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Senior Mobile Software Engineer Resume


  • Over 10 years software development experience.
  • Android Application development for OEMs and Carriers.
  • Android SDK and NDK experience.
  • Experience in Android Optimization, Forensics and Security.
  • Track record of delivering maintainable, secure and efficient code.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical concepts to non - technical stakeholders.
  • Ability to collect requirements and capture product features from users and stakeholders.
  • Proven ability to translate complex requirements into high quality and thoroughly tested code.
  • Experience authoring Unit, Functional, Integration and Regression tests.
  • Experience with a wide range of hardware devices (mobile phones, tablets and cutting edge prototypes).
  • Scrum Master experience (managing Product Backlogs, Planning Sprints)


To develop Android Applications that provide a rich user experience and are optimized for performance and security.


  • Java , Android -Java, some C, JNI , AIDL, Python scripting
  • Android SDK, Android NDK
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Best Practices, Refactoring, Design Patterns
  • Agile Object Oriented Development Processes
  • Scrum Project Management (Scrum Master experience)
  • SCM, Version Control, Continuous Integration
  • Database experience with Sqlite, MySQL, Postgres and SQL Server.
  • Search Engine App (OEM)
  • Home/Launcher App (Carrier)
  • Marketplace App (Carrier)
  • Sensor App (OEM)
  • Indoor Location App (OEM)
  • Image Recognition Cloud App (OEM)
  • Haptic Feedback App (OEM)
  • Many other apps
  • VMware Mobile Implementation (OEM)
  • Performance test applications based on DDMS (OEM/Carrier)
  • Android Malware reverse engineering
  • Linux/Android system security evaluation
  • Third Party library integration and vulnerability testing
  • SEAndroid implementation and policy testing
  • Working with platform development teams to harden Android/Linux Kernel
  • Extensive Phone Forensics on Android
  • Android OEM Bootcamp (Week long Low Level Briefings and Discussion between Google and Device Manufacturers)
  • Google Location Team Contributor (OEM code reviewer)
  • Mobile World Congress Demonstrator
  • Blackhat and other security conferences
  • Android Builders Summit



Senior Mobile Software Engineer


  • I have been developing Android applications for OEMs and Carriers. These are not Google Play apps but ship on the phone itself before purchase by users.
  • I have also been responsible for system integration and testing of these and other applications on a variety of mobile devices (phones, tablets and prototype hardware).
  • I have written Custom Test Applications to identify performance problems and catch bugs on these smart phones and tablets.
  • All the apps were written using TDD and contain a rich set of unit tests. Development included building and deploying Custom ROM images.

Technologies: Java, C, Android SDK, Android NDK, JSON, SQLite, REST, Eclipse, JUnit.


Senior Software Engineer


  • I Built and Tested DVR software solutions for both Mobile (secure tablets/phones) and Linux Servers to process video and data from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Predator, Global Hawk, Raven, etc.).
  • I wrote tablet and mobile applications for various tower based camera systems to allow network based remote control of cameras.
  • I helped write tablet applications for DVR capability as well as Search applications.
  • Also worked on Hydrophones control system for the L3 Ocean Systems division.
  • I Traveled for Field Service/Business Development Support.

Technologies: Java, some C, Early Android development, Custom Socket Applications.


Architect/Lead Developer


  • Designed and developed the internal and public facing Search Applications and libraries on what at the time was the most popular web site on the internet.
  • Designed and developed SOA Web Services for consumption by Cellular Phones putting all of MySpace in the palm of user’s hands.
  • My team and I Developed Forms applications for security and reporting across the site.
  • We used agile, iterative development techniques including continuous integration, (TDD) test driven development, refactoring, standup meetings and team code ownership under Scrum to make all application code highly available and scalable for our 150+ million members.

Technologies: C# (2.0/3.0 Beta), Java, Lucene Search Engine, CCR (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime), ASP.Net, XML Web Services, ADO.Net, IBATIS object relational mapping, Windows Workflow and Communications Foundation beta, MS SQL Server 2005 (stored procedures, database design, user defined functions, triggers), UML, NANT, NUnit, CruiseControl, Linux Video Servers.


Software Architect/Business Analyst


  • Designed, developed and deployed Confidential ’s Competitive Intelligence Application using Windows Forms and ASP.Net, C#, and MS SQL Server.
  • I Participated in full Development lifecycle of this enterprise application acting as Software Architect, Database Designer and Business Analyst.
  • My team and I built this application into a scalable, highly available secure suite of tools for gathering intelligence on Confidential ’s competitors.
  • Rolled application out worldwide to over fourteen thousand users. Brought it in under budget and ahead of schedule.
  • Combination of RUP and Agile development methodologies (two week iterations, small team).

Technologies: C#, Java, ASP.Net, XML Web Services, ADO.Net, MS SQL Server (stored procedures, database design, user defined functions, triggers), BizTalk, UML, NANT, NUnit, CruiseControl .


Software Architect/Lead Developer


  • Designed and built secure Extranet and Web Portals to support this organization’s activities in international policy and Homeland Security.
  • The Council’s various initiatives were spearheaded by former Secretary of State Confidential and implemented by former military and intelligence personnel as well as researchers at Confidential .
  • I created secure sites that made extensive use of streaming audio and video.
  • The sites focused on everything from the future of the Intelligence Community to the allocation of Homeland Security funding for Confidential (with Tom Ridge)
  • Member section requires logon credentials.

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML Web Services, ADO.Net, Classic ASP, MS SQL Server (stored procedures, database design, user defined functions, triggers), Flash MX Professional with Actionscript, SharePoint Portal Server web part development.

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