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Senior Application Architect Resume

Bellevue, WA


Enterprise application architect & senior designer. Current experience in mid - and large-scale, customer-facing, highly-available, mid-to-high-volume transactional systems integrating mobile and desktop clients, stand-alone services, Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) components, and existing systems, in both product development and IT shops. Experience with Confidential variety of languages, frameworks, protocols, and components.


Project & Methodologies: Full life-cycle experience from large scale to single-developer projects, from requirements gathering, through architectural and design analysis, coding, QA and performance tuning, packaging, release, and sustaining engineering. Various agile techniques (scrum, kanban, code review, pair programming, TDD, etc.), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Oracle Software Process, Confidential SDLC, and others. Very rapid assimilation of new tools, techniques, and technologies.

Languages & architectures: Recently, C# at the application level and full Java/J2EE (JEE) stack with SQL, JSF, CSS, etc. Some Objective C, Flex, C++, others.

Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, other Unix variants), Microsoft Windows except Windows CE, OS X, iOS

Tools: Unity (C#), JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, various databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, others), Eclipse, DreamWeaver, Rational Rose, ArgoUML/Posiden, RequisitePro, ClearCase, AccuRev, Perforce, CCS, Git, Sun JDK, Apache tools (Ant, Struts, Taglibs, Log4J, POI, xalan, xerces, others), JUnit, J2EEUnit, others

Architectural & web components: AWS, S3, SOA, JEE w/ EJB2 EJBs (message, session, entity with CMP & BMP), JSP Model 2 (MVC), bare servlets, bare servers (sockets, web sockets, UDP, and/or HTTP), Java Web Start, JMS, JMX, XML (DTDs & SDL schema, DOM and SAX), web services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI), ebXML, X12 EDI, xCBL, HTML, rules-based systems, some swing, others


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Senior Application Architect


  • Introduced server load testing to the studio; developed Confidential basic capability from recording through reporting.
  • Working with other server engineers, introduced and helped internalize unit testing and 3rd-party component application into the C# client development process.
  • Designed, developed, and delivered mobile (Unity C# on iOS) client and server (Java on Linux) components for the Bellevue studio’s first server-authoritative game.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Senior Application Architect


  • As developer/designer on the Confidential Site Monitor, introduced basic software quality and process tools (e.g. automated testing, continuous builds); drove implementation and adherence to these processes.
  • Redesigned and rewrote the core interface server; reduced LoC by 90%; increased speed several thousand times ( ); increased reliability by roughly 50%.

Confidential, Addison, TX

Engineering Director


  • Led Confidential tiny team to repair Confidential ’s ailing notification engine (SMS and email) and associated customer-facing application.
  • Built an automated development, test, deploy, and rollback environment.
  • Took the app from an unmanaged environment with multiple restarts per day and less than 50% delivery to 95% delivery, no emergency restarts, Confidential managed environment, and reliable delivery and availability metrics.
  • Selected an operations contractor and placed customer-facing and internal applications in JEE, PHP, and .NET under 24x7 management.
  • Reduced issue response from hours per event to roughly 15-minutes.
  • Selected an IT contractor and worked with the VP Operations to stabilize internal IT and begin years-delayed upgrades to Confidential stable infrastructure.
  • Introduced production metrics and began issue remediation based on those metrics.

Confidential, Bloomfield, CO

Senior Architect


  • Architect and technical lead for Asentria's remote monitoring management software product.
  • Technical lead for property tax and apportionment system for Confidential .
  • Implemented in Java, the new system handles over $3B in annual tax revenue.
  • Managed project architecture, design, and development standards. Worked directly with customer users to identify what needed to be developed; as Confidential coder and designer, helped the team deliver exactly that as quickly, efficiently, and maintainably as possible.
  • Coded enhancements to the Confidential and associated tools, increased productivity of designers and reducing ambiguity in requirements using the Confidential 's ability to execute UML models.

Confidential, Fort Worth, Texas

Application Architect


  • Member of the architecture team responsible for working through the governance and technology issues when moving from silos to SOA.
  • Revised the architecture for the customer database (~3.5M complex transactions per day, widely used throughout AA’s IT infrastructure) to provide high availability and disaster recovery, and to rationalize interfaces and data flows.
  • Defined the architecture for, and implemented one of the seven AA mission-critical systems—self-service check-in—defined as such because AA is not staffed to check in passengers without it. Highly-available & disaster-proof, customer facing, 100k sessions/day (~1M transactions/day), including B-to-C eCommerce components and associated security.
  • Introduced state-machine-based flow control to the self-service system client, significantly reducing development and maintenance cost, and reducing time-to-market for new features.
  • Created internal wiki-based documentation system, currently the dominant documentation system for esAA.com, the self-service check-in system, integrated voice response (IVR), and IT common services systems. Introduced code coverage, profiling, and performance metrics to the development process.
  • Responsible for bringing Confidential repeatable, measurable development process into the self-service development system to enable predictable releases, especially including cost/benefit analysis for prioritizing and selecting development activities.

Confidential, Lewisville, Texas



  • Successfully implemented and integrated Confidential new fulfillment subsystem while introducing processing frameworks to handle external file-based interfaces. Implemented an approach that reduced rollout time for new external interfaces from several weeks to several days.
  • Introduced EJB unit testing framework and implemented automated subsystem for deploying and testing components that most conveniently run in an application server (DAOs, EJBs, JMS-dependent objects).
  • Introduced SOAP for intra-process communication, tying the IVR and corporate campaign processing systems together with an extensible interface for the first time.

Confidential, Dallas/Fort Worth area, Texas

Contract Technical Architect/Designer/Developer


  • As designer/developer for residential customer-facing ordering system at Confidential major US ISP, delivered Confidential quality system integrating 6 back-end systems, while introducing basic analysis, design, and build processes and tools into an existing chaotic development environment.
  • Led estimation, design, and delivery of several JEE/Model-2/EJB and command-line products integrating Confidential client’s information and document management (Documentum) systems to support delivery of Confidential $100M nationwide cellular installation and upgrade.

Confidential, Pleasanton, California

Consulting Manager, Principal Engineer, Systems Engineer


  • Defined and built consensus around interoperability requirements, deployment platforms, and deployment topology for 30 Confidential eCommerce applications and components. Resolved multiple cross-product architectural and design issues, helping to integrate Confidential set of stovepipe applications into Confidential product suite.
  • Led the design and delivery of Confidential ’s first XML document transaction capability; led the deployment team to successfully integrate dozens of suppliers into the early Confidential trading web.
  • Led the first supplier integration team at Confidential . Daily interaction with customers and operations to design and deliver transaction capabilities that supported both buyer’s and seller’s needs, resulting in 100% of customers satisfied during my tenure in that position.
  • Developed and deployed several stand-alone JEE applications for internal process control, resulting in savings of hundreds of man-hours per release cycle, and improved 3rd-party software license compliance.

Confidential, Redwood Shores, California

Senior Principal Consultant, Technical Manager


  • Led several successful custom development projects for Oracle customers: specialty data system and management console, high-volume web site including complex data management, reduction, and presentation, data migration project between two mortgage sales and contract management applications.
  • Sold over $1M in new services to these customers based on successful delivery of these projects.

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