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Software Engineer Resume

Middletown, CT


  • Struts, UML, Plumtree portlets
  • JSP 1.2, JSP 2.0, XSLT, Servlet, JDBC, JNDI, XML, Schema (DTD, XSD)
  • JavaMail, HTML, JavaScript, Dojo, LDAP, SQL, JSTL, Ant
  • Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server, DAO model
  • Design Patterns, Use Cases, Class/Sequence Diagrams
  • HTML, AJAX, Dojo, PHP, Google GWT


Java: JUnit, POI, JDOM, Jakarta Commons

Languages: Java, JavaScript, CSS, PL/SQL, C

OS/Platforms: Debian, Ubuntu Linux, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, DOS

Web, Application and LDAP Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL

Tools: WSAD, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Age, CVS, JBoss IDE (Eclipse), MS Enterprise Manager, Ant, XSLT, JUnit, Macromedia Dreamweaver


Confidential, Middletown, CT

Software Engineer


  • Develop J2EE applications in an Eclipse environment.
  • Devlop Web applications using Struts 2, Tomcat, Apache web server.
  • Maintain data center with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux virtual machines using VMWare.
  • Develop custom modules as needed for the “XCS eiConsole” PilotFish product in Java.
  • Develop interfaces for customers using eiConsole (uses XSLT for mapping)
  • We use subversion for our repository.

J2EE Development

Confidential, Manchester, CT


  • Develop J2EE applications in a WebSphere, Plumtree portal, Oracle environment for Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford and Middletown.
  • Design applications using Struts 1.2 for the framework, Data Access Object (DAO) model for persistance layer.
  • Use Dojo project for dynamic web components.
  • Use Cewolf project (which uses JFreeChart) for generating graphs for display.

Confidential, Rocky Hill, CT

Java Programmer


  • Integrate functionality into the existing Meteor application.
  • Developed custom Java classes to query mainframe over Confidential gateway to populate custom value object (VO) classes to become part of a SOAP response, using Castor to marshall XML and High Performance Channel project to create SOAP encapsulation.
  • Maintain LDAP client and SOAP client and server.
  • Build project binaries with custom code when needed (CVS, Ant)
  • Develop with and introduced the Jakarta Commons project to the development team.
  • Generate Excel reports and Word documents from Java methods using the POI project's HSSF classes.
  • Develop JavaScript functions for real - time HTML form validation and data formatting.
  • Integrate new technologies into the development lifecycle (JUnit, Ant, etc.).
  • Parse XML data using JDOM.
  • Maintain complete stand-alone system with Apache web server, JBoss, Tomcat, MySQL.
  • Write SQL for DB/2, SQL Server, MySQL.

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