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Automation Quality Assurance Engineer Resume

Greenwood Village, CO


  • Automated our own internal testing tool (iOS and Android Gateway) by also using our own internal testing tool called eggPlant functional.
  • Created and executed automated and manual functional tests for the mobile platform (iOS and Android) using internal testing tools iOS Gateway, Android Gateway, eggPlant functional, eggPlant manager and Bash scripts.
  • Wrote comprehensive automated smoke tests for iOS and Android devices using eggPlant functional and Bash scripts.
  • Timely performed planning and execution during software release by using Testrail planning scheme and automated scripts according to the release schedule.
  • Wrote bash scripts with adb (android debug bridge) commands in them to get Android System application status so later I can use the result to my benefit to help expedite the release process.
  • Developed a Mac OS app using Cocoa to figure out which Xcode version is compatible with iOS version. My boss thought it was a great idea and he agreed to embed this app in one of our main product called iOS Gateway to help iOS testing.
  • Created nightly automated regression tests by using our internal testing tool called eggPlant Manager. The test would kick - in every morning at 4 am and by the time I get to the office, I would know what exactly passed or what failed. Saved me and the company a lot of time
  • Did hybrid testing by using Appium for Object-based testing and combined it with image-based testing (by using eggPlant functional) to make the nightly regression a little less time-consuming without having to sacrifice the quality of the test. Performed this on Mac and Windows for testing Android.
  • Developed and performed compatibility test. Wrote test plans, test cases, and test configurations as far as the devices go. Especially iOS had a lot of compatibility issues with Xcode versions and any Android above Android OS 6+ had permission issues, so it was very important to make sure that it was compatible before we released the software.
  • Performed automated smoke testing right after a new build was kicked in, in Jenkins. Doing testing this way caught more bugs quicker than it would have otherwise.
  • Executed automated functional tests using our internal testing tools: eggPlant functional, iOS Gateway, Android Gateway, and eggPlant Manager.
  • Kept an excel sheet about what date our software was released so later if there’s a non-compatibility issue that arises we can get to it quickly by referencing dates and the exact Jenkins build number without wasting any time.
  • Participated in the company’s internal quarterly hackathons and annual testing conferences such as Techwell East and West.
  • Familiar with Agile (SCRUM) as well as with Waterfall methodology.
  • Collaborated with customers via technical account managers whenever it was necessary.
  • Attended daily stand-ups scrum status meetings, sprint plannings, backlog grooming, and release retrospectives.


Automation Quality Assurance Engineer

Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO

  • Performed Web API testing with tools like Postman, Rest Client, Runscope, Soasta for load testing and API dashboard (Internal API dev testing tool).
  • Worked with and tested REST APIs to ensure the reliability of the Charter television & movie catalog.
  • In an effort to automate as many tests as possible I proactively began writing and running R-Spec tests every day to ensure no existing functionality had been broken.
  • Performed system, unit, acceptance, regression, load, and functional/performance testing on CTVA application using both automated and manual testing methods.
  • Filed bugs in Jira and reported to the developer any time when a bug was discovered while testing.
  • Worked with Genymotion and Xcode to perform UI tests of our iPhone and Android Apps.
  • Ran smoke test every day to make sure the existing APIs were working and no functionality had been broken.
  • Helped test IP-Vod content with our existing SQL database.
  • Followed scrum methodology, attended standup meetings every day and sprint meetings every two weeks.

Junior Front-End Developer

Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO

  • Created fundamental pieces of the layout for the Bloggistic blogging engine. This included creating layouts, styling and coming up with UI ideas to make the end user’s job easier.
  • Created Markdown for the book The Rapid Rubyist by Matt Stopa using Github.
  • Worked on an internal app called Group Chat, which uses the Parse DB Webservice to join multiple teams and allow them to collaborate in real time. My contribution was in the look and feel and well as adding basic Javascript functionality.
  • Worked on bug fixes for Chirrpy. This included some minor Ruby on Rails fixes and Javascript. It was my job to get familiar with the codebase on the front end and help out with any Javascript/HTML issues that arose.
  • Took part in the normal Agile workflow: Daily stand-ups, meetings to point stories, etc.
  • Helped the scrum master to manage company workflow in regards to tasking and project delivery.
  • Took company provided training in HTML / CSS /Bootstrap/ JavaScript / Ruby.
  • Redesigned website for existing customers.
  • Created HTML campaign.


Mobile Testing: (iOS & Android), Appium, Xcode, iOS Simulator, Android Studio, Genymotion, R-Spec, Postman, SoapUI, Testrail, eggplant functional, Sensetalk, Basic Selenium, VNC, Tight VNC, Command Line, Git, Gitlab, Sourcetree, Fork, Cronjob, Charles Proxy, Parallels VM, Virtual Box

Programming Language: HTML, CSS, Swift, Bash, Sensetalk (proprietary eggPlant functional language)

Operating System: Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows

Training: Coveros training (Basic exposure to Selenium), Attended TechWell Software Conferences

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