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Sr. Mulesoft Developer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over 7 years of IT professional experience out of which 4 years as Java/J2EE developer, expert in gathering Requirements and experienced in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of analysis, design, developing, documenting with Agile and waterfall methodology.
  • Around 3 years of experience in Mule ESB Development and Testing over Any Point Studio, Any point Cloud Hub, API Gateway management. API lifecycle development and management.
  • Certified with MuleSoft certified Developer - level 1 (Mule 4) .
  • Expertise in developing the integration workflows using an ESB framework. Developed Mule ESB projects for the services with synchronous and asynchronous mule flows.
  • Expertise in Mule ESB integration in developing various connector components including HTTP Connector, Poller, JMS, File, ActiveMQ, Database, HDFS, Scatter Gather, Choice, Confidential .
  • Expertise in implementing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with XML/JSON based Web Services (SOAP and REST) with technologies like WSDL, SOAP, CXF, JAXB, JAX-RS, Jersey and Jackson
  • Implemented ESB Integration Services using MuleSoft ESB and enterprise application (EAI) using Mule Soft 3.x / 4.x and Experience in designing and implementing API led connectivity Architecture
  • Experience on Basic and OAuth 2.0 Authentication mechanisms to consume REST API's and different policies like IP whitelisting, IP blacklisting, static IP, rate limiting, SLA tier, API gateway, API proxy.
  • Extensively worked on Any Point Studio and Mule Integration Platform and used it to interface application services by utilizing message routing, data transformation and service creation utilities.
  • Experience in deploying Mule flows and securing the APIs using the platform in Mule Cloud hub
  • Having experience with Bit Bucket and Git Hub as versioning Control, SVN, JIRA for bug tracking.
  • Experience troubleshooting Mule ESB, including working with debuggers, flow analyzers and configuration tools. Written Munit test cases to validate Mule flow.
  • Implemented schema validations in mule flows, validated XSD against XML files and JSON schema against JSON files . Implemented transformation using Dataweave 2.0 with various functions .
  • Good experience in using ActiveMQ, Rabbit MQ, AWS suite for Asynchronous message queuing for the guaranteed delivery pattern.
  • Develop message flows and implement data transformation using XSLT, ESQL and Java . Create XSD and WSDLS for implementing web services in a message broker.
  • Thorough knowledge of Relational Database (RDBMS) concepts, database designing, Normalization, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, self - motivated, quick learner and team player .


Mule Runtime: Mule Runtime (4.x), (3.x)

Data Bases: Oracle, DB2, MongoDB, MS SQL

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSP, AJAX, Java Script

Java Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSTL, EJB, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot

Unit Testing: Munit, Junit, Integration Testing, Jenkins, JIRA, Workday, Mockito

Design Tools: Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose, Erwin


IDE Tools: Anypoint Studio (5.x, 6.x, 7.x), Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. MuleSoft Developer


  • Developed and delivered production quality code, perform code review activities, and check-in approved code deliverables into Confidential .com's GitHub source control repository supervised by a full-time Confidential .com enterprise integration development team member.
  • Worked with Coveo third party tool that is content search provider using Mule Connectors.
  • Used DataWeave 2.0 for data transformations and data validations in flows & sub flows.
  • Implemented CICD pipeline using Jenkins with agile methodology.
  • Hands on experience working API Manager, EPM Manager and Exchange in Anypoint Cloud hub, to evaluate managing performance in the necessity of reaching performance goals.
  • Accomplished in implementing integration flows using Mule AnyPoint Studio to connect to REST, SOAP service, SQL Database, and Active MQ broker
  • Worked on MuleSoft AnyPoint API platform for designing and implementing Mule APIs
  • Administered in Integration of Mule ESB system while utilizing MQ Series, Http, File system and, SFTP transports. Utilized Mule connectors that includes File, SMTP, FTP, SFTP, JDBC Connector, and Transaction Manager
  • Responsible for Creating http inbound & outbound flows and orchestration using XPath using MULE ESB
  • Deployed applications in both Cloud Hub and On-Premise using Jenkins build and retrive build artifacts by using Git Repository.
  • Utilized Cloud Hub connector in the mule flows for triggered alerts during exceptions and to capture the failed records for further recovery
  • Implement automated MUnit tests with a minimum of 80% code coverage for all code delivered(response time could not be more than 0.3 seconds, we achieved 0.25 second in result)
  • Deployed the API’s into GitHub as a source control repository
  • Working on Mule API manager and RAML over Anypoint Studio, Anypoint Cloud-Hub, API Gateway, and Management, policies(rate limiting, IP whitelisting, static IP, SLA tiers)
  • Used integration patterns, integration tools, EAI, Transformations, XML schemas and XSLT
  • Good Experience in using Log4J components for logging and performed daily monitoring of log files and resolving issues

