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Software Engineering Manager Resume

Brea, CA


  • 13+ years of professional experience in software engineering.
  • Results oriented, goal focused, with expert software architecture and engineering skills.
  • Architect and engineer of multiple software products delivered to market.


Languages: JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, PHP, SQL

Frameworks: reactjs, react - native, nodejs, Laravel, Firebase, Meteor, Django, Flask

Data: Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle, ElasticSearch, Lucene, SOLR

API: Swagger, RAML, REST

Cloud: AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, OpenStack, Rackspace

Mobile: Android, iOS, react-native, PWA

Source Code Control: GIT (Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket), Subversion, TFS

Platforms: Docker, Kubernetes, HashiCorp(Terraform, Packer, Vagrant), Tomcat, Apache, Linux, NodeJS, VMWare, eCommerce, MuleSoft, Akamai CDN

SDLC: Agile - ScrumBan, KanBan, Lean, SCRUM, XP, TDD, BDD


Confidential, Brea, CA

Software Engineering Manager

Stack: AWS, Docker, Jenkins, GitLab, Python, nodejs, Java, Atlassian Tools

Architecture: API, MicrosServices, RAML, CQRS, Cloud, MuleSoft


  • Responsible for consulting with credit unions around their API architecture specifically with MuleSoft’s stack.
  • Build custom payment rails for member to member (p2p) transactions.
  • Microservices for Confidential
  • Gitlab - SCM, CI, Docker registry
  • ReactJS, Python, Flask, APIs

Confidential, Plano, TX

Director/Lead Engineer

Stack: reactjs, react-native, meteor, nodejs, AWS, postgres

Architecture: API, MicrosServices, RAML, CQRS, Cloud, MuleSoft


  • Architect for entire system including large distributed data and API network
  • Lead product developer
  • Cloud architect
  • Platform architect
  • Mobile architect (React Native, Meteor)
  • Technology strategy (DevOps, Data, API, Cloud, Mobile)

Confidential, GreenBay, Wisconsin

Engineering Program Manager

Stack: Kubernetes (K8s), AWS, Docker, Jenkins, Terraform, GitHub, Packer, Artifactory, Python, nodejs, Go, JavaScript, Atlassian Tools

Architecture: API, MicrosServices, Swagger, CQRS, Cloud


  • Responsible for building a world class Confidential team and system to enable the platform team to build a provider-agnostic cloud platform deployable to AWS, bare-metal, DigitalOcean using Docker and Kubernetes. Operationalize and support CI, SCM, and Artifact repository for entire platform team.
  • Utilized Terraform to migrate CI, SCM, and Artifact Repo concerns from vSphere to AWS in 5 weeks.
  • This included conversion from Confidential to Gitlab and Artifactory to Confidential .
  • We converted 750 SCM repositories, 35 users, and approximately 50 CI jobs.
  • Jenkins for automation and Confidential pipelines - CI

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Director/Lead Engineer

Stack: LAMP - Angular, Python, Laravel, Symfony, JavaScript, nodejs, AWS, MySQL, Chef, API, Android, ReactJS, Meteor, ElasticSearch


  • Converted entire stack from FuelPHP => Laravel and migrated from rackspace to AWS
  • Lead product developer
  • Cloud architect
  • Platform architect
  • Mobile architect (Ionic, Angular 2.0, NativeScript, React Native)
  • Technology strategy


CTO/Lead Engineer and CoFounder

Stack: Web API, Angular, Python, JavaScript, nodejs, Azure, ElasticSearch, SQL Server


  • Launched and enabled entire stack on Azure
  • Lead product developer
  • Cloud architect
  • Platform architect
  • Mobile architect (Ionic, Angular 2.0, React Native)
  • Technology strategy
  • Stack: Angular, Python, JavaScript, nodejs, Azure, SQL Server, SOLR
  • Strategy, planning, architecture, coding and execution
  • 5 Teams; 70 staff; offshore/onshore
  • Agile leader and evangelist: KanBan, Lean, SCRUM
  • Institute DevOps function for continuous deployment.
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling strategy
  • Code Reviews and Product Strategy
  • Code SOLR Search prototype
  • Code Python List Comprehension prototype for search attribute matching
  • ProtoType Chef for VM build and configuration management
  • SQL Performance optimization
  • Evaluating OpenStack solutions for the delivery environments

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