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Lead Software Engineer Resume

Englewood, CO


  • Good Software Experience in designing, developing and deploying standalone, n - tier web and Enterprise applications using JAVA, J2EE, Big Data and Web Technologies .
  • Have experience in writing Java 8 code using Lambdas and Streams.
  • Strong understanding of frameworks like Spring (IoC, AOP, Integration, Boot, Cloud Dataflow and MVC), JSF, HK2 IoC and Hibernate.
  • Good experience in both setting up and using Mongodb 2.x/3.x and Cassandra DataStax Graphs. Good knowledge using Gremlin and Apache TinkerPop as well.
  • Knowledge about Hadoop File Systems and related applications.
  • Experience using caching tools like Memcached
  • Experience using queueing Frameworks like Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper as well as working with JMS Technologies.
  • Knowledge and experience using logging solutions like Fluentd.
  • Good knowledge in application development with technologies like J2EE using APIs like EJB, JSP, JSTL, JMS and Servlets .
  • Performed application code testing using JUnit and mock Testing through scripting.
  • Knowledge and experience writing RestFul and SOAP based Web Services using Jersey, Spring MVC and Apache Axis frameworks .
  • Have a good understanding in Java features like annotations, Generics and Reflections API.
  • Have Strong experience in writing Multi-threaded synchronized code .
  • Good Sound Knowledge about AAA Network Protocols like Radius .
  • Strong experience writing Python scripts for File Handling, Regex, globing, SMTPlib, Tkinter widgets etc.
  • Experience Architecting BigData applications through Python, Perl, bash, mongo and memcached .
  • Experience in developing web pages using HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JSF and CSS .
  • Extensive experience in Development tools like Eclipse, Netbeans 5.5x/6.0, and VI editor.
  • Good understanding of Agile and Scrum Methodologies.
  • Strong Experience on JBoss server versions 4.0.5/4.2x and 5.0 with Richfaces/ Icefaces.
  • Immense experience in writing SQL nested queries, performing joins, granting permissions using PL/SQL and packages etc for relational databases like Oracle 9i/8i/10g/11.2/12c, DB2, Mysql 4x/5x.
  • Excellent Shell Scripting skills using Bash, Perl, Python, Sed, Awk and Expect.
  • Have good knowledge on VMware Esxi, Workstation, and Fusion . And Encryption Algorithms.
  • Good foundational experience in using UNIX based operating systems.
  • Have UNIX administration Experience on Red Hat (RHEL) 7.x,6.x,5.x, 4.x, CentOs versions 7.x/8.x/9.x and Fedora 14-24.
  • Experience working with continuous build tools like Jenkins and JFrog.
  • Experience using version control tools like Git, SVN(Subversion) and CVS .
  • Experience working with tools like Puppet, SNMP and knowledge on CI/CD tools like Nagios, HAProxy, Heartbeat etc.
  • Have worked on Real-time Projects in C/C++ on Linux (Redhat) and Real time operating Systems involving fault tolerance and fail-safe techniques .
  • Active participant in troubleshooting failure issues and have good analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills .


Web Technologies: J2EE1.4.2, EJB2.0, Servlet 2.4, JDBC, HTML 4.0/5.0, DHTML, Java Script, XML 1.0, XSLT, JSP 2.0, Applets, RMI, Swing, CSS, Struts 1.2, JMS, Spring 1.1/1.2/3.x/4.x, Hibernate 3.1., gscript, JQuery, JBOSS Seam, Ajax.

Web/Application Server: JBoss 4.x/5.x/6.x, Apache Tomcat 7.x, IIS 6.0, Oracle Application Server.

IDE: Rational Application Developer 6.0, WSAD 5.0, JBuilder 2005, Eclipse SDK 3.1, Crystal Reports, TOAD 8.6, Netbeans 5.5/5.51/6.0. Eclipse neon, Guidewire studio, Visual Studio 2005.

Spring Frameworks: IoC, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring AOP, Spring Boot and Cloud Data Flow server

RDBMS: Oracle 9i/10g/11.2g/12c, Spatial Oracle 9i, DB2, SQL Server 2000, Ms Access 2003, My SQL 4.x/5.x.

