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Java Lead / Technical Leader Resume

Princeton, NJ


  • 10 years of IT experience with a proven record of success in developing complex software solutions, including the previous 5 years in senior - level positions. Excels at collaborating in a cross-functional environment and at learning new technologies and applying them to develop well-structured code. Experienced at working on projects at all stages from gathering requirements to development and testing to deployment. Expert in integrating development capabilities and goals with broader business objectives. Outstanding leadership ability and business Confidential .
  • Data Management | Machine Learning | Agile/Waterfall Methodologies | Continuous Integration | Data Ingestion Workflows
  • Innovative | CMMI Level 5 | ETL - Pentaho PDI | Data Quality | Microservices Architecture | Process Improvement


Languages: Core Java, Java 8 (Lambdas and Streams API), JavaScript, Python, SQL, PowerShell

Technologies: Junit, XML, SOAP, Spring Boot, Oauth2, Hadoop (HDFS, HBase, Kafka, Spark, Zookeeper), RDBMS, ORM (Hibernate), Mockito, JSP, JSON, Pentaho PDI, Apache HTTP components

Frameworks: Struts 2.0, Spring, Spring Security, SAML, Spring-MVC, RESTful API, AngularJS

Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, SQL, Soap UI, Git, TeamCity, Maven ( cucumber test suits ), Ant, SVN, Pentaho Spoon, Pentaho Kettle

Data Sources: Excel csv, flat files, MQ, and Kafka

Project Tracking Tools: JIRA, Service Now, Salesforce, Rally


Java Lead / Technical Leader

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

  • Built a Machine Learning model to generate daily predictions for data quality of files provided by vendors, using spark, Python, and Java Machine Learning libraries.
  • Created microservices architecture Spring boot applications executing Pentaho PDI jobs.
  • Designed ETL solutions using Pentaho PDI for NAV calculation, enhancing the legacy application by parallelizing while validating and optimizing input files.
  • Improved the client onboarding process by automating required configurations from different data sources.
  • Developed REST based micro-services, workflows/processes utilizing Kafka, Hadoop Framework
  • Created a unit testing engine for Pentaho KTR.
  • Designed ETL solutions using Pentaho DI transformations and jobs for consolidated holdings of fund.
  • Enhanced SQL and integrated with UI loading of EPW vendor prices daily into the database of the application by creating a new REST service.
  • Integrated different parts of applications using PowerShell.
  • Conducted code reviews and performance tuning sessions, helped offshore team with technical feedbacks.

Java Lead / Technical Leader


  • Designed and developed application security features like session management using URL rewriting, masking sensitive data, validating server-side input, encoding output, and other OWASP mandated vulnerabilities as well as addressing issues discovered in penetration testing.
  • Used Struts2 framework Interceptors to design central code to do server side input validation of the application.
  • Integrated a variety of services into the application, including fund transfers, funding, and login.
  • Enhanced java Executer framework to do multithreaded calculations of business logic
  • Designed and coded reusable solutions, refactoring code to enhance local build processes.
  • Established coding best practices in both team and code review.

Senior Java Developer / Senior Software Engineer


  • Designed and implemented custom UI using AngularJS for working with files and folder for reports on Pentaho dashboard and integrated various Pentaho REST services
  • Collaborated with a team of ETL developers designing a single sign-on solution (SSO) based on a CAS pattern and Ping Federated servers with a token providing role-based access to an in-house Pentaho Platform product.
  • Designed an SSO using a Ping token, SAML, Spring Security, and a Pentaho core API.
  • Designed and coded RESTful based PDI job execution framework, integrating AutoSys jobs using Java and http library.
  • Used Dependency Injection based-on features of the Spring framework to customize Pentaho reporting platform features like injecting custom SQL queries at run time.
  • Automated customized portions of the Pentaho BA platform and setup process.
  • Designed an advanced JDBC-based security framework to provided additional roles in the BA server’s SSO mode.
  • Integrated AutoSys jobs with Pentaho REST services to call PDI job using Java and Apache HTTP components library.

Java Developer / Software Engineer


  • Gathered client requirements and implemented mobile “widget” applications.
  • Addressed bugs, delivered enhancements, and implemented a design for the site Catalyst to generate user data metrics.
  • Designed and coded a module upgrade establishing different fee structures for banks depending on transfer speed, assisting QA in writing test cases, and creating an impact analysis and effort estimation documents.
  • Implemented SQL performance tuning using a query explain plan.
  • Implemented a method to code marketing collateral emails sent to customers using open source java libraries.
  • Enhanced SOAP based web services logic by validating values with site catalyst code.
  • Designed GUI based tool for performing various backend support jobs.

Java Developer / Software Engineer


  • Wrote the business logic for clients’ ATM-POS, online-banking transactions based on ISO-8583 protocol.
  • Collaborated to implement a daily card transaction limit to avoid transactions with a stand-in switch like lynxgate.
  • Adhered to corporate policies and CMMI-5-based development processes to achieve zero defects.
  • Contributed to a team that built clients’ card order lifecycle management, including creating the process to generate card issuing and reissuing.
  • Designed and implemented code in the ATM/POS to differentiate pin from signature-based transactions enabling the application to apply fees based on the transaction type
  • Implemented spring AOP framework to auto-commit queries based on package level for ATM transaction.

Java Developer / Technical Consultant


  • Built an app on top of the NetBeans standalone platform designing reports using Java Foundation Classes and developing XML-based reports on the NetBeans RCP platform.
  • Re-engineered code to achieve faster rendering by minimizing objects required to load reports.
  • Migrated the NetBeans file system to load from a database, minimizing memory requirements and system dependence, performing JVM performance tuning.

Java Developer / Software Engineer


  • Created POC for multiple databases, mapping data types from Oracle to other databases to migrate data across multiple platforms.
  • Wrote Junit tests using cactus framework for a struts2-based application.
  • Created multiple end to end forms using DOJO, Struts2 action classes, using oracle DB.
  • Coded a module to purge and archive data using Quartz Job Scheduler.
  • Created custom tags to display user-specific messages and components.

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