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Java Developer Resume

North, CarolinA


  • Having 6+ years of experience in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation and Product Testing in both the Web based and Enterprise applications with emphasis on Object Oriented, Java/J2EE and Client Server technologies.
  • Strong experience with Software methodologies like Agile, Waterfall and Test - Driven Development.
  • Experience in Front-End UI technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, Node JS.
  • Having Good experience in developing and migrating existing application into cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Hands on experience working with various Amazon Web Services like EC2, SQS, S3, Elastic Search and Dynamo DB through AWS Console and API Integration.
  • Hands on experience in developing and solid understanding of Micro-Services Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience with Java 1.8 features like parallel streams and filters through lambda expressions .
  • Experience in developing web-based enterprise applications using Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Web Services (SOAP and REST) and ORM frameworks like Hibernate.
  • Experience with design patterns like Singleton, Factory Pattern, Prototype, Business Delegate, Session Facade, Service locator, Observer, Decorator, Front Controller patterns.
  • Expert in Core Java with strong understanding of Garbage Collector, Collections, Multithreading, Event handling, Exception handling and Generics.
  • Strong experience in developing and consuming SOAP and Restful based Web Services.
  • Expertise in XML technologies like DTD, XSD, XSLT and various parsers like DOM, SAX and JAXB.
  • Expertise in using JDBC API and Hibernate for connection and access to databases.
  • Experience with various Relational Databases like Oracle, My SQL, MS SQL Server and No SQL Databases like Mongo DB and Dynamo DB.
  • Proficient in writing complex queries using SQL Joins, Stored Procedures, Views and Indexes.
  • Experience with JUnit, Mockito and Log4j in writing unit tests and determining application functionality.
  • Hands on experience working with various Application servers like JBOSS, Web Sphere and Apache Tomcat.
  • Experience in different IDEs such as Eclipse, RAD, Spring Tool Suite (STS), and IntelliJ.
  • Having measurable experience on application building tools like Maven and ANT.
  • Experience in development, deployment and troubleshooting Web based and enterprise-based applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.
  • Experience in using code repository tools like Tortoise SVN, GitHub and Visual Source Safe.
  • Domain knowledge and business expertise in Banking, finance, e-commerce, Insurance and Healthcare.
  • Experience with adhering to strict coding standards in a team development environment.
  • Strong communication and analytical skills and a demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks as well as to work independently or in a team environment.
  • A team player and self-motivator possessing excellent analytical, communication, problem-solving, decision-making and Organizational skills.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, J2EE, SQL and PL/SQL.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix.

J2SE/J2EE Technologies: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JMS, JavaBeans, JSTL, JSF, Struts, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, JTA, JNDI, JPA JMS, Web Services SOAP (JAX-RPC, JAX-WS), Restful (JAX-RS), WSDL and UDDI.

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, Node JS and Bootstrap

XML Technologies: XML, XSL, XPATH, DOM, SAX, DTD, XQuery, XSD and XSLT.

Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services

Databases: Oracle, My SQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Mongo DB and Dynamo DB.

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, IBM Web Sphere, Web logic and JBOSS.

Build Tools: ANT, Maven and Jenkins

IDE / Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Spring Tool Suite (STS) and RAD.

Testing Tools/ Others: Selenium, TestNG JUnit, Mockito, Soap UI, Log4j.

Version Control: Tortoise SVN, CVS and GIT.

