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Ruby On Rails Developer Resume



  • IT experience of almost 5+ years in development of web applications using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Java\J2EE, JavaScript, PostgreSQL.
  • Almost 5 years of experience in Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience on Core Java and J2EE for almost 1 year.
  • Experience in Databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra etc.
  • Experience in web based GUI’s development using Java script, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML 5 and CSS.
  • Proficient in Model - View-Controller (MVC) architectures using Rails.
  • Experience in maintaining source code management tools like Git and SVN.
  • Experience in deploying using Heroku, AWS EC2.
  • Experience working in Amazon webservices like S3, EC2.
  • Experience in writing test cases using RSpec, FactoryGirl, Cucumber etc.
  • Familiar with latest concepts like Docker.
  • Manage time effectively, prioritizing tasks and able to work within deadlines.
  • Able to express ideas precisely and confidently in speech.


Confidential, NY

Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Implemented background/delayed jobs using crontab and without using any gem.
  • Integrated slack bot with client’s private channel and implemented interactive messages too.
  • Implemented editing the google docs using google-drive-ruby gem.
  • Deploying apps through Jenkin jobs to Amazon EC2 and following Jira ticketing system.
  • Wrote Javascript and CSS in CoffeeScript and SCSS. Also worked extensively on Bootstrap.
  • Wrote templates in ERB and slim format.
  • Used Log4r gem for logging the log details and maintain the log details in Cassandra.
  • Extensively worked with Bitbucket for source code management and peer review.
  • Used Rspec gem for writing test cases.
  • Deployed applications on Amazon EC2 and provided Production support.
  • Attend stand up calls daily with the client and giving updates and getting the requirements and working on them.

Environment: Ruby, Rails, MySql, Cassandra, Jenkins, Jira, Docker, Bitbucket, Amazon S3, EC2 etc.

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Ruby Developer


  • Started working on the BiC (Born in Cloud) enterprise applications for Rapid Adnance.
  • The project is BiC-Intergration project mainly concentrates on Export Controls status for a person contact to allow user to Accept or Block their subscription from purchasing the BiC products.
  • The application layer for this project is Ruby which has a custom framework(Mojo) to build API’s which can be consumed by other client in the internal system of Autodesk.
  • The calculation of this contact level has to be applied on the application layer Person Master (Ruby).
  • Maintained logging system on the Splunk for easy and comfortable to handle errors and bugs.
  • Used to check the failing testing scenarios on Jenkins and maintain the work for merging of peer PR’s.

Environment: Ruby (1.9.3), Rails 4, Github, Jira, Heroku, Elastic Search, Amazon web services S3, PostGreSQL.


Ruby Developer


  • The enterprise applications for OOYALA is based on Ruby on Rails backend.
  • The application layer for this project is built on PHP, which later got changed to Rails.
  • There are mainly to different project which does this work, one is Web hooks(API) and second is Jobs (Queuing system).
  • Developed the whole new Rails application called PORTAL for the cross functional sharing between Data hub(backend), front-end, care platform and dialer systems.
  • Used HTML, jQuery and Java Scripting to build Admin tool which has some partner generations on UI.
  • Testing was the major factor to build most standard application on the backend, especially we used Rspec and some integration tests in TDD procedures.
  • Log Entries dashboard for the Webhooks and Jobs applications using the logging gem LE.
  • Used some nice gems like Devise, Faker, Factory Girl etc.
  • Creating scripts to host apps on AWS EC2 for deploying the code which was very fast and easy.

Environment: Ruby, SOAP, Git, Jira, Sentry, Heroku, Log Entries, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon web services, SQS, and Looker (Data visualization tool).


Ruby consultant - Intern


  • Prepared and trained to work in Agile methodology and refine business backlog with grooming sessions
  • Worked as full stack backend developer for mobile applications (Front-End) in two projects like Car Locator, Crash Detection.
  • Created Database schema structure using Visio and drawing class diagrams for two mobile applications
  • Took grooming session for the project to groom the backlog and understand the business requirements and backlog perfectly.

Environment: Java (1.7), Ruby (1.9.3), Rails (4.0), Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Mongo, JQuery, Linux.


Languages: Ruby, Java, SQL

Web Design: HTML5, XHTML, CSS3

Databases: MySQL, PostgrQL, SQLite, Cassandra

Web Technologies and J2EE: JavaScript, JQuery, Coffee script, Bootstrap

Test Frameworks: Test Unit, Junit, Rspec, Capybara

Frameworks / Architectures: Rails, Spring, Struts, Hibernate

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