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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Pleasanton, CA


  • Software Engineer 10 + years of experience, skilled developer using Object Oriented Programming, J2EE, and JSE. A good analytical engineer with flair of learning new technologies and new ways for solving problems. Worked with Linux Console using the different tools example putty dash or solved incident like Jira.
  • Played key role in architecting, coding and deploying Mule ESB services and REST API application. And worked on business logic for Communications and Insurance enterprises.
  • Hands on experience on front - end technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular4, JQuery, React.js and Bootstrap frameworks.
  • Responsible to develop SOAP web services in Mule ESB based on SOA architecture.
  • Developed application using Mule ESB, built and deployed the services in development and production environments.
  • Experienced in developing applications using MVC model, Struts, spring, Spring Batch, Spring Restful, Spring Security, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate and JPA.
  • Experienced in developing and implementing SOAP and REST web services using JAX-WS and framework.
  • Experienced in XML parsing using XQuery with XPath, binding using JAXB.
  • Experienced in using front end debugging tools like Firebug, Developer tools.
  • Experienced in using build and deployment tools like Maven and Jenkins for continuos integration.
  • Experienced in UNIX, Linux shell scripting to set and run some jobs.
  • Implemented Agile Scrum and TDD development methodologies on Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Hands on experience on Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Linux, and Windows.
  • Experienced with SQL databases like Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Skilled in using version control and branch repository tools like Subversion, SVN, Hg Mercurial.
  • Experienced in using HP Quality Center, RTC, JIRA, and Red Mind as bug tracking tools.
  • Experienced in using IDE tools, Eclipse, NetBeans.
  • Experienced in visualizing table relationships in a database using free license DB Visualizer tool.
  • Experienced in using test frameworks like Junit/Junit5, Selenium, Robot framework, Parasoft. Also tested web services using tools like POST Man, Soap UI.
  • Experienced in writing user manuals and documentation of web application flows and creating backup scripts in Oracle Xpress and db visualizer for delivery of projects.
  • Basic understanding on AWS (EC2, AWS CLI, IAM) and Lambda workflow.
  • Excellent communication skills, interpersonal, hardworking, mentoring and team player.


Programming Languages: Java 8/7/6, JEE, JavaScript, XML, PL/SQL, Python

Java/JEE Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSF2, Struts, XML (DOM, SAX), Spring, Hibernate, Web Services (SOAP), Web Services (Restful)

Client-Side Programming: JavaScript, JSON, CSS, HTML, Ajax, Angular4, Jquery, Bootstrap

Frameworks: Struts, Struts2, Spring Core, JDBC, Spring RESTful, Spring Security, Hibernate, Apache CXF, Jersey, Mule Enterprise Service Bus, Sales force, Primefaces, Informix, JAX-WS, Android, Cygwin configuration, Spring Quartz

ORM Technologies: Hibernate

Web Services: SOAP, REST

XML Technologies: XML

RDBMS: Oracle (7.1 /8.x /9.1/10/10g/12c), MS-SQL Server 2008 SP1, SQL Server, (SQL, stored procedures), MySQL

Tools: SOAP UI, Db Visualizer, JIRA, HP ALM Quality Center, XML Spy,, IntelliJ 3.0, Jasper Reports, Microsoft Visual Paradigm, SQL Developer, TOAD, Selenium, Robot framework, Jenkins

Web/Application Server: WebLogic Application Server 11g/12c, Tomcat 6.x, Wildfly

Version Control: GIT, SVN Repository Configuration (Dish Services)

Bug Tracking Tools: Jira

Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, UNIX

Methodologies: Scrum and Agile


Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

Sr. Java Developer

Environment: Java 1.7, Spring MVC, JMS, JPA-Hibernate, EJB 3.1, Jersey, Eclipse, UML, HTML, NodeJs, JavaScript, XML, Weblogic 12c, Log4j, Oracle, JNDI, Maven, log4j, Git, AGILE, jMeter, Jenkins, micro-services.


