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Acm (adobe Campaign) Developer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Over 6 years of IT experiences in developing and implementing Enterprise Solutions for Distributed Software products and applications using JAVA technologies and AEM, Adobe Campaigning.
  • Experience with Adobe Campaign in creating, executing tracking and managing cross channel campaigns.
  • Designed and integrated adobe Web portal with adobe campaign module to provide a stream line and automated campaign execution system to business users.
  • Accomplished in Editing and extending schemas, protecting schemas, Updating the physical structure of the database.
  • Implemented SOAP methods in JavaScript.
  • Designed and integrated adobe Web portal with adobe campaign module to provide a stream line and automated campaign execution system to business users.
  • Created Target Cell Spreadsheets for campaign execution. Create and use, flowchart templates as well as strategic segments.
  • Designing and implementing integration with External Database to load customer profile data and other transactional data into Adobe to drive multi - channel marketing campaigns and managed them through the complete campaign lifecycle
  • Worked on the campaign workflow, sent the campaign through identified channels and created post campaign logs.
  • Leveraged out-of-box asset search and indexed custom metadata properties. Designed and developed custom assets search result page for list view. Embedded many features like exporting search results in excel.
  • Developed custom launchers and workflows for processing & publishing Assets.
  • Written schedulers for batch processing of assets. Made many configurable properties in schedulers.
  • Implementing waves for difference Triggers Campaigns.
  • Worked on AEM 6.1 Sightly for developing custom components and dialogs.
  • Strong experience in Adobe related technologies like Sling, OSGI, Apache Felix, Apache Jackrabbit, JCR, and CRX.
  • Strong experience in XML related technologies including XSD, DTD, XSLT, XPATH, and DOM.
  • Expertise in developing integrated business applications using spring framework, Struts, JSF Framework and Web Services.
  • Knowledge on using MVC and version control tools like Visual Source Safe, SVN and TFS.
  • Ability to build tables, stored procedures, indexes, create jobs in SQL Server, use SQL Server Management Studio and tools such as query analyzer, activity monitor, and query profiler.
  • Experience with SDLC process (Agile, Waterfall models) of performing detailed analysis, collecting use cases, documenting requirements and creating designs for Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) Applications.
  • Good web page design skills using HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, and Java Script.
  • Involved in developing Single Page Web Applications using Angular JS.
  • Good experience in coordinating and working with developers and End Users in Team based environment.
  • Experience in using ANT and Maven for build automation.
  • Used Angular JS as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Strong interpersonal, team-building skills and ability to interact with people at various levels.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Content Management Technologies: Adobe Campaign Manager, AEM 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, CQ5 DAM, Adobe CQ5 APIs

Programming Language: Java, J2EE, C, SQL

IDE: Net Beans, Eclipse, and CRXDE

Web Application Frameworks: Hibernate, Apache Sling, Apache Felix

Application Servers: Tomcat 7, Web Logic, IBM Web sphere application server, Apache Felix, Apache Sling, Web Sphere Portal Server, log4j.

Web technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS/ CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, DHTML, XHTML, jQuery, Angular Js, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Ajax, REST, API, SOAP

Defect Tracking Tool: JIRA.

Databases: SQL Server, MYSQL, DB2

Version Control System: Git, SVN.


Confidential, Boston. MA

ACM (Adobe Campaign) Developer


  • Involved in setting up Adobe Campaign Platform.
  • Created Technical Workflow, Targeting and Segmenting, Campaign execution, Performing A/B testing and Managing Offer Engine in real time to send dynamic offers to end user based on their behavior.
  • Build workflows used to compute aggregates, configured integration with a direct mail vendor.
  • Design, develop, deploy, and monitor campaigns using the Adobe Campaign Management tool.
  • Design, build and execute multi-channel Campaigns leveraging the adobe Campaign application

    Support quality and user acceptance testing such as creating test cases and executing test as related to marketing Campaign.

  • Configure and extend a Campaign data model, configure folder permission, Setup user access rights.
  • Implementing waves for difference Triggers Campaigns.
  • Extending the Campaign Schema Database on basis of requirement.
  • Developed custom launchers and workflows for processing & publishing Assets.
  • Written schedulers for batch processing of assets. Made many configurable properties in schedulers.
  • Integrated Campaigns with AEM to manage email delivery content and forms directly in Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Supervised Delivery and Tracking, simulation and delivery.
  • Overlooked response management and campaign management.
  • Implemented SOAP methods in JavaScript.
  • Configured the interface to use new recipient table and created filters to manipulate the new recipient table.
  • Setup automated export workflows modify an input form and deploy Campaign configurations.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues related to a Campaign implementation.
  • Developed styles for the respective AEM pages and Templates using HTML5, CSS3 and Js from the scratch to build an entirely new site in AEM and made the sites responsive for tablet and mobile view using media queries.
  • Extensively used sling models and sling servlets.
  • Built an OSGi bundle that consumes SOAP based web services.
  • Used different AEM components for storing content and DAM for storing assets.
  • Used Angular JS and Node JS to structure JavaScript code in an MVC (Model, View, and Controller)
  • Developed Sightly templates and complex Image Text component which can be reused for multiple purposes, Dynamic List Component and Top navigation for sites which supports different kind of devices like desktops and mobiles.
  • Involved in developing different building blocks of AEM 6.2 including custom templates, components, widgets and integrated components with Angular JS as per requirement.
  • Involved in establishing communication between different Web Applications through Web Services (XML, WSDL, UDDI and SOAP UI).

