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Software Engineer Resume

Houston, TX


Java - based web professional with over 15 years of software development experience and a solid logic-oriented background who understands that our job is not just writing code but being able to figure things out. I am seeking a challenging position with the Development department in a company that would benefit from my experience, skills.


Platforms: Windows 7, XP, 2000, NT and 95. Exposure to Unix (AIX, Solaris) and Linux (RedHat)

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, dBase7, DB2

Languages: Java, Delphi 7.0, C#, ColdFusion, C++ 5.0, Visual Basic 5.0, MF Cobol HTML 5, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript, CSS, JSP, AJAX, XML, JSON

Software: Java (Eclipse, IBM VisualAge, JBuilder, Exposure to Forte)

Reporting Tools: SAP Business Objects, LexisNexis HotDocs, iNet Clear, ReportBuilder)

Servers: Apache Tomcat, BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, SpringSource

Version Control: Git, SVN, MS Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam TOPLink, XMLSpy, Wise Installer, VMWare Workstation, Microsoft IIS, SiteMinder


Software Engineer

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Design and implement systems to extract, transpose, and load (ETL) data from vendor resources (web, ftp, flat file) into a SQL Server database.
  • Lead projects by interacting with Traders/Trading Analysts to gather requirements and deliver the applications.
  • Communicate directly with business users on a daily basis for new development projects as well as troubleshooting of existing applications.
  • Assemble and distribute email reports using Velocity to display calculated data and charts.
  • Implement new data feeds quickly and efficiently and troubleshoot broken jobs in fast paced environment to minimize downtime.
  • Design, develop and maintain ETL systems and applications that provide data in various forms to the Power and Oil/Gas trading desk to make trading decisions.
  • Automate processes that are currently being processed manually by Power/Trading analyst.
  • Used Selenium to navigate complex sites in order to drill down to specific data requested by traders.
  • Used MAVEN for build framework and Jenkins for continuous build system.
  • Utilized the Spring Batch Framework to run over 500 jobs in a multi-threaded environment.
  • Used Rabbit MQ to deliver real-time time series data to the analytics tools utilized by the traders.
  • Enhanced our java Dashboard tool to provide auto-refresh for formulas in an asynchronous fashion
  • Enhanced and maintained our ETL monitoring systems.
  • Implementation of system enhancements to current infrastructure as well as identify new technology to upgrade legacy architectures.

Technical Environment: Java/J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, SQL/PLSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Apache Tomcat, Python, XML, JSON, HTML5, Rabbit MQ, Git/SVN, MAVEN, Selenium.

Senior Technical Consultant / Software Developer

Confidential, Bellaire, TX


  • Authored, maintained and supported Java customizations
  • Successful completion of Solution Admin as well as Developer Admin
  • Authored, maintained and supported Java customizations, integrations and rules
  • Custom Java and IntApp business rules
  • Reporting: SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports, iNet Clear Reports, HotDocs Templates
  • Exposure to SAP Business Objects Universe development and Web Intelligence reports
  • Authored, maintained and supported ColdFusion integrations and reports

Technical Environment : Windows 7, XP and 2000, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, ColdFusion Builder, SAP Business Objects, Hot Docs Document Assembly, IntApp Relationship Builder


Programmer Analyst


  • Most recently completed a complex project enabling our Suite product to integrate with SAP Business Objects Boxir3 via LDAP authentication and Siteminder RC12 single sign on.
  • Enhanced our initial venture into early case assessment with Tactix.
  • Introduced ad-hoc reporting using iNet Crystal Clear v10 to our eDiscovery product LegalHold 3.1.
  • Delivered Suite 8.3.1 which introduced the invoice discount feature via a scalable module feature architecture.
  • Created a default Hint store using a Singleton pattern to ensure that only one instance is created by the JVM.
  • Custom SmartLink rules using IntApp Relationship Builder which creates database triggers to respond to each client's unique business rules.
  • Revamped our existing web application using AJAX and DHTML in a team environment. Architecture now supports alert, audit, validation, and workflow rules.
  • New task that communicates with our new e-Invoicing website, Corridor, using SOAP to import LEDES 98b, 98bi and 2000 files into eCounsel's Invoice module.
  • Integration with the following Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Documentum: Communication of our application with Documentum’s Digital Asset Manager 5.2.5 SP3 using HTTP/HTTPS protocol, use of keytool in the management of trusted s entries in keystores, extensive use of custom JSP pages, and enabled our application to be used as a web service within DAM.
  • Interwoven iManage 8.2 and 8.0: For 8.0, created a custom connector using ASP.NET and C# that is dropped on a workspace and used to retrieve documents with custom values stored in the session. For 8.2, enhanced this integration to store values in cookies rather than the session as iManage now invalidates their session.
  • Experience with iManage 7.4 (ASP), FileNet P8 (JSP and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)), FileNet 3.3 Panagon (ASP) and HummingBird DM5 (ASP).
  • Web wizards (eCounsel New Matter and Global Assign/Reassign Wizards; Secretariat Global Appoint/Promote/Retire, Copy Data, Entity Change Status, and Corporate Meeting Wizards). These wizards provide for mass information transfer across modules in a transactional and distributed environment.
  • Responsible for timely builds of web applications using Jenkins Build Server and Eclipse/Ant.
  • Figured out how to install and deploy our web applications on BEA Weblogic server.
  • Web Tabs and Modules: Matters, Entities, People, Invoice, Reports, Calendar (Tasks/Appointments).
  • Primary reporting tool used in web applications are SAP Business Objects, iNet Clear and HotDocs.
  • Mentor junior developers in proper design, coding, testing, and debugging skills. In addition answer architectural questions, perform code reviews and other duties required for a senior member of the development team.
  • Handled customer issues (both internal and external) and technical questions from other departments ie our “customers” (Customer Support, Product/Services Group, QA).
  • Successful ongoing development of web project life cycle (code name Darwin).
  • Enabled the application to run within a browser utilizing ActiveX technology.
  • Windows Tabs and Modules: Matters, Entities, People, Titles.
  • Wrote custom components that enhance out of the box controls to fit needed functionalities.
  • Primary reporting tool used in windows applications are HotDocs and ReportBuilder.
  • SQL Direct as the replacement for the Borland Database Engine.
  • Successful completion of windows project life cycle (code name Denali).

Technical Environment: Windows 7, XP and 2000, Java/J2EE, Eclipse, JBuilder, IBM VisualAge, XMLSpy, Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Delphi 5.0-7.0, InfoPower. Databases currently being used as application backends are Oracle and MS SQL Server. Version control currently maintained by Git and SVN; previously by Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and StarTeam.

Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Developed CGI and GUI systems using Delphi 4.0, dBASE7 and DB2. Designed Intranet web pages using HTML.
  • Migration of MS-DOS Clipper applications to a visual environment in Delphi utilizing classes and object oriented programming.
  • Use of both Borland and Apollo database engines in the development and maintenance of these applications.
  • Version control of major applications maintained by Visual Source Safe. Database file conversion from dBase7 and NTX indexes to Advantage and CDX indexes in the initial stages.
  • In addition, Y2K compliance issues of client server applications on the NOVELL network were addressed, converted, tested, and supported with heavy user interface.

Technical Environment: Windows 95 and NT, MS-DOS, Delphi 4.0, HTML, Clipper, Valkerie Decompiler, MS Visual Source Safe, Apollo driver, FTP, TCP/IP, dBase7, NOVELL, Exposure to DB2 and Advantage.

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