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Cassandra Consultant Resume

Farmington Hills, MI


  • 8 years of Professional work experience with 5 years of NoSQL experience which includes Cassandra and MongoDB and 3 years of experience in DB2 and Oracle database Administration.
  • Database professional specializing in Cassandra, MongoDB, Oracle, DB2.
  • Broad expertise in Linux, various storages, networking, AWS and Google cloud.
  • Excellent Knowledge of Cassandra Architecture, Cassandra data modelling & Monitoring Cassandra using Opscenter.
  • Excellent knowledge on CQL (Cassandra Query Language), for retrieving the data present in Cassandra cluster by running queries in CQL.
  • Involved in designing various stages of migrating data from RDBMS to Cassandra.
  • Having working knowledge with multiple Data centers set up.
  • Experience in efficiently managing backup and restoring data in live Cassandra Cluster.
  • Experience in benchmarking Cassandra Cluster using Cassandra stress tool.
  • Have Knowledge on Apache Spark with Cassandra.
  • Experience of doing Cassandra upgrades to Major & latest versions.
  • Expertise in AWS, experience in implementing new AWS EC2 instances and working with EBS and S3 storage.
  • Build complex entity relationship models - both logical and physical Database Design.


Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, PL/SQL, Scala

Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP

Relational Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, JDBC, Oracle 9i,10g, DB2 LUW 9.7/10.5

NoSQL Databases: Apache Cassandra 1.1/1.2.5/2.0, DataStax 3.2.5/3.2.7/4.0/4.6.7/4.7.2/4.8.9/5.0/5.0.2, MongoDB 2.6/3.0

Scripting: Shell Scripting, Python, Ansible, puppet

Devops tools: Jenkins, Docker, kubernetes

Tools: & IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Rational Rose, My SQL Workbench, OpsCenter, DevCenter, Splunk

Operating System: AIX, Sun Solaris, RedHat Linux, CentOS and Windows


Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

Cassandra Consultant


  • Responsible for availability and performance of CXP, SSO, Cassandra shared Prod and lower environments.
  • Created 36 node Cassandra cluster for online SSO (SingleSignOn) and CXP (covalent xtreme performance an grade assessment engine) with Cassandra DSE-4.8.12.
  • Designed Cassandra data model for Single sign on application.
  • Enabled Backups of cassandra data on opscenter to the S3 buckets as a part of disaster recovery.
  • Forwarded the cassandra system logs and gc logs to confidential and configured the dashboards and alerts for cassandra on it.
  • Enabled spark on Separate datacenter on CXP cluster to run data analytics on cassandra data.
  • Implemented DSE SOLR to enable indexes on Cassandra data.
  • Performed performance testing and load testing on Lower environments before pushing the changes to the production.
  • Coordinated with teams to update cassandra DSE 5.1 upgrade from DSE 4.8.12 on all non-prod and prod nodes.
  • Managing and monitoring the performance of cassandra on 116 nodes (47 prod and 69 no-prod nodes).
  • On all prod clusters updated the data centers to aws multiple AZ’s to minimise the risk of single AWS AZ failure.
  • Moved the cassandra data from old cluster to new cluster on production and lower environments with minimal application downtime.
  • Raised C4.4xlarge AWS ec2 instances with Provisioned IOPS EBS volumes(io1) for cassandra nodes and for cassandra data storage.
  • Used Ansible scripts for Cassandra automation
  • Configured, Documented and Demonstrated inter node communication between Cassandra nodes and client using SSL encryption.
  • Worked on implementing large-scale Spark cluster for distributed data processing and analysis.
  • Perform capacity planning related activities on database storage and performance.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Cassandra Consultant


  • Consultant Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise 4.0.3/4.5/4.6.7/4.7.2/4.8.9 on Linux(RHEL, CentOS) in HomeLoans department supporting databases and infrastructure for high transactional Data Engineering team.
  • Responsible for creating the Cassandra database across all the environments namely Development, PreProduction, UAT and Production.
  • Created a 12 node Cluster in Production with 2 DataCenters in US-East and US-West to handle the daily loads of incoming transactional data which has millions of records coming from third party vendors like Black Knight Financial Services.
  • Involved in designing multiple data models for various teams across HomeLoans department.
  • Migrated tables from SQLServer to Cassandra which are being used actively till date.
  • Upgraded all Cassandra nodes across all platforms from DSE 4.6.7 to DSE 4.7.2 to DSE 4.8.9.
  • Created scripts which could automate repairs and snapshots in case OpsCenter has any issues to run them.
  • Implemented dual center setup across various environments which included Spark nodes as well.
  • Implemented Spark solution to enable real time reports from Cassandra data in lower environments.
  • Implemented spark solution to transfer the data from production cluster to lower environment.
  • Perform capacity planning related activities on database storage and performance.
  • Perform monthly AMI rehydrations on the Amazon EC2 instances to keep them upto date according to the company policies and requirements.
  • Used Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) and Ansible on AWS to build a cluster or even a datacenter and join them into an existing datacenter.
  • Used GitHub repository to save all the scripts being deployed across various environments.
  • As part of DevOps team, have been associated with Application development teams who have developed custom CICD (Continuous integration and Continued deployment) automation process using Jenkins to build code, run test cases and create release codes and tags. Used the same process to deploy the code across all environments.
  • Migrated all Cassandra servers from ELB to EBS volumes as part of requirement coming from Management.
  • Used Splunk as a monitoring tool for Cassandra.
  • Provided support for the database depending upon the need over the weekends.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Database Administrator


  • Managing multiple Production and Development DB2 LUW Applications environments of different releases.
  • Database server Installation, Database Creation, Maintenance, Backup, Recovery & Performance Tuning
  • Migration of UDB databases from 8.x to 10.1.
  • Migration of Oracle databases from to 10g (
  • Involved in creating logical data models for various applications using Erwin.
  • Converted logical models into physical models.
  • Implementation of high availability and disaster recovery of databases through DB2 HADR in production environment
  • Developing shell scripts for database monitoring and maintenance.
  • Restore and recover corrupted databases.
  • Written stored procedures to implement business functionality.


(Html, SQL, Java) Developer


  • Designed the application using Html, CSS and Bootstrap for UI along with third party designs
  • Worked with validations for the input fields and annotations to avoid invalid data at initial stage rather than accepting it.
  • Created, enhanced and modified queries, storage procedure, triggers and tables with SQL Server
  • Adapter and data sets.
  • Used grid view to display the data and enabled those records to edit, delete and view.
  • Developed three tier architecture and managed entire data access layer with stored procedure

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