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Sr. Android Developer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • 5+ years’ experience developing rich Android applications
  • Strong experience with Android SDK and Android Studio, familiar with RESTful API
  • Experience in working with cloud services and client - server applications
  • Understanding of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Understanding of code versioning tools such as Git and BitBucket
  • Knowledge of testing frameworks such as JUnit and Espresso
  • Familiarity with using Google Developer Console and Play Store distribution
  • Knowledge of object-oriented design and practical application
  • Experience in maintaining and releasing commercial apps in App store
  • Experience working with third party SDKs, libraries and analytics tools
  • Experience working in an Agile, Scrum, XP, Pair-Programming environment
  • Ability to work as a team player in a cross-functional environment
  • Experience with reactive programming using RxJava
  • A solid understanding of GUI development and principles


  • MVP/MVVM/Architectures
  • Local Database/ Storage/Caching
  • Continuous Integration/VCS
  • Dependency Injection
  • Security/ Data Encryption
  • User Interface Design
  • Testing/TDD/ BDD/ Code reviews
  • Agile/ Scrum/Pair Programming
  • Networking/Reactive Programming
  • Kotlin Programming
  • Leadership/Mentor Juniors
  • Multithreading/Concurrency
  • SOLID/OOP/Design Patterns
  • Cloud Storage/Firebase/Push Notifications
  • External API and SDK integration
  • Analytics/ Crash Reporting
  • Low level: C/C++/NDK


Sr. Android Developer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Successfully implement MVVM design pattern into Android code base data-binding concept
  • Implement several libraries for Kotlin effort, like RxKotlin, Kotlin-kapt and Android KTX
  • Successfully implement TDD approach on news features like search by location and user details options with Mockito
  • Create readable and reusable class with Retrofit and RxJava to better handle API calls from back-end servers in the search by location feature
  • Help developers to applied correct guidelines and use crucible for code review process
  • Use Jira toolkit to merge pull request to developer's branch, denied pull request that doesn't have 80% code coverage
  • Configure instant notifications when houses and apartments matching user search criteria using Firebase and handle notification channels
  • Improved Search for apartments and houses for rent by address, city or ZIP code, or draw custom search boundaries feature
  • Establish process and standards for code deployment and test coverage, applied Bambu scripts to automated builds with multiple test cases
  • Improve notification features on Android Wear (watch)
  • Manage and own the technical delivery of agreed products for release - taking these from concept, scoping, to build, Quality Assurance testing, and then release
  • Develop and produce functional solutions in accordance with architecture design standards and code standards
  • Recognise defects found during testing, understand the root cause and fix the problem
  • Build reusable code and libraries, ensuring thorough application documentation for future use

Mid- Android Specialist

Confidential, Overland Park, KS


  • Worked with several team across the project and software development life cycle and interacted with accounts, accounts details, billing system
  • Improved background processing services using foreground services, JobSchedulers and FCM to selectively wake your application up when network events occur, rather than polling in the background in Android Oreo version
  • Used card.io for bill payments with use of SSL pinning when transmitting sensitive information to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Work closely with UI/UX team for doing Material Design and apply custom animations on views, assign proper spacing for iconography
  • Create multiple services for connecting with company backend to retrieve user account details, billing, and payment
  • Worked in Pair Programming from Driver and Navigator across several iterations in the project strategy to reduce the learning curve on the customs process and custom SDK
  • Implement Google Play Billing system and configure BillingClient and override onConsumeResponse in the MVVM design pattern
  • Work closely with network and backend teams to consolidate API calls, create proper documentation for parameters and retrieve format objects
  • Use Dagger 2 and Butter Knife for dependency injection for creating a more robust and easily testable code base
  • Create proof-of-concept software, engineering tools, and training/procedure documents
  • Used Executors, Handlers, Schedulers for handling concurrency threads for better resources consumption and network request asynchrously
  • Use Mockito, Express and Robolectric for business, abstraction and presenter layer
  • Write clean code and participate in the entire application lifecycle, working on coding and debugging

Native Android Developer

Confidential, Austin, Texas


  • Code user story ‘ Browse weekly sales at favorite location to find the latest deals on the products ’ completely from scratch
  • Designed alternative UI and improved payments options for prime members product flavour
  • Browse weekly sales at your favorite location to find the latest deals on the products
  • In corporate Crittercism library and Google Analytics to send real-time, actionable crash reports and collect user engagement data to the backend.
  • Implement Amazon In-App Purchasing API to enable purchase digital content and subscriptions for purchase within apps on Amazon Appstore
  • Refactored legacy codebase, architected the project using MVP and widely applied code reusability using dependency injection libraries (Dagger2, Butterknife)
  • Use Android Studio, Java, AsyncTasks, Google Maps, RESTful, JSON, SQLite, Servlets, Tomcat, MySQL, SVN, 9Patch
  • Generate a downstream logic to communicate the servers with the phones using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
  • Closely work with the testing team and used developer testing tools like Robolectric
  • Implement recyclerview-animator’s library to increase the attention of the user and easily implement multiple animations across the project
  • Communicate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure cloud services platform, database storage and content delivery using IntentServices and AlarmManager API
  • Check Android quality control using PMD, Findbugs, Checkstyle, Gradle and Jenkins reports
  • Take ownership of and address tickets raised by QA, UAT from Jira
  • Participate in an agile technical team across UI, Front End and Back End responsibilities

Native Android Developer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Improved algorithm for Rest Timer, Supersets, Interval Timers, Body Measurements Log, Notes, Schedule Planner Intuitive Tools
  • Create several compound views to match the UI provided by the UI team using Zeplin for customized workout programs
  • Migrate code base from Eclipse to Android Studio
  • Implement BDD using Robotium and Moneyrunner for behaviour, stress testing
  • Used Jackson library for parsing JSON files coming from web services
  • Made use of communication between standard data between apps over network requests using Retrofit
  • Implement design specifications, system flow diagrams, documentation, testing an ongoing support of systems
  • Work with NineOldAndroids library for include animating rotation, translation, alpha, and scale
  • Create several queries and an upgraded version of the SQLite database in order to apply new changes in the production environment
  • Responsible for designing and developing Unit Tests for the database model and business logic
  • Design view, property custom animations for transitions between application activities
  • Participation in tests (unit, integration, end-to-end etc.) to the environment whilst keeping in mind the time constraints required from our clients

Native Android Developer

Confidential, Oakland, CA


  • Used Google Analytics to create Content reports to focus future development efforts
  • Download the music for offline listening in external storage using IntentServices and perform
  • Communicate with RESTful web services to obtain insurance companies information using Volley /okio library
  • Pass data in the form of Parcelables between Activities and fragments using Intent objects
  • Implement New Relic to record custom metrics and networking
  • Add Broadcast Receiver logic to listen for events that can trigger a local database update
  • Apply fragments to minimise activity count and simplify navigation
  • Utilize Shared Preferences to ensure data consistency
  • Part of a swift and dedicated team that performs responsiveness layouts like CustomViews and Recycler views with an adapter.
  • Create layouts with FrameLayouts and in corporate TextViews in the form of xml files and update attributes to match design prints from the designer team
  • Work closely with internal software teams and Product Development Directors to develop an implementation that meets product requirements
  • Interact with the test team on a regular basis to identify and address issues in a timely manne

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