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Senior Developer And Analyst Resume


  • 8+ years of experience in Tibco Products (like BW, Tibco iProcess, EMS, Tibco Administrator, Container Edition)
  • 8 years of experience in Telecom Domain.
  • Attending meetings for gathering requirements design and developed the code as per requirement.
  • Extensive knowledge in TIBCO Business Works, EMS, iProcess, Web Services and Tibco Administrator.
  • Good working knowledge on all BW pallets, iProcess Workspace, Modeler, Admin, SAP & ADB Adapter.
  • Implemented Micro services in Tibco CE (Container Edition).
  • Implemented the integration of third party systems like SFDC, TRAI with TIBCO using Proxy server.
  • Worked on all kind of JDBC, SFDC pallettes and Adapters.
  • Proactive in taking the BRs (Business Requests) and facing the challenges.
  • Build the EARs and deployed in Admin using front end deployment.
  • Experience in databases such as Oracle 10g.
  • Good knowledge on Core Java and interested to learn new technologies.
  • Experience in implementing web services using HTTP, SOAP, WSDL and Service palette.
  • Experience in establishing the integration between TIBCO and cloud computing systems like SFDC (sales Force Dot Com).
  • Experience in working with source version controlling tools like Rational Clear Case, Accurev and Bitbucket.


  • TIBCO iProcess
  • Modeler, Workspace and Engine 11.1.3
  • TIBCO Integration
  • Business Works 5.10
  • TIBCO Adapters
  • ADB Adapter 5.7
  • TIBCO Messaging
  • EMS 6.3 and RV 8.3
  • TIBCO Monitoring
  • Hawk 4.9 and Tibco Administrator 5.7


Programming Languages/Technology: Java, PL/SQL

XML: XML, Web Services (HTTP,SOAP, WSDL, Service Palette)

Web/App Server: Tomcat Web Server

IDE & Tools: TOAD, SQL Developer, Rational Clear Case

Database: Oracle 9i/10g

Operating Systems: Windows X P, Unix, Linux



Senior Developer and Analyst


  • Developed BW engines by using File pallets to receive the Request/Complaints from TRAI and process it to corresponding downstream systems to resolve the issues and finally sent the response to the TRAI.
  • Developed an interface by using SOAP and WSDL pallets to integrate the cloud computing system SFDC (Sales Force Dot Com) with TIBCO to update the company details in downstream systems.
  • Attending meetings for crucial BRs (Business Requests), analyzing the requirements and developing the code according to BR requirement.
  • Key member in the Team in implementing BRs with advanced BW pallets.
  • Provided dedicated support for all my BRs during weekends as well.
  • Handled many TRAI BRs like Post to Pre Migration, TRAI Complaints very effectively without a single defect during SIT (System Integration Testing) and UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
  • Performing DIT (Development Integration Testing) and Unit testing for all my BRs in order to avoid the issues during SIT and UAT.
  • Taking care of each x - path, jdbc call and all during development. Because of this I don’t have a single production bug till today. Got appreciations from project manager also on this aspect.
  • Proactive in taking the new BRs and facing the challenges.
  • Estimating the hardware requirements of the BR and follow-up with the business for hardware approval in order to avoid post rollout issues.
  • Building the EARs and deploying the interfaces in production admin.
  • Keen monitoring of the orders after each deployment.
  • Tracking the BR from initial stage to till the closure very effectively without any slippage.
  • Implementing reusable components for future similar projects
  • Supported the project during critical production roll-outs.
  • Conducting KSS (Knowledge Sharing Session) on TIBCO and induction for new team members.
  • Played vital role in resolving technical and functionality related issues in team.
  • Proactive in coordinating and celebrating team events like birth days and releases.

Confidential, Bothell, WA

Developer, Analyst and Module Lead


  • Design, Develop, Testing, debugging, diagnosing and correcting errors and faults in an application business process and flows within established testing protocols, guidelines and quality standards using various Tibco suite of products and Client framework to ensure programs and applications perform to specification and standards.
  • Implement the Enterprise Application Integration Services using advanced technologies like Tibco Active Matrix, Tibco Business Works, Tibco Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS), Tibco Adapters, Tibco Business Connect and other database applications like Oracle, DB2 etc.
  • Exposing new business functionality as micro services and API’s using late technologies such as SpringBoot, PCF, AWS and APIGEE.
  • Writing and maintaining program code using Tibco, RSP and Rest implementations to meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications in accordance with quality accredited standards.
  • Creating schemas and canonical data structures as per Business requirements.
  • Initiate system analysis, lead the definition of user requirements and assesses impacts. Determine alternate solutions with risk analysis and identify opportunities to use technology to improve availability and advance business initiatives.
  • Utilize technical expertise to manage multiple assignments, including large and critical projects to assure timely and cost-effect objectives delivery.
  • Coordinate development activities, evaluate and report performance of project.
  • Bug fixing of any error occurs during the ETL Process and production release.
  • Resolving deployment issues and coordination with Operations for deploying services in production.
  • Developing and modifying code according to the requirement.
  • Development of various technical standards and ensuring the implementation of the same.
  • Design and preparing design artifacts to ensure adherence to the guidelines defined by the client & Confidential Technologies.
  • Reporting and fixing bugs and preparing resolution documents.
  • Maintain proficiency in programming languages, program development, testing and serve as an expert in area of responsibility.
  • Coordination with the Offshore and external to ensure the deliverables are met in a timely manner.
  • Assist in the and orientation of other staff and end users.

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