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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • 7+ years of IT experience with In - Depth knowledge of system & database architecture, design, development, performance and testing
  • Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer for Enterprise software for worlds number 1 innovative company, Confidential
  • Excellent knowledge in API designing
  • Backend experience on MongoDB and Oracle (Understand of SQL and NoSQL architecture)
  • Proficient with Business Skill Set: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, Oracle, SQL, PL SQL, MongoDB, Elastic search, Kafka queues
  • Requirement Analysis, Work Flow Design, Process Improvement, Systems Integration, and Leadership
  • Cloud infrastructure design and implementation for projects
  • Worked in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile’s Scrum methodologies


Java 7+ yrs: Collection, Inheritance, Autoboxing, Generics

J2EE 7+ yrs: JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, JAX RS, IoC (Dependency Injection)

Spring 5+ yrs: Spring 3.0.5.RELEASE and 4.0.5.RELEASE, Hibernate 3 / Morphia 2+, Hibernate 3.0 / Morphia 1.2.0

Middleware 4+yrs: jBoss 7, Tomcat 7&8, Jetty

Frontend scripts 6+ yrs: JavaScript and jQuery

IDE / tools 7+ yrs: Eclipse Mars, SQL Developer, Intellij, RoboMongo, STS3.7.2

Database 6+ yrs: Oracle, MySql, MongoDB

Source Control 6+ yrs: SVN, GIT

Operating System 6+ yrs: OSX, Unix, Linux

Other Development experiences 2+ yrs: JUnit, Mokito, Maven, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, DevOps, Kafka, Akka

Development Methodologies 7+ yrs: Agile, SDLC

Cloud tools 2+ yrs: AWS, Monsoon

Python, R Programming: trained Version 1.1.453


Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA


  • Build the best cloud software for businesses using a market leading development cloud platform.
  • Work closely with the product owners to understand detailed requirements and own the code from design, implementation, test automation and delivery of high quality product to our users.
  • Collaborate day-to-day with an energetic team of like-minded developers, product managers and quality engineers using agile software development methodology.
  • Master new functional areas and take ownership of features that matter to our customers.
  • Design features with a core commitment to quality and an eye to how the products will evolve in future releases

Environment: Eclipse Photon, React, Java, JavaScript

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, San Ramon, CA


  • Designing and implementing a scalable Java and JavaScript development and testing frameworks with a secure API integration layer that will allow Confidential to collaborate with other entities in the distributed energy ecosystem, and an Analytics platform that will allow Confidential to create value differentiators.
  • Managing Confidential ’s IT and technology infrastructure and platform, including all in- house and third party infrastructure, relationships, sourcing contracts. Responsible for 24X7 operation of the platform for all its stakeholders.
  • Understand the customer experience requirements and communicate it within the Confidential engineering team in terms of technical low-level tasks in terms of Agile stories and epics
  • Propose, deliver, and manage technology project plans that may be introduced to the Confidential ’s existing infrastructure in support of product development and management
  • Deliver customer facing presentations and demonstrations of Confidential products & solutions
  • Establish and maintain a professional working relationship at multiple levels both internally and with the customer by understanding the customer’s business needs/opportunities/outcomes and their unique situation
  • Collaborate with both internal and external industry experts to anticipate customer needs in order to ensure effective and efficient development and delivery of a proposed solution

Environment: Spring 4.1.6, MongoDB 2.6.9, Morphia, J2EE, RESTFul 3, WebServices, API intigrations, JSON, Java 1.7, tomcat 8, RoboMongo 0.9.0-RC4, AWS

