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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Bentonville, AR


  • 7+ years of experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, coding and testing.
  • Experience in software engineering, planning, designing, implementation of cloud infrastructure utilizing Amazon Web Services and Build Release Management.
  • Have a good understanding of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Have worked on various Service Oriented, Client/Server, GUI and Web based applications in these years.
  • Extensive experiences in web based multi - tier enterprise applications & Client / Server Applications using Java/J2EE technologies & have good exposure in Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture based applications using Spring Framework 3.2.2 and Struts Framework 2.3.12 with expertise in presentation, business and database layers.
  • Experience in developing applications using Spring Framework 3.2.2, worked on different spring modules like core container module, application context module, Aspect oriented programming (AOP) module, JDBC module, ORM module and web module.
  • Hands on experience in developing web application using Spring Framework web module and integration with Struts MVC framework
  • Experience in using Spring ORM module and integration with Hibernate ORM framework
  • Solid experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD) technologies like HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Require JS, Ext JS, Node.JS, Backbone.JS, PHP, XML, XSL, AJAX and JSON.
  • Well versed and expertise in latest JS frameworks like Angular (Angular2/ Angular4), React.js, Node.js.
  • Experienced with XML related technologies such as XML, XSL, XSLT, DTD, Schema, XPath, DOM, SAX and JIBX.
  • Experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services design development and deployment using WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, JAXP, JAXB, SAX, DOM, XSLT, Apache AXIS, REST Web Services.
  • Extensive use of Open Source Software such as Web/Application Servers like Apache Tomcat 6.0 and Apache Struts, LOG4J for logging information and exceptions, Apache ANT1.9 for making build scripts, VSS, Clear Case for version control system, Eclipse 3.x, Net Beans 6.x IDE.
  • Extensive experience in Struts Tag Libraries and Custom-tag implementations in JSP to embedded business logic.
  • Experience on Java Multi-Threading, Collection, Interfaces, Synchronization, and Exception Handling.
  • Good experience in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, functions, packages, tables, views, triggers and data connectivity and data integration of Oracle.
  • Experience in using Clear Quest, Clear Case, CVS, and Subversion (SVN) for source control and Release Management.
  • Involved in the Unit test Cases, Integration and Application testing.
  • Experience in Hibernate which includes integrating legacy databases, writing custom CRUD statements, integrating stored procedures and functions and performed polymorphic associations.
  • Capable of rapidly learning modern technologies and processes, and successfully applying them to projects and operations.
  • A good team player with excellent communication, management, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal and communications skills.


Languages: C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL.

Technologies: JSP2.1/2.0/1.2, Servlets2.x/3,x, JavaBeans, JDBC, Struts2.x/1.x, RMI, EJB3.0/2.1, Hibernate4.x/3.x, Spring4.0/3.0, Web Services, SOA, JMS1.1, AJAX, JAXB2.1/2.0, JAXP1.x, LDAP, .NET.

Web Technologies: HTML 5/DHTML, XHTML1.1, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular-JS, Typescript,CSS3, XML1.0, XSL, XSLT, CSS.

Development Tools (IDEs): Eclipse 3.2/3.0/2.1.1 , MyEclipse6.0/5.1.1, RAD7.0/6.0, WSAD5.x/ 4.x, NetBeans3.3, MS Visual Studio 2005.

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat 7.x/6.x, Web Logic 10.3/9.2/8.1/7.0 , IBM WebSphere6.x/5.x/4.x.

Design Patterns: MVC, Command, Singleton, Business Delegate and DAO patterns

RDBMS: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , MySQL5.1/4.1, DB 2 9.1/8.1/7.2.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, LINUX.

Testing Tools: JUnit 4.x, Load runner 11.0/11.5, Quick Test Pro, HP Performance Center.

Version Control: CVS, SVN, VSS and Rational Clear Case.

Methodologies: Agile Methodology, RUP, Extreme Programming.

Build Tools: Ant 1.7, Maven 3.x.