Agile, Waterfall and Test: Driven Development


Confidential, North Carolina

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development and understanding of business requirements and implement the process using Agile (Scrum) methodology.
  • Strong proficiency with Swing printing and imaging and other packages of Core Java API.
  • Implemented the front end using HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery and Angular 2.
  • Implemented modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirements.
  • Worked on server-side validations, handle actions, events and Encapsulation by implementing React JS.
  • Consumed RESTful Services with Angular 2 http Services.
  • Developed RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS using Spring Boot and Micro Services Architecture.
  • Experienced on spring framework applications like Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security and Spring Boot and did integration to Micro services into existing system architecture.
  • Creating REST based Web Services by establishing links using Hateoas from spring-based Applications.
  • Used Spring Batch for Batch processing with which notifications are sent in timely manner.
  • Worked on integrated Hystrix dashboard in order to monitor spring micro-services using Circuit Breaker.
  • Implemented the authentication and authorization of the application using Spring Security and OAuth 2.0.
  • Used JAVA 1.8 features like Lambda Expressions, Parallel Streams and functional interfaces.
  • Involved in developing API’s and RESTAPI proxy using APIGEE edge and for sending mobile notifications.
  • Designed and implemented intranet applications using RubyonRails and PostgreSQL on Heroku Cloud managed code versioning with GitHub and deployment to staging and production servers.
  • Worked with AWS cloud service in creating EC2 instances and providing them roles and sometimes participated in writing custom policies and deployed applications on Elastic Bean Stalk and EC2.
  • Performed Query operations on AWS Dynamo DB using Lambda Expression and captured the modification data on Dynamo DB.
  • Involved in AWSSQS to interact with queue and giving roles to it and involved in writing Custom policies.
  • Created instances on AWSEC2 and configure using CMS Ansible and Automation installation using CMS.
  • Participated in troubleshooting issues on AWS, Micro services Orchestration layer (Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka, Hystrix Circuit Breaker, Apigee).
  • Code coverage using SonarQube
  • Worked system logging using Elastic search, Kibana Logstash to create dashboards in Splunk and Kibana .
  • Implemented build stage-to build the Micro Service and push the Docker Container image to the private Docker registry.
  • Worked on Mongo DB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharing, replication and schema design etc.
  • Performed different types of testing on various test scripts on Selenium WebDriver and TestNG .
  • Used Active MQ to communicate with controller and used service layer to implement the business logic.
  • Used Mockito for testing the application and Log4j for logging all the debugging and error information.
  • Used Maven as build automation tool and responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins.
  • Used GitHub as Version Control tool, JIRA for issue tracking and IntelliJ as IDE.
  • Deployed and tested the application on Web Sphere Application Server.

Environment: Java/JDK 1.8, J2EE, Log4j, Web Services, Hystrix, Hystrix Dashboard, Spring Kafka, AWS, Netflix Eureka, Netflix Ribbon, Hibernate 4.3, Sonar, REST, JSON, RESTful, Windows SFTP/SCP client (Winscp382), Eclipse, MAVEN build tool, JUnit, Ruby On Rails, Kibana, Splunk, Golang, Apigee, Hateoas, Ansible, Drools, Hysteric, Jenkins Continuous integration tool, WebLogic Application Server 10.1, Oracle 11g, 12C, Linux OS, Agile Methodology, Curl, GIT, PL/SQL, Docker, Hateoas, Curl.


Java/J2EE Developer.


  • Used Hibernate, ORM solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with an SQL-based schema.
  • Used JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Node JS and AJAX technologies for front end user input validations and Restful web service calls.
  • Designed front-end presentation logic using JSP, HTML5, CSS3 and Strut tags.
  • Used JQuery and JSF validation framework for front end validations.
  • Created a Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS as framework, to bind data with specific views and to synchronize data with server.
  • Experience building services utilizing Core Java utilizing frameworks.
  • Designed front end using HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap and Angular JS
  • System builds using Spring Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • RESTful web services using Jersey for JAX-RS implementation.
  • Designed, configured and deployed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a multitude of applications utilizing the Amazon cloud formation.
  • Implemented pre-authentication framework (Spring Security) for authentication and authorization.
  • Used Spring framework including Spring core /IOC, Spring Web, Spring Security, Spring IOC, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions.
  • Used a Micro service architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and MQ to deploy Identity micro services and Micro Components.
  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the Application.
  • Written SQL Queries and stored procedures to interact with Oracle DB.
  • Micro Services were being used as a strategy to gradually replace a core monolithic application while still adding business features.
  • Configured Data Sources for the Oracle database system using IBM WebSphere.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for elements, web beans, handlers and view helper classes.
  • Focused on Test Driven Development thereby creating detailed JUnit tests for every single piece of functionality before actually writing the functionality.
  • Used SVN for version control tool and Spring Tool Suite (STS) for IDE.
  • Used Tortoise SVN to maintain the version of files and took the responsibility to do the code merges from branch to trunk and creating new branch when new feature implementation starts.
  • Used Maven as build automation tool for deploying the project on Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Configured and customized logs using Log4J.
  • Actively participated in the daily SCRUM meetings to produce quality deliverables.
  • Performed the technical design reviews and code reviews.
  • Coordinated with Business Analyst, Architecture and QA team to ensure the quality and success for each iteration tasks.
  • Design, develop and test of SOA services using SOA / Web Service / Oracle Fusion Middleware

Environment: Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, XML, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Tortoise SVN, JDBC, Maven, Tomcat Server, JMS, AngularJS, AJAX, AWS, SOA, Soap, Restful, WSDL, JIRA, Log4J, JUnit, Linux, STS, Oracle, Agile Methodology.