No SQL: Mongo DB 2.x/3.x, Cassandra Datastax Graph (DSE) 2.6. Apache TinkerPop 3.x and Gremlin 2.x

Languages: Java 7 and Java 8,, Python, bash scripting, ant, sed, awk, expect, C, C++, STL, PERL, SQL, PL/SQL and Ruby

Environment: Sun Solaris 10, Unix, Red Hat Linux 4-7, CentOs 4-7, Win 2003 server, Win XP professional, Cisco IOS.

Change Management: CVS, Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.0, SubVersion, Git.

Testing Framework: JUnit 4.x/3.x

Packages & Utilities: MS Office.

Network Protocols: Network Devices TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, SNA, DNS, LAN, WAN, DHCP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSH, LDAP, DHCP SCE (Service Control Engine), ISG (Intelligent Service Gateway).

Business Process Manager: Aqua logic/oracle BPM, JBPM, Visuera Process Manager.

Administration: Red Hat/ CentOs 5x/6x/7x, Jboss 4x/5x, MySQL 3x/4x/5x.

Other Tools: Amcharts, BIRT, Reportmill 9/10P


Confidential, Englewood, CO

Lead Software Engineer


  • A rchitected and engineered existing Perl and shell scripting applications in Java. And brought down the processing times by 8 times.
  • Worked on Spring Cloud DataFlow framework and wrote a custom tail source plugin. I contributed to Spring Source so that it can be integrated and reused by the Spring community, upon their request.
  • Have a solid understanding and strong experience using Spring integration framework for channeling data through the input and output source pipes using Kafka messaging Queues, including but not limited to setting it up, configuring and utilizing.
  • Developed Database interactions using JPA and Hibernate frameworks .
  • Extensively wrote Perl, Python and Bash scripts to Automate jobs, for Monitoring processes, process small batches of data, perform load testing, simulate a scenario etc.
  • Write Perl and Python scripts for datamining using regex and file modules .
  • Actively involved in business requirements and team technical discussions in making critical decisions.
  • Design and develop enhancements to the above mentioned interfaces.
  • Review the SMOPS, code and work done by the team members from both onsite and offshore.
  • Develop Frameworks to test (Load and Scalability) application performance.
  • Set up environments and systems for application migrations as part of DEVOPS using PUPPET framework .
  • Develop POCs (proof of concepts) and setup demos for the team.
  • Manage a team of four people including offsite performing iteration planning, scrum, commit sessions and other administrative work.
  • Perform Sync jobs where entire datasets were compared and updated through ETL tools like FACT and CoSort .
  • Verify doubtful and compromised data sent by business team in the system to identify potential issues, provide RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and propose solution.
  • Maintenance support for legacy interfaces which cannot be migrated.
  • Provide technical support to the QA team with their testcases.
  • Setup automation of build process using the Jenkins project management system and JFrog maven artifact repository system.

Confidential, Denver

Software Engineer


  • Develop new features and fix defects on the SME and QPS Policy Servers through writing conventional Java code for day-today business logic needs.
  • Provide J2ee Functionalities through Spring Framework via dependency injections, aspects and point cuts.
  • Used Mongo DB and MySQL database as the backend database in conjunction with Memcached service for storing data
  • Extensively wrote BASH, Python scripts and few Perl scripts to check very low level data like packet captures, analyze logs in productions and TCP dumps etc.
  • Follow Agile and Scrum methodologies through software like Rally and JIRA to keep tasks updated and show progress.
  • Write RESTFUL web services with Jersey Framework and SOAP based with apache axis for custom APIs for individual customers.
  • Design and develop high quality software components required for mission critical applications
  • Adapt quickly and come up to speed on new application communication protocols such as Radius, CoA etc.
  • Achieve design/performance improvements and enhancements through detailed technical investigation and analysis
  • Work on Redhat/Linux based server blades to fix any OS related issues.
  • Provide structured analysis in documents and MOPs with details for RCAs on Customer end.
  • Support the testing and integration of software, working with Quality Assurance and Test personnel
  • Support the documentation of software designs and configuration guides to facilitate product knowledge transfer
  • Help deployment Engineers and Advanced services personnel with the deployments of the product in client environments like lab, staging and production.
  • Also, knowledge with Eclipse plugins framework. Eclipse RCP and OSGI.


