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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

San Francisco, CaliforniA


  • Highly motivated software professional with extensive years of experience in Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of various desktop and web - based applications using JAVA, J2EE technologies . Diverse experience utilizing Java tools in business, Web, and client-server environments including Java Platform, Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java database Connectivity (JDBC) technologies.
  • Expertise in implementing Web services and JMS for the synchronous and asynchronous communications between two applications running in different servers.
  • Expertise in application development using Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, spring, Hibernate, JSF, EJB2.0/3.0, XML, Web Services- SOAP, WSDL.
  • Experience in implementing a Microservice with Spring Boot based services. Acquainted in programming skills with an experience of developing a n-tier application, and enterprise applications using technologies like JAVA, J2EE, Spring, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Mongo DB, Oracle which makes a clear differentiation between layers .
  • Experienced in JMS over messaging to exchange the information in more reliable and asynchronous way in enterprise Applications. Used Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Camel as JMS provider.
  • Knowledge in launching AWS EC2 instances and continuous integration using Jenkins.
  • Experience in developing Front end applications using HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, EXTJS and Ajax.
  • Proficient in OOAD Technologies developing Use Cases, Activity diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class diagrams using case tools like Microsoft Visio and Rational Rose.
  • Experience in Database Design, Creation and management of Schemas, writing Stored Procedures, functions, Triggers, DDL, DML SQL queries. Experience in writing SQL and NoSQL programming.
  • Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment, ability to work independently as a part of the team.
  • Extensive experience in working on projects with Waterfall and Agile methodologies such as Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • Experience in working with SOAP and REST web services and good at managing different data types using RESTful services like JSON, XML and data types.
  • Expertise in various Spring Modules (Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, Spring Data JPA, Spring Transaction, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Scheduler) along with Hibernate as the back-end ORM tool for implementation of persistence layer and mapping of POJOs.
  • Experience in Bootstrap (Responsive Web Design), Backbone, and AngularJS frameworks.
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing Enterprise Applications for J2EE platform using Core Java, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSTL, JAXB, EJB, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring DATA, Spring JDBC, Hibernate, XML, Web services, JMS, Eclipse, RAD, Ant, Maven.
  • Strong working experience in Object Relational mapping (ORM) tools like Hibernate (Hibernate Connection Pooling, HQL, Hibernate Caching, Transactions).
  • Expertise in design patterns including Front Controller, Data Access Object, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, MVC, Data Transfer Object and Singleton.
  • Good experience in writing complex SQL queries, optimizing SQL scripts, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in various levels like sources, mappings and targets.
  • Experienced in the functional usage and deployment of applications in JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere and Apache Tomcat.
  • Well experience in Design and Development of database systems using RDBMS concepts including Oracle, MySQL and experience in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Stored procedures, prepared statements and triggers.
  • Excellent critical and analytical thinking, written and verbal communication skills, quick learning, rigid attention to detail and ability to work independently as well within a team environment.
  • Experienced in entire system life cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Programming, Building, Testing, Debugging.


Cloud Platform: AWS, (AMI, Auto Scaling, EC2, S3, EBS).

Configuration Management: Vagrant, Maven, Docker.

Database: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, NoSQL, Mongo DB.

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Jenkins.

Version Control Tools: Subversion (SVN), GitHub.

Web Servers: Apache, Tomcat, Web Sphere, JBOSS.

Web Technologies: Java, Java (JDBC, Java Beans), Java, Java (JDBC, Java Beans), J2EE (EJB, Servlets, JSP, JNDI), SOAP, REST, JavaScript, CSS, NoSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, JSON, Bootstrap, XML.

Operating Systems: Linux.

Methodologies: AGILE, Waterfall.


