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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Dunwoody, GA


  • Over 5+ years of experience in developing Web - based Applications, Enterprise Applications and Client Server Applications in JAVA/J2EE environment coupled with RDBMS exposure in n-tier applications.
  • Strong experience in Spring Framework (Core, Boot, MVC, AOP, Test, REST, Security, Data and Transaction)
  • Extensive experience in Web application development using JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Java Beans, MVC, Struts, JSON, Swing, RMI, EJB, JSF, JNDI, JMS, SOA, SOAP, Spring, Hibernate, MyBatis, JavaScript, Angular Js, AJAX, JAX-RPC, XML and HTML. Experienced in Multi-threading and Concurrent Programming.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Design, analysis with solid analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Proficient in development of applications using JAVA and J2EE technologies with experience in JSP, Servlets, Struts and Hibernate frameworks.
  • Experience using design patterns including MVC, Singleton, Frontend Controller, Service Locator, and Decorator.
  • Experience in developing applications using Software Methodologies like Agile, Waterfall Iterative Development.
  • Solid understanding of Data Structures and Object-Oriented design concepts, UML (Use Cases, Sequence and Class diagrams) Rational rhapsody.
  • Wide experience in Core Java, JavaScript, JSP, Java Beans, Angular, Servlets, Ajax, JQuery, JDBC, XML, CSS, XHTML, HTML. Extensive experience in XML related technologies such as XML, XSL, XHTML, XSLT, and JAXB.
  • Experience in using the databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle 9i/10 g /11 g.F
  • Good Understanding of RDBMS through Database Design, writing queries and stored procedures using databases like Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Experience in deploying systems on Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS)
  • Developed and deployed J2EE applications on both Web and Application Servers including Apache Tomcat, Web Logic, JBoss and IBM Web Sphere.
  • Designing and developing Restful API and services using best practices to interact within the Microservices and with the front end. Using spring mvc and spring rest.
  • Scala batch applications for mobile pricing projects with REST and Mongo DB. Modeled RESTful web services and Scala using APACHE CXF
  • Deployed Spring Boot based micro services Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services and using AWS admin console.
  • Experienced in writing Server-Side Components - Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Session and Entity Beans, Remote Method Invocation (RMI) for distributed computing applications, access remote servers and invoking database with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Thorough knowledge in Unit testing with JUnit 3.8/4.0.
  • Experience in working with Ant, Maven and Gradle as Dependency Management and build tool in single module and multi module environment. Possess excellent leadership qualities and has good problem-solving capabilities. Efficiency in management skills, communication and ability to work under strict deadlines.


Languages: Java 8, J2EE, SQL, and PL/SQL

Enterprise Java: JSP, Servlet, JNDI, JDBC, Java security and JSF

Mark-up/XML Technologies: XML, XSD, XSL/XSLT, SAX/DOM, JSON

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS and NodeJS, ExpressJS, Restify Server.

Tools: & Framework: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring HATEOAS, Spring Web Flow, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, JMS, JSF, Log4J, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Batch, Spring Security, CSS3.

Web services: SOAP, Restful, UDDI, WSDL, JAX-RPC, JAX-RS JAX-WS, JAX-B, Axis2, Jersey, Micro Services Architecture

Web/App Servers: Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic

Databases: Oracle, My SQL,PL SQL, SQL Server, kafka, Mongo DB and Dynamo DB.

Development Tools: Eclipse, Net Beans, IntelliJ, RAD and Spring Tool Suite(STS).

O-R mapping: Hibernate, MyBatis and JPA

Testing Tools/ Others: JUnit, Soap UI, Mockito, Log4j and JIRA

Version Control: CVS, SVN, GIT, Rational Clear Case

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

OS & Environment: Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac

Cloud Technologies: AWS EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk EBS, Elastic Load Balancing ELB, API-Gateway.


