements and configuration by fully utilizing in - house software development team.
  • Manage deployment to live system.
  • Provide monitoring, technical support and restore production Confidential in case of any outage.
  • Coordinate with external vendors to implement two way integration between Spider and third party software vendors.
  • Provide technical help to troubleshoot payment related issues involving Worldpay and Moneris payment gateways

Tools: Struts 1, JSP and Servlets, Spring, Spring MVC, JPA, Hibernate, JSF, jQuery, Angular, SOAP, REST Webservices, Weblogic12C with Oracle Database. Junit, Jmeter, Hudson, Jenkins, Jersy, SoapUI & Swagger..


Senior Software Developer


  • Acquire new skills in various programming languages and development environments
  • Carry out programming task and adhere to programming standards and processes
  • Prepare technical documentation
  • Assist with design, coding, unit and integration testing, debugging and documentation of programs
  • Assist new/junior developers with design issues identified during development and testing phases
  • Assist in developing internal and external design specifications
  • Provide post implementation and on-going production support
  • Develop applications of varying complexity including the modification of existing applications
  • Work with business clients and other infrastructure groups to resolve business and system issues
  • Support and assist the Project Manager with requirements definition, analysis, design, testing, Confidential documentation and user training
  • Coordinate and assist in the estimation of the technical aspects of Confidential development projects

Tools: PTC Winchill, JSP, Servlets, Javascript and Oracle Database.


Software Developer


  • Work with functional managers to analyze and write functional and requirement specification documents
  • Prepare technical documentations
  • Analyze, design and develop different software modules
  • Perform unit and integration testing
  • Liaise with testing team to fix the new bugs and provided fixes to exiting issues
  • Assist solution architect to finalize software architecture of the new software system
  • Provide functional and technical analysis for bottleneck areas of the application and implemented efficient solution to improve system performance to achieve better user experience
  • Provide post production support and maintenance
  • Monitor and troubleshoot system to provide new enhancements in-line with user's business requirements

Tools: Java Server Faces (JSF), Richfaces, Spring, Spring Transaction, JavaScript, iQuery, JPAHibernate with Oracle Database Management System.


Java Software Engineer


  • System analysis and requirement gathering
  • Analysis, design and development of assigned modules
  • Provide technical assistance to junior developers
  • FRS finalization, creation of data models, GUI finalization and creation of database objects.
  • Deployment of project at Dubai client office.
  • End user training at client site
  • Involve in data migration from older RDBMS(SQLServer) to new Database Management System (MySQL)
  • Provide post production support, maintenance and enhancements.

Tools: Spring MVC, JSP, JSTL, Spring DI,DWR, JavaScript and Hibernate using MySQL Database.


Java Developer


  • Gather requirement by studying legacy billing system
  • Write functional requirement and specifications(FRS)
  • Prepare technical specification document(TS)
  • Analyze and design database model of different modules
  • Development and customization by utilizing existing ERP infrastructure
  • Design, develop, code, unit test, integration test newly developed software programs and modules
  • Learn new tools and technologies i.e Java, JEE and Oracle.

Tools: Compier™ with Swing, AWT and Core JAVA using Oracle Database.

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