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Java Architect Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 9+ years developing with JEE and 3+ years providing Architect solutions in many companies.
  • In all this years, I have had the opportunity to work in many roles in the companies, such as Analyst , Developer , Technical Leader and Architect .
  • Good experience developing Microservices with Spring Boot using Apache Kafka , RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ
  • As an Architect, I am the responsible to design the better solution for the client considering the risks and practicing all the good code standards, applying design patterns , validate that implementing is based on the architecture and ensuring me that the implementation conforms to the architecture
  • Recently, I’m working with a Microservices patterns CQRS and EventSourcing with Spring Boot , MYSQL as EventStore , Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ for topics, Java 8 and frameworks such as AXON and EVENTUATE .
  • I have had the opportunity being Technical Leader to be in charge around of 15 or 20 people and creating guidelines for developing with high standards and the fewer bugs quantities.
  • I have good experience developing API’s with Web Services ( REST and SOAP ) using Spring framework , JAX - WS , JAX-RS
  • I have much experience in Spring Framework and I have used it in many projects, modules like Spring MVC , Spring Security , Spring Batch , Spring Data (JDBC, ORM), Spring Cloud , etc.
  • Experience with Persistence Frameworks in Java such as Hibernate , JPA , MyBatis .
  • I have worked with Objective Pascal developing in Delphi 6 , Delphi 7 and Delphi 2010 to develop desktop applications.
  • Good experience working with frontend: JSP , JavaScript , Jquery , HTML , CSS , JSON , XML , SASS , Node JS , Angular JS , Polymer , etc.
  • Strong experience with hybrid frameworks to develop multiplatform mobile applications such as Cordova , Phonegap and Ionic .
  • Experience with Application servers like Apache Tomcat , JBOSS , Jetty , and WebSphere .
  • I have had the opportunity to work in companies related to Assurance , Banking , Drugstore , and Software Factory and Startups .
  • Strong experience in tools like Maven , Graddle , SVN , GIT .
  • Good experience agile methodologies like SCRUM , KANBAN and others like WATERFALL , etc.


Programming Languages: Java SE 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8, Java EE, Objective Pascal, PHP, JavaScript

Database: MYSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, PL/SQL

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, Jetty, Web sphere

Backend Frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Struts 2, J2EE, EJB, Hibernate, MyBatis, JPA, Eventuate IO, Axon, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Spring Cloud (Hystrix, Eureka, Zuul, Ribbon)

Development Tools/ Enviroment: Maven, Graddle, GIT, SVN, XML, JSON, Node Js, Mockito, JUnit, Docker

Frontend / Frameworks: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular JS, Polymer

Mobile: Apache Cordova, Ionic, Phonegap

IDE: Intell IJ, Eclipse, Netbeans.

Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux, OS x


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Java Architect


  • Migrate a monolithic java desktop application to Microservices using the client approach ( Confidential Microservices architecture) Spring Framework, Apache OSGI and Java 8.
  • Create many responsive web sites with specific dashboard including graphs and data exploded from a database using D3js, Google Chart, HTML5, CSS3, etc.
  • Data migration between different engines databases both SQL and NOSQL (Oracle to MongoDb).
  • Create new modules for the AFIRME’s Quoting System develops in Java 6, Struts 2, Spring, XDhtml, etc.
  • Create REST API for the AFIRME’s Quoting System using Spring Framework and authentication through OAUTH2 Protocol
  • Analysis, Design and Leading Role in several projects based on APX ( Confidential micro services architecture).
  • Test Microservices with Mockito, all of it developed with JAVA 8 and Spring Framework.
  • Design the architecture and look for the appropriate design patterns depending the requirement
  • Leading role in projects using agile methodologies like Scrum or following waterfall methodology.
  • Embed web sites in the main BBVA’s portal.
  • Project Planning, quality assurance and Continuous Integration in Confidential projects.
  • New modules development and maintenance to current applications.
  • Develop process to load information from big files to Database using Spring Batch and Batch Patterns like split and using multithreading.
  • Team Leading for Afirme’s projects on charge of 15 people.
  • Experience in the process CMMI 3 certification
  • Design and Develop batch to migrate millions of records between databases using Spring Batch.

Environment: Scrum, Java 8, Spring MVC, GAE, D3js, Polymer, Angular JS, MongoDB, Oracle Database, MySql, GIT, SVN, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Websphere, JBOSS, Mockito, Hibernate, JPA, MyBatis, JUnit, Spring Security, Spring Aspects, Spring Batch, Struts 2, JSP, APX ( Bank Microservices Architecture).

