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Programmer Analyst Resume

Westerville, OhiO


Offers over 25 years progressive advancement in Information Technology specializing as a Software Developer. Possesses broad based experience covering more than ten languages, multiple databases, and extensive experience in both Windows, Macintosh and Linux/Unix environments. Credited for exceptional ability to trouble shoot technical difficulties and resolve complex problems quickly.


Languages: Perl, HTML/Javascript, Cobol

Databases: Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle

Environment: s Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, Subversion


Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Westerville, Ohio


  • Create and update claim file imports for data from clients (ETL).
  • Primarily responsible for claims and billing file import and processing.
  • Design and implement a new ETL work flow framework for claims.
  • Some work with invoice processing
  • Administrative maintenance for system processing failures.
  • Primary platforms Perl, RedHat Linux, Oracle.

Programmer Analyst/Applications Developer

Confidential, Cols, Ohio


  • Create and update data file import, error checking and summary programs to allow Confidential data reporters to upload data (ETL).
  • Create and update data report web pages to retrieve collected data for data reporters and internal staff.
  • Primary programmer for Ohio College Opportunity Grant and Ohio Instructional Grant and FASFA processing programs.
  • Created print and email notice and other supporting administrative programs for OIG and OCOG programs.
  • Created programs to interface uploading/downloading and processing of files for the state OAKS system.
  • Modify and update user administration interface programs for OAKS system.
  • Involved with systems and data migration from Sybase 12 to Sybase 15 to Oracle, and Solaris to Linux.
  • Primary platforms: Perl, Cobol, HTML/Javascript/CSS, Solaris, Sybase, Oracle, SUSE Linux.

Software Developer

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio


  • Successfully contributed to the programming process used in developing GSW's Intranet resulting in enhanced performance and increased flexibility.
  • Oversaw technical troubleshooting for the entire company regarding Internet usability responsible for fixing bugs in original coding, expanding the site to accommodate new information, improving backend usability, and a resolving a wide - range of technical support issues.
  • Programmed an Extranet template used as a model to produce multiple sites used by the clients.
  • Eliminated problems as they arose on client sites ensuring quick recovery while maintaining productivity.
  • Sign in/out application that also manages temporary traffic manager assignments.
  • Consultant for a client Weblogic/Intranet project.
  • Upgrade/Install software on Solaris computers.
  • Primary platforms: Visual Basic Scripting, HTML/Javascript, Weblogic/Java, Solaris, Windows Server.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio


  • DBA for Oracle 6 and MSSQL Server databases.
  • Resolved desktop technical problems for as many as 30 employees on issues relating to both hardware and software.
  • Which included, but not limited to, graphic design, video/audio production and classroom support services.
  • Developed multiple large - scale programs, from inception to completion.
  • Challenged to create the functionality, structure, and flow of information.
  • Responsible for all programming which was completed on time and within the budgets specified.
  • Totally revamped a program from Mainframe to a personal computers platform using Pascal then Authorware.
  • Systems Administrator for NextStep, Amiga, Macintosh and Windows computers.
  • Managed a multimedia lab that included various A/V equipment, CD burner, and film printers on a mixture of Macintosh and Windows computers.

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