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Full Stack Android Developer Resume


Methods: Material Design Agile/Scrum, Test Driven Development (TDD)

Issue Tracking: JIRA, Jenkins

Design Patterns: MVC, MVP, MVVM, Singleton, Dependency Injection, View Holder, Builder, Adapter

Testing: Espresso, Junit


Software: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint), Adobe Photoshop, Maven, Gradle

Data Related Tools: NFC (Near field communication) technology, Firebase, MySQL

Misc. Technologies: Active Directory, Dreamweaver, CMS, Microsoft Office desktop/365, Photoshop, Java, and UX

Android Libraries, Frameworks and APIs: Jersey Library, open source libraries, Google Maps API, Volley, Junit, Google Places, Retrofit, RecyclerView, Location Services, FloatingActionButton, Google Cloud Messaging, Schematic, REST, Bluetooth Low Energy, JobScheduler, Push Notifications, Espresso, Google Play Services, Machine Learning

Version Control: Git, SVN, GitHub, BitBucket

Programming Languages: Java, Linux, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, XML, C, C++, C#, PHP, UNIX, Kotlin

IDEs: Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio

Change Management: Git/GitHub, SVN, Jenkins, Travis CI

Operating Systems: Android, Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Windows, IOS

API: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, RESTful, Volley, Picasso, Glide, YouTube, Retrofit, ButterKnife

Web Development: Ajax, Bootstrap 3, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, and jQuery

Front - End UI Development: Custom android views classes and components, Android adapter views like Listview, Recyclerview, Gridview and Gallery, Customized List views, Gallery widgets



Full Stack Android Developer


  • Self-developed applications that were made into System Apps to be able to utilize all system permissions without user consent.
  • Worked with multithreading functionalities through the development process to grant the user more stable and faster applications.
  • Worked with Firebase/Firestore, Android Studio, Java, and multiple API’s and SDK’s.
  • Worked full time on a project that utilized applications that were embedded in a mobile device to effectively help the elderly after hospital visits to reduce potential relapse.
  • Worked as a System Application developer to better help and provide a streamline utilization of the application features to the user.
  • Automated the ability to install and update applications silently without user knowledge.


Android Developer/Contractor


  • Self-Developed and Implemented both the Back-End and Front-End a Crime reporting app.
  • Incorporated the use of Non-Relational Databases and Java frameworks using Android Studio.
  • Implemented the use of Machine learning to enhance both the feature and functionality of the project development.
  • Incorporated and used languages such as Kotlin and Java in the development processes.
  • Worked with multiple API’s such as Picasso, Json/Gson, Retrofit, Restful, Google Services, and Firebase, Machine Learning Text Recognition API.
  • Debugged and tested project functionalities using Junit and Espresso.


Android/Software Contracted Developer


  • Worked with small businesses around the area to update and implement technological enhancements such as building Websites, and Mobile Application Development to effectively enhance their business model.
  • Built a Magazine App that utilized multiple API’s to effectively get data from a database.


Android Software Developer


  • Self-Developed and Designed an E-commerce Website for a client using Shopify and Liquid.
  • Worked as a Full Stack Web E-Commerce Developer which included Shopify Development.
  • Also incorporated languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript to expand the functionality of the project and to enviably give the users of the client’s website an enjoyable experience.
  • Used GITHUB as a means for version control between the client and the back-end to effectively maintain working and efficient code.


Tech Consultant/Full Stack Software Developer


  • Worked with various clients to ensure their projects were successfully implemented.
  • Developed Applications using RESTful, REACT JS, JAVASCRIPT, C++ and many Developer tools and API’s to meet the client specifications.
  • Mobile Android/IOS Application Development (Professional Experience).
  • Developed Mobile App for the Blind Using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and externals API’s (Released on Google Play Store).
  • Developed Immersive website that is integrated with a playable Game.
  • Developed an advanced Mobile Gaming framework with the inclusion of In App Purchases.
  • Worked as a Java Full Stack Developer on various aspects of each stage of the implementation of a large-scale Java programming Application.
  • Developed Java and Mobile including IOS/Android intensive applications on small scale for mainstream production.
  • Worked with Server-Side Databases such as MySQL and Google Firebase to Aid in the development of Cloud fictionality and features.
  • Used programming languages such as Java, REACT JS, PHP, JavaScript, JSON, C++, Restful APIs, Node JS/NPM and JUNIT Testing, to both effectivity and efficiently write clean Code.


Full Stack Mobile Software Developer


  • Developed Mobile and web applications using Android Studio, Swift, Java, Kotlin, JSON, Restful API, REACT JS and other frameworks including SDK’s and API’s to implement scalable products with many features and practical design principles.
  • Developed a Magazine app that incorporated REACT, Restful Services, Web Services, JSON, WordPress with the use of Mobile Developer Tools and SDK’s.


Mentor Program


  • Worked as an assistant electrical engineering intern by assisting in building plans and blueprints.
  • Main duties consisted of meeting with team and drawing up new plans for many projects.
  • Gained valuable information and hands on experience on electrical engineering and Architectural engineering.
  • Worked on various coding Aspects and gained experience on a large main stream app Development processes.

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