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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • Good analytical and result oriented IT professional with over 7+ Years of total work experience in IT with strong Enterprise Architecture, design and programming skills in Java/J2EE and front - end development experience in enterprise application development
  • Experience in all the phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) that includes Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Re-Engineering, maintenance, implementation and testing of various client/server and N-tier web applications.
  • Experience with various J2EE design patterns like Singleton, Command, Factory, Observer, Front Controller, DTO, DAO, MVC, Session Facade, Business Delegate and View Object in the development of enterprise applications.
  • Proficiency in implementing Multi-threaded applications and in using creational, structural, behavioral and also the J2EEdesign patterns.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with multiple JavaScript Libraries and frameworks, especially jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular2, NodeJS.
  • Experience in configuring the Spring Application Context with dependency injection and using Spring Framework 3.0 integrated it with Struts 2.0, Hibernate 3.0/Web Services JMS/JDBC.
  • Very strong in developing Spring MVC REST based web applications.
  • Experienced with Java8 Features.
  • Strong knowledge in developing Restful Web Services and SOAP Web Services.
  • Hands of Experience in developing Micro-services by using Spring Boot.
  • Experienced with Synchronous web services like JAX-RPC, JAX-RS, JAX-WS and Asynchronous web services like JAX-M and JMS.
  • Having experience with Middleware Technology Messaging Brokers like JMS, Apache Camel, RabbitMq, ActiveMq and MuleESB (Enterprise Service Bus) in SOA (Service-oriented) Architecture.
  • Experienced in AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, S3 bucket, ELB, EBS Cloud Watch, Elastic search, Virtual Private Cloud, and API Integration.
  • Used AWS SDK for connection to Amazon S3 buckets and EC2 to deploy Docker container with Micro Services architecture.
  • Hands on experience in ORACLE, MySQL, NoSQL MongoDB.
  • Expertise with Oracle including PL/SQL, Java Stored procedures, stored Procedures, Triggers, creating views and functions.
  • Used Junit with Mockito testing Framework to test the Applications.
  • Experience in tools like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.
  • Experience in working with Subversion (SVN), GIT, Jenkins, Crucible, Maven and Jira.
  • A good team player, problem solver and quick learner. Have strong analytical skills with proficiency in debugging, problem solving.
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, technically sound, and mentoring skills in driving development teams to successful resolution.


Languages: C, C++, Java, UNIX Shell Scripting, UML

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, Struts, Spring (IOC, AOP, MVC), Hibernate, JDBC, JNDI, EJB

Web Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, XML, JQuery, KendoUI,AngularJS, Bootstrap

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL, DB2, Informix, SQL Server

Application/Web Servers: WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, JBoss

Web Services: SOAP, XML, WSDL, REST, UDDI, JAXB, Apache Axis,Jax-Rs,Jersey

Tools: Eclipse My Eclipse, Net Beans, TOAD, SQL Developer, Clear case, Subversion, JUnit, UML

Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring ORM, Hibernate

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows

Other Tools & Design Patterns: ANT, MVC, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Transfer Object, Singleton, Factory Pattern, DAO Pattern.


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Working in AGILE/SCRUM methodologies while coordinating engineering efforts with team members to identify and resolve defects using JIRA.
  • Developing and editing user Interface Screens for presentation logic using JSF, JSP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Angular Js, Angular 2.
  • Implemented Routing part for all associated views for the particular user of the application using Angular JS UI router module, routing provider service with HTML views/CSS styles.
  • Implemented client side data validations using JavaScript and Server side data validations using JSF validators.
  • Extensively used Core Spring Framework for Dependency Injections of components and developed application using Spring Frameworks (Spring IOC), Spring DAO, and Spring Boot.
  • Used Java8 features like Lambda expressions, functional interfaces, and Streams wherever possible.
  • Implemented RESTful Web services in SOA (Service-oriented) Architecture to retrieve data from client side and made REST API calls and parsed the data to project to client and handled the security and Authorization using Spring Security and OAuth authentication protocol.
  • Developed JAVA design patterns like Singleton, Factory and Builder to solve various problems occurred in development phase
  • Used Spring Data Framework to use the features of Spring JDBC and Spring ORM classes like JDBCTemplate and Hibernate Template to perform the database operations by connecting to Data sources available.
  • Design and developed Micro services business components using Spring boot and experienced first-hand the best/worst practices for integrating Micro services into existing System architecture
  • Involved in unit testing using JUNIT with Mockito, Integration testing and system testing.
  • Involved while working on various AWS technologies like SQS Queuing, SNS Notification.
  • Used AWS SDK for connection to Amazon S3 buckets as it is used as the object storage service to store and retrieve the media files related to the application
  • Wrote services to store and retrieve user data from MongoDB as a NoSQL for storing JSON data.
  • Created sample code to test the CICD (continuous integration continuous delivery) pipeline.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration and Maven for build process.
  • Used Git/Source Tree as version control tool.
  • Performed Code reviews and Performance tuning.
  • Used Unix Shell Scripting to update the databases and Start up the application server.
  • Interacted with Customers to resolve the application issues and to mitigate defect damages.