Full Stack Java Developer

Confidential - San Francisco, California

  • Worked on HTML5, CSS/CSS3 style sheets, JQUERY and JavaScript to tie together a diverse range of sites with an easily understandable structure. Used JQUERY core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the applications.
  • Participate in systems implementation, including maintenance, user allocation, design, coding, error removal, logic optimization, systems re-evaluation, testing, user approval, final corrections, and documentation.
  • Deploying application in AWS cloud using services like EC2, DynamoDB, Aurora, ELB, VPC etc.
  • Involved in Enhancement of existing application utilizing Angular2, created HTML navigation menu that is role based wherein menu items changes dynamically based on the values derived from the database in the form of JSON.
  • Developed various reusable Helper and Utility classes which are used across different modules of the application & Worked to leverage Big Data Hadoop to convert SQL Queries into Apache Spark transformations.
  • Using Apache Camel framework provided concrete implementations of all the widely used Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) and connectivity to a great variety of transports and APIs.
  • Involved in developing and enhancing SOAP Web Services, JMS transactions to provide asynchronous messaging.
  • Developed Spring Restful/Microservices and implemented Spring Restful/Micro Services and implemented Spring as part of Services Discovery using Apache Axis.
  • Used Spring Configuration Annotation for easy configuration, hibernate JPA Annotation in POJO classes as well as Spring Annotation across the spring boot application.
  • Established continuous integration (CI) practices and standards using Jenkins. Set up Jenkins server and build jobs to provide continuous automated builds based on polling the Git source control system during the day and periodic scheduled builds overnight to support development using Jenkins, Git, JUnit, Selenium and Maven.
  • Expertise in implementing Design Patterns like Singleton, Controller, MVC (Model View Controller), Session Facade, Service locator, DAO, DTO, Business Delegate, Factory and Abstract Factory, Decorator, Observer, Adapter and Strategy.
  • Worked on the SPRING framework like SPRING IOC and SPRING DAO, JDBC Templates, Transactions, Security, AOP, MVC, ORM etc.
  • Used Angular.JS extensively in creating web pages with forms for single page applications, adding additional menus regarding the time and format limits.
  • Used various open source technologies like Apache Camel, JBoss Fuse, Apache CXF to replace proprietary technologies like Oracle ESB.
  • Created Test suites in SOAP UI projects and created internal test cases depending on the requirement.
  • Experienced in JMS over messaging to exchange the information in more reliable and asynchronous way in enterprise Applications. Used Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, AMQP as JMS provider.
  • Created SRS and performed designing and development on Automatic Alert Notification System. The product was designed using JMS and Drools (Rule Engine)
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub and AWS AMI’s, whenever a new GitHub branch gets started. Jenkins, our Continuous Integration server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it. The Docker-Container leverages Linux containers and has the AMI baked in.
  • Contributed in implementing JWT with Spring Boot and Spring Security in the backend
  • Expertise in implementing Web services, Microservices, AWS, Docker & JMS for the synchronous and asynchronous connection between two applications running in different servers.
  • Implemented the NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Good working knowledge on CVS, SVN and GIT for version control.
  • Create and develop an End to End Data Ingestion pipeline by ingesting SQL server raw data into S3 and processed the data using the Spark Programing.
  • Created an AWS RDS Aurora DB cluster and connected to the database through an Amazon RDS Aurora DB instance using the Amazon RDS Console.
  • Achieved Dependency injection by creating Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to wire objects of business classes.
  • Implemented DAO pattern to fetch data from database using Hibernate to carry out various database operations and avoid redundant database access statements.
  • Designed and developed business components using Spring Boot, Spring Dependency Injection (Core), Spring AOP and Spring Annotations.
  • Implemented web services ( SOAP ) to invoke providers services from the client side through SSl (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Responsible for managing AWS resources in cloud and maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline for fast paced robust application development environment.
  • Created and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying micro services and lambda functions using Jenkins CI server. Achieved Dependency injection by creating spring services, Spring Dynamic Modules (OSGI), spring controllers and DAOs to wire objects of business classes.
  • Followed the Maven build life cycle to build the application and deployed into WebSphere application server & developed test cases and performed unit testing using Junit.
  • Expertise in configuring a domain, deploying application, configuring data sources, logging and web subsystems in JBOSS Drool engine.
  • Developed business components using Spring boot, IOC, AOP, Spring annotations and created user detail service for authentication and access control using Spring LDAP and Spring Security.
  • Used Multithreading in programming to improve overall performance using Singleton design pattern in Hibernate Utility class.
  • Enhanced the application with Spring Boot Framework to produce a runnable jar, the framework is clearly a formidable utility in the development of deployable micro-services
  • Developing Spring Integration application using Camel as route builder, Spring Batch, Spring JMS, Spring JDBC, Core, AOP, JPA, JTA and Gradle as building tool.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design patterns such as Data Transfer Object (DTO), Intercepting Filters, Singleton and Data Access Object (DAO).
  • Developed single page applications, components using Angular JS directives, controllers, view and routing, service modules. Implemented a Node.js server to manage authentication.
  • Developed functions to export the data to access the data exposed by the web service using SOAP and Rest.
  • Worked with NoSQL database MongoDB and worked with it to perform many different operations Bottle micro-framework implemented with REST API and MongoDB (NoSQL) as back end database.