Confidential, Monterrey, NL

Senior Java Developer


  • New modules development and Maintenance to current applications.
  • Requirements Analysis and Design for new management systems in the company.
  • Migrations such as Jquery to Angular, ant to maven/graddle, native queries to JPA, etc.
  • I took part in software and architectural development activities.
  • Conduct software analysis, programming, testing and debugging.
  • Identifying and Solving production and non-production application issues.
  • Develop improvements for the Merchant Portal, using Hibernate and Spring MVC, JQuery.
  • Migrate structure project from standard Java web application to Maven Web Application.
  • Create REST Services using Spring MVC, Hibernate and JWT to protect it.
  • Change all the views of Merchant Portal to improve UX using AngularJs, HTML5, and CSS3 instead of JSP.
  • Develop API for Actinver Bank using JAX-RS, Java and creating its configuration in WSO2 ESB.
  • Create a Module to send emails from Clarifications Portal through Messaging using ActiveMQ and Spring MVC
  • Create a module with Spring Aspects for audit the time elapsed in some portal methods trying to identify where is the possible cause of delay in a transaction.

Environment: Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Aspects, Hibernate, JPA, Java 6, Angular JS, Jquery, ActiveMQ,JSP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.


Java Team Lead


  • Analyze and Develop REST Web Services for Application Mobile “WISSE”, using Spring Framework, Spring Security with JWT as authentication method by tokens, MySQL Database, and Java 7.
  • Develop Web Admin Portal for WISSE application, I used Spring MVC, Spring Security to handle Permissions, Roles and Users, Angular JS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3,
  • Creating and document the business case for the systems
  • Develop jobs to generate CSV layouts and load it in databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.
  • Participate in many phases of the project “FLOTILLAS BANORTE” such as Design, Development and Test, this project was created to deliver Flotillas Policy using Spring MVC, Drools, Java 6, JBOSS, Spring Security, HTML5, JSP, Apache Tiles, and Maven.
  • Recreate Databases and Architecture for project called Nimbeat, Create a dashboard to manage sponsors of influencers in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it use Spring MVC, Spring Security, Apache Tiles, Angular JS, JQuery, Java 6, Apache Tomcat.
  • Application Mobile for track influencers and they can publish sponsor’s images and get money per every like and share it. Using Apache Cordova, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery.
  • REST API Web Services to communicate Application Mobil and Database in Nimbeat Project. Using Java 6, Spring Framework and JWT for authentication, Spring Security, MySql.
  • REST API and Module Server for send Push notifications in android and IOS using JAVA 6.
  • To deliver all systems we have to scan the projects with Quality tools such as Sonar, Checkstyle and PMD, fixing all possible issues in code.

Environment: Scrum, Java, Spring MVC, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, GIT, SVN, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate, JPA, Apache Cordova, JWT, JSP, Apache Tiles, Sonar, Checkstyle, PMD.


Team Lead and Senior Software Developer


  • New statistics modules development and Maintenance to current sells applications creating in Delphi 7.
  • Design Medical Reports showing all the services providing for the company with parameters like medical consultations by doctor, by recipes, etc Develop in Delphi 7 and F1 as spreadsheet.
  • Develop a Report Tool using F1 Spreadsheets, it improves the developing time because it has basic configurations that allow just pass a query and display the records with format as Excel. Develop in Delphi 7.
  • Recommend changes to improve established java application processes
  • Modify the business rules to get product prices in the Graphic Verifier in the drugstores. Using Java Swing for graphical interface and Java 6 for the rules.
  • Develop cron job to check the daily assistance and run the payment for the employee. Develop using Hibernate and Java 6.
  • Create stored procedures with optimum queries for many applications. Informix, PL/SQL Oracle
  • Create Library to serialize object to JSON and deserialize JSON to Objects in Delphi, it tool was created because there’s no way to communicate REST Web services with Delphi 2010.
  • Develop module in admin web portal to manage the news about the company and it can be published as a CMS and the people could view in the WEB of the company, Developed with Spring MVC and Java, Hibernate and MySQL
  • IT Solutions analysis and design for several areas of the company as Sells, Drug store, CEDIS.
  • Lead developer teams.
  • Teaching, orientation in programming languages as Java, Ruby, SQL.
  • Develop standards and guides for improving code quality and productivity.
  • SOAP Services web creating WSDL and XSD with JAX-WS framework.
  • REST Services for the loyalty card providing points for each purchase made by the customer. Developed with Spring Framework, Hibernate, Informix.

Environment: Delphi 7, Delphi 2010, Informix, Oracle, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Java, MySql, HTML, CSS3, JSP, PL/SQL, F1 Spreadsheets.

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