Confidential, Dunwoody, GA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Works as a full stack developer by using the front-end technologies with UI/UX and huge background in web development. Responsible for developing DAO layer using Spring MVC and configuration XML's for Hibernate.
  • Actively participated in Object Oriented Analysis & Design sessions of the Project, which is based on MVC 2 Architecture using Spring Framework.
  • Involved in Design, Development and Support phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Used AGILE methodology and participated in SCRUM meetings.
  • Designed the system based on Spring MVC Model architecture. Developed a business logic layer using Spring Framework and integrated Hibernate.
  • Developed modules in the application using micro services architecture style.
  • Involved in migration of project from spring, Hibernate, SQL Server based framework for JDBC, Oracle based framework. Involved in the integration of spring for implementing Dependency Injection (DI/IoC).
  • Used spring Object relational mapping (ORM) and hibernate for persistence in Oracle, created DAO's. Implemented ORM Hibernate framework, for interacting with Data Base. Developed build Scripts using Maven to build and deploy the application.
  • Worked on publishing and testing the web services(JAX-WS) and interacting with the internal teams who consumed the web services.
  • Proficient in using ReactJS for creating reusable components along with sliders, charts, grids and handling events and DOM objects.
  • Handled all the client-side validations, slide show, hide and show controls, dropdown menus and tab navigation using AngularJS and JQUERY.
  • Used Spring MVC, Spring Batch and JDBC Template for object-to-relational mapping from the database and creating POJOs. Used NodeJS as a light weight webserver for angular and JavaScript.
  • Built Server-side application and their business functionalities using RESTful Webservices with SOA in spring framework. Developed RMS application to maximize the revenue by forecasting the demand based on statistics.
  • Designing and developing Restful API and services using best practices to interact within the Microservices and with the front end. Using spring mvc and spring rest.
  • Worked on generating the Web services classes by using Service Oriented Architecture SOA and RESTFUL web services. Build artifacts are deployed into a WebLogic app server by integrating the WLST scripts to Shell Scripts.
  • Responsible for developing a Rest API using Jersey RESTful Webservices framework to publish data on a dashboard. Authentication and authorization are provided by LDAP / Active Directory.
  • Used spring batch to create job to process files containing list of customers to be notified by email. These batch jobs were triggered periodically and controlled by cron expressions.
  • Conduct daily status meeting with offshore and client team and document the project status. Implemented several design patterns like Singleton, Factory, Front controller.
  • Developed JMS components to send messages from one application to other application. Deployed the application in the WebLogic application server.
  • Setting up the automatic build and deployment automation for Java base project by using Jenkins and Maven. Used Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into WebLogic application Server.
  • Logging framework Log4J is used for log messages. Implemented log4j for application logging and to troubleshoot issues in debug mode.
  • Performance tuning and stress-testing of NoSQL database environments to ensure acceptable database performance in production mode.
  • Participated in the technical code reviews, prepared unit test cases, detailed time estimation, traceability matrix, and impact analysis and code review documents.
  • Involved in Providing Production Support to the users and educating new team members. Involved in creating slider component navigation bar using ReactJS for menus and highlighting user clicks.