  • Performed requirement gathering & analysis by actively soliciting, analyzing and negotiating customer requirements and prepared the requirements specification document for the application using Microsoft Word.
  • Involved in development of the applications using Spring WebMVC and other components of the Spring Framework, the controller being Spring Core (Dispatcher Servlet).
  • Developed presentation layer using JSP, HTML5 and CSS3, JQuery.
  • Developed persistence layer using ORM Hibernate for transparently store objects into database.
  • Configuring Hibernate and Tiles related XML files.
  • Deployed applications on UNIX machines.
  • Deployed the application on JBoss application server.
  • Developed Use Case diagrams, business flow diagrams, Activity/State diagrams.
  • Adopted J2EE design patterns like Adapter, Factory and Singleton.
  • Configuration of application using spring, Hibernate, DAO's, Actions Classes, Java Server Pages.
  • Used the Inversion of Control module of spring framework.
  • Jersey implementation of JAX-RS is utilized to develop RESTful service.
  • Developed a RESTful service to provide all the CRUD capabilities.
  • Used Enterprise Java Services for developing web services.
  • Extensively used Spring IOC for Dependency Injection.
  • Developed Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP), to route the submittals to the EJB components and render-retrieved information using Session Facade, Service Locator (design pattern).
  • Developed J2EE components on Eclipse IDE.
  • Used JDBC for database connectivity to SQL.
  • Used Oracle11g database for tables creation and involved in writing SQL queries.
  • Worked with QA team to automate testing by writing test scripts using JMeter.
  • Communicated with QA team members and Participated in regular QA Team meetings and discussions.
  • Connecting Cassandra database with Java using spring framework.
  • Analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation for buying control and inventory management business.
  • Analysis, design, development, testing and implementation derived by changed requirement from client.
  • Developed web application using Spring framework.
  • Implementation of Web Design based on CSS3, HTML5, and Front-End Framework.
  • Developed persistence layer using ORM Hibernate for transparently store objects into database.
  • Project deployed on WebLogic server technology.
  • Diagnosing and performing resolutions on Develop problems.
  • Involved in providing Test Plans and Test Cases for Tester.
  • Handled many different types of issues.
  • Fixed high level and critical bugs in the application.
  • Developed new pipeline processors assisting in commerce checkout and fulfillment extensions.
  • Developed Custom Droplets and new search pages.
  • Used dynamo components including Form Handlers and DSP tags in Java Server Pages.
  • Worked with DevOps tools such as TeamCity.
  • Used SVN version controls to check in/out files, etc. Also responsible for branching and merging the branch to mainly using Tortoise SVN tool.
  • Used data modeling for creating a data model by applying formal data modeling techniques.
  • New version upgrades.
  • Writing complex SQL queries for demanding complex business logic.
  • Developed the UI Layer using Struts MVC, JSP, JavaScript and Jquery, JSTL, XML.
  • Developed User Interface validation framework in combination with custom validation built on top of validation framework from the form bean.
  • Implemented JAVA design patterns like Singleton, Factory, Command patterns.
  • Analyzed and fine Tuned RDBMS/SQL queries to improve performance of the application with the database.
  • Creating XML based configuration.
  • Connecting Cassandra database with Java to get information provide all the CRUD capabilities.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. Java Developer Full Stack

Environment: Spring (Core, Dao, MVC) or MongoDB, Elastic search or Maven configuration also with eclipse and, update the DB with Mongo DB connection, unit or Git, Apache, Tomcat, Services, Incident, Manager with dashboard, QA Testing, RITM (is like task that we need to complete).


  • Discuss design and implementation details with architects. Provide guidance and propose solutions with the team. Used SCRUM methodology for project management. Worked onsite with the client and testing some parts of the bench or in that case check the structure.
  • Discuss the best option to configure or using the best code for not using a big code, and using minimal resources for adapting the new server or in this case if the application is migrated by the customer, try to adapt all the code with the new versions of Java and the implementations.
  • Discussions with the teams to create a new method or interface, not duplicate the code and so that the code can be reused. Constant communication with the team.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Java Developer Full Stack


  • Responsible for complete design of a system with different J2EE technologies and Database.
  • Improvement of performance using pool threads.
  • Used Restful and SOAP Webservices for implementation of different modules across the application.
  • Worked in all phases of Software Development including analysis, design, development, and testing of the project.
  • Integrated Spring Dependency Injection among different layers of an application with spring and O/R mapping tool of Hibernate for rapid development and ease of maintenance.
  • Worked on Spring DAO, Spring MVC and Spring AOP Interceptors in Logging and Auditing
  • Responsible to resolve tickets also with issue.
  • Responsible to block IPS when we receive attack.
  • Responsible to start a major incident in case that the web page is down for any attack.
  • Restart the servers Apache and tomcats.
  • Review the graphs of status the flights.

Environment: Java 7, GitHub, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Dependency injection with Google guice, Oracle database.


Sr. Java Developer Full Stack


  • Responsible with development all the web page by 0% to 100%.
  • Responsible to deliver the work at time.
  • Responsible to deliver the percentage about of the work to the customer.
  • Responsible with the issue about the DBA.
  • Responsible to validate the code from another Employee.
  • Responsible to the pass all unit testing.
  • We did everything until we could create from the interface to the communication with some database.
  • Responsible to create new Script to get more quickly all the information from the database.
  • Working with selenium and DevOps, performing unit tests. Also having access to servers in which everything was handled by scripts and using Maven to obtain our libraries more easily than in reality.
  • Help to solve errors as if they were some utilities to be able to do some tests.
  • We did everything until we could create from the interface to the communication with some database.

Environment: Java 7/6, HTML5, CSS3, JPA, Struts 1, JQUERY, JSON, SVN, JPA, DHTML, JS


Sr. Java Developer Full Stack


  • Responsible to review the spring framework and review some services from web services.
  • Fixed the code.
  • Automation and reduce the code in case that the code is very long.
  • Add new lines and create new methods in case that we need to dedicate only a special method.
  • Responsible to add on the DB new information in case that we need to add a new customer.

Environment: Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular 4, WINSCP, Hibernate, JPA, Spring core, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, Prime-faces, Maven, SQL SUITE, PLSQL.

Application Servers: WebSphere Application Server 8.5 IBM.

IDEs: Rational Application Server basado en eclipse.

Databases: Oracle .

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