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Mulesoft Developer Resume

Greenwich, CT


  • Around 8+ years of experience in Information Technology and Health Care Technologies as a Software Engineer in the areas including Mule ESB, Health Information Exchange, EMR, Internet/Intranet technology, client/server, and multi - tier applications with distributed architecture.
  • Experience in developing web based, internet/intranet, client/server, distributed architecture applications using Java and J2EE technologies.
  • Experience Architecting Mule Projects with integration to 3rd party applications.
  • Expertise with Anypoint Studio 3.7
  • In-depth knowledge of various platforms, software systems, and servers.
  • Extensive programming experience using ASP.NET 2.0, VB.NET, HTML, and XML.
  • Architecting complex SOA applications with ESB frameworks.
  • Extensively used Mule Connectors and Updated Transformers.
  • Customized Mule Connectors for Global JDBC Connector.
  • Expertise with Health Information Exchange Protocols, eHealth Exchange Specs and Gateway Distribution mechanism.
  • Worked on implementation of the version control software SVN, GIT and BitBucket.
  • Created MULE ESB artifacts, created flows, configured MULE configuration files & deployed the application.
  • Responsible to develop Restful/SOAP web services in Mule ESB based on SOA architecture.
  • Tightly integrated the Mule ESB with different application integrations. Experience in integrating Cloud applications like SFDC, Workday, and Intact using Mule ESB.
  • Hands on experience with MUnit and Log4j in developing test cases and determining application functionality.
  • Experience in deploying Mule Applications to Mule ESB and Mule CloudHub along with experience in configuring logging and alerting in CloudHub.
  • Excellent experience in design and development of multi-tier applications using Java, J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, Spring MVC, JDBC, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Tag Libs, AJAX, JMS, JUnit.
  • Good Confidential designing Design Documents, Unit Test Case, Integration Test Plan documents and estimating the assignment of tasks.
  • Experienced in Software Development Processes like SCRUM, Waterfall, Iterative and Agile Methodologies.
  • Worked extensively on developing Service Oriented Health Applications for Generating EMR’s and electronic health information interoperability and connectivity setups.
  • Expert technical skills in design, integration and migration of various legacy technologies.
  • Architected integration infrastructure projects assisted pre-sales team in preparing RFP.
  • Supported projects across the enterprise to use integration infrastructure and implement integration Interfaces on ESB.


Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL, HTML, XML, XSLT, XSD, Prolog, JavaScript

Tools: C, C#, C++, .NET, VS.NET 2005, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, XML

Server-Side Technologies: JSP, Servlets, Tag Libraries, JSTL, JSF, Tiles

Application/Web Servers: BEA WebLogic, Confidential WebSphere, Apache Jakarta Tomcat, JBoss

SOA: Mule ESB, WebSphere ESB

Protocols: HTTP, SOAP, TCP/IP

IDE/ Tools: WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.2, JBuilder, Flex, SunOne Creator, Edit Plus, ExtJs

Frameworks: Apache Struts Framework, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Spring

Web Services: SOAP, WSDL, SAAJ

RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MS Access

OS: Windows, LINUX (Red Hat)

Methodologies: OOAD, UML, Design Patterns, SOA, Agile


Confidential, Greenwich, CT

MuleSoft Developer


  • Involved in the end to end Development of Project covering all phases of Software Development LifeCycle including Requirement Analysis, Designing, Build/Construction, Unit/ Testing and Deployment.
  • Involved in analysis of existing Design Documents, Planning, proposing changes, Development, Testing and Maintenance phases of the application.
  • Involved in understanding and analysis of the existing documents and creating the Technical design documents, crosscutting component assessment.
  • Building the Mule code to design the integrations between the Salesforce application and SFTP.
  • Developing the integrations between the web services and the Salesforce application.
  • Involved in Transformations using XSLT, Data Weave, and Custom Java Transformers to transform data from one format to another format using MuleESB.
  • Extensively used Mule debugger to debug the XML Flows and wrote Munit Test Cases using features like mocking, verify call, and assert conditions based different sets of data.
  • Worked with MuleSoft Anypoint API Platform on designing the RAML for implementing REST API's and used API Gateway as a proxy service.
  • Implemented RAML files for different entity creations and respective associations.
  • Implemented and used Web Services with the help of WSDL and SOAP to get updates from the third parties.
  • Implementing Exception Handling, Logging and Auditing
  • Implemented RAML files for different entity creations and respective associations.
  • Used Maven tool to build & deploy the application on the server, Used Jenkins for CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment).
  • Used log4J for logging and debugging of the application.
  • Used confluence as a team collaboration and BitBucket as the code repository.
  • Involved in Daily stand-up meetings, Estimating and tracking User stories in Jira, Analyzing Graphs, Bugs, defects and various other features.

