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Senior Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Southfield, MI


  • 11 years SDLC experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Testing of Enterprise Web Applications using Java/JEE technologies.
  • Hands on experience using java 8 features such as Functional Interfaces, Lambda expressions, Stream API, Generics, enhanced for loop, Enums etc.
  • Ambitious Go - getter with extensive adaptivness in web application development using Spring,Struts,Hibernate, SOAP, RESTful, AJAX, XML, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular 2, Angular 4,React Js, CSS, JavaScript, Spring Boot and Bootstrap.
  • Experienced working in projects involving Agile, Scrum, Test First, Incremental and Iterative Development.
  • Performance Targeted Implementer with substantial experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Web Services such as WSDL, SOAP using Apache Axis, RESTful using Jersey and Jackson.
  • Extensive Exposure to SAX, DOM, StAX, JAXB, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, xPath and JAX-RS.
  • Quick-witted Competent with skillful ability in using Spring 4.x (Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring JDBC, Spring JMS, Spring REST, Spring Boot) and Object Relational Mapping frameworks (ORM’s) like Hibernate with mapping of persistent classes and usage of Hibernate Query Language.
  • Experience in designing and developing Unix shell scripts, AutoSys Jobs and Quartz Schedulers.
  • Strong understanding of Micro services patterns - Circuit Breaker/Hystrix, DDD, Aggregator, Proxy Chaining.
  • Experience in implementing Spring Netflix, Spring Zuul Proxy Server, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon.
  • Designed and developed action classes using both Struts1 and Struts2 and Spring frameworks.
  • Extensively used different Tag Libraries like JSF Tags, Struts Tags, JSTL, Spring Tags, Spring EL, Display Tag.
  • Good experience in JSF, Prime Faces, Ice Faces, AJAX, JQuery.
  • Used Spring Boot properties like actuators and health checkers to enhance MicroServices implementations.
  • Very good experience in developing core modules in large cross-platform applications using JAVA, J2EE, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, XML, and HTML.
  • Technically Savvy in using multiple RDBMS like IBM DB2, Oracle 9i/10g/11i/12c, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Spearheaded Application Developer conversant with developing applications using various servers including Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Oracle,, Oracle WebLogic and JBoss Application Server.
  • Mission Focused Aspirant with sweeping proficiency in using version controls such as VSS, CVS, SVN and GIT.
  • Very good experience in using database version management tools like Liquibase.
  • Experience with Maven build tool, Hudson and Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) to setup automated builds. And good knowledge on QuickBuild and Bamboo too.
  • Implemented Apigee configuration and API documentation for the understanding of Rest based Web services.
  • Developed Docker images to support development and their pipelines and used container based tool Kubernetes.
  • Good knowledge on message service MQ’s like IBM MQ, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, and Apache Kafka.
  • Experience in using project tracking / process tools Gemini, ICL.
  • Good Experience in using project maintenance tool Confluence.
  • Used JIRA, Quality Center, Issue Tracker, BugZilla, Service Desk for defects and test management.
  • Proficient in using database tools like SQL Developer, PL/SQL developer, Toad.
  • Used class loader analysis tool Weblogic CAT.
  • Familiar with Node Package Manager(NPM).
  • Used Splunk for anlysing logs from production servers and produce application performance metrics.
  • Also used with DynaTrace tool for server performance monitoring.
  • Added Spring Tool Suite (STS) for developing springBoot application.
  • Hands on experience with build tools like ANT, Maven and logging tools like Log4J.
  • Expertise on UI testing with Karma, Mocha, Jasmine and Chai.
  • Experience in writing and executing unit test cases using JUnit and JMeter, Mokito,Cucumber Testing Framework.
  • Using Jrebel for faster development
  • Actively involved in developing reusable components and POCs.


Languages: Java, J2EE

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JSTL, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Java Script,ICE Faces, Prime Faces,My Faces, log4J, JSF, Java FX

Frameworks: Spring 4.3,Spring Boot 2.1.5, Hibernate 4.3, Struts 1, Struts 2

Relational Databases: Oracle 10g/11g/12c, SQL server 2012/2014/2016 , MySQL 5.7, DB2 11.1

Internet Technologies: HTML 5, JavaScript 1.8, XML 2.0, CSS 3, jQuery 2.11, Angular JS 2.0, Angular JS 4.0, BackBone.JS 1.3.1, NPM, Node JS 6.0.

