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Java Programmer Resume

Malvern, PA


  • Architect and Scrum Master of the DevOps team in an organization that consists of over 200 developers.
  • Proven experience programming, engineering, and architecting high quality software solutions that are on time and within budget.
  • Versed at utilizing information technology to solve business problems in complex environments such as healthcare vertical market.
  • Experience that ranges from broad areas such as ERP, CRM, Logistics, and Financials all the way down to specialized healthcare niche departmental solutions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experienced in collaborating with diverse and multinational teams.
  • Consistently ranked as a high performer with a record of exceeding expectations.
  • Excellent Team player/leader as well as individual contributor for special tactical projects.


Build: Gradle, Maven, Ant

Continuous Integration: Jenkins, TeamCity, LuntBuild, CruiseControl

SCM: AccuRev, Subversion, Perforce, CVS, ClearCase

Testing: Selenium, Sonar, Fitnesse

Programming/Design Languages: Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, Groovy, SQL, XML, LDAP

UI Frameworks: JSF 2.0, Primefaces 3.5.8, Flash Builder 4.6, GWT, JSP, HTML

Frameworks: CDI, JPA, Spring Core, Spring JDBC, JAXB, Drools, JBPM Workflow

Database: Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Profiler, Toad, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Testing: TestNG, Mockito, JUnit, JMock, FlexUnit

Servers: JBoss 6 EAP, Tomcat 6, JBoss 6, JBoss 5.1, Websphere 6

Design: Design Patterns, Rational Rose, Select Enterprise, UML, Rational Extensible Interface (REI), OOAD, RUP

Development Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, VersionOne, TDD, Pair Programming, OOP

Tools: Defect Management:: Jira, ClearQuest, Mantis

Collaboration: Confluence, Fisheye, Crucible, Splunk


Java Programmer

Confidential, Malvern, PA


  • DevOps Senior Software Architect and Scrum Master
  • Provide the DevOps technical vision to the Soarian Financials (SF) organization whom consist of over 200 developers
  • Create and support Continuous Integration (CI) processes for multiple applications and releases with the largest application being over three million lines of Java code
  • Keeping up to date on the latest DevOps tools and processes while being responsible for prototyping new technologies
  • Took on the responsibilities of a Scum Master. Responsible for the priorities of the team, overseeing the team’s Kanban board, and running the daily stand - up.
  • Mentor junior members of the team. Determine resource workload while delegating work to the team
  • Consult with senior management to align the DevOps goals with the overall organizational goals
Java Programmer

Confidential, Norristown, PA


  • Created PJM's governance process which governs architectural changes introduced into the code base. Lead the Architectural Governance Team reviewing any architectural changes for compliance with organizational standards.
  • Introduce new employees to Confidential technology stack, standards, and processes and reviewed their progress with the responsible manager.
  • Performed code reviews for PJMs existing backlog of unreviewed applications which had been promoted to production without proper governance.
  • Continue to meet with management and project management on a weekly basis to improve PJM's processes and software quality.
  • ExSchedule Application
  • Implementing a rewrite of the existing EES application to PJM's new technology stack and standards (JBoss 6 EAP, EE6, CDI, JPA, JSF 2.0, Primefaces)
  • Team lead eData Application
  • Migrated the existing build process (ClearCase, desktop compile, copying binaries to a file server) to use best practices for an application build (Subversion, build server, Nexus repository).
  • Updated architecture to latest versions: JBoss 4.2.3 to JBoss 6 EAP, Java 4 to Java 7, Flex 3.5 to FlashBuilder 4.6
  • Resolved existing backlog of critical issues that had remained un-fixed prior to my engagement on the project.
  • Team lead. eDataWireless Application
  • Reduced code duplication by 45%. eDart Application
  • Introduced formal engineering processes into the application development cycle. Prior group practice was for production code base to be maintained, built and deployed via individual desktops. These processes resulted in production code being out of sync with the repository. Reengineered the existing production code and put together a team to validate.
  • Introduced Subversion, Maven, TeamCity and Nexus and created a disciplined development cycle. Led the team during the conversion taking personal accountability for the conversion process and quality.
  • Introduced Spring JDBC to address application database connection issues.
  • Refactored existing XML generation within the code. Introduced JAXB as a replacement for existing XML generation processes. Resulted in decreased errors within eDart’s XML generation.
  • Implemented logging within the code base using log4j to direct logs to Confidential Splunk repository

Team lead

Confidential, Malvern PA


  • The domain and technical lead of the billing and registration module team which consisted of 18 developers (10 in the United States, 5 in Bangalore India and 3 in Shanghai China).
  • Gathered business requirements from the customer and created high level designs for team members and myself to implement
  • Mentored coworkers on the financial billing domain and technical architecture
  • Directed resources to the appropriate work package
  • Validated the software quality through appropriate automated test, defect management, and review of test plans
  • Collaborated with senior executives to determine the direction of the product
  • Took responsibility for implementing the highest risk functionality
  • Tasked to lead and implement high risk projects that needed to be implemented in a short amount of time.
  • Implemented a Perforce software repository on a Red Hat Linux server. Was able to learn the Linux operating system and Perforce server application and execute the implementation with no interruption to the development organization
  • Implemented a LuntBuild application on a Windows server to execute production nightly builds
  • Implemented the Perforce and LuntBuild servers in the Confidential DMZ area. Was responsible for coming up with solutions to adhere to the Confidential DMZ Information Security policies. For example, implementing stunnel on the Perforce and client machines to ensure encrypted network communication. Securing the JBoss server that was hosting the LuntBuild application which included creating a security to allow secure http requests.
  • Partnered with management and human resources to perform technical interviews for job candidates that were internal and external to the United States ensuring high quality employees.
  • Provided technical and domain expertise to a development organization (170 developers) in the United States and India.
  • Interact with customers during the development process for requirement gathering and product validation
  • Design and implemented application functionality using Java, GWT, HTML, JavaScript
  • Design and implemented database tables and stored procedures using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Only member of the development organization authorized to making SQL changes outside of the DBA group
  • Design and Implement highly scalable software components for the Financial Accounts Receivable team.
  • Led the team responsible for financial accounting software
  • Utilized software design patterns to create robust accounting solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Performed technical interviews onsite at our office in Kolkata India. In person interviews resulted in higher quality resource acquisition.
  • Member of a small team that created a CIT process to build, and deploy application using CruiseControl and Ant increasing the product quality
  • Implemented process to automate JUnit testing on a scrum server
  • Automated a process for data dictionary generation
  • Lead and implemented a project to repackage over 3,000 java classes

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