Environment: Mule ESB, SoapUI, raml1.0, Bitbucket, Jira, Jenkins, Udeploy, Maven, jdk1.8, Munit, Salesforce, Facets, Mongo DB

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

MuleSoft Developer


  • Reviewed Functional Specifications documents to understand Business requirements.
  • Used Agile methodology was to emphasize on face-to-face communication over written documents and make sure that iteration is passing through a full software development cycle and to work effectively with team members.
  • Gathering the requirements, produce proper Documentation and assist other team members in developing.
  • Used Mulesoft Expression Language (MEL) for accessing payload data, properties etc.
  • Developed the integration workflows using a MuleSoft ESB 3.8.3 framework.
  • Migrated Mule ESB 3.5.1 apps to Mule ESB 3.7.3.
  • Have written MUnit test cases to validate the Mule flows.
  • Done with asynchronous messaging using Active MQ.
  • Developing Mule ESB projects for the services with synchronous and asynchronous Mule flows.
  • Developed Mule flows to integrate Data from various sources into Database, from ActiveMQ topics and queues, some transformations were also done Confidential the integration layer.
  • Extensively used Mule components that include DataWeave, File Transport, SMTP Transport, FTP/SFTP Transport, and JDBC Connector Involved in creating java classes to syndicate the data from legacy system to the SAP hybrids system.
  • Developed the services interface to access the core services and provisioning services using Mule ESB.
  • Designed and developed enterprise services using RAML and REST based APIs.
  • Configuring the Mule process for fetching the data from topic and makes web service calls to the middle tier Mule ESB for processing and put the data on the Cloud hub.

Environment: Mule ESB 3.5/3.7.3, RAML, Any point Studio 5.4.1, Nexus, Apache-Maven, Cloudhub, XML, Ajax, WebLogic Application server 10.3, Oracle 11g- PL/SQL, SQL, Web Services - WSDL, SOAP.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Mule/Java Developer


  • I ensured that coding standards are maintained throughout the development process by all developers.
  • Designed and developed various MuleSoft ESB applications to implement the integration in this organization.
  • Developing and deploying mule project on cloud hub.
  • Implemented RAML files for different entity creations and respective associations.
  • Implemented Mule flows for each entity with retry mechanisms with private flows.
  • Implementing Exception Handling, Logging and Auditing
  • Used Java Embedding activity for executing Java classes for complex business logic.
  • Maintaining the AWS Redshift cluster for a billion-dollar company.
  • Developed an automation framework using Confidential ’s RFT tool with Java as the scripting language.
  • Automated 6000 functional, GUI, and data-driven test cases for framework using Java
  • The framework demonstrated an 80% decrease in manual efforts to run the cases.
  • Tasks were involved in designing and implementing patent application viewer using Web scripts and spring frameworks and used free marker template/JSP for rendering output.
  • Also used JQuery and other Ext. JavaScript library to perform and design Confidential client-side tasks
  • Responsible for creating search tools using Alfresco Lucene search and Web scripts which allows us options to select multiple databases or federated search results.
  • Used Callable objects for implementing multithreading for parallel execution of independent events
  • Used Spring Wiring (IOC and MVC) to create different beans to call Office Action and search functionalities.
  • Responsible for using Rest API, and JAXP, E4X to deal with XML data. Called Restful API to update task to different examiner.
  • Oracle 11g used as backend, worked on SQL queries for persistence of Business Objects using JDO as ORM. Involved in creating different SQL scripts.
  • Created different XML documents using XML, XSD and XSLT. Used E4X and Light DOM parser, and SAX parser for transforming the XML data.
  • Created REST API's using RAML and developed flows using APIKIT Router.
  • Created various RAML resources to implement REST Based APIs as a part of project implementation.
  • Implemented RAML files for different entity creations and respective associations.
  • Worked on UNIX box/Windows 7 for Maven scripts and server deployments.
  • Created JUNIT test cases for testing the business flow for the JIRA issues (Defect Management) /bug fix tickets. Also used Tortoise SVN for versioning of file system.
  • Created HTTP and JMS endpoints in domain projects to use in multiple applications
  • Implemented asynchronous messaging using JMS to publish messages to MQ.
  • Managing APIs using the Anypoint API management console by creating proxies for Mule applications, applying standard policies and custom policies.
  • Supported in installing and configuration of Grinder 3 for system load Test.

Environment: Mule ESB, SOA, Java/J2EE, Web logic 10.x, Spring, AJAX, Jdk 1.4/1.5, Alfresco 3.4, Hibernate 2.x, RAD 7.x JQuery, Web scripts, JavaScript, Oracle 11g, Windows 7/UNIX, Eclipse/ My Eclipse 4.1, Apache-Maven-3.0.2, CVS, Subversion.


Java Developer


  • Designed and developed the back-end processing tool to migrate 200 Million documents from CCIS to Claims system.
  • Used JSPs in the presentation tier along with various customs tags, JSTL tags, CSS and JavaScript, and AJAX.
  • Lead the Design, development, Enhancement & implementation of web-based Enterprise applications employing the SDLC methodologies.
  • Interact with the Business partner and analyze the requirements to develop solutions for the range of insurance Application Modules to improve the performance of the business process.
  • Involved in the major application Enhancement projects to develop a web-based insurance solution for the topmost Re-Insurance companies
  • Developed application tools to generate custom reports and unique solutions using JAVA/J2EE, UNIX and Mainframe technologies. And also designed a JAVA tool to migrate Millions of Claim documents in to a new Claims system.
  • Involved in the Redesign of the application workflow for the Billing & Claim processing system, customize the interface for actuarial pricing and Audit systems.
  • Coordinated the Client Project with the offshore development effort and Participated in design review discussions with the customer.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JSP 2.0, Servlets, Java Beans, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, XPATH, XQUERY, DOM, Eclipse 3.2, JBOSS, JMS, Oracle, Windows 2000, JUNIT, UAT tool, SQL, UNIX, WebSphere.

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