Environment: ACM, AEM 6.1, AEM 6.2, AEM 6.3, CRXDE, Touch UI, HTML5, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Windows, Linux, CSS3, Sightly, Sling, Granite UI, Java, JavaScript, OSGi, DAM, MSM, DTM, Package Manager, LDAP synchronization, SOAP web service.


AEM Developer


  • Involved in design and development using Java, J2EE, Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Analyzing, designing and layout of the components.
  • Implemented Adobe WCM, CRX, JCR, Sling, OSGI, CRXDE, WCM, and DAM.
  • CRX data store was used to store all the related info.
  • Built various web pages using HTML, CSS, Java Script and jQuery.
  • Utilized REST, Java, Sling, CQ5, and JavaScript for custom Coding.
  • Using Angular JS to provide services to different components of portal.
  • Worked on Angular JS for reading and Posting JSON data.
  • Worked on creating the components using Sightly.
  • Extensively developed supporting Java Beans Components.
  • Responsive design concept was implemented. Therefore, all the company’s webpages developed in this project are compatible for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Expert in developing and deploying java code via OSGI bundle.
  • Solid understanding of all Adobe CQ building blocks and the CQ development and deployment process.
  • Worked on OSGI Service for rendering the data dynamically.
  • Developed custom components that are reusable in Adobe CQ across all three sites.
  • Project migration from AEM 5.6 to AEM 6.1.
  • Worked on Sling servlets to handle POST and GET requests.
  • Experience in Installing/Configuring Adobe CQ. worked on style sheets to change the styles for each site.
  • Expert in configuring author and publish agents.
  • Prepared author guides which involves explanation of all the templates, components for each webpage
  • Used JIRA to handle the production and bug reporting Issue tracking tools.

Environment: Adobe AEM 6.1, Adobe Target, DAM, CQ Tagging, Sightly, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Java, J2EE, Apache Maven, Angular JS, Rally, Restful Web Services, JAXP, JAXB, Axis 2.0, Jersey 1.2, Servlets, JDBC, MS SQL Server, HTML, JSP, AJAX, JUnit, log4j, Linux, Windows.

Confidential, Salisbury, NC

Adobe CQ5 Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design and Developed class graphs and association charts utilizing Rational Rose.
  • Used spring /JSP for presentation layer.
  • Implemented J2EE design patterns such as Factory, DAO, Session, Singleton, Value object.
  • Used Hibernate to implement persistence layer. Used DAO design pattern.
  • Developed Web Services to interact with internal applications.
  • Developed and implemented GUI functionality using JSP, JSTL, Tiles, AJAX and jQuery.
  • Developed JSP custom tags, using JSP2.0.
  • Developed JUnit tests.
  • Converted XML to Java objects using JAXB.
  • Developed Stateless session beans (EJB 3.0) for business layer.
  • Creating and Designing XML schemas using Altova XML spy.
  • Worked in a scrum-based environment. Participated in sprint planning meetings.
  • Used Clear Case for version management.
  • Interacted with application testers to review system defects and recreate defects to provide comprehensive fixes.
  • Wrote Ant Scripts from the scratch to build the application.
  • Worked with Business analysts to clarify requirements.

Environment: JSP, AJAX, Spring, Microsoft SQL Server, UML diagrams for design, clear case, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, Hibernate 3.1, EJB 3.0, jQuery, Ant, Junit and Web Services.




  • Implemented J2EE standards, MVC2 architecture using JSF Framework.
  • Implementing Servlets, JSP and Ajax to design the user interface.
  • Used EJBs (Session beans) to implement the business logic, JMS for communication for sending updates to various other applications and MDB for routing priority requests.
  • All the Business logic in all the modules is written in core Java.
  • Involved in writing the Ant scripts to build and deploy the application.
  • Middleware Services layer is implemented using EJB (Enterprise Java Bean - stateless) in Web Sphere environment.
  • Funds Transfers are sent to another application by implementing JMS (Java messaging service) asynchronously.
  • Involved in the development, testing and maintenance phases of the software.
  • Created Stored procedures and Packages using PL/SQL for data modification (Using DML insert, update, delete) in Oracle.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for manipulating, validating, customizing, error messages to the User Interface.
  • Application was hosted in JBoss Application Server environment.
  • Worked throughout the full stack (Node.js, Angular.js) to see software extensions through to completion.
  • Written Junit test cases for unit testing and load testing for various service codes.
  • Developed application using Java's Spring Framework and used Eclipse Integrated.
  • Developed various SOAP based Web services using apache Axis2 implementation.
  • Developed Production bug fixes to handle and resolve bugs, tested these bugs, and developed Unit test cases to cover the new scenarios.

Environment: J2EE, EJB, MVC2, JSF, Web services, Junit, SOAP, Design patterns, Web Sphere, PL/SQL, Ajax, Oracle, Servlets, JSP, CSS, Ant, JMS, MDB, Serena Version Manager (PVCS), Clear Case, DAO, JBoss, Java, Eclipse, Apache Axis2, SQL, HTML and JavaScript, and Windows.

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