Confidential, Bentonville, AR

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Gathered business and functional requirements that must be incorporated as a part of the application
  • Developed following Agile methodology (Stand up meetings, Sprint development, retrospective meetings)
  • Created different bean configuration XML files and implemented Dependency injection for different bean classes
  • Worked with Spring framework, JSF, web flow framework and Struts
  • Enabling SSL Security in Web Environments for IBMHTTPServer & WebSphere application Server.
  • Used SpringCore Annotations forDependencyInjectionSpringDI and SpringMVC for RESTAPIs and SpringBoot for micro-services
  • Developed user interface using JSP, Spring Tag Libraries to simplify the complexities of the application
  • Developed DAO API to manage the payment information using Hibernate ORM.
  • Developed SOAPandRESTwebservice clients to communicate with third party vendors.
  • Implemented generics and auto boxing features of Java
  • Used SOAP Web Services using WSDL to connect with remote data and external clients
  • Implemented the application in MVC Architecture
  • Build and deployed enterprise Java EE applications using WebLogic server
  • Involved in writing tables in Universal Database and integrated with database developers for using stores procedures in this application.
  • Worked with NoSQLCassandra to store, retrieve, and update and manage all the details of migrated applications.
  • Developed single page application with AngularJS.
  • Involved in developing Java web-based interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, XML andJSON.
  • Worked on JavaScript framework (Backbone, NodeJS) to augment browserbased applicationswith MVC capability.
  • Participated in code review and acceptance process in order to enhance methodology and delivery.
  • Integrating various Version control tools, build tools and deployment methodologies into Jenkins to create an end to end orchestration build cycles.
  • Used Jenkins to execute the maven project as well to build the version system tool
  • Maintained and managed cloud & test environments and automation for QA, Product Management and Product Support
  • Developed JUnit test cases for Persistence layer and Business layer to perform the unit level testing.
  • Designed, Debugged and Developed applications using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Eclipse IDE.
  • Involved in functional testing for the developed application.
  • Utilized GIT for software configuration management and version control.
  • Configured Log4j for adding the debugging information in the code base.
  • Documented all phases of the project and implemented system changes in accordance with the objectives and requirements and developed user documentation.
  • JIRA is used for task management and SVN for version control.

Environment: Java 1.8, DB2, Cassandra, Spring, log4j, Hibernate, Maven, Tortoise SVN, Rest web services, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, AngularJS, Azure, Eclipse Kepler JIRA, XML, MYSQL, Jenkins, Looper, Kafka, CCM, lucid chart

Confidential, Helena, MT

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Participated in the complete software development lifecycle tasks (design, coding, testing and documentation).
  • Developed the single page application following Agile Scrum, participated in daily standups, sprint reviews, Kickoffs for project management.
  • Designed and Developed UI for Customer Service Modules and Reports using AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, javascript and JQuery Created web application prototype using JavaScript, underscore.JS and AngularJS.
  • Designed, Debugged and Developed applications using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Eclipse IDE.
  • Implemented nested views and routing using AngularUI Router as per the requirement. GUI was developed using JSP, HTML, and AngularJS and created reusable components in AngularJS using Custom Directives Filters, Services and Partials.
  • Developed pages using AngularJS directives, expressions, routing capabilities for bookmarking, filters, validations and AngularUI components such as grid, buttons, carousels, date pickers, modal dialogs and other input components.
  • Developed views using Bootstrap components, Angular-UI and involved in configuring routing for various modules using angular UI router.
  • Developed the application using SpringMVC intensively that leverages classical MVC architecture and JavaScript for major data entry that involved extreme level of data validation at client side.
  • Integrated Single sign on using LDAP and Active directory on Spring security layer, successfully maintained users and groups integrity in the application.
  • Exposed Stateless session beans as SOAP, RESTful web services using JAX-WS, JAX-RS. Implemented Angular promises to handle asynchronous communication with our RESTful API for various requirements.
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Developed components of web services (JAX-WS, REST, SOAP, JAX-RPC) end to end, using different JAX-WS standards with clear understanding on WSDL (type, message, port Type, bindings and service).
  • Developed unit test cases using Jasmine and Karma as unit test runner for various application modules.
  • Implemented continuous deployment system with Jenkins, AWS: CodeDeploy, OpsWorks, and Packer for deployment of Java Applications.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Worked with Java libraries to access AWS facilities as Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS) and DynamoDB.
  • Used Junit and Mockito framework for unit testing of application and Log4j 1.2 to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions
  • Used SVN version control to track and maintain different versions of the application.
  • Used JIRA extensively to log all the issues and to keep track of the project.

Environment: Java 1.8, HTML5, AngularUI, jQuery, ExpressJs, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Spring, log4j, Hibernate, Maven, Tortoise SVN, Rest web services, AWS maven, jQuery, Eclipse Kepler JIRA, XML, MYSQL.