System Analyst

Confidential, SunnyVale, CA


  • Involved in Re-Architecture of the critical application
  • Proof of concept to model the actual functionalities for better performance using advanced technologies
  • Data Sync between Oracle and MongooDB to maintain both new and old service available
  • Usage of Kafka and Akka for Data sync between different databases
  • Used Elasticsearch with JestAPI client for better search operations
  • Building REST API’s using RESTEasy implementation based on JAX-RS specification
  • Created REST API’s for 6+ resources
  • Application deployment using jetty servers and dev-ops for environmental deployments
  • Used Auto-wiring and Inversion Control of Spring successfully to implement the new blend of technology
  • Used Gatling reports for performance testing
  • Usage of Mokito for JUnit test cases

Environment: Spring 4.1.6, MongoDB 2.6.9, Morphia, J2EE, RESTEasy 3, WebServices, JSON, Java 1.8, Oracle11, Elastic search 1.3.4, Kafka 2.10, Jetty 9.2.9, RoboMongo 0.8.5

Program Analyst

Confidential, SunnyVale, CA


  • Made the Requirement Analysis from the scratch
  • Discussed with business to understand the exact requirements and wrote down the functional specification
  • Used Hibernate-ORM, POJO, DAO design pattern
  • Used Data models, Spring, hibernate-config.xml, hibernate mapping files & HQL for building the persistence layer.
  • Wrote the SQL queries, functions, stored procedures for data access.
  • Define database schema and the required table-structure
  • Used jquery, RequiredJS and Bootstrap JS for the presentation layer
  • Designing the migration of live project into ongoing modularized project where the data and functionality accommodation is restructured.
  • Migration included various challenges like Data consistency, Application usage consistency, workflow migration and new set of workflow management rules based on the migration.
  • Had to maintain the minimal change in workflow for the previous user to understand the new UI and design
  • Designed and coded the complex Product Plans workflow for application
  • Verified and synced the logic with old and new systems
  • Integration with other applications for business needs
  • Responsible for Restructuring the Data base to accommodate migration
  • Creating and Implementing new plugins for the UI as needed for business
  • Worked as an onsite resource and coordinating with Offshore team
  • Understanding the business logic behind every changes needed
  • Business ERS and application walk through sessions
  • Providing the flow chart and planning for Module Designing
  • UI Design and Coding
  • Handling iQA / APS KT and discussion session Implementation
  • Migrating All hardware servers to Cloud based VMs

Environment: Spring 4.1.6, Hibernate, J2EE, RESTEasy 2.3, WebServices, JSON, Java 1.7, Oracle11, SqlDeveloper 4.0, SqlWorkbench 6.2, Jboss AS 7.1, Apache 2.2, Monsoon VMs

Software Engineer



  • Discussed with business to understand the exact requirements and wrote down the functional specification
  • Used Data models, Spring, hibernate-config.xml, hibernate mapping files & HQL for building the persistence layer.
  • Wrote the SQL queries, functions, stored procedures for data access.
  • Used JSP, AJAX, JSTL, jQuery and Java Scripts for the presentation layer
  • Reviewing teams code and maintaining the standards across the industry
  • Involved in major enhancement releases where there were integration of web services.
  • Crucial role in addressing information security breaches
  • Functional changes based on business requirement with handling Presentation to Client by creating Proof of Concepts.
  • Worked on complex modules of decision making inside the system like reviews and milestones.
  • Successfully Designed and developed the graphical representation Home screen for the action items for logged in user which was a big add on to the application
  • Requirements/Issue Analysis Business ERS and application walk through sessions
  • Involved in UI Design and Coding
  • Handling iQA and Production support team KT and discussions
  • Involved in D2P process
  • Support in US hours

Environment: Spring MVC 3.0.5, Hibernate 3.6, J2EE, Java 1.6, Oracle, SqlDeveloper 3.0, Tomcat, JSP, jQuery, Java Scripting, HTML, CSS

Software Engineer



  • Detailed study of System Design and Specification Document
  • Ensuring compatibility in tools and interfaces with appropriate design pattern
  • Designing screens (Creating JSPs)
  • Writing Java Classes
  • Writing SQL queries
  • Unit testing and System testing

Environment: Java, Spring, Java Script

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