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Java Architect Resume



  • Java Architect with nearly 15+ years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, and Team management.
  • Working 9+ years in Java based architecture.
  • Having exposure to Infrastructure Architecture, Cloud platform, Java Design Patterns and mobile frameworks.
  • Successful background of working with stakeholders to develop low cost architectural solutions that align strategy, processes, IT assets and business goals.
  • Having significant experience in developing blue prints, road maps, best practices, guidelines, product evaluation and matrices for the non - performance requirements.
  • Experienced in helping the account executives(C-level), project managers and focus groups to minimize expenditure, avoid redundancy, and to improve overall IT development strategies within organization.
  • Hands on Experience in Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JSF, Oracle ADF, AJAX, DHTML, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS Technologies.
  • Experienced in project management including developing project Scope, project plan, resources management (time, money, and people), recruitment, status reporting, coordinating with cross-functional teams and release management.
  • Excellent skills in entire software development life-cycle.
  • Having core technical strength in system analysis, UML based Design and development.
  • Having significant experience in domains like Airlines, Insurance, Retail, Pharmacy, Telecom, Web/Internet, e-Commerce, CRM, Finance, Energy, GOV and Entertainment.
  • Having excellent leadership/management/mentoring skills
  • Communication skills Excellent.
  • Excellent communication skills.


Architecture: TOGAF, IBM-IAA, SOA

Patterns: Java Design Pattern, EJB Design Pattern, MVC

UML Tools: Rational Rose, MagicDraw, Visio,Altova-UModel,Together

SDLC: Agile,RUP,Waterfall

Markup Languages: HTML, XML

Programming Languages: Java, C, C++

JEE Technologies: JSP, Servlet, Confidential

Java Tools: JDK1.7, JUnit, Jprofile, Profile4J, PMD

IDE: RSA,Jbuilder, Eclipse,WSAD,NetBeans,RAD

Framework: Struts, Spring

Cache: Tangosol(Oracle Coherence)

Business Rules: JRule

ORM: Hibernate

App/Web Servers: Apache,Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere

Databases: ORACLE, DB2, Sybase

Build/ Continuous Integration Tools: Ant, Maven

Version Control Tools: VSS,CVS,CMVC,ClearCase,SVN

Web services: SOAP, REST, AXIS, SOAP UI,Jersey,Apache CXF

ESB: Oracle ESB, IBM ESB,Mule ESB(Anypoint)

Middleware: WBM, WID, WPS, CORBA

Mobile : Jquery, Sencha, HTML5, PhoneGap, AngularJS

Security: PKI,PCI,RSA,SAML,oAuth

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows

Cloud: AWS


Confidential, NY

Java Architect


  • Lead the requirement gathering workshop regularly involving BA's, business partners, Confidential ’s to gather the requirement for the entire projects.
  • Completed the design of all the layers of the end-to-end architecture including presentation, business, persistence and middleware layer.
  • Delivered the Technical architecture documentation (ADD) including all the design diagrams, implementation details with cross-cutting concerns like logging, transaction, validation and exception handling.
  • Prepared the high-level information architecture, unit testing details and deployment models and included in the ADD.
  • Involved with EA/SOA team to complete the SOA road-map, blueprint and governance model for CORE project.
  • Architected a real time dashboard system using Java, REST, AngularJS and MySQL
  • Participated with EA team for initial assessment to adopt micro-services to IDMS project.
  • Provided solution architecture to integrate Pega REST API with a custom Application using Mule Any point 5.3/runtime3.7.2.
  • Developed a prototype for Pega integration and deployed to Cloud Hub.
  • Involved in design review, code review and mentoring to Java developers.
  • Managed a team of offshore/on-site developers and in co-ordination with external teams, business and top management.

Environment: Java/JEE,JSP,REST, Spring, Hibernate, Angularjs, WAS,Oracle11g,Gemfire,Maven,Subversion, Visio, CloudHub .

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Java Architect


  • Involved in researching, analyzing, designing, proposing and delivering solutions those were appropriate for the business and technology strategies.
  • Collaborated with key stakeholders and internal teams to define enterprise architecture principles, standards & guidelines.
  • Provided road-maps and blueprints for various vertical domains like insurance, PBM, mail order pharmacy.
  • Assisted in developing of and managing the architectural governance process.
  • Actively participated in reviewing, advising the system options, risks, costs versus benefits and impact on the enterprise business process and goals.
  • Responsible for conception of solutions, building consensus and and execution of such solutions.

