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Senior Software Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • More than 15 years of programming experience - 10 years as a Senior Java Developer
  • Record of delivering high profile technical projects on time and within specification.
  • Knowledgeable of all phases of web and software development life cycle.
  • Experience with web design, development, and maintenance.
  • Resourceful multi-tasker with careful attention to detail.
  • Committed to providing exceptional customer service.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and team building skills.


  • AWS, Tomcat Server, Spring Boot, Spring Framework (MVC, Dependency Injection), Quartz, Struts, Struts2, Tile, Maven, Ant, SVN, Git, CVS, Gradle, Grunt, JUnit, TestNG, WSDL, JSON, and XML/XPath, JAXB, TCP/IP, Unix/Window, jMeter, jConsole, Postman, IDE: Eclipse, Sublime, Visual Studio Code
  • MySQL, Oracle DB, MySQL Workbench, Oracle Developer Tools, Cassandra, MongoDB
  • Hibernate, JPA, My own DAO (MyBatis), Spring Data JPA
  • Spring REST Web Service MVC, Jersey/JAXRS, AXIS, Jackson, Gson, XStream
  • AngularJS, Angular 4, Bootstrap, JSP, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Ajax, Chart.js, Google Chart.js, Swing, Zeplin
  • Browser Compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE), Responsive, Chrome/Firefox Developer Tools
  • POI, iText, Aspose API, Docx4J, iCal4j, vCard, and etc
  • Memory Cache: Google Guava, Hibernate Cache
  • SalesForce CRM (Visual Force, Apex code and Trigger, etc)
  • JBoss AS, EJB3, Seam/JSF/Richface.
  • Python, ActiveMQ, C++, and C#, Google App Engine
  • Java Smart Card, JavaFx, Chrome extension to access smart card
  • JavaCardOS, install CAP file to smart card
  • Angular 4 Demo, Swagger API Doc
  • Knowledge: Android Mobile App, Selenium


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Senior Software Developer

Environment : AWS, Java, Tomcat Server, MySQL, Spring Boot/JPA/Hibernate, Spring Restful API, JUnit, POI, AngularJS, Angular 4, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Eclipse, Maven, Chart.js, Node JS, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Vuforia, Xuggle, Authorize.Net Billing API, Stripe Payment API, XRebel, PureChat, Google Map API, Google Analytics, Google Captcha, Image Strites, Multiple image uploading, i18n in client and server side, Chrome extension and JavaFx to smart card reader, OpenCV, Laravel PHP project/Vargrant


  • Create and maintain Restful API for UI and mobile using Spring Boot/MVC.
  • Create UIs using HTML5, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JSON, CSS, LESS/Sass.
  • Minify HTML using Grunt.
  • Concatenate and minify CSS and JS files using Grunt.
  • Cropping image and change frame color in UI.
  • Uploading contents (image, video, Audio, PDF, Power Point, Excel, and etc) for frame.
  • Preview uploaded files and Google Map Geo Location.
  • Convert html format that is created dynamically to image file.
  • Create visual dashboard using Chart.js
  • Credit card billing using Authorize.Net API / Stripe Payment API.
  • Report Excel files using POI library.
  • Create many AngularJS Directives, Services/Factory, Filter, Providers, and etc.
  • I18n in client and server side (ResourceBundle, and Angular translate).
  • Maintain OpenCV library to scan image for mobile App.
  • Angular 4 demo program for next project.
  • Java smart card, JavaFX, Chrome extension for smart card
  • Installed Java Cap file to smart card, JavaCardOS.
  • Maintain Laravel PHP projects/Vargrant

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Apple iAd Engineer

Environment : Java, Tomcat Server, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle DB, Cassandra, Log4j, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, XML/XPath, Jersey, JSP, JavaScript, HTML4/HTML5, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Google Guava, jMeter, OAuth, Security, Gradle