Confidential, Mountain view. CA

Java Developer


  • Involved in design, development, testing and implementation of the process systems, working on iterative life cycles business requirements, and creating Detail Design Document.
  • Using Agile methodologies to plan work for every iteration and used continuous integration tool to make the build passes before deploying the code to other environments.
  • Hand’s on coding experience in Core Java and REST WS.
  • Developed an attractive GUI using Angular JS that users can interact dynamically at runtime.
  • Developed crypto rest services using NodeJS and integrated services with HSM (Hardware Security Module).
  • Implemented HTTP REST API using NodeJS and Express JS and extensively tested RESTful services using POSTMAN.
  • Implemented modules into NodeJS to integrate with designs and requirements and used NodeJS Express Framework.
  • Involved in using NPM (Node Package Manager) and browserify for dependency and version management of NodeJS packages for the application.
  • Developed an application were involved in design changes using HTML5, CSS3 and fraction of JavaScript.
  • Worked extensively to achieve DOM Show, Hide elements and Event Handling using Angular JS.
  • Used Spring MVC and Dependency Injection for handling presentation and business logic.
  • Implemented persistence framework using Hibernate & Handled Transaction Management using the provided data source.
  • Involved in migrating monolithic application in Micro Service Architecture and Developed Micro-services using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform build upon Spring Boot Services.
  • Responsible for designing Hibernate mapping files based on business logic and Object relationships.
  • Established Database Connectivity using JPA, Hibernate O/R mapping with Spring Data ORM for Oracle.
  • Implemented SOA architecture with Web Services using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML using Apache CXF framework and worked on parsing the XML files using DOM/SAX parsers.
  • Created tables, triggers, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, SQL queries, Joins, i2ntegrity constraints and views for IBM DB2.
  • Used Multithreading in programming to improve overall performance using Singleton design pattern in Hibernate Utility class.
  • Implemented Restful and SOAP based Web Services and used Soap UI for testing.
  • Used Spring JMS module for lookup for the queues and MDBs for the listeners.
  • Involved in Unit Testing of various modules by generating the Test Cases.
  • Performed deployment of applications on Web Logic.
  • Written LINUX shell scripts to identify user login information.
  • Involved in day to day handling of JIRA issues (production issues at time) that involved data inconsistencies that required to be solved in very less time.
  • Worked with IntelliJ and used Gradle build tool to achieve more functionality for build process.
  • Used Jenkins as build management tool for continuous integration process and GitHub as Version Control tool.
  • Involved in Bug fixing of various modules that were raised by the testing teams in the application during the Integration testing phase.
  • Participated in Code Reviews of other modules, documents and test cases.

Environment: Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, JSP, JSTL, Spring (IOC, MVC, Security), Hibernate, XML, XSD, SOAP UI, Web Services, Restful, SOAP, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, WSDL, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Log4j, JUnit, Web Logic, Jenkins, Gradle, GIT, IntelliJ, JIRA, Agile Methodology, Windows, Linux, Rational Rose and UML.


Java Developer


  • Implemented Struts MVC design pattern and front controller pattern to this project.
  • Developed user interface by creating at least one webpage for each component using Struts web MVC and Action Servlet as front controller for this application.
  • Strong understanding of all the concepts of Core Java like ( Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Abstraction ).
  • Developed Action Class components for performing business process execution and involved in configuration of struts configuration specific xml file.
  • Developed SCM by using the JSP/HTML like one form for each functionality user interface, standard validations using the JavaScript, Servlets used as the controllers for the business logic and business logic using JDBC, XML parsing techniques etc. using MVC .
  • Developed Single Sign on (SSO) functionality, through which we can run SCM from Oracle Applications.
  • Involved in developing the Routings and configured Routing Program as scheduled the concurrent request.
  • Developed Server-Side components for the business services for creating Items, BOM, Sourcing Rules, and substitute.
  • Involved in raising the Notifications to Oracle Users through Mailing Concept for intimating to start the next process using workflow.
  • Extensively worked on Oracle for writing complex queries in the business logic layer. Used joins, debugging the SCM related packages and customization.
  • Extensively worked on creating the setups for Organizations, Templates, Concurrent Requests, Cross Reference Types, User Creations, assigning responsibilities, creating value sets, Descriptive Flex Fields etc. in Oracle Applications.

Environment: Java, JDBC, Servlets, Struts, JSP, Hibernate, Java Mail API, AJAX, HTML, XML, ANT, Log4J, CVS, RAD, Putty, Oracle, Web Sphere.

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