Confidential, Woonsocket, RI

Java Architect


  • Involved in leading the solution design to re-engineer the Confidential and integration with the Interfacing applications (applications, external to Confidential and 3 rd party applications).
  • Created the high-level solutions blueprint for the re-engineering of interfacing applications including store applications and all the external third party applications.
  • Completed the initial requirement analysis and created high level RA document.
  • Completed the conceptual design and produced the application architecture document.
  • Presented the solution before the internal and external team and also to the architectural review board.
  • Involved in managing a team for the implementation of the solution.
  • Involved in day-to-day co-ordination with network, infrastructure and EA team to finalize design for all the layers of the architecture.

Environment: JSP, Java, Web services, Oracle, Weblogic, Linux, AIX, MS-Visio.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Enterprise Java Architect


  • Participated in the project conceptual phase to understand the very high level requirements and provided conceptual design (CD).
  • Participated in the project requirement workshops and led the brain storming sessions with all the impacted IT teams to finalize the Application architecture.
  • Produced HLD and delivered to all the impacted application teams
  • Provided the details NFR strategies as per the current SLAs.
  • Participated and reviewed the function spec and detail design, produced by IT development team and provided feed-back.
  • Produced the Cloud migration strategies for JIVE.
  • Reviewed and updated the data retention policies for JIVE migration.
  • Produced the blue print of current state in-house JIVE environment.
  • Provided road map for multiyear migration to cloud.
  • Provided high level migration guidelines with logical architecture.

Environment: Java/JEE, Together, AWS, Oracle.

Confidential, Los Angles, CA

Java Architect


  • Completed the details analysis of the Confidential ’s Enterprise Architecture framework and made the appropriate recommendation for changes to use globally and later updated the entire framework.
  • Completed the blue-print of Auto & Home policy processing system with the details of all the internal modules(rating engine, rules, underwriting), connectivity with internal systems(Claims, Billing etc) and interfaces with the external systems/3rd party vendors/web services/online applications.
  • Developed prototype code to evaluate the two Mobile Frameworks (Jquery and Sencha) to be used as an enterprise-wide mobile framework.
  • Taken a lead role in Policy Admin system modernization initiative and evaluated in details the Policy admin system (PAS) packages available in the marketplace with help of Celent and Gartner Report and made the recommendation to the higher management.
  • Reviewed the business capability models of Auto & Home insurance, provided the capability matrix (both business and technical) for the policy admin system modernization.
  • Developed the plan for sanctions screening product evaluation(OFAC) and created RFP and reviewed the vendor responses, took-part in vendor discussion, completed the scoring and helped the business to select a product.
  • Completed the detail assessment of all the web services, are in use across the Confidential organization in terms of usage, technologies, input & output data etc, produced the detail report and presented before the management.
  • Provided high level solution design for Confidential ’s employee reward program, including data encryption, passing request data from HRMS and employee management system to a third-party and getting response data back by utilizing secured connections.
  • Involved in current state analysis of Auto/Home policy processing system, to find out the control points for in and out policy data balancing and provided detail analysis report, including current state balancing control, high level solution design and estimation.
  • Managed offshore teams for the implementation of the solution design of personal lines applications.

Environment: JSP,CSS,HTML,JQuery,Sencha, AngularJS, Spring,Hibernate,Tomcat, Eclipse, SOA, Web services, Oracle, MS-Visio, MagicDraw, linux, Altove-UModel, AWS.

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Sr. IT Architect and Tech Lead


  • Developed the prototype of CCMS-Efiling application and presented prototyping before the management.
  • Realized all the use case for CCMS-Efiling and produced detailed designs (application architecture).
  • Based on the detailed designs produced developer packets (contain ML diagrams, development guide line, pseudo codes and SQLs).
  • Involved in the code merge and creation of code bases from the old version of the code base.
  • Helped developers to solve the coding issues and other technical issues.
  • Developed one very complex use case.
  • Involved in Web-services design and development.
  • Conducted the design review session.
  • Done code review of the each use case.
  • Involved in unit testing and integration testing.
  • Responsible for resolving critical issues and design change.
  • Co-ordination with functional team for different function issues.
  • Managed a team of developers (12).and involved in planning, coordination with other team etc.

Environment: JSP, EJB2.1, Struts1.2, Weblogic9.1, Eclipse, ANT, Clear case, Junit, SOA, Webservices, Tibco, Oracle.

Confidential, Dulles, VA



  • Participated Business requirement workshop.
  • Involved in the analysis the requirements and participated in architectural feasibility study.
  • As a part of the use case realization created all the diagrams including class and sequence diagrams.
  • Created complete design of download module, including UML models using RSA7.0.
  • Developed back-end component including Session Bean (EJB2.1) for session facade pattern.
  • Developed entity beans (BMP) for two download sub modules.
  • Developed a test client to test the session and entity beans.
  • Developed test cases using Httpunit to test the response data on the screen.
  • Written test cases for the download component and done unit test using Junit.
  • For batch module written shell scripts which convert a flat file in CSV format for download.
  • Part of the Architects job developed Unit and Integration testing strategies.
  • Developed POC for unit/Integration strategies.
  • Prepared code review standards document and written rules for the automated code review tools PMD.
  • For some old applications migration, created “Project Scope/Report Document”.
  • Created details Project Plan for the migration.
  • Involved in Architectural review meeting.
  • Created all the build scripts using ANT and integrated with Quick build for continuous deployment.
  • Mentoring and helping other programmers to complete their tasks.