Cloud Environments: AWS, Netflix Eureka, Mesos, Kubernetes,Microservices.


IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ


Message Services: JMS, MDB, Active MQ

Operating system: Windows, Linux

Jobs / Schedulers: Autosys, Quartz, Shell Script

Bug tracking Tools: JIRA 7.0, Bugzilla 4.4.12

Testing Frameworks: JUNIT4.12, JMeter, Mokito,Cucumber, SOAP UI

Reporting Tools: Jasper Reports 6.0, Crystal Reports XI, Splunk reports

Methodologies: Agile, waterfall, TDD (Test-Driven-Development), Scrum

Build Tools: Ant 1.10, Maven 3.3.9

Application/Web Servers: Web Sphere, Web Logic, JBOSS, Tomcat,Oracle

Version Management Tools: Liquibase, CVS, VSS, SVN, GIT

Integration/Agile Project Tools: Hudson, Jenkins, Gemini, ICL, Jira

Build Tools: Ant, Maven

SQL Tools: Toad, SQL Developer, PL SQL Developer, MYSQL Workbench

Other Tools: Splunk, DynaTrace,STS,NPM,Putty, Jrebel, Weblogic CAT, Beyond Compare, FileZilla, DreamWeaver, EditPlus


Confidential, Southfield, MI

Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Technology/Tools Used: Java, JAVA FX, Servlet,JSP,HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, Spring batch, Spring MVC, Microservices,Hibernate, Web Services, Maven, Soap UI, J2EE, JSF, Spring, JMS, JAXB, JPA, XSD, XML, SOAP Web Services, JNDI, Junit,cucumber, log4j, Accurev, Web Sphere, Eclipse, Splunk, Putty, Gradle, SQL Server, Linux.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop features for FEDEBOM and CMF applications.
  • Provide support for BOMF, AVBOMII, WERS Refresh, Take Rates, CMF, Wizard and all FEDEBOM Applications.
  • Support includes problem solving, complex software design and development using Java, JAVA FX, SOAP and REST Web Services, SQL queries, XSD and WSDL development.
  • Implement batch processes by using Spring batch,Spring JDBC and JSON to fetch huge data from different interface applications for both base data and incremental data and make them available in json format as a feed to FEDEBOM.
  • Developed a spring boot, micro services excel compare process to verify data in AVBOM2 and FEDEBOM for the missed data during sync process.
  • Notification emails development for users in case data post fail to WERS DB .
  • Data analysis, working to resolve supplier connectivity issues by interfacing with various internal teams.
  • Implement new processes and services with in AVBOM 2 suite and FEBEBOM applications.
  • Triage and resolve production issues.
  • Integral part of PDO team to develop and transition project from development into production support mode.
  • Support annual disaster recovery and access review process.
  • Agile Development, story grooming, estimations, retrospectives, spring planning and Test-driven development.
  • Design, develop applications by collaborating with all global teams.
  • Developed user interfaces with Java FX.
  • Design and develop batch processes using Java/ Jee technologies .Design, develop and support splunk dashboards to check appplication performance metrics .