Java Developer


  • Used Agile methodology for the software development and used JIRA for task assignment, bug tracking and fixture.
  • Developed the functionality for communicating between the modules mostly involved in VIEW and CONTROLLER section of MVC pattern.
  • Developed application by using Angular-js, Node.js, Express, Mongo-DB, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, LESS and JavaScript.
  • Developed persistence Layer using Hibernate to persist the data and to manage the data & implemented Transaction Management using the spring with Hibernate configurations.
  • Implemented various $scope methods $watch (), $digest () and $apply () in order to implement two-way data binding by using AngularJS.
  • Developed and deployed ETL components for Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading using Informatica Power Center.
  • Ensured that agile principles and processes are properly implemented and adopted.
  • Setup framework for all current and future front-end projects to use Backbone js, for framework organized module definitions.
  • Worked on multithreading in Web applications to deal with the asynchronous calls.
  • Implemented distinctive Design patterns like singleton, factory and J2EE design patterns like Business delegate, session façade, Value object and DAO design patterns.
  • Created POJO classes, Spring configuration files to use dependency injection.
  • Involved in writing tables in Universal Database and integrated with database developers for using stores procedures in this application.
  • Used and developed PL/SQL triggers and master tables for automatic creating of primary keys.

Environment: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, React-JS, Node-JS, Express-JS, JSON, MongoDB, RESTful web service, WebStrom, Karma, Jasmine, SEO, LESS, Grunt, Confluence, Agile, Jira, GIT, AWS.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Extensively worked in entire SDLC life cycle like design, Coding, Code Review and Deployment preparation.
  • Designed and Developed the application by using SCRUM methodology as per Company's Agile environment.
  • Implemented MVC web frameworks for the web applications using JSP/Servlet/Tag libraries that were designed using JSP.
  • Used SQL, PL/SQL and Stored Procedures for Oracle back-end database.
  • Involved in configuring the database to Oracle9i.
  • Used J2EE SOA based JAX-WS web services to develop reusable web service components.
  • Extensive usage of DOM and SAX parsers for parsing XML data and XSLT for XML transformations.
  • Developed Web Service to act like an interface to transfer and receive the data from various other modules.
  • Developed Batch jobs to load the data to the database using Spring Batch and Spring Scheduling.
  • Developed Exception Handling and Logging Aspects in the application using Spring AOP.
  • Consumed SOAP services using Spring, WSDL and generated stubs using Maven goals.
  • Configured Log4j in the application and took part in setting up dependencies using Maven and deployed the application to Weblogic application server.
  • Involved in debugging the defects, code review and analysis of Performance issues.

Environment: Java 1.5, JSP, Servlet, Oracle9i, WebLogic, SOAP, Websphere, JDBC, JSP, AJAX, HTML, DHTML, Junit, Spring Framework, JavaScript .


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Analyzed business requirements, participated in technical design, development of various modules assigned.
  • Took part in developing UML use case, class, sequence and page flow diagrams for the application.
  • Development of the project is carried out using Struts2, Spring, JSP, HTML, Jquery, CSS and Javascript.
  • Developed Presentation layer components comprising of JSP, AJAX, CSS, and JQuery.
  • Implemented Asynchronous Functionality using jQuery Ajax.
  • Integrated Struts and Spring to leverage dependency injection in the Action classes.
  • Configured Struts 2 file upload interceptor to handle file upload multi part requests.
  • Used struts 2 tag library for various components and ajax features in the application.
  • Developed DAO API to manage the payment information using Hibernate ORM.
  • Used Log4j logging framework for logging messages with various levels written throughout the java code.
  • Used Web Services for creating rate summary and used WSDL and SOAP messages for getting insurance plans from different module and used XML parsers for data retrieval.
  • Involved in writing and optimizing SQL Queries, and Stored Procedures.
  • Prepared the documentation for the entire process for future reference.
  • Used Maven script for building and deploying the application.

Environment: Spring Framework, Hibernate ORM, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, Html5, JDBC, SOAP Web Services, Restful services, Eclipse (STS), Struts, Web Logic, SQL, JUnit, JIRA, Maven.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams.
  • Developed Java Server Pages (JSP) for the front end and Servlets for handling Http requests.
  • Deployment on the Tomcat Server.
  • Specifying the data flow using XML and DTD.
  • Running Sqoop for importing data from Oracle & another Database.
  • Implemented database using SQL Server.
  • Developed GUI using JSP, HTML and DHTML.
  • Designed tables and indexes.
  • Developed web forms using HTML for the application.
  • Developed data insertion forms and validated them using JavaScript.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers using PL/SQL.
  • Testing the application and troubleshoot and fixed bugs.

Environment: JSP/Servlets, HTML, JDBC, Oracle, Java Beans MS-Access, Java.

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