Environment: RSA, JAVA 5.0, Jsp, spring, EJB2.1, Hibernate, DB2, Clear case, Junit, HttpUnit, ANT, lo4j, WAS 6.1

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Analysis/understanding of requirements by going through “Úse Case Specification” prepared by business analysts.
  • Responsible for finding out IAA models for policy module.
  • Responsible for customization of existing IAA model diagrams.
  • Developed IAA-JDM models (Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams) and Java code for policy module.
  • Done Use Case realization of CPS (Common Policy Structure) with all the required diagrams.
  • Customized BOM model of CPS using Rational Software Architect.
  • Given presentation of CPS and CPS Builder architecture before Lead architect/Managers.
  • Developed all the POJOs required for CPS persistence.
  • Written XDoclet tags in the each POJOs to generate DDL and hibernate configuration and mapping files.
  • Generated DDL and hibernate configuration and mapping files.
  • Done unit testing of Xdoctel mappings and corresponding POJOs and DDL.
  • Developing CPS-Builder, which is responsible for getting data from Mainframe as a long String format, then parsing the string and applying object relationship(defined in XML config files) to generate a complex CPS object structure.
  • Prepared test cases for CPS and CPS-Builder and done unit testing using JUnit
  • Helped other architects to set setup and test CPS-Builder.
  • Coordinating with developers to develop other service components using CPS and other framework components.

Environment: IAA, RSA6.0, Java Design Pattern, Spring, Hibernate, DB2, JRule, Maven, Perforce, Unit

Confidential, Omaha,NE



  • Participated in requirement analysis workshops with requirement analysts to understand requirements.
  • Mainly responsible for understand the business requirement and finding out the IAA model to fits with that requirements and customize it.
  • Based on the customization requirements of the IAA model diagrams, updated the class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose for each of the use case.
  • Created JDM models for each of the use case.
  • Using the IAA Java tools generated the Java skeleton code for each of the JDM model.
  • Prepared “Use Case Realization” documents giving details of how developers will implements for each of the basic flow.
  • Coordinated with other team members to understand dependencies and how to resolve that dependencies.
  • Presented the “Use case Realization” in the Peer review and QI meeting.
  • Helped architect to estimate for realization and implementation.
  • Developed base components for each use case.
  • Co-coordinated and helped developers to complete coding.
  • Helped Architects to resolve some architectural issues.
  • Participated Architectural meetings and helped “Lead Architect” to decide some architectural decisions.

Environment: Rational Rose, IAA, RAD6.0, Java Design Pattern, Spring, Hibernate, DB2, JRule, WBM, WPS, Primavera.

Confidential, Rochester, MN


  • Requirements Management and Analysis of requirements.
  • Worked closely with Chief Architect to prepare ‘Primary design review’ document based on the system requirements and presented it before the client.
  • Developed a Prototype for the ‘Proof of Concept’ Using Java 1.5, Java bean, SAX handler, which parses date from XML file and set the data to Java beans, finally to convert data for creating text report to be used for manufacturing.
  • Prepared ‘High level design’ document based on ‘prototype’ results and presented before client and other technical teams.
  • Done UML based design including Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams using ‘Rational Software Architect’ (RSA6.0) of an entire CMA module.
  • Developed ‘Low level Design’ documents based on UML designs.
  • Prepared presentations for ‘design review session’ and presented before the client and the ‘Critical design review’ team.
  • Implemented ‘Java Builder Pattern’ to develop framework - Builder and Director.
  • Developed an entire component, which involves XML Parser, Java, Java Bean, using WSAD5.1.2 as IDE.
  • Developed Parser-handler using SAX Parser.
  • Completed unit testing using JTest and JUnit.
  • Participated in Code Reviews and followed Sun Java coding standard.
  • Participated in internal Integration testing.
  • Team management and onside offshore coordination.

Environment: Rational Software Architect (RSA), Java Design Pattern, Selectica, XML (SAX parser), WSAD 5.1.2, DB2, JTest, JUnit, CMVC, Windows XP.