Environment: JDK 1.8, Spring 4(DI, MVC, Tran Management, Integration, AOP), Hibernate 4.0, JAX-RS Restful services, JAX-WS Webservices, Apache CXF, jQuery 1.9, jQuery UI, AJAX, UML, MS Visio, JSTL, Oracle 11g, WebLogic 12.1, Eclipse 4.2, Junit, XMLSPY, SOAPUI 5.1, Log4j, Maven 3.1, PMD, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, Toad, Sun Jersey, Junit 4.1, Power mock, Selenium, JIRA, Rally, Free Marker, Apache POI, Quartz Scheduler, ReactJS.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in Requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing and Maintenance phases with TDD approach. Used Bootstrap for responsive design which allows users to access it from any device.
  • Developed and implemented Swing, spring and J2EE based MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for the application. Used Apache CXF to create SOAP based Restful web services.
  • Used Spring framework to inject services, entity services, transaction management, and concerns by factory class corresponding to the use case operation executing.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection Spring DI and Spring MVC for REST API s and Spring Boot for micro-services. Designed and developed the UI using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AngularJS.
  • The presentation layer used Spring MVC to implement the MVC architecture design and facilitates user interface designed by use of JSP's and tag libraries.
  • Worked on Media Queries as a complement to the Grid System of UI Bootstrap to facilitate the implementation of the responsiveness. Created WSDLs as per wire frames, UI pages generated client jars using JAX-WS.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like BackboneJS accommodate these advanced and fast technologies. Enhanced User Interface based on Adobe Flex.
  • Developed entire user interface using various ExtJS components like Form panels, Tab panels, View port and Editable grids. Implemented Declarative transaction management using Spring AOP.
  • Used ReactJS to create views to hook up models to the DOM and synchronize data with server as a Single Page Application (SPA). Involved in using spring concepts DI/IOC, AOP, Batch implementation and Spring MVC.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based micro services Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services and using AWS admin console. Developed modules in the application using micro services architecture style.
  • Involved in building and deploying scripts using Maven3.3 to generate WAR, EAR and JAR files.
  • Developed Applications using Rule Engines, Drools 4.x and ILOG with corresponding to validate the business User Roles. Used Google Maps API to implement location module in the application.
  • Worked on the total re-engineering of legacy products monolith web applications into a series of well thought out micro-services. Used CORE and HTML5 tag libraries for expressing Java Server Faces within a view template.
  • Wrote AngularJS services to consume Restful web service to load data.
  • Used SVN for version control and source repository, Used Fisheye for Code Review and JIRA for reporting Bugs.
  • Defined rules using JRules that are defined for resources to show details on UI pages. Followed up with Business Analysts to create conditions business functions using JRules UI.
  • Built Web pages those are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, JQ-Validator, AutoComplete, AJAX, JSON, Angular JS, and Node.JS.
  • Written SQL queries PL SQL Stored procedures, functions, triggers, cursors, sequences, and indexes, which are going to be invoked by Batch processes. Worked on Column Filters of Data table using JQuery and ReactJS.
  • Involved in writing Thread Safe blocks for multithread access to make valid transactions.
  • Created continuous integration builds using Ant Jenkins and deployed on WebSphere app server.
  • Done with Web sphere server configurations, Data Sources, Connection Pooling, MQ Series Queues set up for messaging and deploying the apps on different servers in different environments like QA/IST/Production.
  • Worked on Rest Web services as well as Node Rest framework for backend services and used Mongo DB (NoSQL) for database services.
  • Focused on Test Driven Development (TDD) thereby creating detailed JUnit tests for every single piece of functionality before writing the functionality.
  • Developed, executed and maintained over 200Selenium automation scripts for web application.
  • Involved in CICD process using GIT, Jenkins job creation, Maven build and publish, and Fabric implementation
  • All the functionality is implemented using Spring IO / Spring Boot, and Hibernate ORM. Implemented Java EE components using Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring transactions and Spring security modules.
  • Used ActiveMQ messaging to setup communication between applications in ESB. And flows are created for JAX-WS and JAX-RS web services. Participated in migration to DB2 data base from Oracle DB.
  • Done with Unit testing using MOCKITO. Used IBM Clear case as version controlling system.
  • Managed and maintained Oracle and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases in production domain
  • Involved in deploying the application in UNIX and to connect to see logs for fixing UAT/Production defects.
  • Coordinated with Performance team to get thread dumps tuned java as well as DB code.

