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Ui Developer Resume


  • 7 years of extensive experience in software development life cycle (SDLC) in developing anddesigning and user interfaces of Internet/Intranet applications using HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS,CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery Meeting W3C standards.
  • Experience in developing websites using HTML 4.0/5.0, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and JSON.
  • Designed the front - end applications, user interactive web pages in a professional manner with usingweb technologies like HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, XSLT, CSS3, Bootstrap, Node JS, Angular JS and jQuery
  • Worked with the JavaScript MVC frameworks like AngularJS and Backbone.JS.
  • Strong experience in writing AngularJS Modules, Services, Controllers and in developing componentsusing Custom Directives.
  • Extensive experience in cross-browser HTML, CSS & JavaScript coding to offer responsive websitelayouts to modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Experience in backend development and integration using Java, Spring Framework and Hibernate and T o mca t s erv er .
  • Experience in Developing front-end using ReactJS, jQuery, HTML and High Charts based on MVC architecture
  • Exp eri enc ed o fUni tTe sti ng wi thK a r ma, Jas min e, Mocha, Sino n an dChai .
  • Worked on web applications that require cross browser compatibilities like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
  • Involved in several web application development projects that required Responsive Web Design.
  • Good experience in building cross browser compatible applications using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Good Knowledge in Bootstrap.
  • Goo dW eb Applic ati on d ebuggin g s kill s usin gCh r o meDev elop ersT oo l an dF i r ebug .
  • Extensive Experience on MVC Design Patterns
  • Experienced in client side design and validation using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Experience in Using JavaScript/CSS and JS frameworks like jQuery, Angular Js and Node Js
  • Have good communication skills to discuss the projects with technical and non-technical SME's.
  • Some of the attributes that would describe me would be T ea m player, Quick learner, Self-Motivated and Strong interest in Front End Development.
  • Excellent knowledge in the development of User Experience web and mobile based applications.
  • Detailed understanding of DOM and DOM functions.
  • Incorporated the table less design methodology using CSS3 that follows W3C standards.
  • Pr ov entrac kr eco r d i n G raphi c an d Us er Exp eri enc eDesig n an dT rans fo r min gW eb/G raphi c
  • Designers static prototypes into hand-coded HTML, specifically emphasizing accuracy and efficiency &adhering to W3C-established web standards with respect to maintaining cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility and delivering final page templates, including optimized images.
  • Well versed W3C standards.
  • Experience with Web 2.0 and related sources.
  • Exp eri enc e wi th Us erA cc ep tanc et es tin g (U A T ) an dA cc essibili tyTe sting .
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities, communication skills, time management and team skills with an intention to work hard to attain project deadlines under stressful environments
  • Quick learner and proficient in solving the technical issues in the project.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills with capability to handle new technology Authorized to work in the US for any employer


UI Developer



  • Used Bit bucket for maintaining a central repository among team members and all teams and tocreate pull requests.
  • F ollow edAgil emethodolog y .
  • Used Git as a version control system.
  • Created pages using JSP and JavaScript
  • Used CSS for styling.
  • Used Bootstrap for the layouts.
  • Used JavaScript andjQuery for validations.

UI developer



  • Created Reusable components so that they can be used by the future developers.
  • Worked with a component library page where the all the reusable components are listed.
  • Created connected components.
  • Refactoredform Flux toRedux
  • Developed the application pages using JSX, ReactJS.
  • Used GitHub for maintaining a central repository among team members and all teams and to createpull requests.
  • Used Docker to setup the environment.
  • Written unit tests cases using jasmine and enzyme
  • Used SASS for styling components.
  • Used Responsive Web Design so that the website is compatible with different devices like desktops,laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • F ollow edAgil emethodolog y .
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture. Building components library, including T abl e Grid.
  • Worked extensively on ReactJS,React-Bootstrap, JSX, CSS 2/3, SCSS, Media queries forresponsiveness.
  • Built dynamically generated dropdown lists using ES6 and ReactJS.
  • Used Git as a version control system.
  • Performed end to end testing.
  • Used grunt for checking the code coverage.
  • Run the try builds using Jenkins.
  • Done animations using react flip move and animation.css
  • Involved and presented in the bi-weekly demos.
  • F i x edman y bug s an d c r ea tedemp ty s ta testoma k eth e ap p wo rk p erfec tl y .