Confidential, Kansas City, KS


  • Involved in requirement gathering and analysis of requirements
  • Developed System requirement document based client’s business requirement in consultation with business analyst.
  • Developed high level UML diagrams (Use case diagram) and low level diagrams like Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams using RSA6.0
  • Prepared High level and low level design document based on design diagrams.
  • Developed GUI using JSP, JavaScript, which interacts with back-end framework-components to pass the user requested data.
  • Used XMLSpy for creating and validating XML files and for generating XSL style sheets.
  • Developed framework component, Spring Controller using Spring Framework1.2, Which represents view part of MVC and responsible for populating JSP pages.
  • Used Hibernate3.0 as ORM mapping tool to insert and retrieve data from Oracle database.
  • Developed Persistence classes and XML configuration files for Hibernate mapping to database.
  • Written complex SQL queries using Joins and Views.
  • Completed unit testing using JUnit.
  • Performed the integration testing with other applications and bug fixing.
  • Deployed the whole application in Weblogic 6.1 using Ant.
  • Involved in Team management Offshore-Onside co-ordination

Environment: Rational Rose, Java, JSP, Servlet, Spring1.2, Hibernate3.0, Weblogic 6.1, Oracle, JUnit,Blue Martini, Unix,CVS,Windows XP

Confidential, Torrance, CA


  • Worked closely with business analysts to transform business requirements into technical specifications((use case realization)
  • Used UML to design Use case diagram and Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams
  • Prepared high level as well as low level design documents
  • Involved in designing framework components for real time interface, which updates date in real time mode in the database.
  • Used MVC framework, Struts1.1 to develop Action classes and Form Beans. To interact with JSP responsible for in and out data flow.
  • Used J2EE Design patterns Session façade, DAO and DVO as the part of framework.
  • Developed Base Session and Entity Bean (CMP) for Session façade.
  • Developed DAO factory using Java, which stores and return instances of each DAO object.
  • Developed Java Beans (DAOs), which contains complex SQL queries to perform CRUD operation in the database.
  • Developed Utility classes,’Copy bean property’ used to copy property values from Form bean to DVO and vice versa.
  • Performed unit-testing using of Session and CMP beans using WSAD TestClient.
  • Prepared test cases for unit testing, used across the modules.
  • Participated in integration testing with other modules.
  • Participated in the Code reviews.
  • Meeting with client to resolve queries related to technical requirements along with architects.
  • Helped team members to setup environments/configuration
  • Arranged regular status report meeting with the team and with the Client.

Environment: Java, JSP, EJB2.0, Jakarta Struts1.1, WebSphere 5.0, WSAD 5.0, CVS, Junit,Rational rose, ANT, CVS, DB2

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA


  • Requirement analysis and technical design
  • Followed MVC pattern to designed reusable framework components
  • Followed J2EE design pattern to develop framework components-- ‘Business delegate’,’ Service locator’ and DVO.
  • Used Struts1.1 as Web-framework.
  • Developed GUI screens using JSP, Javascript and Struts tags.
  • Developed Stateless Session Beans in the model layer to implement business logic for the application and to perform insert/select operation in the database.
  • Written complex SQL queries.
  • Developed test cases for unit testing of JSP pages.
  • Participated in Code reviews.
  • Used ANT scripts for building the application.
  • Adopted Sun's coding and documentation standards.

Environment: JSP, EJB2.0, Struts 1.1, IBM WebSphere 5.0, WSAD 5.0, ANT, VSS, Junit, Jtest, Sybase.



  • Developed UML diagrams.
  • Prepared high level and low level design document.
  • Developed XML configuration file for data mapping in the data base using TopLink.
  • Completed whole technical Design using Rational Rose2000.
  • Developed a Stateless Session Beans, Helper Classes, Remote & Home interface using JSDK1.3 and following EJB2.0.
  • Deployed all beans in OC4j (Oracle9iAs).

Environment: JSP, EJB2.0, TopLink, Oracle9i AS, WEBLOGIC, Eclipse, Rational Rose2000, VSS



  • Developed business logic components by Confidential ’s Session Bean.
  • Developed business data component by Confidential ’s Entity Bean.
  • Developed client using CORBA which access Confidential component in client side.
  • Installed and configured Applixray-SDK.
  • Developed an application program in JAVA using AppliXray APIs which performs data handling operation and can establish connection with client through AppliXray host.
  • Tested connectivity between client and application program.
  • Tested application performances in separate machines using OpenSTA and Microsoft WAS tool.
  • Designed use cases, class diagrams, data flow diagrams, sequential diagrams and development of the system
  • Created shopping session bean for getting the running total of customer purchase and method to update the contents of cart.
  • Created inventory bean for managing a catalog of product instances implemented as an array
  • Created customer entity bean for the two modules.
  • Used Oracle database as the back-end.

Environment: JSP, Weblogic, JDBC, CORBA (Visibroker), Oracle8.1

Confidential, New York


  • Designed and implemented a key user console simulator
  • Analyzed and designed a rule-based productivity/ calculation model. The new design incorporated an extensible framework of objects.
  • Coded and designed the report generation module using Java.

Environment: Java, C++, CORBA

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