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Reelance Senior Java Developer Resume




  • Languages and Web Technologies Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Webservices, XML, XSL,SQL
  • Database: Oracle
  • Operating System: Windows NT, Unix
  • Application Server: Weblogic 8.1
  • Other Tools: Clearcase, Ant
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES & S: Secured a rank of 0229 in Karnataka CET, 1997
  • Organized and participated in i2 annual festivals
  • Regular member of Throw ball team of KREC (NITK)
  • Organizing member of Incident, annual cultural festival of KREC, in the year 1999


Freelance Senior Java Developer

I have been working as a freelance senior java developer working on several projects involving spring, hibernate orm, junits, mockito,spring MVC,angularJS,JPA,spring security etc.


  • Reskinning DocViewer Application for Src Solutions
  • Redesign an application called DocViewer for Src Solutions using AngularJS, Spring,Hibernate,Core java etc
  • Support GTN application for OCR

Senior Java Developer (Contractor),AARIN Inc.


  • The job involves developing a website for Global Trade Management of a company called OCR using core java, spring, hibernate, Rest services and angularJS. Payment Gateway using Stripe, Integrating the application with DHL,fedex,UPS services features were also developed for the application.
  • My role in this project was that of a full stack developer. I was involved in some crucial modules like Shopping Cart, Spring Security, Subscription module, publication module, editing of pdf publications,
  • Payment gateway with Stripe, Integration of the Shipping module with DHL,Fedex,UPS etc.
  • I was involved in writing the AngularJS modules, the Rest webservices and the MVC modules of each of these functionalities from scratch.I was involved in everyting, design,development and testing of each of these modules.

Freelance Senior Java Developer

  • I have been working as a freelance senior java developer working on several projects involving spring, hibernate orm, junits, mockito,spring MVC,angularJS,JPA,spring security etc.
  • The job involved writing MVC components for a few modules of 20th Century Fox’s UTOPIA product using Spring MVC. It also involved writing junits using Mockito and powerMock.
  • In this project I was involved in writing MVC components of different modules like salesadmin,payment application,login modules. The View components were Jsp/Servlet based. In this project my role was to only implement these components of an already existing application. I was also involved in writing junits using Mockito for different components of the application.
  • The job involved adding a few enhancements for a website called A Tailor’s Tale. This was mainly Java and AngularJS. A Tailor’s Tale is a Fashion startup website. My role in this project was adding a few enhancements like adding new screen’s like Tailored Fit, Integration with Payment Gateway and adding Guest User functionality. My role was to mainly on the AngularJS side and a little bit of Java.

Sr. Associate Technology


Area of work: Global Markets


  • Input Processor: THOR system receives different message type (Trade, AccountingEntry, Posting and CrossCurrencyRate) messages either thru ISL (JMS Topics) or bulk file upload. These messages need to be validated and persisted into the database. This is a multi-threaded application.
  • Password Encryption: The various passwords of the system needed to be encrypted. This Utility uses AES 256 bits for encryption

Technologies used: Core java, multi-threading, SAX parsers, Jaxb, JPA, hibernate, JMS, oracle database, Maven.


  • Equity data: Provider of Equity Data for a stock. This was enhanced to support multiple assets and multiple currencies and lot size of listingsThe work involved extensive use of Java technology, spring and hibernate. It involved extensive use of Oracle database, wherein complex stored procedures had to be written to achieve the enhanced functionality.
  • Data Management System: This is a Java based service provided to the clients of the company for managing data received from a Web service provided by the Company into a data repository. The data comes to the system in the form of an xml and the xml is parsed and data is extracted which is stored in various database tables. This involved extensive use of spring batch process and Hibernate with Annotations which was configured to perform the data extraction. She was involved in the design and development of end to end workflows based on Spring Batch workflow engine.

Technologies used: Core java, Spring, hibernate, oracle and SQLServer databases,Maven.

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential , Bangalore

Area of Work: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


  • Development of a PLM solution for ENOVIA, Charlotte, USA
  • Involved in functionalities like search, edit item, Find Similar, Check Prices etc.
  • Interactions/discussions with the product managers and the ENOVIA team members and translating business problems into technical solutions
  • Preparing Product Enhancement Specification (PES) documents

Team Management

  • Conducted few sessions on “Product Knowledge” for peers and juniors
  • Supervised a team of 2 for a duration of one month
  • Technologies/Tools/OS Used
  • Java, XML, Webservices, Websphere, SQL, Clearcase, Windows NT & Unix
  • Rated FEE (Far Exceeded Expectation), topmost rating, in Annual Appraisal Jan’06
  • Nominated for “Employee of the Year”, 2005

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential , Bangalore

Areas of Work: Supplier Relationship Management/Content Exchange/Product Information Management


Product Information Management

  • Confidential is world’s largest retail exchange. This project involved developing a web based service for WWRE where a supplier can publish its data for retailers to view. This is a complex process and complying with GDSN standards. It included functionalities like
  • Rule Based Approval: retailers can restrict the kind of data they want, by setting rules
  • Subscription: retailers can subscribe for data
  • Publication-Subscription Matching: matching of retailer's subscription criteria to the data published by suppliers
  • DInvolved in interactions/discussions with the product managers and the WWRE officials
  • Making Functional Specification Documents
  • Developing datamodel and coding
  • Also developed the connector solutions for supplier and retailer

Technologies/Tools/OS Used

Java, XML-XSLT, Javascript, Weblogic, SQL, Clearcase, Windows NT & Unix

  • 2Content Exchange is a product that can be used to manage content from manufacturers, suppliers & buyers in a public exchange. Suppliers and manufacturers publish content about their products that can be used by retailers who subscribe to a particular type of content. It included modules like:
  • Attachment Uploading & Viewing: Pictures or docs associated with the item
  • Context Data & Marking of Intermediate states: Viewing of associated data from production when approving current data.
  • Multi-Item Edit/Delete: Editing & Deleting of multiple items
  • Marking Obsolete Items: Marking of upload ids as obsolete
  • Batch Upload: Uploading to multiple classes at a time

Approval Service: retailers or the exchange administrator can approve or reject the content published by suppliers.

DDeveloping data model and coding

  • Writing High Level Design documents
  • Writing Functional Specification Documents
  • Unit Testing of modules

Technologies/Tools/OS Used

Java, JSP, JDBC, Javascript, Weblogic 6.1, Oracle 8i, Clearcase, Windows NT & Unix

3 Description: CX6.0 was a performance release where the main focus was on finding performance bottlenecks and improving on it. There were other minor features introduced, bug fixes done etc.

D Role: Enhancement of java based solution “Content Exchange 5.2.2

  • Developing the modules using MVC architecture & internal APIs
  • Unit Testing & Documentation of modules

Technologies/Tools/OS Used

Java, JSP, JDBC, Javascript, Weblogic 6.1, Oracle 8i, Clearcase, Windows NT

4. CX (Content Exchange) 5.2.2

C Description: CX 5.2.2 was developed for the above mentioned two clients with an additional feature “Batch Upload” where the main focus was on improving the data uploading time. It also was the launching pad for CX 6.0 that was developed as a thin client.

D Role: Enhancement and maintenance of “Content Exchange 5.2.2” for specific clients

  • Developing the modules using Java & internal APIs
  • Regular interactions/discussions with customer side consultants
  • Unit Testing & Documentation of modules

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