Environment: JSX, HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React JS, JSON, Redux, Jenkins, Jasmine, Karma, Git, GitHub, Jira, IntelliJ

Frontend Developer

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Developed Single-Page web applications for multiple partners.
  • Created Single-Page Application using React with Redux patterns for View in an MVC framework
  • Produced the web pages using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, ReactJS and Angular JS.
  • Developed the application pages using AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5 and AJAX.
  • Created Custom Directives and Services in AngularJS.
  • Worked on the styles and pages that are compliant toADAstandards.
  • Created modals, overlays and menus for a webpage.
  • Dev elop ed pag estha t hav e hig h acc essibili ty .
  • Worked in an Agile team and well versed with Version One, JIRA and Knowledge Link.
  • Used ReactJS to develop complex UIs without losing code clarity
  • Us edGul pTa sk R unn er an dBow er&NPM d ep end enc ymanag emen ttools .
  • Used GitHub for maintaining a central repository among team members and all teams and to createpull requests
  • Used GIT to fetch, pull, commit, push and to create, merge branches with GitHub.
  • Produced high number of markups and styled the presentations.
  • Used best coding practices and naming conventions while writing code in JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Worked on HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 style sheets, JavaScript, Node JS, ReactJS with Redux and jQuery to tie together a diverse range of sites with an easily understandable structure.
  • Worked extensively with the content management team for creating labels and to use dynamic labelsin the application.
  • Experience in implementing client side Interface using ReactJS.
  • Converted wire frames to HTML5 prototypes.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Debugged the website using Chrome Developer's tool and manipulated the nodes using DOM functions. jQuery for DOMcontrol on small data websites and applications.
  • Integrated with backendRestful services. Debugged services using Soap UI.
  • Fixed front end bugs (HTML5, CSS3, Java script errors) using jasmine to do unit testing
  • Used React JS to design and develop new features across the site.
  • Built a second site in React JS once the company decided to pivot.
  • Responsible for code optimization and testing across other browsers.
  • Performed client side validations over the forms using JavaScript
  • Designed and developed the layouts using CSS3 Box model and HTML 5.
  • Used Responsive Web Design so that the website is compatible with different devices like desktops,laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Installed node packages to add functionality
  • Good experience in implementations and aware of programming practices in NodeJS
  • Defined text alignment, borders, positioning and many other typographic characteristics.
  • T ea m play er wi thex c ell en t co mmunica tio n s kills .
  • Simplification of CSS and JavaScript measurements for layouts.
  • Performed End-to-End testing for complete perfection.
  • P erfo r medAu to ma tedT es tdriv enDev elop men t.
  • R e- fac to r ed cod eto i mp r ov e cod e quali ty a s n ec essa ry .

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, AngularJS, Node JS, React JS, Redux, Jasmine, JavaScript, jQuery,JSON, AJAX, JIRA, MS Office, Git.

UI Designer / Web Developer


  • Used HTML, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and pure CSS layouts.
  • Created cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-based page layouts.
  • Understanding Web UI conventions and be able to leverage them for promoting an efficient userexperience.
  • Involved in solving cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Used Dream weaver as HTML editor, IIS for Web Hosting and SQL Server database.
  • Implemented jQuery along with JavaScript libraries.
  • AdobeAcrobat was used for the document management and developing .PDF files.
  • Designed and developed of UI using HTML/DHTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • Involved in Developing User Interface using CSS.
  • Developed each and every web page which handles all popular search engines which targets the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Converted HTML prototypes into wire frames.
  • Prepared the business report with the help of Wire frames.
  • Performed Database connectivity and transactions and also wrote stored procedures as per the requirement in MY-SQL.
Environment: Macromedia Flash MX, jQuery, JavaScript, MXML, Ajax, Home Site, Java, JSP, CSS, HTML,DHTML, XHTML, XSL, XSLT and MY-SQL. Education Masters University of Northern Virginia Master’s in computer science Bachelors MVSR Engineering College Skills AJAX., CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery Additional Information T echnica l S kills: W ebTechnolog ies: HTM L, HTM L5,XM L,CSS, CSS 3,S AS S p r ep r oc esso r,Boo ts trap, JavaSc rip t,jQuery, AJAX, XHTML, JSON, Java, Apache, DOM F r on t- en dTechnolog ies: JavaSc rip t, CSS, HTM L5 JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, BackboneJS I DE T ools: In telliJ, Brac k ets, No tepad++, V isua l S tudi o2010, Eclips e,Net b eans, Subli me. Debuggin gT ools: F i r ebug, Dev elop erT ools, Ji ra, k a r ma, jas min e Version Control: Subversion, CVS, Git, GitHub. SVNManag emen tT ools: M SPr oj ec t Database: MS SQL server, MYSQL, BD2, Oracle, MongoDB Operating Systems: Windows, Macintosh S erv ers: H T T PW eb S erv er,Apach eT o mca t,W eblogic, Web Sph er e, IIS, Nod e s erv er W i r eF ra meT ools: A dob e Illus tra to rCS 3,Mic r oso f tVisi on

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