Confidential, Livonia, Michigan

Systems Analyst

Technology/Tools Used: Core Java, Servlet,JSP,HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON, Type Script, Bootstrap, Java 1.7, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Angular 2.0, REST Web Services, Maven, Soap UI, Netflix OSS, Core Java, J2EE, JSF, Ice Faces, Prime Faces, Spring, JMS, JAXB, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, Liquibase, Restful and SOAP Web Services, JNDI, JUnit, log4j, SVN,GIT Hub, Hudson, ICL, Web Logic, WebLogic CAT, Dyna Trace, Eclipse, Gemini, Visual Studio, Splunk, Putty, Quartz Scheduler, Ant, Eclipse, JUint, PL SQL, Mockito.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for understanding business requirements, providing solutions, web design, DB design, coding, unit testing, code integration, code maintenance in SVN branch,tag and trunk, integration testing in CAPS 2.0 application.
  • Worked on complete Agile Development, story grooming, estimations, retrospectives and spring planning.
  • Actively involved in migrating few projects from SVN to GIT.
  • Developed user interfaces for Western Union and Payment US Autopay and cancellation with HTML5, CSS3, JSON, AJAX, Angular 2.
  • Worked with single page application framework Angular 4 extensively for Inventory module using component,routing, services, views, directives navigation, dependency injection .
  • And also used Angular 4 HTTP Module to make LSS API calls and worked with the observables.
  • Used Angular two-way binding and Implemented the search functionality using Angular JS
  • Used Angular JS Directives like ng-app, ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-show, ng-hide, ng-controller, ng-route.
  • Used other front-end technologies such as JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS 3.0 and Bootstrap.
  • Designed and Developed REST Web Services based on REST architecture, implemented various HTTP methods, did Error Handling to provided data to the front end Angular 2 in JSON format.
  • Used Node Package Manager(NPM).
  • Developed RESTful service interface using Spring Boot.
  • Developed and implemented MicroServices CQRS patterns, bootstrapped using Spring boot.
  • Developed application on Springframework by utilizing Spring DI, Autowiring, Transactions, Beans and Security.
  • Established simulation service with Spring Boot, Netflix OSS and REST.
  • Integrated Route One, Payment US with CAPS using SOAP Webservices.
  • Implemented the Project structure based on Spring MVC pattern using Spring Boot.
  • Developed Producer and Consumer MQ applications using Spring boot for Western Union and Payment US Autopay and Cancellation Services.
  • Worked with Spring AOP module to perform logging operations.
  • Used Spring Boot properties like actuators and health checkers to enhance MicroService implementations.
  • Used Spring Inheritance to develop beans from already developed parent beans.
  • Used Spring and Hibernate for implementing IOC, AOP and ORM for back end tiers.
  • Deployed the application onto WebLogic application server and developed Functional Requirement Document.
  • Beans Binding and seamless integration with spring framework and for routing unit test by Apache Camel.
  • Integrated Spring ORM frameworks Hibernate for database operations with ORACLE.
  • Worked on Hibernate to map objects to table, named queries, pagination, Lazy Loading, HQL Criteria API.
  • Used Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions and Cache concepts.
  • Built and implemented Splunk for monitoring and search ability.
  • Used DynaTrace for server Health Check .
  • Designed and developed autosys jobs and quartz shedulers.
  • Designed database tables and liquibase creation for few critical enhancements
  • Performed Service Level Testing for Web services using Soap UI.
  • Used MAVEN and Jenkins for Build process and continuous integration.
  • Supported Change Management Tasks to deploy code in QA Cert Testing and then into Production.
  • Worked to secure our SOAP web services with Spring Security to authenticate any third party requests.
  • Performed unit testing for java using Junit.
  • Worked on JSF applications with ICE faces and Prime Faces.
  • Implemented logging using log4j and implemented various cross-project functionalities using Spring AOP.
  • Developed web applications using Spring MVC to maintain loose coupling between the layers.
  • Used Spring JTA Transaction manager to remove the dependencies on the container.
  • Used Spring ORM module to integrate with Hibernate.
  • Used ApacheMaven for project management and building the application.

Confidential, Tampa, Florida

Senior Analyst

Technology Used: Core Java, Servlets, Jsp, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, JSTL, Spring Core, Struts 2, Spring JDBC, Spring DAO, Tiles, SQL, PL SQL, Oracle, SVN, JBoss, Toad, Ant, Eclipse, JUint