Software Engineer


  • Developed new services by coding new interfaces and implementation classes.
  • Add Hibernate mappings and pojos to the applications.
  • Add the new Adobe flex components and write action scripts to display the DTOs.
  • Code new Business Logic, fix issues and write test cases.
  • Add the new backend services through the blaze data services to the GUI.
  • Support the production on UNIX and windows boxes and interact with business analysts to resolve issues. Keep track of the changes made from time to time.
  • Query the backend databases and check for integrity and other data related issues.

Environment: Java, Adobe Flex 3.0, Action Script 3.0, spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.3, Web Services, EJB 3.0, Tomcat 6.0 server, Subversion, Maven, Oracle 10g,DB2, CXF, Camel.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Sr. Software Analyst


  • Involved in developing the multi-level framework using spring, Hibernate and JSF.
  • Exposed the service call to the external environment using web services.
  • Add Ice faces Chart components to the application to show the statistical data as graphs.
  • Modify Look and Feel (GUI) of the application through CSS, HTML and JSF components.
  • Write pojos for hibernate. Use queries to access the data from the database.
  • Involved in developing web analytics tool using FLEX, used by the administrator to monitor the user activities.
  • Write customized validation/ Converters classes and apply validation on the form fields.
  • Write structured and synchronized code and always write Test cases.
  • Configured Persistence entities at hibernate level, and also developed code interacting with database using HQL.
  • Write Python scripts to perform data processing.
  • Write JavaScript functions and code for necessary functions.
  • Use el expressions on the page to display values if necessary in development mode. Use conditional operators wherever necessary in the view portion to avoid NPEs.
  • Configure the application to integrate Quartz scheduler service through Seam.
  • Follow the OOPs methodology of writing interfaces for services and then writing the implementation classes.

Environment: Java, JSF (Java Server Faces), spring, Hibernate ORM, Web Services, EJB 3.0, JBOSS 4.2 server, Ajax, Adobe Flex, ICE faces, Subversion, Ant, Oracle 9i.

Confidential, Sarasota, FL

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Configure the spring context and services files for inversion of control (IoC), and used aspect oriented programming (AOP) to separate main concerns of the application.
  • Involve in creating DAOs and their implementation classes for data manipulations.
  • Write JPA queries on the pojo beans for the entities, with the annotations specified.
  • Implement JavaScript for client side validations: word count, popping up screens etc.
  • Change the Action classes for new business requirements and Fix bugs. Write Junit test cases for the changes made.
  • Involve in developing service layer spring objects and configured the spring webflow of application.
  • Generation of reports using a tool called report mill. Created PDF templates and reports (PDF) for printing the application details, quotes, cash transmittal and other documents.

Environment: Java, J2EE1.4.1, Apache Tomahawk faces, Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JMS, SQL, IBM db2, IBM websphere v6.1 Server, RAD 7.x, ReportMill 9.0, JPA, Ajax.

Confidential, Sarasota, FL

Software Developer


  • Design and architect the Application FormApp. Used Netbeans as Java IDE for creating Application . VisualWeb 5.5 is used for designing the view. Java server Faces is used as the technology behind the application.
  • Wrote and modified the queries required for the applications. Aquadata studio and RapidSQL are used for the query and other model related changes.
  • Architect the application and design the application so that most of the code is modularized and reused.
  • Configured ClaimCenter application code using Eclipse IDE with web tools platform (WTP) support. This is an application developed by Guidewire systems.
  • Coded python scripts when physical files or any bulk activity on physical files was required.
  • Updated team about the new features added and shared new skills acquired during work.
  • Configured the development environments for the new team members. Implemented JUnit test cases for testing the functionality of the code.

Environment: Java, J2EE1.4.1, EJB2.0, Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JMS, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, JBOSS 4.x Server, Netbeans 5.5/5.51/6.x, Eclipse with WTP, JUnit, Single Sign on.


Jr. Software Engineer


  • Extensively write python scripts for Google client .
  • Developed JSP pages for dynamic HTML generation and for session management.
  • Developed and deployed EJB bean components .
  • Fixed several pending bugs and saved lot of money to the company.
  • Design and develop enterprise web applications, for internal production support group, using Java (J2EE) Design Patterns.

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