Java Developer


  • Developed use case diagrams, class diagrams, database tables, and provided mapping between relational database tables and object-oriented java objects using Hibernate.
  • Implemented Microservice architecture in Grails as grails is built over Spring Boot and configured GORM for Hibernate when using Spring Boot .
  • Designed and implemented a database migration to centralize multiple local MySQL database instances to a single Amazon Aurora S3 instance.
  • Designed and developed the REST based Microservices using the Spring Boot, Spring Data with JPA
  • Worked on Error handling for the flows and routed the failures to Cloud hub connector and created alerts in the cloud hub to send the error messages to the Operations team.
  • Migrating legacy applications to Cloud Native. Developing microservices using Spring Boot, Cloud, Camel, Eureka Discovery, Config service, Spring Data in to e PAAS (Enterprise Pivotal)
  • Utilizing XML descriptors to describe screens, their actions, and their security roles'/levels. Developed user interface using JSP, JSP Tag libraries, third party libraries and Java Script to simplify the complexities of the application. Implemented SOA architecture with Web Services using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML using CXF framework tool/Apache Commons. Worked on parsing the XML files using DOM/SAX parsers.
  • Collaborated with team members and developed internal use single page application with React.js and Java Spring boot and hibernate.
  • Built Pre-prod environments AWS services like EC2, S3, VPC, EBS, ELB, Auto Scaling, Cloud Trail, IAM, SNS, SQS, RDS, Dynamo DB, Cloud front etc.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML file that contains declarations and another dependent objects declaration. Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IOC, creation of Hibernate mapping files and generation of database schema.
  • Used AJAX to retrieve data from server synchronously in the background without interfering with the display and existing page in an interactive way.
  • Created Stacks using Amazon Cloud Formation templates to launch AWS Infrastructure and resources. Used AWS Lambda to run the code in the AWS.
  • Used HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery for developing the front-end and Bootstrap to build a single page web app that communicate with back-end via RESTful API.
  • Used Spring MVC Database API's and JPA (Java persistence API) to access database objects & Implemented the application using Agile development methodology.
  • Implemented complex workflows like multilevel approver workflows, Custom process steps etc.
  • Involved in migration of previous platforms from Spring to Spring Boot for building microservices.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.
  • Used GIT as source control management giving a huge speed advantage on centralized systems that must communicate with a server.

Software Developer


  • Skillful in application development using JAVA, J2EE, SWING, EJB 3.0, Hibernate, JDBC, Struts, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Servlets, HTML, XML, RMI, SOAP, Web Services, WSDL, Web Logic, Web Sphere, JBoss, Tomcat Application Server
  • Involved in the development of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using agile methodology.
  • Competent in Object-Oriented Design/Analysis, UML Modeling, Classic Design Patterns, J2EE Patterns
  • Strong experience of software development using Spring MVC, JNDI, MQ Messaging, Maven, Subversion, JUnit, Ant, Log4j.
  • Created jobs in Jenkins and deployed the applications in different environments (DEV/QA/UAT/PROD).
  • Worked in all areas of Jenkins setting up CI/CD for new branches, build automation, plugin management and securing Jenkins and setting up master/develop configurations.
  • Accomplished in database design and hands-on experience of large database systems: Oracle 11g, DB2, PL/SQL, MS SQL, SQL Server, MySQL.
  • Actively involved in project development and bug fixing for the project. Worked closely with students, helped in the deeper understanding of concepts.
  • Involved in requirement analysis and client interaction, responsible for writing hibernate mapping XML Files, HQL.
  • Worked closely with business analysts, project managers and project leaders to analyze business requirements.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Factory, Singleton. Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as requirement gathering, modeling, analysis, architecture design and development.
  • Enthusiastic Java Developer eager to learn cutting edge technologies and produce quality software.

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