  • Create UIs that use JSP, AngularJS, HTML4/HTML5, JavaScript , CSS, jQuery, JSON.
  • Update UI data to Cassandra, Oracle DB and XML parsing.
  • Spring and Hibernate with Oracle DB.
  • RESTful Web service jersey and using Goolge Guava Cache.
  • Use JUnit, TestNg and Mockito for servlet, business layer, or DAO layer testing.
  • Use java.lang.management to show tomcat server status.
  • Use JMeter to test web URL.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Senior Application Developer

Environment : Java, Tomcat Server/nginx, Spring / Spring MVC, MySQL, Log4j, JUnit, XML/XPath, REST Web services, JSP, JavaScript, HTML4/HTML5, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Sugar CRM, PHP, POI, iText, Aspose API, Docx4J, iCal4j


  • One-man team, solely responsible for all projects, cross-functional communication, reporting, debugging and delivering projects on time and within scope.
  • Re-designed IPE (Intellectual Property Enforcer) and DB architecture.
  • Old version had more than 3,000 JSP/HTMLs, 600 tables, more than 1000 Java codes
  • After re-designed, the IPE has 200 JSPs, 200 tables, 600 Java codes
  • Migrated Sugar CRM PHP to Spring MVC Java Web Application.
  • User Interface design work, including search UI.
  • Developed various types of logic:
  • Column filtering in search UIs by using JSP, HTML/HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, and CSS.
  • Create thumbnail from engineering image file and view the files by mouse hover.
  • Upload UI using JavaScript for Drag and Drop.
  • Create Patent Claim Chart PDF or MS Word file dynamically.
  • Create Docx, Xls/Xlsx, and PDF files dynamically.
  • Create iCal dynamically to view meeting schedule in MS Outlook by MS 365 cloud account or view meeting schedule on web.
  • Create vCard dynamically and save the vCard on File Server.
  • Convert email message file with attached file or non pdf file to PDF file automatically.
  • User tracker that keeps who uses which modules.
  • Data tracker that includes the date, time, nature of the change, and who made the change.
  • Front and backend system error alert system that knows which UI and module has a problem.
  • Maintain IPE (Intellectual Property Enforcer) and CRM System
  • Connect US ITC (International Trade Commission) EDIS (Electronic Document Information System) and search or download the document files dynamically or by quartz scheduling.
  • Create Bates # with watermark in PDF file.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Senior Software Programmer

Environment : Java, Swing, Tomcat Server, RMI, Struts/Struts2, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Log4j, JUnit, XML, SalesForce (Visual Force, Apex code and Trigger), JSP, JavaScript, HTML4, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Seam, JSF, Richface, Foxpro, POI, jFreeChart, AXSI


  • De-duplication/Best Record, Data Cleansing, and Data Migration.
  • Data mining and Database analyzing, manipulation, and import/export different formats by web or batch.
  • Develop and maintain information systems that are efficient for systems integration and operation.
  • Apply and expand client business knowledge and think of way to help meet the needs of our clients.
  • Design, develop and maintain Web Application Systems using MySQL/Struts/Spring/ Seam/JSP/JSF/Richface on Apache Tomcat server
  • Web Application for customer on demand service with customer web server/API
  • Web Application to download/update bi-direction to SalesForce CRM database by Java API or Data Loader
  • Update and modify SalesForce CRM (Visual Force, Apex code and Trigger, etc)
  • Web Applications include TRAC, customer URI, landing page, maintenance DB, updating by Spring/Quartz scheduling, updating other server DB by scheduling.
  • Distribute Email system by customer business rules.
  • Use RMI and Tomcat server for real web server on Unix/Linux and Window XP.
  • Develop Merge/Purge (matching) company main system by using Swing/MySQL.
  • Develop company tools that demand the use of Swing/MySQL/FoxPro that have clean-up, zip correction, standard data, customer report template, company matching, duplicate identification, phony data, upper-lower case, gender, splitting name, SCF report, import, export, and character conversion (Window Ansi, UTF-8) functions.
  • Assign and reviews team members' work.
  • Create useful programs in FoxPro that have file import and export functions.

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