Environment: Java, JDK 7, J2EE, CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, JIRA, PL SQL, GIT, WebSphere, Apache CXF, DOJO, JBPM, JSP, Servlet, MongoDB, ActiveMq, CRUD, UML, JUnit, Mockito Maven.

Confidential, Oaks, PA

Sr. Java/J2EE Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in the Business Requirement Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Support.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology that includes weekly meeting with business analysts and monthly sprint review with clients.
  • Extensively used Selectors in JQuery for updating content on DOM nodes.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JQuery, React.js and JavaScript.
  • My most recent UI effort was using jQuery, Bootstrap and ReactJS in a Play framework to render responsive pages.
  • Involved in Creating RESTful Services using NodeJS and Express framework.
  • Performed a lot of DOM manipulation using JavaScript and JQuery for loading and manipulating dynamic content on WebPages.
  • Implemented MVC architecture using JSP, Spring, and Hibernate and used Spring Framework to initialize managed beans and services.
  • Used Micro services to build individual components of the application.
  • Created an XML configuration file for Hibernate -- Database connectivity
  • Utilized Spring's integration with iBatis & Hibernate ORM for back-end database processing transactions.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with the EJB 3.0 using annotations and used Spring AOP for reporting and used a (TDD) test driven approach to development leveraging spring's support for unit testing.
  • Used several J2EE design patterns like DAO, DTO, Business Delegate, Front Controller and MVC- Model to develop application.
  • Used JAX-RPC Web Services using SOAP to process the application for the customer.
  • Migrating an on-premises application to AWS and Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch.
  • Responsible for distributed applications across hybrid AWS and physical data centers.
  • Optimization/ Cost Reduction of Amazon AWS services (EC2, S3, EBS, Route53, VPC, SES).
  • Able to create scripts for systems administration and AWS using languages such as BASH and Python.
  • Developed SQL, PL/SQL with Stored Procedures to interact with Persistent database using Oracle 11g.
  • Created Jenkins build file to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Implemented JUnit test cases for unit testing and Suites for end to end testing
  • Used Maven as the build tool.
  • Used Eclipse as the IDE and used eclipse standard/ plug-in features for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting, build automation, test case template generation, and used version control (SVN)

Environment: Java (jdk 1.7), XML, EJB, JPA, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, Node JS, DHTML, JSON, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Servlet, JSP, JSF, AJAX, JQuery, REST, JAX-WS, Log4j, SOAP, PL/SQL, web services, WebSphere Application Server, MY SQL, My Eclipse, SVN, Edit plus, Notepad++.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Successfully completed the Design and Development of project modules.
  • Interacted with end users to gather, analyse, and implemented business logic using Agile Scrum Software Development methodology.
  • Analysis, design and development of Application based on J2EE using Spring and Hibernate.
  • Developed User Interface application modules using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, AngularJS, JSON, and AJAX.
  • Developed Web Application using Client Script design technologies like JQuery as well as HTML5, CSS3, XML and used Bootstrap for creating Responsive Web Pages.
  • Developed Application to asses JSON and XML from Restful web service from consumer side using Angular.JS
  • Extensively used/modified JQUERY to perform AJAX calls for creating interactive web pages on JSON response.
  • Used JavaScript, jQuery for user interactions in pages.
  • Creating a responsive web application integrating Bootstrap with AngularJS and media queries.
  • Responsible for creating web-based applications using JavaScript, Node JS.
  • Implemented Angular JS and Node JS to create some dynamically changing websites.
  • Configuring the job in Jenkins to automate the process of running the node JS test cases.
  • Report generation in MongoDB using JavaScript, shell scripting, java.
  • Used various jQuery and Bootstrap plug-in like date picker, Bootstrap selectors.
  • RESTful web services using Jersey for JAX-RS implementation.
  • Worked with modules like mongoose for database persistence using Node.js to interact with MongoDB.
  • Used Mongoose Connector to connect to MongoDB through Express framework.
  • Developed UI components using Angular JS dependency Injection, Models, data binding and controllers.
  • Used XStream API to transfer data back and forth between Spring MVC and Angular JS.
  • Involved in developing a Single-Page Application pages using AngularJS, REST Services.
  • Used Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions, and Hibernate cache concepts.
  • Used DAO pattern to fetch data from database using Hibernate to carry out various database.
  • Used DevOps to refer to emphasize the collaboration and communication of both software developers and IT professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.
  • Restful web services using Jersey for JAX-RS implementation.
  • Worked on Initial Spring and Maven Configuration set for the Project Spring - Maven Framework.
  • Created Spring Boot applications testing suite using Spring Junit plug-in and Mockito framework.
  • To work on test and end-to-end environment servers, used LINUX commands to see the application Logs.
  • Extensively Used Jenkins as Continuous Integration tool to deploy Spring Boot Microservices to Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) using build pack. Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry to quickly build, deploy & update the applications. Worked on Pivotal Cloud Foundry to host Cloud based Applications.
  • Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry to role-based access controls, applying and enforcing roles and permissions to ensure that users can only view and affect the spaces for which they have been granted access.
  • Develop the micro-service in spring cloud framework to support Next generation cloud framework.
  • Developed modules with spring, XML and deployed them on JBoss Application Server.
  • JUnits, Python Units for extensive functional and unit testing code. Wrote AngularJS services to consume Restful web service to load data.
  • Worked with high volume and complex PL/SQL stored procedures and packages using TOAD.
  • Have been working on Query optimization, functions and Stored Procedures and other database objects and Worked on Oracle 11g.
  • Used DAO pattern to fetch data from database using Hibernate to carry out various database specific operations and avoided redundant database access statements and thus achieved decoupling and flexibility.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using Karma, Jasmine and JUNIT Test cases.
  • Developed multiple unit and integrations tests using Mockito, Easy Mock.
  • Used version control repository SVN (Subversion by apache) and JIRA for issue tracking.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JDK 1.6, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, XML, AngularJS, Node JS, Spring 4.x, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Multi-Threading, Hibernate 4.x, JBOSS 4.0, My SQL, Shell Scripting, Restful Services, Jenkins, Spring Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Docker, SVN, JUnit, Karma, Jasmine, Mockito, Eclipse, JIRA 5.x, Oracle 11g, Mongo DB.