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Involved in coding for bugs and enhancements in CMIS WEB application for various components like Report Incident, Daily report Schedule for tickets, Privileges, Behavior, Template group collection, PlugIn Collection, TSCDB, Schedule .
  • Involved in deployment of CMIS WEB, Manual testing, Integrated testing.
  • Involved in fixing incidents assigned in CMIS WEB.
  • Code Review Team Member.
  • Involved in the Technical Documentation of the application.
  • Direct interact with end client for gathering requirements for major product enhancements.
  • Active member in product improvement team.
  • Actively participate in Disaster Recovery Management drills.
  • Develop translations automation to support CMIS rollout for different countries.
  • Utilize design patterns, including Session Façade, Business Delegate, Front Controller, Singleton, Factory and DAO.
  • Prepare sequence diagrams for workflow management and version management in the design phase.
  • Prepare program specs for workflow management and version management.
  • Prepare development environment for developers to work on integrated Struts 2 and Spring.
  • Perform session handling, exception handling, and module hits using Struts 2.0.
  • Perform UI development for Admin and Work List Modules using Ajax technologies.
  • Integrate Presentation Layer with Business Layer.
  • Integrate CMIS with LDAP, CMIS Admin module.
  • Prepare Use Cases and Functional test cases for CMIS.
  • Perform user acceptance testing.
  • Prepare sequence diagrams for defects and maintenance request modules in the design phase.
  • Prepare program specs for defects and maintenance request.
  • Develop Admin module to manage master data in CMIS ADMIN.
  • Responsible for High level design and external interfaces integration
  • Work on session handling using Struts 2.0 interceptors.
  • Develop module hits and exception handling using Struts 2 ActionEventListener.
  • Develop code for persistency logic using Spring DAO and Spring JDBC.
  • Perform Ajax style of file uploading using Struts 2.0 for Defects Upload, MR Upload functionalities.
  • Conducted internal java training programs for the team and assist junior team members on various technologies.

Confidential, Tampa, Florida

Senior Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Involved in coding for bugs and enhancements in CMIS ADMIN application for various components like Privileges, Behavior, Template group collection, PlugIn Collection mappings .
  • Involved in deployment of CMIS ADMIN,Manual testing,Integrated testing.
  • Involved in direct client interaction to discuss how can we improve the product.
  • Worked with direct client and provided some best solution which can reduce a huge cost and man power.
  • Involved in fixing incidents assigned in CMIS Admin.
  • Code Review Team Member.
  • Involved in the Technical Documentation of the application.
  • Direct interact with end client for gathering requirements for major product enhancements.
  • Active member in product improvement team.
  • Analyze, code and test objects before delivery to client, including communication with the onsite client and solving technical issues.
  • Provide active participation and effective coordination with the client for simulation testing and UAT.
  • Develop database using Oracle, SQL Server, PL/SQL procedures.
  • Code and develop various unit test cases using Java.
  • Perform code review and test case review.
  • Gather requirement by interacting directly with client and documenting functionalities.
  • Involved in Change Request Estimation, technical solution document, implementation plan, development and testing.
  • Enable template configuration facility, and automate weekly report generation using Session Beans and Entity Beans.
  • In corporate call management using JMS and Message Driven Beans.
  • Profile CMIS to identify performance issues.

Technology Used: Core Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Oracle, SVN, JBoss, Eclipse, SQL Developer, HTML, Java Script, AJAX, JQuery, JSTL, JUint


Senior Analyst

Technology Used: Core Java, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, AJAX, JQuery,WebServices(REST), XML, XSLT, JIBX, Java Script, SQL, PL SQL, Oracle, Accurev, JAX-RS, JUnit, JBOSS, SQL Developer, Eclipse

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Involved in coding and enhancement for rating and comment module.
  • Involved in writing JUNIT test cases with hardcoded values for test initially.
  • Involved in testing JUnit test cases with REST webservice data.
  • Fixing incidents assigned in Confidential .
  • Code Review Team Member.
  • Develop code using Java/J2EE technology
  • Work on application development using Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, EJB, Ajax, Web services and SQL.
  • Perform Use Case Analysis, design discussion and UML Modeling
  • Implement configuration management using VSS, Dimensions, PVCS, and Accurev
  • Implement Weblogic, JBOSS application servers.
  • Participate in daily, pre-sprint/post-sprint Scrum (Agile Methodology) meetings
  • Develop WSDL and XSD
  • Develop synchronous and asynchronous web service providers using JAX-WS for Part Transaction Service
  • Implement callback web service for Offline Web Services
  • Implement Message Driven Bean to pickup and process Offline Requests
  • Implement security for Web Services
  • Code JAXB to BO builder utilities using Reflections and Generics
  • Develop customized declarative validations using Apache Validator Framework
  • Develop programmatic validations for Part Transaction Service
  • Develop persistence logic and query configurations.
  • Resolve memory leaks, performance bottlenecks in the application
  • Write SOAP UI based test cases and executing them.
  • Write JUnit Test Suits.
  • Develop Technical Documentation for the application.
  • Gather business requirements and system requirements and specifications.
  • Provide conceptual solution and translate into technical design.

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