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Senior Java Software Developer (contract To Boing) Resume


Java: JSP

Servlets: J2EE

REST, APIs,Micorservices: JDBC

Kafka: JSON

SQL (MySql, Oracle): Windows, DOS, Linux

Spring: Web Applications

Eclipse, Netbeans, IdeaJ: JavaScript, JQuery

Docker: Apache/Tomcat



Senior Java Software Developer (Contract to Boing)

  • Developed workflow systems for client/customer approval and on - boarding utilizing Spring, SQL, Hibernate, JSP, and Java EE from an existing web application to increase efficiency of the approval procedure.
  • Recommended design and implementation improvements for better performance and reliability.
  • Increased page load times a minimum of 100%, reliability of the services and systems so that users were able to more quickly perform the tasks needed to approve credit and create accounts.
  • Interfaced with multiple databases utilizing SQL and Hibernate.
  • Performed unit testing and deployment to Dev, Test, Prod, and DR sites.


Senior Java Software Developer (Contract to Expedia)

  • Develop systems implementing ETL in Java, for data transfer between disparate enterprise systems in JSON. Utilizing Java 8.
  • Utilized core Java and POJO’s as well as other classes for implementation of behind the scenes improvement of refund system.


Senior Java Software Developer (Contract to GCI)

  • Develop systems implementing ETL in Java, for data transfer between disparate enterprise systems in JSON. Utilizing Java 8 and Spring (SpringBoot, Spring, etc), Kafka and Consul.
  • Analyze and develop an SDK and RESTful services in Java.
  • Deployment to systems using Docker and other virtual systems into HA environments.
  • Write build and deploy scripts in Bamboo.


Senior Java Software Developer

  • Develop and maintain software within the Vitria BusinessWare framework for business workflow utilizing Java to manage all aspects of image, video and audio rights management and distribution.
  • Add new business work flows, including contributor payments and credit redeems.
  • Provide support for ingestion of assets into the Product Catalog, Keyword publishing, removal of assets from public product catalog utilizing RMQ, Java, Tomcat, ZK framework (ZKOSS).


Java Software Developer/Web Application Developer

  • Develop and maintain Web applications, including adding new features and enhancing existing features to track personnel training records and task lists.
  • Develop and document use cases and participate in the daily scrum meetings.
  • Utilized Servlets, JSP, HTML, custom tag libraries, JavaScript, JQuery, and SQL all deployed under JBoss and developed in Eclipse.


Senior Software Developer/Web Application Developer

  • Develop Java webservices accessing data from business servicers, Web Services libraries including JAX-WS.
  • Implement validation and secure access through proxy server to access business data behind firewall.
  • Utilize PrimeFaces (Based on JSF) library in web application.
  • Implemented JSON and AJAX for in-house sales tool web-application utilizing JQuery
  • Maintain public facing Website on CMS (EE), utilizing HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP.
  • Utilize C# to update internal IT management tools.


Software Developer/Web Application Developer

  • Develop web-based application (iAppreciate) utilizing servlets, JSP,HTML,JavaScript, iText (PDF generation library) that allows users to send personalized, electronic postcards to an appreciated co-worker.
  • Generates emails programmatically to attach the cards to and presentation documents for use during a ceremony, such as an awards ceremony.
  • Information gathered through an on-line interface generating PDF documents that to be emailed or viewed.
  • Deployed under Tomcat 6.


Senior Software Developer

  • Develop E911 software, specifically LoST server shape handling per RFC-5222 and RFC-5491.
  • Parse/unmarshaling XML for various shapes (Point, Circle, Sphere, ArcBand, Polygon, Prism, Ellipse, Ellipsoid).
  • Developed classes to geocode Civic Addresses to Lat/Lon coordinates.
  • Mapped shaped to a PSAP and returned mapping to caller for call routing.


Java Developer

  • Extended JButton, overriding the paint and paintComponent methods so that a graphical button could be rendered by the button itself, rather than loading an image for each button.
  • Button used in the UI of a POS system. Two approaches used were creating a number of classes to apply consecutive effects to create a gel-like button, and incorporating all the effects into the button itself to create a similar, yet more acceptable gel-like effect.
  • Created SDLC Best Practices documentation, defining practices for version control, configuration control, bug tracking, requirements gathering, specification development, project scope and management.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

SDK Developer

  • Maintained sample application Java code and developed additional sample applications in Java to demonstrate various aspects of SDKs.
  • Reviewed Java code and documentation for technical accuracy and best practices.
  • Maintained Software Development Kit (SDK) Documentation.
  • Built release images.
  • Participated in updating procedure to produce and track distribution of SDK to customers.


Software Engineer

  • Developed various logging routines (Audit and Activity) utilizing SQL server triggers and Java Servlet filters, for a newly implemented system for DSHS and CA.
  • Implemented SQL Querys via JDBC for retrieval and storage of data.
  • Developed JSP pages for reporting/displaying/sorting data upon retrieval utilizing Struts framework.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Lead Software Engineer

  • Maintain web based client software providing display and storage of wiring solutions (schematics) for maintenance of aircraft.
  • Implement new features, both server and client side, as requested by customer.
  • Server deployed and running under Tomcat (Servlets, IBATIS, Hibernate).
  • Client utilized JSP, Struts.
  • Supported design and implementation of software utilized to import data for use by client software.
  • Improved reliability of application through redesign and refactoring allowing more focus on feature enrichment and enhancement.

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