Environment: Java1.7/J2EE, Spring, Web Services, JPA, MuleSoft 4, Anypoint Studio 7.3, ActiveMQ, Rabbit MQ, RAML, Confidential, Cloudhub, XPATH, XSLT, XSD, SOA, Data weave, Mongo DB, JSON, POJO, Eclipse IDE, log4j, GIT, ANT, WebLogic, JUnit, Maven, OAUTH.

Confidential, Center Valley, PA

MuleSoft Developer


  • Creating Flows, Sub Flows, Exception strategy, Data Weave transformation in Mule configuration.
  • Gather requirements and planning on integration of both SAS applications using Mule ESB
  • Developed Sequence, use case Diagrams and Process Flow diagrams using IBM Rational Rose
  • Worked on Mule flow variables, record variables, various connectors like File, FILE, SFTP, IMAP, HTTP, Oracle database, Confidential, CXF
  • Parsed the XML based responses using JAXB Parser and validated XML against the schema
  • Developed Restful Web services based on SOA Architecture and integrated them with various third-party applications
  • Created API's using RAML in API Designer and generated the respective Mule flows in Anypoint Studio
  • Security is achieved through Property Placeholder and OAuth ; Asynchronous messaging is achieved by using ActiveMQ
  • Created global Exception strategies to handle errors within the application, implemented clustering, throttling concepts for Mule
  • Worked on API's to integrate Oracle HCM Cloud to Oracle Database
  • Integrated Web services with the help of WSDL and Web Service Consumer component to get updates from the third parties
  • Deployed and scheduled Mule project on Cloud hub . Developed Mule ESB projects for the services with synchronous and asynchronous Mule flows
  • Used Bit Bucket as version controller, Maven for building the application and download all dependencies, Jenkins for continuous integration
  • Used Log4J components for logging . Performed daily monitoring of log files and resolve issues
  • Involved in installing and configuring Eclipse IDE, Anypoint Studio for development
  • Created M-unit test cases for Mule flows to perform unit testing and actively involved in debugging the applications for defect tracking
  • Actively involved in getting the QA, UAT and production issues resolved and tracked them using JIRA

Environment: Java/J2EE 1.7, XML, MuleSoft Runtime 3.7.3, Anypoint Studio, ActiveMQ, Confidential, JAXB, SOAP, Webservices, WSDL, API, MongoDB, Mockito, Jenkins, Putty, Apache-Maven, Bit Bucket, RAML, Cloud Hub, OAUTH, FileZilla, Log4j, Postman

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

MuleSoft Developer


  • Involved in designing, building, Deploying and managing Restful API’s with Agile methodolgy.
  • Work closely with functional leads/PMs to understand the partner integration requirements
  • Used putty for SSH keys and passwords information to access the folders
  • Configuring the Mule process for fetching the data from topic and makes web service calls to the middle tier Mule ESB for processing.
  • Used Data Weave for data transformations and data validations within flows & sub flows.
  • Implemented synchronous and Asynchronous messaging scopes using Apache Active MQ in Mule.
  • Used Database Connectors to connect with respective systems using Mule ESB.
  • Integration of Mule ESB system while utilizing MQ Series, Http, File system and SFTP transports. Used AMQP Endpoints to connect to RabbitMQ which is a messaging queue.
  • Experience with installing and configuring application servers such as IBM Web Sphere.
  • Extensively used Mule components that include File Transport, SMTP Transport, FTP/SFTP Transport, JDBC Connector, and Transaction Manager.
  • Had a very good experience on message-oriented architecture like Java Messaging Service (JMS) which is used to connect to third party queues like Apache Active MQ
  • Understanding the Flow control components like Splitter, Aggregator, choice router and scatter gather.
  • Used encryption algorithms to encrypt the fields in the environment properties.
  • Used Quartz connector to schedule the batch jobs.
  • Knowledge of SOA Design patterns for building middleware systems ground up using Message Routing, Message Filtering, Message Transformation, Batch message processing and error handling in mule ESB
  • Understanding the general configuration of a Splunk Plugin in MuleSoft.
  • Implemented build package tool using Maven and build the code in Jenkins.
  • Knowledge of testing API and mule application using POSTMAN.
  • Experience in developing interfaces between Confidential and Oracle ERP using Informatica Cloud/Mule ESB technologies.