Confidential, Ofallon, MO

Sr. J2EE/Java Developer


  • Involved in the design and development phases of Agile Software Development.
  • Worked in Agile based environment with Kanban with widely distributed team structure
  • Worked on enterprise application developed using Struts, Apache tiles and Hibernate as an ORM mapping tool.
  • Implemented apache tiles definitions for generating server side view like JSP
  • Developed frontend of the application using JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5 and CSS.
  • Developed the middleware using STRUTS2 MVC framework which is built on top of front controller design pattern.
  • Developed Web Services using SOAP and REST.
  • Developed and validated domain objects using the struts-validation framework which works with the help of workflow interceptors.
  • Implemented DAO design pattern using appropriate hibernate ORM mappings and CRUD operations. And Implemented Level2 caching using Hibernate to improve the performance
  • Used Maven to download dependencies from nexus repository, compile the source code, package as an EAR file and auto deploy on to local tomcat using maven tomcat plugin.
  • Developed the code using coding standards and involved several code reviews, learnt a lot in the process of rejection and approval of code during code review process.
  • Used ANT scripts to build the application and deployed on Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Implemented STRUTS based application to implement some and to validate incoming data and logic inside the methods.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.
  • Worked with CQL (Cassandra Query Language), for retrieving the data present in Cassandra cluster by running queries in CQL.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for all the developed modules.
  • Used SVN for version control across common source code used by developers

Environment: Java 7.1, Angular JS, CXF, SOAP, REST, Sales force, Git Hub, Active MQ, RAML, JMS, Rally, Struts, JUnit, Spring, Hibernate 3.5, RabbitMQ, Unix, AJAX, XML, XSLT, CSS, WSDL, MAVEN, Jenkins.

Confidential, Allentown, PA

Java Developer


  • Involved in Designing Market Interface (MI) Flow.
  • Implemented data archiving and persistence of report generation meta-data using Hibernate by creating Mapping files, POJO classes and configuring hibernate to set up the data sources.
  • Involved in requirement analysis and participated in the design of the application using UML and OO Analysis Design and Development.
  • Implemented MVC web frameworks for the web applications using JSP/Servlet/Tag libraries that were designed using JSP.
  • Used SQL, PL/SQL and Stored Procedures for Oracle back-end database.
  • Involved in configuring the database to Oracle9i
  • Involved in developing a branded portal using the administration tool on web Sphere Application server.
  • Used JDBC to configure files to access the database.
  • Developed and tested Java Server Pages (JSP).
  • Developed reusable AJAX components for web-tier.
  • Developed customized JSP tags for project.
  • Developed reusable DHTML components for enhanced user interaction.
  • Monitored/Improved the performance and behavior of web applications.
  • Implemented business validations for product pricing and product availability for Order Entry.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for unit testing.
  • Configured iBATIS2.0 for data access layer with Spring1.1 framework
  • Involved in peer-to-peer code reviews.
  • Involved in usability and accessibility design issues of the system.
  • Designed and developed Web pages using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, and JSF.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Hibernate, Spring framework, XML, jQuery, SOAP, WSDL, AJAX, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, CVS, JAXB, JUnit, WebSphere Application Server, Eclipse, Oracle

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