Environment: JAVA 1.6/1.7, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Swing, Web Sphere Application Server 8.x, XML, HTML, XSD, XSLT, XPATH, JAXP, JAXB, WSDL, Maven, Java Spring MVC, Spring Boot, SOAP, Drools, JavaScript, Jenkins, Angular JS, Bootstrap, GIT, Spring frame work- DI, AOP, ReactJS, MVC, REST, JAX-RS, CXF, IBM MQ Series, RAD 8.0, JUNIT, TDD, AWS, SOAPUI, JProfiler, Selenium, JNDI, Java/J2EE design patters, Adobe Flex, EMMA, JIRA, Ant, MongoDB, Elastic Search, HP QC, DB2, IBM Optimum tool, Google Maps API, Drools, ILog, Micro services.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Worked on Agile methodologies. Analyzed user requirements and envisioning system features and functionality.
  • Analyzed and converted functional requirements into technical specifications.
  • Experienced in Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Deployment and Maintenance of Web services, Client Server and Web based applications using J2EE/Java, JSP, JavaScript, Servlets and XSLT.
  • Scala batch applications for mobile pricing projects with REST and Mongo DB.
  • Modeled RESTful web services and Scala using APACHE CXF.
  • Newhart audit project built on Scala and Java in support of corporate pricing initiatives.
  • Used Web services, Web Processing Service (WPS), REST extensively for Operations module. Technologies SOA, SOAP, WSDL XSD, XPATH, JMS, and are also used.
  • Developed presentation layer using UI technologies like HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, React JS, Angular JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSP, and XML that interact based on events.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework like, React JS and Ext JS.
  • Used jQuery plugins for Drag-and-Drop, Widgets, Menus, User Interface and Forms.
  • Involved in developing XML, HTML, and JavaScript for client-side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms. Used tag libraries in JSP to embed business logic.
  • Used AJAX for implementing part of the functionality for Customer Registration, View Customer information modules. Developed the administrative UI using Angular forms and directives.
  • Created and optimized views for user interactions using objects of HTML Helper class, Custom Helpers and Angular JavaScript, React JS, JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Used Spring Web Module integrated with Java Server Faces (JSF) MVC framework.
  • Developed pages using JSF features like converters, validators, action Listeners, custom components, etc.
  • Used XML SOAP packet creation using auto-generated Java web-services, eventually allowing PBS to replace outsourced PHP code with Python web service calls. Developed service layer using Spring MVC and Spring Boot.
  • Used Spring Web MVC framework for the applying MVC Implementation to the web application.
  • Used Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions, Hibernate cache concepts
  • Building RESTful APIs in front for different types of storage engines allowing other groups to quickly meet their Big Data needs. Added new features to existing embedded Linux data loggers using Python.
  • Created Maven archetypes for generating fully functional SOAP web services supporting both XML and JSON message transformation. Archetypes built on Spring 3.0 technology.
  • Implemented custom validation controls for various forms with help of JavaScript and AngularJS validation controls. Working experience with various versioning tools like SVN and ANT Build.
  • Written shell scripts to invoke the SQL Loader to load the data into Oracle DB from flat files using control files.

Environment: Java, JSP, Spring (MVC and Core), JSON, Servlets, Web Services (RESTful), Web Logic Application server, Spring JDBC Template, Tomcat Server 7.0, TOAD, SQL Developer, JUnit, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, UML, ANT, Oracle 11g, Windows XP, SVN, Eclipse, Hibernate.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Followed AGILE methodology and participated in SCRUM meetings.
  • Good experience in Jakarta Struts and Spring MVC frameworks.
  • Experience in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) by creating the web services with SOAP and WSDL.
  • Design and developed multiple web (UI) pages using JSF, Rich Faces, JSP and HTML.
  • Architecture for the Client Application using JSP, Servlets, ICEfaces, JSF.
  • Used Hibernate to persistent the data into database and written HQL to access/update the database.
  • Design UI and write backing business logic, in the existing framework. The existing framework involved Spring, Hibernate and Oracle in the persistence layer with JSF, Ice faces and JSPs forming the front-end.
  • Written Web services to publish messages to MQ to communicate with legacy applications.
  • Designed and implemented a series of SOA compliant web services on JBOSS, Weblogic platforms.
  • Implemented web services (WSDL) and effectively worked with SOAP and XML, XSLT.
  • Written Web Services (WSDL) to exchange data between different applications which are on different platforms.
  • Created a graphical utility using Java/Swing that could disPlay the information specific to the client requirements. Developed top-down and bottom up web services development.
  • Implemented JAX-RPC and JAX-WS services, with extensive experience in working with web services languages like WSDL & SOAP. Used Hibernate mapping for connecting to the database.
  • Developed Java/Swing based desktop catalog management application to manage and publish online product catalogs. Created the reusable Swing Widgets for the organization.
  • Designed and implemented the interaction scheme between Java Swing and IBM Java Speech (ibmjs) by Java AWT event model.

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE 1.4, Servlets, JSP, JSF, SAAJ, JAX-WS, Spring Framework, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, UML, DOM, WebSphere 6.0, DB2, CVS, JUnit, Web Services, ANT, Hibernate, ICE Faces, JBoss developer studio 3.0.

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