Environment: Any point Studios., Mule Server 3.7.3/3.8.3 , SoapUI/REST, Apache active MQ, MS SQL Server 2016, Cloud-hub, Maven, X12, Windows 7, EDI, Data Weave, Restful Web-services/API’s, Jenkins, XML, JMS, Log4j.

Confidential, Birmingham, Alabama

Sr. Full Stack Java Developer


  • Worked with the Product Owner for requirement gathering and organized regular Demos during development while following agile methodology
  • Involved in data modeling of side cache and inline cache grids
  • Implemented rest services using IID (IBM Integration Designer), which enable access to grid data for external applications
  • Developed and provided support to many components of this application from end-to-end, i.e. Front-end (BPM) to Spring Controllers & configurations to Data Grid and Hibernate mappings to DB2
  • Assisted in setting up of CI/CD framework using Artifactory and Jenkins
  • Create flows in design studio and transform messages using Dataweave and MEL
  • Monitor the request and response payload used the MMC Mule management console.
  • Create RAML specification in Anypoint platform and use fragments . And care flows that provide and consume services (SOAP & RESTful).
  • Develop the services interface to access core services & provisioning services using Mule ESB .
  • Create MULE ESB artifact and configured the MULE configuration files and deployed.
  • Create flows that pass message using VM transport.
  • Create Mule ESB helper class to call the Mule flow, connection endpoint and connectors directly from Java component instead of creating another Mule Flow.
  • Develop Mule ESB projects for the services with synchronous and asynchronous Mule flows
  • Create http inbound & outbound flows, routing, orchestration, transformations and Security.
  • Use Maven for building and deploying Application.
  • Deploy and schedule Mule project on Cloud hub.
  • Actively involved in technical meetings, requirements gathering, analysis, planning, effort estimations, development and testing.

Environment: IBM extreme Scale 8.6, IID 8.5.7, J2EE, JDK 1.7, EJB 3.1, XML, Artifactory, Jenkins, UML, Jira, Confluence, Slf4j, JUnit, WAS, JNDI, RAD, Eclipse


Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in analysis, design and development of e-bill payment system as well as account transfer system and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams , Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams . Worked with Core Java for business logic
  • Implemented the project according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Developed the web layer using Spring MVC framework
  • Implemented JDBC for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database
  • Created Stored Procedures to manipulate the database and to apply the business logic according to the user's specifications
  • Involved in analyzing, designing, implementing and testing of the project
  • Developed UML diagrams like Use cases and Sequence diagrams as per requirement
  • Developed the Generic Classes, which includes the frequently used functionality, for reusability
  • Exception Management mechanism using Exception Handling Application Blocks to handle the exceptions
  • Designed and developed user interfaces using JSP, JavaScript, HTML and Struts framework
  • Involved in Database design and developing SQL Queries, stored procedures on MySQL
  • Developed Action Forms and Action Classes in Struts framework
  • Programmed session and entity EJBs to handle user info track and profile-based transactions
  • Involved in writing JUnit test cases, unit and integration testing of the application
  • Provide on-call support to production systems and provide analysis, troubleshooting and problem resolution

Environment : Java, JavaScript, Core Java, Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, EJB, MySQL, Junit, HTML, JSP, JDBC Drivers, UNIX, Shell scripting, SQL Server.loper

Confidential, San Rafael, CA

Java Developer


  • Experience in Creating JDBC applications to access and query a database and Manage Transactions in JDBC.
  • Involved in the full software development life cycle of the project from analysis and design to testing and deployment.
  • Extensive use of core Java Collections , Generics, Exception Handling, and Design Patterns for functionality, such as portfolio summary and user information.
  • Design E-R graphs and relationship among different database tables, Creation tables with low coupling.
  • Wrote PL/SQL Queries, stored procedures, triggers and prepared statements.
  • Experience in Developing graphical user interface by using JSP, HTML, and CSS and Implemented user input validations using JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Hands on experience in Developing test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework and Used Agile Methodology for the development of the project and built code using Eclipse and deploy it using Apache Tomcat
  • Developed J2EE applications using (Java Servlets, JSP, XML, JDBC and Web Services) on Windows and UNIX Systems and Used JSPs and Servlets to provide dynamic content to the HTML pages.
  • Experience in developing web applications using Spring MVC and Hibernate.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures, Views and Sequences to support database related function.
  • Monitored the log files on a regular basis in UNIX environment and Prepared Unit Test Cases and worked closely with QA teams to thoroughly test the application

Environment: JAVA, J2EE, JDBC, JSP, MySQL, UNIX, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, JUNIT, Apache, Spring MVC, IBM WebSphere

Confidential, Lisle, Illinois

Java Developer


  • Developed JAX-RS utilizing business logic for CRUD functionality and Jersey Webservices for creating reports and passing
  • Designed and implemented REST endpoint for sending both multi-type media and JSON in HTTP or HTTPS request
  • Developed code using Hibernate as an ORM tool for object relational mapping
  • Implemented Postman pre-request script to encrypt API keys in Web Token which will be sent in HTTP request header by using Node.js
  • Written Gradle scripts to support mulita-project builds
  • Supported the code builds by integrating with continuous integration and continuous developing tool like Jenkins
  • Used design patterns like MVC, DAO, Proxy, Singleton, Builder, Factory
  • Involved in writing test-cases using Junit, debugging Implementation and deployment activities
  • Implemented standard logging using Log4j to help tracking info, dev, warn and error
  • Supported fixing defects detected from quality center in the regression session
  • Involved in test driven development (TDD) model using JUnit and Mockito
  • Designed integrated test cases for developing stories and executed part of these test cases
  • Supported Testing team during System and Integration Test phases in both sprint and regression session. Involved in stories design, and review meeting, gave feedback and evaluate them
  • Used Agile Methodology for Java development

Environment: Java, J2EE, Jersey Webservices, Node.js, Servlets, RESTFUL web Services, SQL, PL/SQL, Hibernate, HTML, JavaScript, Windows, windows server, Junit, Mockito, Jersey, Oracle DB, Gradle, Git, Agile Methodology.


Java Developer


  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, development, and testing of the project
  • Microservices have been built using Ratpack Framework and deploying to AWS Cloud
  • Maintaining strong cohesion within a single microservice whilst facilitating some degree of reusability loosely coupled Microservices
  • Involved in deploying systems on Confidential (AWS) Infrastructure services EC2
  • Utilized most of the AWS services like S3 as a data store for storing the files that falls into the bucket, IAM roles, Elastic Bean Stalk, generated Lambda Functions to trigger an event that occurs in S3, Code Commit as a Version control service, AWS Cloud Watch
  • Provide expertise and hand-on helps, guidance to other engineers about cloud infrastructure, micro services container, application server configurations, docker container management
  • Implementing Restful API with API Gateway, Created and deployed an API to enable the required functionality in API Gateway
  • Designed a RESTful web service using REST API resulting in high reliability, visibility of different responses. hands-on expertise in developing REST APIs supporting multiple versions
  • Developed REST Web services with a synchronous request-response and also involved in developing and deploying the Web Services.

Environment : LINUX/Unix, Mac, Java/J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Micro Services, Redis, Cloud Foundry, Ratpack Framework, Jira, Ratpack Server, MySQL, JDBC, Rest, IntelliJ, Junit, Spock, Agile, GitLab, Cassandra, Spinnaker, Jenkins, Data Dog, Sumo Logic.

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